1825 E Primrose St, Springfield, MO 65804, United States
Review №1

I have never had any issues here. Love the good ole big box atmosphere. The staff care just enough.We went a couple days ago and the check out woman was so super kind!

Review №2

It’s a big old target! Has all the corporate sponsorships and trappings that you would expect from a big box retail store. Staff seem friendly enough. They still don’t have their water fountains turned on because of Covid restrictions. But their bathroom Fossetts are going so if you got a water bottle you can fill it up there. Science! I don’t know what to say. It’s where you get stuff.

Review №3

Staff are fairly friendly to annoyed to help you depending on the day you come. The prices are higher than other similar stores except on a few niche items. The quality of products are the same as other stores that offer these same products tide...etc... Sometimes they have a nice deal on electronics things, but that is a rare occasion. The Starbucks/coffee/cafe place at the front is fairly nice and not usually crowded so if you need a quick caffeine fix its not bad. The store feels a bit depressing or just simply long in tooth from its interior design. Ive done various work inside Target stores along with several other retail stores. I gotta say Ive seen better, but still its not bad as a place to shop for limited groceries or clothes. The quality of the clothes is pretty poor, Ive had several shirts go to pieces after only 3 washings. While they were just cheap shirts I still would not purchase them from here again when I could get it even cheaper online if I really just want to throw my money away. The food items Ive purchase from there often times turn out to be very close to out of date and often time has a stale taste to it. I know the purchase process for these kinds of stores so I know sometimes you get a bad lot in the huge batch you order all stores get that from time to time. Its more dishonesty from the resupply purchaser than it is from the store itself. If you have a fairly robust budget shop her for everything...if not there is better places to shop for a lot less and have better quality goods over all.

Review №4

Target is ok. I truly do not understand why this place is so busy and popular. Parking lot was completely full. My husband and I rarely come here. For good reason. It’s crowded no matter what time you go. Screaming kids and babies everywhere. Teenage girls crowding the beauty aisles. Yeah they have some unique stuff here but they are very expensive. Grocery prices are a hit and miss. In this day and age who can afford a 17.99 dog toy that’s going to be shredded as soon as you get home? Beauty products are outrageous also. You can’t even get anywhere near the toy aisle unless you want to be run over by a herd of parents and kids. Food aisles are so crowded we were getting claustrophobic. I really don’t get it. Trendy I guess.

Review №5

Its clean. Because the shelves and Racks are empty of kids stuff at back to school time. Fix it.

Review №6

I spoke with a customer service rep with purple braids that never canceled my order after being super rude. A simple excuse me miss while speaking to a coworker would have nice. Instead that was the start of her rude behavior. She then insisted that I canceled my order . I agreed to that and a week later I get a email of the cancellation that she never fulfilled. Horrible customer service! I’m in property management and I truly understand the importance of being courteous . I didn’t get the bare minimum of decent customer service!

Review №7

Like shopping here. Need more grocery selections, and staff could be friendlier. Always compliant but no smiles.

Review №8

It’s pretty cool here, but I’ve got a problem with how little foot space there is underneath the cart. I keep kicking the bottom of the cart. Can someone relay this to corporate Target?

Review №9

Always clean and always amazing service, was a little disappointed that we were told that Target is going to stop selling maternity wear by an employee. There are already so few choices in town and target was one.

Review №10

The patience the cashier had for me, the support of wanting to help a customer was greatly appreciated. The teamwork among the workers set a great example. Just wish that the 4k movie selection was bigger, and not so limited.

Review №11

Great stock in store, store is clean and staff keeps it neat. Checkers are friendly and nice.

Review №12

Im not a fan, but its because it can be so crowded and no one masks. The store and employees are fine.

Review №13

This is not quite a “Super Target” but this location does have a significant grocery section. I wish we had another Target in the Springfield area. This one is always very busy. They have a CVS pharmacy. There’s a Starbucks and Pizza Hut near the checkout area. This Target has a large electronic section. Plenty of flat screens, video games, all the iPhone accessories.Target has nice home decor for the price range. A lot of their decor has a modern flair. The shopping experience here is more pleasant than the competition.

Review №14

Thank you so much for having checkers to check you out. I drive quite a drive to shop here. No place left on my side of town. Love the kids clothes for my grandchildren. Thank you again for hiring real people to work in your store

Review №15

Wonderful service. Fast and so easy, great product (I ordered Easter stuff for the kids), saved me the headache of going inside which stresses me out right now.:) Thank you! And your staff was so amazing and kind. I love Target service over all the others I use. :)

Review №16

There are some things I can find here that I cant find elsewhere. Store personnel were helpful in assisting our search for items we wanted. Only downside is a good parking space is difficult to find. I will be back next time Im in town.

Review №17

I loved going to Target for years, but the pandemic basically killed this store. They cant seem to keep most common items in stock and when they do have something it is in limited quantity. The clothing used to be nice. I could shop for a number of family members, but now they carry far more limited sizes and again very little quantity of what is there. The quality has also dropped as the clothing seem to only last a few laundry loads before stitches start to come loose. The food section is so pointless as everything is tiny and overpriced. This store needs to closed permanently or reset as it is an embarrassment to the Target name.

Review №18

Love this store and how well they have handled the pandemic. Now that things are getting back to normal Ive been making ruutine stops here. So much cool stuff. Wish the mens section of clothes was a bit better.

Review №19

Store was clean and well stocked. Employees were helpful and happy.

Review №20

Being a plus size lady. When I walk in the door and see you making fun of plus size women thats infuriating and offensive to me. I dont know if your clothes right there or meant to be making fun of plus size people but they do you should remove them!!!!!!

Review №21

Target has always been a favorite store for a very long time!! I drive 45 miles just to shop there!!

Review №22

This Target has went down hill not clean anymore the bathroom really not clean some of the staff is not nice when went to get my cart I was standing behind one of the cart cleaning off the cart I had before putting my daughter in it the blonde cart boy that was working carts on Saturday around 5ish pushed a cart in to to my back. He very dangerous for the company he is not watching who is around if a elderly person was there could have got really hurt. TARGET CLEAN UP YOUR ACT OR SHUT YOUR DOORS!!

Review №23

I really like this store. It has a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options (in comparison to other MO stores) and eco-friendly products and cleaning supplies. I appreciate how they handled the pandemic and public safety. Every time I walk through the doors, there is at least one employee cleaning the carts. The only thing, though, is that the parking lot and parking spaces are too small and crowded. Especially on weekends, the parking lot is overly crowded and chaotic. I made the mistake of coming to Target on a Saturday afternoon and my car was hit by a couple of people in a truck, who then came out to threaten me and shove/shake my car. Their behavior is obviously not the fault of the store, but the parking lot could definitely be safer and easier to navigate, as it took the police half an hour to find me in the parking lot.

Review №24

Fun place to go, its always clean and stuff on sale constantly. Someone is their to always ask you if you need help. Walmart used to do that, now you cant find help to save your life. The food section is over priced. But if your dropping Benjamins on some snacks at Targé then you aint worried about cash money.

Review №25

My family shops regularly at the Springfield, MO Target. Their employees are some of the nicest people you will meet, especially Justin. This man went above and beyond for my son today. He was determined to find a product that my son had been trying to find for months. I cant say enough good things about Justin. I know for a fact that if I ever need him to find something, I can count on him to do what it takes to help my family and I out. Thanks again Justin, you really are a great person with a huge heart. I can tell you really love your job and you love helping customers. A++++ employee

Review №26

Very disappointed the store hours online are listed as opening at 7am and current hours are 8am. Also, gift registry could not print out the registry for me this morning. Then the only line without 3 people was the self checkout and the girl that helped me make sure the gifts showed as purchased acted like she had way more important things to do than help me.

Review №27

Great store which we have stock in.Other than that,we find most everything we shop for.Clean store and enuf employees that will stop and ask if you need help.

Review №28

The store was clean, the selection was great, the staff was helpful.

Review №29

I didnt have to ring up my own items. Love the service attitude.

Review №30

Charged me for a product I was told I could not purchase on the website. Now, they do not know how to explain the charge from their company on my account and I had to reorder and repay for the same product they already charged me for. I was told to contact my cardholder to resolve the issue because they didnt charge me. Nothing was resolved, I still didnt get an order confirmation nor a refund, and I would not trust their website to put your private information into.

Review №31

Mon 7/20 @ 648pm. Thats a whole lotta hate on one car:

Review №32

The Target in Springfield showed its lack of effort cooperating with the Springfield Mask Ordinance that is still in effect until January. My girlfriend and I ran into 3 teenage boys playing in the toy section without masks on. We had asked an associate to ask them to place masks on, and she just walked away. This then led to the boys constantly harassing my girlfriend in the store multiple times. We then brought this up to another associate who then tried to radio security. Nothing came of it, because we then saw one of the boys checking out when we were in line. They were face to face with the Manager of the store, Larry, who did nothing and just told them to have a good night. As we were walking outside we were harassed one more time by the boys. My girlfriend and I decided to call the store to express our concern and experience. We then spoke to Larry, who says that they do their best to follow the mask ordinance. He seemed to put the blame more on his security guard, and the city of Springfield, rather than himself and the store. There was a lack of an apology for that, and no apology at all for the harassment that we experienced. I know there is an exemption for masks for medical reasons, but I firmly believe there was nothing medically expecting those teenagers. As a former manager, I know that you are the last line of defense, and you must enforce policy, and own up to mistakes. Especially if it is an ordinance from the city. There was none of that here. This is extremely disappointing.

Review №33

The online order and pickup curbside with your car is outstanding I literally parked for 30 seconds and the lady was at the window with my item and was super friendly this place is got quality customer service down to a tee keep it up

Review №34

Taylor in toys is always such a big help,He always goes the extra mile to make sure my family gets what they need.I am very impressed with his exceptional customer service

Review №35

Best place to get a nice tender steak! Im a Walmart kinda person went here to get baby eczema cream cuz they have more choices and decided to get sum food while I was here best choice ever! Only thing I wish they did better was label where stuff is better

Review №36

Love target 🎯 the cleanliness to the staff is really an enjoyable shopping time

Review №37

Target yes is a big box store that compete with Walmart some of their stuff is a little bit cheaper some of its a little bit more expensive either way if you prefer Target go there

Review №38

Target is real handy to pick up some items. I like Starbucks, so it makes it even more appealing. The store is always neat and stocked well. The staff is friendly and efficient.

Review №39

I had an amazing experience :) very helpful and friendly staff!

Review №40

Nice alternative to the other box stores. Cant go wrong with red plastic carts. Staff has always been friendly. My kid likes to run amuck here more freely. We allow it. Everyone wins!

Review №41

Helpful staff and a wide selection of products.

Review №42

I hadnt gone to Target in a long time due to bad customer service. Now after tonight on Christmas eve they missed putting some of my bags in the cart! I spent $300+ tonight and get to driving and realize their mistake. These were presents for children and all they tell me were now closed so you can come in Saturday. Extremely upset with the experience and lack of initiative to make it right. I would love to talk to their Home office worst experience and will not be back

Review №43

I have been a loyal Target customer since they opened their store in Springfield Missouri. The local employees are courteous and helpful and I am able to find good selections at a reasonable price.The reason for one star now, is when Covid19 triggered product shortages, Targets online app indicated (and still does) that the store has a limited supply of bottled water, toilet paper and other supplies that are unavailable for pick up or drive up orders. I understand and appreciate Target limiting quantities of certain items, but making senior citizens and at risk people go into the store and walk all the way to the back to purchase certain supplies is beyond my comprehension .

Review №44

Stuff is pretty high but over all the people are so nice and helpful. I love shopping there.

Review №45

You have items I cant get anywhere else and your stores are very clean. I also find your employees very friendly.

Review №46

They dont have the greatest selection of womens clothing but they did have a good selection of shoes

Review №47

I have been loyal to my local Springfield target for years but now (and even before covid) everything was super messy and always out of stock.Clearly understaffed. It’s difficult to find anything and all of the nicer items are gone within a day and are out for like a whole 2 weeks.

Review №48

Love Target Shopped online and picked up at store. So quick and EZ! Also I got extra 5% off using my Target card. Then went to my account and made a payment to cover what I ordered. It was all so simple! THANK YOU TARGET!Especially during this C19 time in our lives.

Review №49

Lines are always long, parking is also an issue. A second location is desperately needed in town

Review №50

Easy order experience, except somehow I missed the curbside option on my first order.Pick up was quick and easyHow about a curbside return done the same way?

Review №51

Being the only target in town means it is also quite busy, but Ive never had an unpleasant experience at this location! Its always staffed, full and friendly.The only unpleasant experience one can find is from a fellow shopper and nothing more.

Review №52

I aim to get as many deals as I can here. Allows me to hit the bullseye during the holiday season.

Review №53

Its pretty unreal that in October in Missouri, this stores stock of pants for toddler boys is near nonexistent but has full stock of shorts. Actually its infuriating. And of course the girls section is completely full. Get it together

Review №54

Great selection and prices. Super friendly workers and clean store.

Review №55

The stores, I talked to a female that said she was the store manager, unwillingness to to do a refund through curbside pickup. I paid for a product, got he and it was left out of my bag. Called the store and they told me, an at risk person living with another at risk person and a 1 week old baby that I would have to come inside to correct their mistake. Completely unacceptable. If there are software issues on the app then excellent customer service would send someone to my vehicle, take my receipt inside, fix the mistake, and walk my missing item back out to my vehicle. I suggest this to the store manager and she refused to do this.

Review №56

I went there yesterday and I was looking for gloves for men, sadly nobody can help me to find out where they have those ones...

Review №57

Quick and easy pick up service. Great products at reasonable prices.

Review №58

The ease of ordering, the quick service and fast turn around time!

Review №59

I paid almost $300 for a lounge chair that arrived WITH OUT a crucial part. I have tried contacting someone, anyone time and time again. With no response. This will be a week ago tomorrow. I eventually had to go out and spend even more money to buy the missing piece. Talk about a disappointment. The worst part of it all is I had written a review that never got posted! Even though the site clearly states that reviews get posted in one-two days. They won’t allow me to post one at this point. It’s pretty shameful that you screen your reviews and only post the ones that make your products look good. Very untrustworthy.

Review №60

It was so easy! I highly recommend it!

Review №61

Clean, nice arrangement, spacey - Target is my go-to place for home/office supplies, games/books, clothing/shoes, just about anything youd want - they have it!

Review №62

Clean, friendly, organized!

Review №63

Too busy but sale prices are awesome. Decent food selection as well.

Review №64

Target goes above and beyond. Love shopping at a place where workers and customers care for their fellow shoppers. I feel renewed every time I shop at target

Review №65

I feel like its to hard to navigate the way through. I isles are way to close together. I didnt find staff to be very inviting or friendly. Prices seemed high as well. Lots of different things though, but I always enjoy looking non the less.

Review №66

It was so easy and no $35 min order like Walmart has.

Review №67

Used the app to tell them I was coming and when I arrived. They brought it our within a few minutes. I showed them the code on my phone and was done. Signage for pick up was very clear. I will use this again.

Review №68

I love going to Target. They have a diverse selection of products, I find the store easy to navigate, and the food and clothing sections are always high quality. The only issue I have is this is the only Target in Springfield, so parking is a nightmare. Its bad enough to deter me from coming here at all some days, and this is the closest store to where I live.

Review №69

I think it is great that I can order anything I want and have it in less than 4 hours

Review №70

Would give none if I could. This store is always packed to the walls. Expect at 30 to 40 minutes wait time every time

Review №71

Called this location tonight at 735 pm on Friday, August 7, 2020. I listened to the automated message, which I personally think is unnecessary, and I decided to press 0 for the operator because I wasn’t going to waste any more time listening to the message in Spanish. I listened to the prompts and selected 9 for “other”. I let it ring for at least 3-4 minutes. A lady answered the phone. guess is that she happened to walk by and heard the phone ringing. Why have an option if no one is going to answer? Therefore, I gave it one star.

Review №72

My wife introduced me to you a couple weeks ago. Will I go back? If only you were closer. Will I go without her? Yes, but we can’t tell anyone just our little secret. Your the best thing that’s ever happen to me lol

Review №73

Spent $500 on one of my teen foster babes and it was too easy 😅

Review №74

I like Target but it’s a mad house here no matter what time or day. Don’t even think about going anywhere near this place during the holidays. Trying to find a parking space is a chore in itself. I do love how they have unique items here that other stores do not but the chaos keeps me from returning regularly. They also are expensive. The one in Branson is quieter but doesn’t have everything this one does.

Review №75

Target is where I prefer to purchase pet supplies and personal care items. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The store is kept clean. The temperature is usually comfortable. The store brand items, especially Market Pantry and Archer Farms, are usually very good quality, and reasonably priced. The carts are roomy.

Review №76

Always a clean, helpful, environment!

Review №77

Back in late August we went looking for phones.. My sister went to target and talked to the phone people and decided on at&t. She told us we could add on to her plan and it would be cheaper, yeah right. We went to ask the guy (who was training a new employee) how much it would be to add two lines to her plan. He looked up and told us $20 per line plus price of phone, sounds like a good deal huh, by the way we SIGNED PAPERS with these prices on it! But then the bill came..... and the total bill was over $375!!! For three phones!! Somehow the guy managed to put us all on individual plans within the same account. Cool, great job! So we go to an actual at&t store and they tell us they do not properly train their phone people at target amd he couldnt honor the price he gave us. Ill be leaving at&t a review too. Neither company wants to take the blame on this or honor the paper contract we singed.

Review №78

I love the quality and prices of items at Target.

Review №79

I always find great deals at Target.

Review №80

Better deals than Walmart, at the same price, but just spent 30 minutes trying to get ahold of a single department and not a single answer.

Review №81

Drive up ordering is a total mess. Had to go into the store, have my order canceled, and go find an out of stock item, which was actually in stock, and pay for my entire purchase in store. What the heck is the point of having a drive up service, in the first place? After being a loyal customer for several years, that was the last time Ill give this store my money.

Review №82

Love this store! Great selection and great prices. The lines are never long or move fast. They actually have enough checkers.

Review №83

Wish it was bigger (especially the parking lot) but the staff is always great! You can usually see management on the floor working with staff to make sure the store is running it’s best. I’ve used online order/pickup and they are very organized which makes getting my order quick and easy.

Review №84

I love Target and I love it even more with the addition of Circle. I have saved so much money since I joined and my only wish is that I will be soon approved for a Red Card.

Review №85

Its a neat store, love their sales area section. Great selection of items. Its a wonderful place to coupon as well, great customer service as well~

Review №86

Location is always well stocked and easy to navigate. Always clean and check out lines don’t normally take very long.

Review №87

Its always too crowded and can never find a decent place to park unless you get there as soon as they open.

Review №88

I love your stuff

Review №89

Always clean, and very very very nice staff

Review №90

The employees are always so quick to bring my purchase out to me. With having an infant and a busy schedule - work and attending University - it’s been a life saver; especially with the chilly weather that has arrived. I wouldn’t want to get my child out, if I didn’t have to.

Review №91

I ordered to drive up pick up and when I got to Target the website to check in wasnt working. So I had to park and go into the store and it was raining! Why offer the service if it doesnt work?

Review №92

Rude workers dirty store bare shelves looked like it was going out of business and after today I sincerely hope it does.

Review №93

The store is great. But at this time of year parking is awful, not enough checkers and the restroom line is out the door when I went to the store. Merry Christmas!

Review №94

It was the most tedious, and annoying pickup service Ive ever used. I got an email telling me that my order was picked up when I hadnt even been there to pick it up. I called and ask to speak with someone about it to make sure that my order was still there since I hadnt been the one who picked it up. And I was put on hold a few different times, the phone call lasted for 10-plus minutes. The manager I spoke to told me it wouldnt be an issue and he would have it taken care of by the time I got there at 4 after work. And I had to spend a good 15 minutes inside the store. While the employees bickered with me, about how someone had already picked up my order. But it wasnt me and I hadnt received my product. Then a lady goes and looks on the shelves back in the pick up area, and finds my order. The whole situation was stressful and ridiculous.

Review №95

Very nice place to shop. Shopping for my granddaughters easy.

Review №96

Availability and price of products.

Review №97

Walked into target today what a mess. I rather go to Walmart at least I can find things and their employees don’t walk away after I ask for help. Prices don’t match the true price of the products and there’s always some woman yelling on those willie talkies. Never going back.

Review №98

Love the variety of quality products offered, made more attractive with the 5% price reduction in price when using our Target card. Customer service is excellent. Returns are a breeze, as well as order pickup.

Review №99

Love how the lady who thought I was stealing have AP check my receipt. Also playing on her phone in front of customers.

Review №100

Rudeness and parking situations. Was asked to move from an empty pick up spot while changing my 4 week old daughters diaper. Never going back after the target employee treated us that way, rude isn’t a good enough word for it.

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  • Phone:+1 417-889-1511
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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