U-Haul Box Store of Downtown
100 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States
U-Haul Box Store of Downtown
Review №1

Efren was the best. He provided us with the kindest, most helpful customer service, even though we were stressed and frantic. And he stepped us through the complicated list of U-Haul policies and rules so that we knew how to return our truck without added fees. The best part of our moving day!

Review №2

** Buyer Beware ** Do not rent from here. Garbage service. Did everything by the book. Drove under the predicted mileage anticipated, filled up gas tank to exactly where it was when I found it, and returned the vehicle exactly how I found it.Get hit with a fuel fee and a cleaning fee. The photo they took for the reason of the cleaning was a picture of the two blankets and a silver ruler that were in the back when I got the vehicle.Bad service. Located underneath a freeway on ramp. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone on this earth. Now I have to spend time disputing these charges.

Review №3

Gentleman with a pink earring was helpful but had a serious attitude. He said, “if I paid more attention to the signs, then I could clearly see there is no parking allowed”.. So I responded, how come there are two other regular vehicles parked in “no parking spaces”? He said those are for the executives… Such a ridiculous excuse and terrible response. AVOID THIS STORE

Review №4

Great experience!! My man June has great customer service. If you are moving, definitely go here for all of your boxes and supplies. Thanks June!! I appreciate you...

Review №5

Ive grabbed the Large boxes bundles a couple times for work here, and all 3 reps I encountered were polite and fast. Recommended.

Review №6

One of the worst customer experiences Ive had. I rented a truck on Monday, returned it the same evening. I noticed that my house key was missing and that I might have left it in the truck and tried to call the location but they were closed. I wasnt entirely sure so I kept searching and all the other places it could have been. On Wednesday I get a call from U-Haul saying that they have my keys. Since I was out of town on Thursday I called them back on Friday morning to ask when I can come to pick it up. The general manager Miley banks answered the call and mentioned that she was the one who called about the keys but now cant find the keys.When I asked them to search for the keys she became really aggressive and started saying how I should be more responsible about the keys and that it was my fault that I left it there. She refused to take any responsibility for losing the keys on her end. Her voice message did not say that they were going to throw away the keys or anything like that. To top it all, the number she gave me to call back was wrong (3228 instead of 3328)When I questioned her about taking a responsibility for it, she hung up on me. When I tried calling back she or anybody in that location does not pick up the phone. Avoid this location like the plague if you can.

Review №7

Very convenient location. Overnight truck drop offs and very organized.

Review №8

I really wish I would have read the reviews for this uhaul location BEFORE renting from them. I had a last minute need for a truck but only needed it for the day. I returned it afterhours. Theses people are completely unprofessional and scam artists. From the front desk on up. Crooks! Please go somewhere else to rent. I would never want anyone to experience what I went through with those people. I rented from other uhauls and NEVER been treated with such disregard. I strongly suggest Take your money and business to a different uhaul company .

Review №9

Very cool guy let me buy a bunch of supplies even though he was closing in less than 3 minutes. He was very helpful- knew the answers to all of my questions.

Review №10

There’s no mask mandate here for employees even while indoors. It’s a strange site in SF. I will not be returning. I asked why they’re not wearing masks and they retorted back ‘we could also die of flesh eating germs’. Lordy help us.

Review №11

The check in and check out was so easy. The van was smooth. Clean interior.

Review №12

Much better site and location compared to the others around the city, the staff was laid back and helpful

Review №13

Friendly customer service. It was really easy to get a vehicle and go!

Review №14

The man at the front desk with a beard is rude and does not work to find a solution. I walked in for a rental and he asked me if I’m not there to buy boxes get out. I do not support this business. Take your money elsewhere

Review №15

Excelent place to boxes. Its a small store

Review №16

I came in half hours before they close The person how rent me the vehicle she tray to pick feight with me for no reasonI needed the rental so bed that moment !!so I ignored her but she fallow me out sideand she tray to pick fejght with me again for no reasonThe good think I ignored her she sick

Review №17

DO NOT USE MOBILE 24/7 SERVICE, there are a bunch of hidden fees and broken web tools that dont work. Front lot employees are great. Lot filled with vehicles when returning, very disorganized. Mobile drop off after hours broke on the app AND website. After a 20min phone line wait, a friendly call center employee bailed us out. If planning to use Uhaul, dont plan on picking up or dropping off after-hours. Update: they charged me an extra 20 for after hours service fee despite me doing everything I could with them to make sure that wouldnt be charged. Oh well. Never again.

Review №18

There were people mating in the back of a uhaul

Review №19

Never use 24/7 pick up here, it’s a joke. First the check in isn’t working and I had to wait 30 min on the phone for customer service. Then they assign a car that’s not here and none of the cars I see can be used for 24/7

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Review №21

Unfriendly service! Clerks made parking such a big deal when dropping the vehicle off.

Review №22

Dude had a tude but made it easy

Review №23

Great store for all your moving needs. Prices are cheap for boxes, reasonable for other stuff, and they have everything you need. Highly recommend.

Review №24

They will add $15 of additional charges beyond what the website will quote you

Review №25

Very nice staff

Review №26

Professional and courteous. Worked with three different individuals and all three were were polite and helpful. First time using this particular location and will definitely return.

Review №27

The Valencia store has a really friendly and helpful staff.

Review №28

Professional, reasonable, and helpful. These guys are great. Ive used them 3 times now and every person who works there is polite and efficient. They will always have my business when moving in San Francisco.The last time a returned a van I was two hours late. They could have charged me for an extra day. Instead, they said hey, no big deal and logged it in the system that I had returned it two hours before, saving me 50 bucks. Finally, a business in San Francisco that isnt out for blood!Love these guys.

Review №29

Excellent experience from start to finish. The reservation process was quick and easy. They were ready to go when I arrived. The cargo van was the perfect size for my move. It was new, very clean, and ran well. Other reviewers have mentioned a bad smell - while off-putting at first, I quickly discovered that it was just the natural smell of the rubber floor-liner. I received great service from the staff, and the billing was correct with no extra charges. Id gladly rent from this location again. Keep it up, guys.

Review №30

Doesnt matter how early you reserve, this location does not provide vehicles for 1 way moves. There was no information about this anywhere on their reservation website and they would not notify you until the day before your move.

Review №31

Great service, friendly employees, so helpful. Go out of their way to make sure u have what u need.

Review №32

Great customer service very professional!

Review №33

We were in and out in 5 minutes picking up boxes. The store was clean and organized, free parking, and Monique was super on top of it!!

Review №34

Terrible customer experience!I precisely rent from a physical location because I dont want to download the app they tell you to use. Well they dot care! I showed up in person and I had to use my own phone to get the keys!After 30min of signing up, verifying my email, scanning my own ID, taking a picture of my face, entering my passport information, verifying an alternate phone number, and entering the gas level and odometer myself, I finally got the keys!!! Oh and the app was so buggy a staff member had to do the process all over again for me on my phone! Even opening a bank account is easier and faster!Anyway U-Haul, you thought you could save money by having the customer do the job of your staff and replace all of it by an app and an army of low wage monkeys in India. Sorry to tell you Im never gonna rent a truck with you again.

Review №35

Not that great CS, or helpful in the beginning.Could be corporate model? Took 45min to finally get my truck, website kept timing out on me.Just seemed staff could be a bit more energetic and friendly. Check out was fine.Usually good service at this place...IDK

Review №36

Rented a 10 moving truck and it worked just fine. Not the fanciest, but not as bad as past U-Haul moving trucks. Closes early and dont have a key drop because of the neighborhood, so make sure you bring back the truck earlier then you think or theyll charge you for being late.

Review №37

I went to this U-Haul location yesterday to rent a rug cleaner. OK, this is not your typical Valencia street store but there it is half-way between Martunis and Stuff. While waiting my turn, I noticed a few features. For example, you will not suffer heat exhaustion here, there are both fans (the antique-y kind with pull chord lamps) and air conditioning. They have a large variety of very affordable cartons and other moving stuff. I noticed they had over a dozen vans and pick-ups parked outside and under the freeway. As if anyone would ever want to move away from SF. The vehicles were available in three different sizes, one of which will probably do great for your next tailgate party. BTW, the rug cleaner rental worked fine, recommended!

Review №38

Parking is rough, but once you get inside, packing nervana! Everything you could ever want or need in one place. The Uhaul employee was extremely helpful and very pleasant.

Review №39

I rented a Van here and had a great experience. Everyone I engaged with there was super helpful and nice.

Review №40

Laid back, friendly counter intelligence and the store wasnt busy. Online we reserved, checked in and out a truck in fewer than 5 minutes. Its central location with many options from which to choose was ideal for our needs.

Review №41

Got what we needed, the guy at the counter was friendly.

Review №42

The people are fine. I was in/out without missing a beat. The truck also worked well, which allowed for a smooth move.What I was not expecting was a truck that wreaking on raw sewage. I cant underscore this enough: this truck may have never in its life been cleaned. I doubt any human being could sit in that truck with the windows up for more than 2 minutes. They might pass out.So, if strong smells of garbage bother you, go somewhere else. I will.

Review №43

Regarding the advertising that it’s $19.95 to rent a van for a day: really no suprise to any adult that that is too good to be true. Still, the way that you will end up paying $50 (plus $12 for gas, even if you only drive 12 miles), even if you bring your own insurance, ends up feeling a little like a scam of the “false advertising” variety.Of course there’s a catch: at this location, it’s a $14.00 “facilities fee”. ( oh sorry, $13.95), which is built into the small print of the million billboards advertising “$19.95 a day! (Plus taxes and fees)”Of course one expects taxes, in this case a $3.95 rental tax and a $0.16 City of San Francisco Healthcare Surcharge (wow, socialism once again shafting hardworking capitalists with onerous wealth redistribution!).But, there is definitely something skeevy about dangling that $19.95 rental when the hidden fee alone almost doubles the amount...I feel bad for the less jaded actually broke college student for whom the difference could mean a medium cheese pizza...c’mon U-haul, you got us already, you gotta pickpocket our expectations so coldly?As for the gas, watch out...we checked the van out w 3/8 of a gallon...after driving 12 miles around town, it had gone down to 1/ problem! Figured 2 gallons would cover that diff...but at the station the needle would not seem to go up to the magic line...finally put in over 3 gallons and gave up. Even if the guage still read just over 1/4, i would not conceed that this vehicle got LESS THAN 3 MILES PER GALLON and stormed back to the lot, gas receipt in hand. Interestingly, as we drove the couple blocks back to home base, the needle SLOWLY rose to announce that we had bought U-Haul a 1/8 gal of gas. So, lesson? Put in your gas early and let it settle in? Question? Do they have their guages set to register very slowly so that everyone ends up subsidizing their fuel costs? Sounds crazy, but so is renting a cargo van for $20 a day (sorry, $19.95)

Review №44

Convenient location. No long wait time to get vehicle. Staff is friendly.

Review №45

Are you planning to move? U-Haul is a grest place to find all you need. You can rent different types of vans and trucks to tale your stuff for a short or long distance. They also offer everything you need for packing: boxes, tapes, wraps, protection, tools, etc. Its a great place!

Review №46

Store manager is awesome. Shes super efficient and very helpful

Review №47

These guys rented us a van with the wrong plate and we got pulled over. But still got only 100$ off

Review №48

I had no problem they are very good.

Review №49

They gave me a hard time about keeping the van an extra day, which doesnt make any sense. They were making more money than if it were sitting in their lot. Other than that, staff were nice and helpful.

Review №50

Very helpful and clean.

Review №51

I didnt have hassle with this particular location, but they charged me utilities fee in addition to rental fee and mileage, which was expected. I do not appreciate undisclosed fee.

Review №52

Good service, if you go online to buy a uhaul the staff may not help you coordinate the pickup.

Review №53

The most helpful & positive part of my moving experience.

Review №54

Had a good selection of boxes and other accessories needed to move DIY: 4 wheel dollies, tape, shrink wrap etc...

Review №55

Alexander was amazing and helped me out quickly so my moving day was less stressful.

Review №56

Great prices for moving supplies, especially boxes (theyll buy back any unused boxes if you overestimated how many youll need!).

Review №57

Went there to rent a U-Haul have somebody pick up some things and deliver for them great place easy to deal with and do good business there I appreciate it them very much .

Review №58

Special shoutout to the excellent customer service at this location. Ahmed, Troy and Divon are the absolute best. Beyond helpful and courteous.5 solid stars.

Review №59

Handy store for your moves. Need to stock some supplies for moving musical instruments (e.g. guitar boxes).

Review №60

Its a U-Haul joint

Review №61

They are decent. They usually have what you need.make a reservation of course.

Review №62

The staff is nice but the checkin experience is horrendous. They force onto a website using your personnal phone to check in but late connectivity is poor. Making it very hard. People just wait there until it works. This is ridiculous. At least install wifi.Their alternative is to enter your password into an untrusted device! Please stop this agressive behavior.

Review №63

General manager was an old woman who for some reason was acting like it was cool to be rude to people. Will never be doing business with Uhaul again.

Review №64

Seems legitimate to me. 😂

Review №65


Review №66

Great Service....Nice Employees

Review №67

Friendly and helpful, decent prices on moving supplies.

Review №68

The people at the location are really trying, but corporate has terrible practices so the experience ends up sucking. Note there are no after hours returns here, e.g., whatever it says on your contract.

Review №69

Fast easy easy to grab some moving and shipping supplies.

Review №70

Good experience. I booked online, truck was clean and ready. Prices were reasonable.

Review №71

Friendly staff and was very easy to rent a truck. Kind of a dingy location, but had a great experience.

Review №72

Quick service, no hassles so Id recommend them.

Review №73

Good experience buying boxes and tape and renting a truck.

Review №74

Nice place to buy moving stuff

Review №75

I love there customer services.

Review №76

This is the better location of the U haul places in the city.

Review №77


Review №78

I had a good time renting from them

Review №79

Great cheap and quick service

Review №80

You get what you pay for.. but they look for any opportunity to charge you more

Review №81

Unbelievably slow service, took me 20minutes in line to discover I was at the wrong location, with only one cashier open. No manager on duty on the last Sunday of the month, where everyones moving. Employees seem unmotivated and unhelpful, and even if they wanted to help, they have no authority to do so. No after-hours returns.

Review №82

Service was shity and unprofessional. Staff were just eating and ignoring customers. Also they joke around a lot and were very inconsiderate

Review №83

Drop off is a pain as parking was full

Review №84

Usual U-Haul in a small space....handy.

Review №85

Helpful and convenient

Review №86

Had what I needed fair priced

Review №87

I got in and out in less than 10 minutes

Review №88

Seemed to work for me. Small place.

Review №89

The service leaves something to be desired. However they have a large fleet so youll almost always get what you need.

Review №90

Good customer service

Review №91

Poor and accusatory customer service.

Review №92

Friendly and helpful staff

Review №93

Kind of in a weird place but friendly staff

Review №94

They got trucks and whatnot

Review №95

Close and convenient

Review №96

Easy to deal with

Review №97

Very nice employees

Review №98

Friendly staff

Review №99

Tiny storefront thats got everything you need

Review №100

Always helpful

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