The Postal Chase
912 Cole St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States
The Postal Chase

Review №1

I will never go to this postal chase again.. been going there for a few years now, but am fed up. The two regular employees who work there are the RUDEST people I’ve ever dealt with. Always giving attitude, super rude, just bad people that act like they don’t want to be there. If that’s the case, get another job! Stop portraying your negative attitude towards customers!

Review №2

Attempted to drop off a pre-paid UPS package and was chastised by the staff for not adhering to the package dimension guidelines, of which there are none. They proceeded to allow me to drop off the package but refused to provide a receipt of drop off. This is my 2nd trip to postal chase and 2nd poor experience with rude staff. Go to Express Photo and Mail on Haight if you want to be helped and not harassed.

Review №3

As another reviewer noted, the people who work here have been trained to be as rude and unhelpful as possible. Because I live in the neighborhood I have given them chance after chance. No more. Their pricing is lousy and the service is about the worst I’ve ever experienced.

Review №4

My mailbox at Postal Chase on Cole Street has been an enormous asset for me for more than 20 years. The staff is efficient, effective, helpful and courteous.

Review №5

This used to be a great place to drop off packages but they no longer accept large packages, making that service useless.

Review №6

Worse shipping experience ever! I wanted to ship my gaming pc from sf to nyc as I am relocating. I packaged it myself and put it in a box. But for more secure shipping I asked if I they can put it in another box/with shipping material. I was charged for 4 bags of shipping peanuts and god knows how much bubble wrap they added and box 20x20x20 (can remember the exact box measurements). The charge was around $250 including shipping. I asked them to ship it through ups because when I was looking at the price on the little screen it was cheaper. Next day I went to check on that part and got all kinds of attitude about how I was wrong and it was my decision to ship it via fedex. The owner called me after and apologized on behalf of the employee and everything was good. Now I’m in nyc and the box arrived at my friend place. I open the box... there is no 4 bags of peanuts and just 2 wraps of bubble wrap With a box that was a cut off box not even a 20x20x20 box as they initially told me. Basically I was charged $50+ on materials that was never used.If you think the box is safe enough the way it is... refund me the extra charges instead of just taking them.

Review №7

The employees here are clearly unhappy. The owner of this business (specifically the Cole Valley location) must not be treating these employees with respect. For the employees to speak to and treat their customers the way that they do, something must be wrong at the top.

Review №8

Very rude and passive aggressive staff who don’t deserve business

Review №9

The staff is always helpful, and were open during the pandemic!!!! Thank you for your service!

Review №10

I am a courier and drop off packages all over the city to multiple mail centers such as this one.Today when I attempted to drop off to a customer who has a postal box here I requested to take a picture of the employees hand holding the package, a policy issued by my company to bypass the unsanitary practice of physically signing for the package. The employee emphatically refused and threw the package on the floor and slammed the door in my face.Never before have I experienced such rudeness in my 6 years of delivering in the city, Even when I was a process server.I would rate 0/5 if possible

Review №11

Ive been using this location for the last 3 years for my business and also as a safe place get all my packages delivered. The people who work there have always been kind and helpful. I cant understand the negative reviews people have left about them. Saying hello and thank you, making eye contact will get you all the helpful service you need.

Review №12

Expensive. USPS on haight charges 1/4 of the price

Review №13

Been here half a dozen times and each time I leave extremely frustrated by the prices and general attitudes of the staff. Most recently I had to pay $2.71 to print two pieces of paper. What a joke.

Review №14

I got yelled at, by asking if I could have returned an item.The package was open, but it was a simple yes or no question, can I return this? If the answer was a no, that was fine for me. But the staff immediately raised his voice and started yelling at me thats what I told you, I already explained to you yesterday and kept on going.It really made me feel uncomfortable and defensive. If the item was not in the condition to return, all I needed to hear is we dont take back opened item, instead of being yelled at & accused right away.I got very puzzled as I had thought he was very helpful during my previous visits...I may have misunderstood what he had explained about the product descriptions the day before, but I still dont see the point of why he was so furious and immediately yelling t me.Not a great customer experience.

Review №15

Be careful here. I had thought staff would be helpful in checking boxes to be sure they are ready to ship, but they are not. Youre on your own to understand shipping rules and regulations

Review №16

Super nice super helpful

Review №17

I was a customer here for many years (only sometimes shipping packages - mostly used as a place to have packages delivered) until the service level got to an unbearable point. Initially the staff was very friendly, and also consistent. Turnover has been much higher here and the staff has been downright rude to me several times. Ive also witnessed the staff being rude to other customers.The Wash Club down the street on Frederick offers a mail box service as well for half of the price, and their customer service is exceptional.If youre in the neighborhood and absolutely need to ship a package, I would recommend walking the few blocks over to the Post Office on Clayton. If thats not an option, then I guess you can use this place, just expect DMV-like customer service.

Review №18

The kind lady who staffs this post office has always been so nice to me. She also was able to notarize a document for me, which is so convenient. I have never had to wait at any point. I recommend going to this particular post office if you are in the neighborhood.

Review №19

Be advised, no more tape, they want you to buy it now.Other than that decent service. Convenience has gone way down now that they want you to buy tape. Hopefully they stop that soon.

Review №20

Am handicapped and simply needed assistance in signing document (where to sign) and gentleman rudely refused to help.I’ve known Paul’s family for 20 years and always assisted in any endeavor they were involved in. Having spent 40 years in State Legislature I’m appalled in the treatment I received, especially handicapped.I would like Paul to call me back and apologize. Secretary of State told me they have to provide assistance to handicapped people.

Review №21

Really unfriendly, slow moving staff that seem eager to make your shipping experience more difficult, not less.

Review №22

Great place!Thanks for the helpful service and easy shipping!:)

Review №23

Poorly staffed and overpriced. Went with the three month box rental to test service.They have inconsistent package pickup protocol. They would stuff my box with the previous renters mail and they want an additional fee to check my box outside of business hours. This last irritates me the most I think as it involves charging me a monthly fee for the keypad access code on top of my box rental.I would recommend using the USPS for box rental and find another way to receive your packages. I know I am.

Review №24

Its ok. Dirty, worn out, way overpriced po box rentals and if there are more than 2 people in line forget about it. But its right in my neighborhood and anything is better than the despicable Haight post office

Review №25

They were supposed to open at 9am and I waited infront of the store until 10am and still no one came to open the store

Review №26

The guy behind the counter refused to give a quote just on the pretext that I may not be shipping. The “extra” work he had to do was type in the destination address. Too arrogant and borderline racist. Avoid if you can!

Review №27

The Postal Chase is one of the frendly places to ship in the city. They helped me find the the best offer. The Postal Chase is is pet freindly, and provides the best costumer service.

Review №28

Terrible customer service and way over priced.

Review №29

The people that work there do the minimum to help and just seem so lazy...

Review №30

Reliable service with a friendly staff.

Review №31

Really over priced.

Review №32

In a world where indifference is the norm, the always helpful service here makes it a pleasure to visit.

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