Auto Body Squad
35 Canal St, Malden, MA 02148, United States
Auto Body Squad
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Could not be worse at accommodating to the customer. If you cannot make a time that they demand, they move you a week out and if you cannot make that appointment time they move you another week out. Was finally able to bring my car in and they never called me to let me know it was done. They just assumed I should read their mind and call them back when it was done. Now I have to go back THE NEXT DAY and pick it up. And at what time? When they say because it is their world and we are living in it.

Review №2

Absolutely horrible. Disgusting business ethic they literally stole my money told me that they didn’t care I got my car towed there for a different price and they charge me and it sat there over the weekend while they were closed and they charge me double storage fee and when I went there to bring the car to a different body shop they had the audacity to ask me for more money from top to bottom just horrible service and manners towards customers. I would never ever recommend anyone to go there for even a tire change.They define why people don’t like using body shops. True scumbags

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Brought my car in to fix a dented wheel well (someone backed into me). Assured me they would get insurance to cover the whole thing, fixed it up, detailed the car, everything went great!Only thing to note is that they’re busy since they do such a good job. Factor that into your expected timeframe. Will definitely be going back; really nice people running it and working there as well.

Review №4

This place is one of the very very rare places where they are the furthest thing from crooks. They are extremely friendly, amazing at what they do and cheaper than anybody i got a quote from. I had been lightly side swiped and it left many scratches on my paint. I randomly came to this place for one last shot at hopefully getting a decent price. I told him i really would like to ignore the $700 in repainting that I got quoted everywhere else I went. Instead of being like all the other places I had spoken to he had one of his talented/extremely nice employees come out and buffed these scratches out so amazing you couldnt even tell it was there (and im very particular with my vehicles). This place needless to say saved me roughly $600--$700 by being honest people. Give these people your business and support honest people.

Review №5

CANT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE ENOUGH!!! Fabio and his team are incredible and they work miracles and they do it quickly with attention to detail. I got estimates for a dent and paint work elsewhere, Fabio charged me about 40% less and had the car to me that day. These guys are amazing. If you need body work, these are your guys.Thanks again fellas!!

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GREAT experience. Used a GROUPON. I drove in for an initial assessment of the work (scratches on door...moderate depth)...expected to have a follow up appointment for the repair....upon inspection he pulled out a buffer etc...and did the work on the spot. Repair looks great and I was completely done in 30 minutes. Great customer support and high quality repair.

Review №7

If you want a vehicle more damaged than when you brought it in and missing car parts, go here.

Review №8

Brian is an excellent hands on owner. Not only did he keep me updated on the progress of my vehicle, he handled everything from start to finish. When I picked up my vehicle it looked like it came straight out of the showroom. Again thank you brian and staff

Review №9

Really nice. I recommend this place. Top.

Review №10

AWESOME job done thanks to the owner Brian and his crew. I had a bad accident over a month ago and they took good care of me. The work was done in no time and my car looks brand new. Thank you so much!!

Review №11

They are bunch of liars and non professional people... Customer beware!!!

Review №12

Brought my car there to have damage repaired. High quality work, completed early, handled directly with my insurance company and handled the rental car for me. Great service, highly recommend.

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Fabio is great both personally and professionally. I had a great experience with him and his team. Firstly, he was flexible with my timing. Secondly, he did a great job, and finally his price was very fair. I would recommend him to all, including friends and family.

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Brian and the rest of the team at Auto Body Squad are amazing. They helped me file a claim with my insurance company and were the main point of contact for the claims officer. I left my car there for a week and a half while the claim got processed and they painted my car. During that time they helped me get a rental car at a good price and they always kept me in the loop. I highly recommend using these guys for an auto body work you need done!

Review №15

They are awesome. Got a paint job to remove some scratches on my bumper and it literally looks brand new. They completed the job in ONE day as promised. I will definitely be back. Well... hopefully i wont have to. But if i need to they will be my new autobody shop! I would definitely recommend. Prices are unbeatable!

Review №16

Awesome experience with this place. Brian and Fabio work with you and the insurance closely to help you out. Repairs taken care of in great time. Will defintely recommend to everybody. Forgot to mention eariler in my comment that they took care of everything on my behalf and were also able to provide me a car for the time my car was with them for repair.

Review №17

Brian is the best. My cars are perfect and his help was so appreciated

Review №18

If you have an accident, call Brian from Auto Body Squad first! He was so helpful and professional. My car was an absolute mess after the accident and now, it looks amazing! It’s as if the accident never happened and even the inside of my car was spotless when I picked it up! He worked directly with the insurance company, kept me posted on all repairs and timelines and even had my rental car waiting for me when I dropped my car off! Highly recommended!

Review №19

I love this guys,they are all of them awesome,they fix my car between 4 days,its like brend new car and price is also very good,hughly recommended!! Thank u

Review №20

Very satisfied! Fabio the owner is very professional and nice guy. He gave me a good price to repair 3 panels of my bmw and the results came out so good, like brand new.

Review №21

Horrible customer serivce

Review №22

I went here with a GroupOn to get my wheel repaired. I kept getting the run around on the repairs. A month goes by, and the wheel is still not done. I end up moving away from the area, and they we were supposed to mail me the wheel. Another month goes by, and I still dont have my wheel. I kept calling them, and theyre blocking my calls. I ended up having to get on a secret call with my credit card to ambush them, again, spinning more lies. For shame.If you think this is some kind of joke, I can show you documents. In fact, I should upload them here for all of the world to see.DO YOU SEE? DO YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MESS WITH ME?

Review №23

These guys cant be trusted! Stay away from this body shop! I bought a $45 coupon on Groupon that says cover up to 5 scratches. I scheduled an appointment at 9am on Monday. My car is a brand new Mazda 3 in red color, and I have like few scratches on my front bumper. I just pointed at four visible scratches asking him if he could fix them. First, he said that I bought a wrong coupon, saying I should have gotten an $195 to paint the whole bumper. So he said he would try to make it look better. It turned out that he managed to make it looks worse than it was before. I will post some pictures to prove it. I got so mad when I saw my car. He said that nothing he could do. Your job is to fix the damage not to make the damage looks worse than it was before. He wasnt even touch up the others scratches. I would give zero stars if I could. Try to avoid this shop like a plague!!!!!

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Review №25

Painted my bumper. GREAT JOB!!!

Review №26

Fabio is a really great guy, he went out of his own way to get me a rental, also when I pulled my keys out of my pocket I dropped 40$ and his worker gave it back. They do real good work.

Review №27

Owner is kind and helpful. Price is awesome!

Review №28

The best auto body that you can find.

Review №29

Brought my car by to get a quote to repaint my driver side door. The clear coat was starting to fade and I wanted to get it fixed. Met with Fabio who took a look at the car, gave me an estimate and answered all my questions.His gave a good price so I decided to go through with the repaint. Made an appointment with him, dropped the car off in the morning and picked it up the following evening.The repainted panel seems to be good quality. The paint color matches very well and cant really tell the panel was repainted. I only had the car back for a week so I cant attest for the longevity of the paint yet but from what Fabio says it should last.The reason for 4 stars is because when I picked up the car, it was filthy (inside and out). Inside the car had white chalky material (probably from sanding panels) that left a film over my new floor mats, steering wheel, seats, and dash. The outside was a little worse with what looked like dust and water compound all around. Its like there was no ventilation in the sanding process and when wetsanding, the material just sprayed everywhere and was not cleaned.This doesnt seem to have affected the painted panel at all. It is smooth with no apparent debris in the paint. I didnt want to wash the car right after getting it painted so I detailed the rest of the car (not the newly painted panel) with Meguiars Ultimate Waterless Wash and Wax to remove the debris. It came off easy and didnt do anything to the paint, just an annoyance.Had the car not been dirty when picked up, I would have gladly given 5 stars for the price and timeliness of the repaint. Would recommend this place, just be prepared to give a nice cleaning when picked up.

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Does good work on cars

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The workers are very professional.

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