Walmart Supercenter
2915 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Walmart Supercenter
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This is a small playground but enjoyable for small children. Has a small pavilion with clean restrooms with toilet paper and running water. Also has a nice trail for walking.This post was put for Walmart. Dont know why but this is not Walmart.

Review №2

Waited 30 minutes in electronic and associates from clothing and front desk refused to assist. Was finally able to find my products thanks to Deborah. Fantastic associate.

Review №3

BE AWARE THAT WALMART DOESNT INTEND TO GO BACK TO 24 HOUR SHOPPING. I got this information from a Walmart supervisor.I used to love Walmart in the 1980s when Sam Walton owned his beloved business! A business that changed so many lives, brought lower prices and all inclusive type wholesale store. It was great and people loved it. Then we saw it killed so many small businesses, family businesses in America 🇺🇸. Now its totally self serve, not even a cashier. I guess the millennials dont mind but there are plenty of Americans over 40ish that dont like that HATE Walmart now and Walmart doesnt seem to care. Personally I shop at other places unless absolutely necessary then I get only what I need and get out. Now people use the parking lot for a bathroom and then employees gather to talk at customer service....what a joke.

Review №4

Never anyone around to ask for help,the shelves are always empty never enough registers open I dont work there therefore I shouldnt have to bag and ring up my own items!!!

Review №5

Quick in/out to pick up gift cards. Cashier was extremely friendly and cheerful.

Review №6

As far as Walmart goes this one is nice. I just moved to the area and this seems like it is fairly new. Layout is a bit weird, and stock seems a little low compared to others. But it is clean, and I love the self checkouts with the conveyor belts.

Review №7

Ugghhhh where do I begin? Rarely will you find an employee who wants to help or even a manager for that matter. The ppl that work in toys (most of them) will help whether its in there dept or not but thats it. Forget asking anyone in grocery to help they act like your bothering them. Ive actually had employees to hug& of in my face when asked to direct me to the right aisle. I hate Walmart, Id rather take a beating than have to go in Walmart! Its the ppl inside the reason I dislike going!!

Review №8

We shop here all the time for everything. Its a one-stop shop. Great place for curbside and delivery. They always pick the freshest meats and produce for pick-up and delivery. No complaints 👌

Review №9

So grateful for Miranda at our Walmart on West Market for helping me make our sons birthday special for helping us purchase a Pikachu cake topper that some other worker said we werent allowed to buy! 😊

Review №10

Fair price,very clean great customer service.

Review №11

Love this store! Clean, spacious and friendly helpful staff!!

Review №12

Fast in, fast out. Easier to navigate than the bigger stores. Everyone is nice and Friendly. Mary Silver has to be 1 of the best employees you all have. Super friendly and helpful!!!

Review №13

Its Walmart so it usually has whatever item Im shopping for, however there are not enough small shopping carts and the shopping carts they do have are in disrepair. Inevitably, no matter how many you try, they all have wheel issues. Many times, very loud, bumpy issues. With that being said, the associates are usually nice. 😊

Review №14

FOR ANY SHOPPER AT ANY INCOME LEVEL all-around BEST [sometimes wisest] STORE! Just because its Less Expensive doesnt mean it cant be LUXE or SOPHISTICATED or ELEGANT. Its all in YOUR OWN ability to be able to COORDINATE & STYLE then be creative if so desired. BUT TRUST YOUR OWN COLOR CHOICES. Dont be afraid to be different. Being different is being creative. Being stylish is status-quo/following others. So if youre another conformist...then be stylish. If you tend to be even 1% non-conformist then be 1% creative, LOL! HEY, ITS YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL CHOICE! No one elses. Besides youll be happier at home, your mate will be happier cause youre happier and kids will be happy to see parents happy...and more happiness brings on more laughter and fun times! LIFE IS SHORT MAKE IT HAPPY AS CAN BE! LIVE JOYFULLY!

Review №15

Store was very clean and stocked. Employees that were on the floor stocking were helpful and courteous. Last time I checked though, I didnt work at Walmart..but your only option was self checkout!!! Ill have to wait on this W-2 next year, as often as I am a cashier!!!

Review №16

Everybody at your Walmart store was very very helpful today the pharmacy and the cashier was amazing she helped me and I thank you guys for good employee leaves that really truly care about their customers thank you for allowing us to have your store to shop in

Review №17

Cant rely on website for accurate product availability. The store is poorly stocked a good part of the time. I see managers standing around in huddles all the time but seems like nothing ever improves. If I could afford to shop elsewhere for many items, I would.

Review №18

The great Satan themselves. Do your best to avoid them. Try a local source first. We vote every day with our dollars. Vote for the small businesses in your area.

Review №19

Large selection and better than other Walmart’s in area but prepare to pay with card, paying buy cash takes a century due to one or two registers open only for cash. My main issue is I just purchased what seemed to be a brand new screen protector for my iPhone XS but when I got home the protector was missing several installation components. The protector must have been a return because it is covered in hairs and dust on the sticky side. Extremely disappointed.

Review №20

A Beautiful Place.Perfect...

Review №21


Review №22

Great employees but you need more of

Review №23

Found everything we needed in one store. Employees were helpful and pleasant. Store was a bit out of sorts. Found canned cat food in the office supply area. Guessing someones cat is going hungry this week.

Review №24

They used to be wonderfulbut its 10:30 I just, bought some watermelon which was bad. I drove all the way back to trade it and they said I had to wait till tomorrow. I swear Walmart between them not having anything stocked anymore and just rude and non caring in thier dealing with customers. I get made to feel like Im not important whatsoever at Walmart now a days I wish there was another store that would open up and be what Walmart used to be they died and I dont know what this is

Review №25

A very good store they have about anything you would ever need.And The people who work at Boone Walmart are very helpful and pleasant to talk to

Review №26

Everyone here is doing the absolute best they can and me and my buddies really appreciate them!

Review №27

Terrific experience today returning a few items and picking up items from the Pickup Tower. Quick and efficient!I would recommend everyone to give it a try. The employees who assist with the pickup are very friendly and helpful.

Review №28

Never any help around.. poorly stocked shelves on multiple isles. Dread going there everytime

Review №29

I wish Wal-mart hadnt came here. Some people who go in there are like acaholics, they buy the world out.🖋️

Review №30

They need to have a dollar isle to compete with the dollar tree. A lot of items that the dollar tree sells for 1 dollar is more than 2 dollars at wallys

Review №31

Everything is easy to find.Staff, friendly and helpful.

Review №32

Hi they do have good prices but I like the pharmacy the best. If they cannot get my rx in time frame they will give me what they have

Review №33

Love coming to this Walmart. It always has a great selection of items I am always wanting to spend my money on!! Employees are awesome also!!!

Review №34

Cleaning supplies out thru self checkout, no problem, no wait.

Review №35

I did some grocery shopping. There are specific items I buy there because of price. I also get my prescriptions and everyone in the pharmacy are great. The Associates for the most part are friendly.

Review №36

Walmart has always been a convenient, friendly, and great price store. I feel bad because the employees are overworked due to no one wanting to fill vacant positions. But, those working are friendly and courteous.

Review №37

Breakfast is always good. Pancakes are excellent. Biscuits and Gravy fantastic. And, Corned Beef Hash is delicious.

Review №38

A lot of empty shelves, dont know why. They are going from name brand to their brand. Their bran is ñot always good.

Review №39

Almost all youre needs in one store and its cheap.The crew there are very helpful.

Review №40

Not all WalMart super centers are created equal. Some are better than others. This place does it right. Love the folks who work here. The store is always organized and clean.

Review №41

I am not a fan of Wal-Marts new flashing cameras everywhere. Its very insulting to me. Everyone is not a shoplifter. Every time you move it flashes like youve done something wrong. I find myself going somewhere else to shop often now because of it. I just think its too much. That plus them checking your receipt as you leave. Makes you feel like a criminal. Ill just go to Target. If I could give a 0 I would.

Review №42

Great Walmart with a good selection and very clean with great helpful staff.

Review №43

Nice experience at the West Market Walmart. Love their excellent pick-up service! One issue this morning. I was told my chicken item was not in stock. I went in and found want I had ordered. Other items I ordered were not in stock. Perhaps a more careful check of what is shown to be in the online store to what is actually in the store would be in order. Regardless, very happy with this service.

Review №44

I love Walmart! They have EVERYTHING we need! Period.

Review №45

THE GOOD: Food and service was fantastic. Heather, at the bar, kills it on service and friendliness - THANK YOU HEATHER!!!NOT GREAT: *Bernaise sauce had way too much lemon - it just tasted like a lemon sauce**we had two drinks (an Old Fashion and a Paloma, a 38.00(?) Btl of Cigar Box Malbec that only I had some of (a few sips) & we brought the rest with us, a small ($25.00) cut of Prime Rib, the ($31.00) Horseraddish Crusted Filet, a side of bernaise. But our bill was $140.00 --- just doesnt add up...We didnt even think of it until we were on the 1.5 hr trip home. What is up with this & is there a way management can look into this by chance?Beside the questioning of the bill all was good. My Filet was just fantastic!! So was the suggested side of spinach.We will be back!

Review №46

Thank you Walmart for making delivery happen! I love that I don’t even have to leave my home now, I can get groceries and whatever else I need delivered the very next day at whatever time I choose. Def worth the monthly cost! Such a convenience. One of the best things to come out of this pandemic era.

Review №47

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Review №48

More of a warehouse than a grocery store these days... I understand the necessity of change due to Covid-19; however, not all of us want to buy everything in bulk... Staff is helpful though ...

Review №49

Clean, large, conveniently placed.Only complaint is how rude the cashier was.No experience with the rest of the employees, so I cannot give an honest opinion of them. Everyone seemed friendly, though.

Review №50

I love Walmart and the fresh selection of foods they always have on display. The staff are always friendly and helpful also. Very clean and kept up. Big store great deals!

Review №51

Well stocked. Larger variety than other area Walmarts. One of the better Walmarts in area. Items were priced. Employees friendly and helpful.

Review №52

The experience in the automotive department was great they helped with a return for me and my sister GOOD JOB TEAM WALMART!!

Review №53

A much improved store these days! Plenty of staff around to answer questions. Alas, all stores are modernizing these days... just have to get used to it, I suppose. Clean store, shelves could be kept up with tho...

Review №54

Good prices, and alot to choose from.

Review №55

Its a nice abs clean store.... Better then the browns mile

Review №56

Good store but there stock has been low the last few times

Review №57

Walmart is a disgrace anymore putting people out of a job and expecting the customer to check theirselves out. I dont work there or get paid to check my items out and prices keep going up instead of down. If they expect people to check their items out by theirselves they should give discounts to the people willing to use self check out. I would have gave a minus 5 if it would allow.

Review №58

Its walmart...but with super nice people.

Review №59

I have a handicap van with a side ramp. Need a special parking place fo it. I rode around 30 minutes and couldnt find a parking place. So I left. Not the first time this has happened. Need more parking for handicap vans with side ramp.

Review №60

Sara outside in the drive thru taking orders was awesome! Super helpful and the friendliest person Ive had at Chik Fil A. Food was hot and fresh! Trevor was super friendly as well.

Review №61

I honestly dont know why I waste my time with this place or Wal-Mart in general. Everytime I go, there is never anything stocked and then if I am lucky enough to find something I need I have to check myself out. If Wal-Mart expects people to check themselves out instead of paying cashiers maybe they should lower their prices because I for one am not trying to make Wal-Mart richer when they cant even provide decent produce thats not rotten or the items I need.

Review №62

They have no help its a mess

Review №63

This is one of the cleanest Walmarts I have ever been in! The cashier was very friendly too!

Review №64

The workers here are very ignorant. How thwy ask for a security question answer then tell a stranded person we do not honor security questuons and answers at this location. However, they asked the question. I had to drive 3 hours to peraonally deliver the money.

Review №65

My experience at this Walmart was a+. Service was great everything was great I just think Walmart should extend their hours of operation.

Review №66

Good stock, but not always the cleanest.

Review №67

1 place shopping is always great. Employees always helpful and friendly

Review №68

Everything you need in one place very convenient.

Review №69

Clean store great employees Love the selectuon walmart has

Review №70

Ladies in the Pharmacy are always good to talk to.

Review №71

They said they are only tampon my correct change because of covid

Review №72

My brother pushed me around in a cart so that was fun. :3

Review №73

What can I say. Its a very large Walmart. Fully stocked

Review №74

No cash registers open and the one that is open has an old lady in it that is very hateful

Review №75

Very good prices on a lot of there stuff and you can get anything you need from here almost and its also a great place too go grocery shopping as well and the employees are very helpful and nice its always clean everytime I go in there I just enjoy shopping here !!

Review №76

Happy go lucky kinda gal, dont like drama my house stays as stress free as possible! ;)and always remember you got to love you before you can love anybody else!

Review №77

Just a routine trip in to pick up some treats for the pets. In and out with no problems.

Review №78

If you need somewhere to go to be inspired, this is it. This Walmart has gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to hiring those with special needs; like, for instance, the mutes that they have hired as greeters. I frequent this W Market St location and cant even think of a time that I have been greeted by these sweet, brave souls who take on speaking roles despite their hardships. Good on you Walmart! Truly inspiring!

Review №79

Really great employees that work there... I couldnt find something I was looking for and asked a person who worked there where it would be and he showed me where it was saved me a lot of walking... Thanks

Review №80

You got some shady price work Walmart! You might want to bring back the smiley face to set it right. You have an HP 14” i5 shown with the specs and all at the display, but your price tag is for an HP 14” i3. The i5 is actually $499 and the i3, which the price is shown, is for $429. That’s something a low rate used car lot would pull. I thought better of you. I guess I was wrong. Good try though.

Review №81

Great place to shop, the only difference of this Wal-Mart from other Walmarts is it very easy to get in and out of the place, fast and convenient.

Review №82

Waited at hair cutting place nearly an hour for a haircut was acknowledged once as I signed in. Wal mart was okay but will not go their for hair cut again

Review №83

I always find it extremely frustrating when I try to call to check for product availability, because sometimes the website and app are wrong, and I am left to sit and listen to the phone ring. I called twice the other day both times no one answered, and then when I decided to just go to the store and see for myself, there were people just standing around doing nothing like there always are

Review №84

They are really nice when they brought out my item

Review №85

Found what I was looking for and went to self checkout and I need assistance and had to leave because the attendent was too busy to help so I left what I was going to buy after several minutes.

Review №86

Pretty good trip... 3-4 pm seems a good time to get in and out. Shelves were far from stocked. However Im chalking that up to the recent winter storm that nailed Texas. If thats not it then it would be concerning.

Review №87

If I could give a negative it would be negative 10 !!I have been going to Wal-Mart as my go-to for everything from food, home, garden and my husband goes to the hair salon for his hair cuts for actually..too long now that I think of it ... I buy my hair products from inside the salon as well. Much to my surprise I unfortunately noticed when I got home the hair product did not ring up as the product was clearly labeled with the price. I noticed too looking at it closer that the product was already used !!!?? Anyway, I brought it back wanting a refund of the difference (over ring) and a replacement of a brand new-never used container. The one lady I talked to did not have a problem exchanging out for a new hair product. She was apologetic and kind. This new container too had the same price as the other tube I bought so both tubes were clearly having the old pricing if Wal-Mart raised their prices. Another lady got involved and she made it clear that they were doing me a favor by exchanging a half-full tester with a brand new never used product. On top of that this woman would not honor the difference of the packaging price to the price on the receipt. And when I asked why she would not honor the price difference she made a comment that they were doing me a favor by exchanging the product cuz she doesnt know that I didnt already use it !!! I could not believe what I just was accused of.I do not need to be a customer for Wal-Mart anymore. I dont need u.. But u do need repeat customers. Maybe I caught that lady having a bad day. Either way...goodbye ! And I hope ppl reading this review ...check ur receipts before u walk away from the checkstand. And I will always make sure from now on that my product is in fact never used!

Review №88

The shelves were well stocked. I was able to find everything I was shopping for.

Review №89

The auto center has been awesome the past couple times Ive been here. Most batteries here are below 100 dollars and have a 3 year warranty. Much better than all the auto parts stores.

Review №90

I used to love Walmart they always had everything you needed but lately every time you go in there for something theyre out of it or the item has been discontinued I find out later when I actually looked the item up but Walmart says they have no idea why that item is not coming in so you have to look it up yourself so Im not really too happy with them lately but Im not sure if its their fault or the truckers or what its just hard to find things anymore

Review №91

Exceptional awesome people of Wal Mart

Review №92

Went to grocery pickup and the clerk was very friendly, professional and went above and beyond .As to my milk was leaking and she got me another milk and changed all the bags that had milk on them. When she could have just put it all in the trunk and left. Was the best customer service I have received in a very long time.

Review №93

Its Wal-Mart, its exactly what I expected.

Review №94

Find way more than I need as usual

Review №95

Not a big fan of Wal-Mart. Really nice lady in electronics.. Didnt get her name but we were able to ham it up a bit with each without feeling like either one was the reason the worlds in such a bad shape. Really like nice people.

Review №96

Hard to find gift card. Store looked clean. This was just a quick stop to grab a card (not much of a selection for a 3 year old girl.)

Review №97

Over-priced. Nothing to praise, other than being clean. I wont go back. McDonalds is more exciting.

Review №98

It was very busy with only 3 cashiers to take care of customers. The self checkout is available but it is impersonal.

Review №99

So u go to Walmart to buy your groceries and there is 1 register open and lots of customers. We would have a job scanning w if we wanted to. This is so stupid Walmart

Review №100

They tend to frown upon if you have too much fun. Why so serious? Good prices and open kinda late, which I like, so I will continue to shop there.

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  • Phone:+1 423-434-2250
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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