2116 N Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
Review №1

Would be great if anything had prices posted on them. Unfortunately half of the items I looked at had no prices to be found, and I ended up having to search google. It shouldnt be difficult to tag slow moving retail items like bicycles. Or clothing. Or... Anything really. Heres an example of items with no price tags at all.

Review №2

This place is great! I love the friendly people! Especially when they know who you are they the door! ^When you go there all the time 😂^ The coffee’s great too! You should visit! 🥳🤩

Review №3

Gail was such a pleasant cashier! We appreciated her kindness.

Review №4

I used to love shopping at Target, but this one isnt fun at all. My last visit found something I had been wanting for my kitchen on sale. It rang up with the normal price though. Not a big deal, some one will adjust the price I thought.After a massive amount of unnecessary drama, turns out the sale tag was a mistake on their part. Not the customers fault. But that is not how they saw it.I am in the customer service industry. This should have been a very easily resolved situation. Instead I will never go back to this Target.

Review №5

Anthony went above and beyond to find my order ! Greatly appreciative and a good start to the day

Review №6

A fine and pleasant experience in a department store, which is hard to do! On a Wednesday night they had a person in most every department to help and willingly offer help. The girl around school supplies Emily help us find different earbuds then later a baby item, could tell us the inventory of each item very quickly with a small hand held device. We got everything on our list without much effort. Easy checkout, clean store a definite A+, tonight anyway. Have shopped there before without problems too.

Review №7

Smaller than the average target store, so some items not available. Great people that work there though.

Review №8

On 4/22/21, I realized that I was almost out of one of my hair products. I didnt have time to go shopping, so I quickly found the item on the Target app and placed the order for curbside pick-up. The item was ready for pickup in less than 2 hours, but it was more convenient for me to go by after work the following day. I notified Target when I was on my way, and when I arrived. The associate brought my item out a couple of minutes later, and I was on my way. Very easy and convenient.

Review №9

Always has good selection. Not enuf staff

Review №10

I had such a strange experience here. The staff were freaking out over a flat cart. They wouldnt even let me load my own packages in my car. Sheesh... Im just going to Walmart from now on.

Review №11

Little man did a BIG thing. He’s been saving money for a few years to buy a Nintendo Switch. Tooth fairy, chores, allowance, birthdays, etc. All of that money he’s put away and saved. At 6 years old that’s a big deal. We wanted him to be able to understand the value of things and learn a lesson from such a big purchase. We finally found a switch after months of stalking websites, and it just went into stock at this Target location. Naturally we raced to get there because of the demand on switch’s right now. Anyways, super thankful that the gentleman @target was there to help us with this process. (His name was Zach T.) We were in the electronic section and I could not have asked for better service. He didn’t complain about him paying with his piggy bank, had SO much patience, was engaged in conversation with him, answered all of his questions, and made this experience EXACTLY what we wanted it to be for him making such a BIG purchase on his own. The interaction that took place between him and our little guy is why we have started shopping and frequenting target again and why we will continue to do so. He went above and beyond with his customer service and treatment of our little guy, and we are so very appreciative. Thank you Zach! May God bless you and your family! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, a very merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year!

Review №12

I was up at the target on Roan Street and it wasnt very pleasant soon as I walk into the door. The older lady up front was very rude. My boyfriend and I walk in and he forgot his mask and he didnt really realize it. Well the lady says you need a mask and says cant you read. I didnt take kindly to that comment and I told her how about you just kindly offer a mask and keep your smart remarks to yourself. I swear no one up there knows how to treat costumers.

Review №13

Great SelectionConvenientReasonable prices

Review №14

Low stock of cat litter, helpful

Review №15

I have just returned to shopping at Target and the difference between Target and Walmart is night and day. The shopping experience is pleasant with Target. I was using WalmartPlus for grocery delivery during COVID-19 until they left my groceries (perishables) on the side of the road a half mile from my house and sent me a picture to show they were delivered. Target is farther away and I have to pass the Walmart to get to it. Rest assured Ill be passing by when I head to Target.

Review №16

Quick and easy to do an on line order. I was given a 2 hour window for a pickup time and my order was ready in less than an hour. It was a very pleasant experience. Looking forward to placing more on line orders with Target in the future.

Review №17

Very easy to steal from

Review №18

Target has always worked with me with returns and personnel are always so helpful.

Review №19

This store is very rude and I will never shop there again me and my mother and father and my son was in there shopping and looking for some stuff we wanted to get and my father went outside and smoked a cig while we were still shopping and they called the cops on him for standing outside smoking a cig thought he was homeless or whatever. And we have money there was no call for that. So if you are gonna go there with your family and go outside and smoke watch out cause they will call the cops on you. Very rude people in there.

Review №20

They absolutely made me and my grand daughter feel degraded because we used coupons on household items. We were made sit and wait while they rummaged thru every bag to pull out something that had a dollar coupon. I spent $160 on my grand daughters backpack and two shirts and two pair of pants but they treated us like trash over a bottle of dawn

Review №21

I came in to Target today and it was one the of best experiences I have had. I was greeted by an older lady who was cleaning carts to keep us safe. She was making sure everyone was getting clean carts. I then was shopping and needed help finding an item for my wife. I noticed an employee scanning some items into a cart. She looked very busy but I asked if she could help me when she was free, or send someone to help me. She immediately stopped what she was doing to help me find what I needed! That is what customer service is about! I then checked out and was very happy to see 6 feet distant markings for the cash registers. This store is doing the right thing by keeping customers and the employees safe, but also by having amazing team members!

Review №22

We offer the Baby Welcome Kit if you never carry it?

Review №23

Great experience at Target in johnson city. Thanks to Corey and staff for great customer service.

Review №24

Quick service and friendly cashier

Review №25

Very nice employees, the girl Shanda that helped us tonight went above and beyond and was very helpful

Review №26

Extremely rude employees!

Review №27

Last minute items before back to school.

Review №28

Excellent customer service and high quality merchandise

Review №29

Its pretty good, there is one employee that I see around. Its pretty clean. My main problem is that Covid Virus had them make the check out process hard.

Review №30

Good store for cloths and electronics. The times I’ve been there it has been clean and well swept. Target employees have always been friendly and business like. Keep up the good work

Review №31

Very slim selection

Review №32

Always update on products and always stocked n ready to go !!!! Never a bad experience here. Friendly n helpful staff who make ur shopping experience Awesomesauce !!!! lol

Review №33

I have lived here and visited this Target for 3 years now. I normally use self checkout.... tonight I was hoping to buy my daughter a Nintendo Switch gift card. The NS card was in the electronic dept. I stood in line and waited for the lady in front of me for 5 - 10 min. What ever she was getting had to be price match and the guy at the register had to leave to find what she was looking for. After he was done checking her out. I gave him the NS card so that I can pay for it and he asked if I can go up front to pay because there was a line!?! Me go stand in another line and wait after I had already waited!?? The card came from that dept. just like the lady in front of me got her stuff from that department. Needless to say I nicely put the card back in the area I got it from and I will nicely take my money else where! It’s now 10:27 pm the store doesn’t close until 12am. There was no line, it could have been a few people behind me. My time is just as valuable as theirs.He will get NO stars if I had to rate him individually!

Review №34

I like the clean store and the helpful people. I like some of the prices. Some are over priced for the quality. I would like more chic selections. In this city you have less sophisticated styles. We do have some people with more money who would shop more often if they had more stylish selections. The buyers should up their game and hire a younger stylish person to select womens clothing for the store.

Review №35

So excited to have the Starbucks inside. Always friendly faces, and the store is always stocked, they clearance section is also pretty stocked!!

Review №36

Quick and convenient service

Review №37

The guy that checked us out made our experience at Target so pleasant and that means a lot. I believe the guys name was Kelley. It was around 2pm on Aug 3rd 2020.

Review №38

They had what I was looking for.

Review №39

Car Show

Review №40

I did a pickup order for an unexpected need. It was easy to find what I needed on the app and the order was ready quicker than the time they advised of. I know that can’t always be the case, but I was very happy with how easy the whole process was.

Review №41

Exceptional customer service by Jordan (service desk), Brett (Team Lead), Zach - who assisted with my pick-up of order and loading six cases into my car. These three individuals won me over to Target as a new customer. I have occasionally shopped here maybe twice a year. After this experience, I will definitely be back on a much more frequent basis.Exceptional care which can be rare these days.Thank you!!

Review №42

The guy was rude to everyone. He never spoke to us; returned by merchandise and handed us the receipt. He was rude to the couple in front us and to a couple asking a question. He was dressed sloppy, his attitude matched his outfit.

Review №43

A combination of reasons like a lot of situations. The most important I guess would be a clean well organized/stocked store.

Review №44

The was super clean and the self checkout takes cash.

Review №45

They don’t have Xbox or PS5 the management isn’t even trying to restock the items.

Review №46

Mask police are in full effect. Don’t bother going.

Review №47

Target’s drive up option is so easy to use and makes my life easier for those times I forget or run out of something . A quick Target run is now even faster. Employees are always quick to come outside when I arrive. The whole process is less than 5 minutes from driving up to driving away.

Review №48

This target store is neat, employees were friendly.

Review №49

This is the closest store to me

Review №50

One is the lowest I could go soA lot of the employees are hateful and will talk down to youI don’t hardly go to this location but when I do have the same interactions with different employees

Review №51

During this visit, I used a gift card that was attached to my online account. I had never used one before, so the cashier helped walk me through the process. He was very patient and kind with me. I appreciated the great customer service thats difficult to find these days.

Review №52

I had to stand for a long time to try to checkout. Then the register would not work. The employee came over and told me to go to another register. I wanted to use my red card but the employee grabbed my phone and kept pressing buttons. I asked if it would be faster outside. He erased things on my phone and then told me to go outside to see if I would load up quicker. When I came back in he had voided my things and put them at the service desk. I had to wait again. I finally had to pay with a check because the internet was too slow in the store. It was ridiculous!

Review №53

The wait, as they let everyone break line, Id youre a person of color, you will be the last to be served, unless you speak up. Back to Walmart I go.

Review №54

The service is so good!! The clients are so helpful and heartwarming! Especially a client named Gloria!! She saved me carry all the things I bought!! I was so appriciated!!

Review №55

We left my sons favorite toy in the buggy. They had it waiting on us 5 hours later, when we figured out we had left it there. Awesome people

Review №56

This review is based on the newly added drive up service Target is offering in Johnson City as well as pick up service in the store. Today I had a chance to experience both and am very discouraged that this service will be successful with the current staffing. First and foremost there needs to be a designated Pick up line separate from returns and exchanges. This is especially important in busy times such as the holidays as the convenience side of pickup is easily thwarted by the insane number of returns and exchanges which take significantly more time to resolve. Only when I asked a team member if they were going to handle them separately due to the long line did someone feel the need to resolve the issue. As far as the drive up service I could not be more disappointed. Target states that it should take about 2 minutes after check in for a team member to arrive with your order. It took 24 minutes and my husband and I getting pretty frustrated and calling the store (we had to call multiple times for someone to even answer the call after letting it ring for quite some time) that 5 minutes later a team member saunters out saying they were short handed and didnt know we were there. My recollection after working for the company is that there must be something that requires they acknowledge that the person is there in order for the tracker to say a team member is on their way as Target quite literally tracks any possible productivity related activity in its operations. With that said, it seems odd that it said a team member was on their way after 2 min, disappeared and then they were on their way again 5 minutes later. Regardless, in 24 minutes I could have gone in and shopped, gone through self checkout, done a dance to the Starbucks counter, gotten a coffee moonwalked out the door and still made it to my car with time to spare.

Review №57

I always love coming into the store. Everyone is always so helpful. Drive up is so convenient!

Review №58

Prompt service and kindness.

Review №59

Shopping at Target is a pleasant experience from the associates working at the local store to the merchandise that is carried.

Review №60

Everyone in this store is so friendly. I go to target multiple times a week and have never once had a negative experience. From drive up to Starbucks, each team member is so kind and helpful. The store is always very organized, and you can see the staff working diligently to keep it that way. There is a sense of pride in this store and I love it. They are so accommodating! Thank you Target! & the JC store. Y’all are the best. Ps- every time I do drive up it’s ready in 30 minutes!!! That’s so awesome and helpful with kids.

Review №61

I really like this location and their employees are very helpful. Its so nice to not have to go all over the store to find someone to help you. Previously I would have gave 5 stars but they have recently done some remolding while some of it looks really nice other areas of the remodel have just made the store feel cram packed since the remodel has added more aisles but not more square footage to the store.

Review №62

I absolutely love Target! I love the dollar section for seasonal decor.

Review №63

Store is always clean and organized. Associates are friendly and always willing to help

Review №64

Because the associate(s) i dealt with went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied and were as pleasant as any I have encountered i a long time.

Review №65

One of the few target stores in the area that actually keeps their shelves stocked! AND their online order pickup is always ready early!

Review №66

This place has consistently empty shelves and a very narrow selection of products. Ive been here a few times over several months and I am frustrated when I find the slot on the shelving where the product I want should be but the shelf is dead empty. Whoever is doing their inventory is doing poorly, and this really isnt indicative of the target brand as I know it. I wont be back

Review №67

Friendly staff, clean and kept up store, what every target should strive to be.

Review №68

I was very impressed by how neat and organized the store was. The staff were polite and very helpful. I never do reviews but I was so happy with my experience yesterday that I felt compelled to show my appreciation for being in a store that obviously puts the customers experience in high regard. What a nice change from Wal-Mart. I will always shop Target from now on. Thanks.

Review №69

Ive ordered something twice from target. Everything came very fast. I had to return one item and it was very easy to do.

Review №70

Ease of use

Review №71

Easy and fast! Great employees and amazing service!

Review №72

They have good sales and i like the cart wheel app which saves you even more money. Sometimes they have a sale plus you get another discount off when you use the cart wheel app! Sometimes they have great deals on Sodas too. I really like the sales.

Review №73

It was super easy to order what I wanted on the app and then pick up my order in the store! Definitely recommend!

Review №74

The manager on duty 10/31/2018 at 7:30pm. Lacks the ability or commitment for a person in this position. I would recommend going to a different store and avioding Target

Review №75

This location is always clean and well stocked, and when I do need to ask a staff member for help theyre always super nice and friendly.

Review №76

Top-notch quality without exorbitant prices.

Review №77

Great store pickup experience. Fast and accurate order fulfillment and friendly service!

Review №78

Very helpful

Review №79

Kind employees, the lady at check out has been there awhile and is always helpful.

Review №80

That fat manager woman up there with her fat friend in customer service need to learn how to address issues the correct way. Unsatisfied and they are unruly built with missing chromosomes.

Review №81

Always have what I come for

Review №82

I absolutely love the convenience of picking up items at Target in Johnson City. Orders are always ready very quickly and put together correctly.

Review №83

A amazing place to buy many things.

Review №84

The store is well organized, the prices are comparable to other stores in the area. Friendly and helpful staff. They treat their employees better than Walmart which is horrible. I live next to a Walmart and NEVER shop there.

Review №85

Target has great prices and the order pickup is very convenient; however, this was my first time doing it and my associate was not very friendly.

Review №86

Always a great place to shop. Friendly and helpful workers. Recommend Johnson City Target highly!!

Review №87

Love the store layout. I always find what I need and staff at the store are super friendly, always helpful.

Review №88

I bought an Ebay card from you and was rob of $200

Review №89

I love this target. Nice people, and nice prices. Overall fun atmosphere.

Review №90

This target is need of a remodel. Old store just doesnt have the same offerings of the new target stores. Its a good alternative if you cant make it to one of the newer stores.

Review №91

Excellent employee searched for an item for us. Very courteous and helpful.

Review №92

I love the service and the atmosphere. Usually come here just to walk around and end up finding a few low priced items to buy for my baby or me.

Review №93

Anybody thats knows me knows Im a target girl! This is my favorite store EVER

Review №94

Excellent customer service. Gail is amazing!

Review №95

Found every thing I need

Review №96

A beautiful store with helpful clerks .This was my first visit since I moved here from Brooksville Fl.

Review №97

Been shoping here for over 20 years. Some employees are not that knowledgeable to the whole store. I think more people should be cross trained on other parts of the store. Over all an ok place to pick up the essentiels, toys, even sports gear. With lots of bus stops for different bus lines, it is easy to get here.🛒🛒💊🌂🕰⌚🎧🖥💻📸📹🖱🔋🔦🖍✏🖋🖇✂️🔐🍕🌮🥞🍔🍦🍪🍻🍩🍭🍬💅👞👠👢👕👖👗👙🕶 These are just some of the things you buy here.💸💸💸💸

Review №98

It’s such an easy convienence and the employees are always nice and helpful.

Review №99

Convenient location in Johnson City. One of my favorite places to shop. They recently remodeled and added Starbucks.

Review №100

I wish I could give a lower review returned a chromebook that doesnt work with receipt and would only give a gift card so now I have a useless gift card for 219.00 and my child has no chromebook because apparently you cant even order online

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  • Address:2116 N Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 423-854-8899
  • Baby store
  • Department store
  • Clothing store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
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  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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