2056 Skibo Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28314, United States
Review №1

It was fast easy and convenient. I wish I looked at the ladys name that helped me but she was awesome. I didnt know exactly how the pickup process went but she was friendly and had a smile from beginning to the end of the transaction.

Review №2

Hobbled into target to do a baby registry, first thing their carts for disabled are way to Far away from door around corner 1/4 way down store, could not get any help at first while trying to get them to work myself, hobbled back to customer service they were nice and helpful to bring a half way working one up to me, attempted to sit down in it wasn’t able to keep my leg straight out. So we decided to leave because I didn’t think I would be able to use crutches and scan and stand for that long of a period to do what I needed to do. Maybe try again when it’s not so crowded or when I’m off crutches!

Review №3

Customer Service is good and the health and beauty section is always beautifully stocked. However, the children’s apparel is always out of stock and the Jr’s section doesn’t seem to receive the same selection as I’m used in other locations.

Review №4

A family member recommended Target to me, Im glad they did.

Review №5

Nice things, fun times.

Review №6

Easily scan barcode and get circle offer at self checkout. My first purchase. App is not accurate on amount of products in store, so I wasnt able to purchase everything I planned on getting.

Review №7

Quick, easy pick-up process. Courteous employees.

Review №8

Excellent customer service that went beyond what was required of them.

Review №9

Target is a great store to shop at friendly people work there and great store appearance. But the store Really need to have more choices when it comes to clothes sizes for kids and adults both male and female. They need more plus sizes liked kids up to size 18. And sizes for adults sizes up to 28.

Review №10

Had what I wanted, price wasnt bad, the staff is friendly.

Review №11

The layout, cleanliness, and kind customer service experienced in this Target has made me a loyal customer. No complaints!

Review №12

The employees today I had an amazing shopping experience with AJ. She was so helpful and friendly made us feel like we were at a friends house.

Review №13

The experience at Target has always been a great one for me and my family

Review №14

I buy all my students school supplies here before school. They have great prices. However, dont buy electronics with them. Bought my son a nintendo switch at Christmas and it quit working a few weeks ago. They cant do anything for me to help get a receipt so I can have nintendo repair it.

Review №15

Before the renovation, this location felt shady, disorganized, and unprofessional. The employees made it blatantly obvious that they hated their job. However, its now very organized, professional, and welcoming. The shelves were stocked and most items were in their correct shelves. Even though most ailes were moved and renovated, they were placed in appropriate sections and better places than before. The employees seemed happy and were enthusiastic to help anyone. It finally seems like a retail store is yearning quality for the consumers.

Review №16

Remodeling looks great! Layout of the store makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Friendly staff and great prices

Review №17

My wife and I live in Seattle and we were buying a wedding gift through the Target registry for our granddaughter in North Carolina. We ordered the item through the registry system, which worked well, but after that everything was downhill. We ordered the item from the Fayetteville, NC Target, so that the future brides mother, our daughter, could pick it up there. The mother had called the store asking if she could pick up the item the Tuesday after the Memorial Day holiday. The clerk she spoke to said that was fine.But on Saturday I got an email saying that the item had to be picked up by Saturday. Let me note here that the pickup period is much too short for a wedding registry given the sorts of complications present in this situation where people are coming from all across the country. We alerted our daughter who once again called the store. She spoke to a different clerk who most unhelpfully said it was impossible to change the pickup date. My daughter asked to speak to a manager. The clerk hung up. In the meantime, I had discovered that one can extend the pickup time on the registry site. So did the second clerk not know about this, or is this person just really poor at customer service? In either case, the clerks behavior is inexcusable.Target afterward sent me a customer satisfaction survey. I completed it giving two stars, attempted to submit it, and it just disappeared.I have never been a big fan of Target and rarely shop there. My wife and I discussed alternate ways to purchase the item and get it to the wedding. In the end, we mistakenly concluded it would be easier just to get it through Target. Nothing in this experience has improved my assessment of Target, particularly this store.

Review №18

The employee at the checkout register- She was able and willing to assist us with the Target App in order to get a discount- just very friendly and helpful something that need more of as a society. Sandra is a great representation of Target with her bubbly personality, out of way help and just made the overall shopping experience a delight.

Review №19

Awesome experience!! Great place to shop and grab whatever you need all in one place. Make sure you stop will love it. It is probably the only Target within a 100 mile radius as well.

Review №20

Great selection of everything! Best place to shop!

Review №21

Target is my favorite store. The cashier was suppper friendly during my last visit to the store. She was actually from my hometown.

Review №22

Great place to shop and very nice’s not the cheapest place to shop but you always can find something you like.Take you time look around and I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Review №23

It’s always a great experience and find more than what I need and want. Love it!

Review №24

I love Target. great selection here

Review №25

Large supercenter that is almost always busy. Like most targets a Starbucks is located at the entrance as you walk in. Layout of store makes sense with areas clearly marked. I would say the main problem with this location is cashiers are often lacking in numbers with check out taking a while.

Review №26

Even though it may be busy you get out quick

Review №27

Bought an item that said was available online in store and for pickup. Received email saying it was not available.

Review №28

The great customer service provided by my cashier AJ!

Review №29

This isn’t a target. Target is a magical place with everything you could need or dream of. This place never has anything. Literally out of stock of everything always. It’s not clean, so disorganized, and they always have a long line before getting in a checkout line. I rather drive an hour to an actual target then go to this one. Get your target together Fayetteville! You don’t deserve the target name.

Review №30

I always liked Target but I mostly go for the gift cards

Review №31

They really need to revamp their checkout process. Theres supposed to be an employee that directs where customers go to checkout, but its VERY common for this employee to go somewhere else to handle other issues, and the line stalls or people start skipping in line. I understand the changes because of covid, but they need to be better implemented to help checkout run more smoothly.

Review №32

Love targets, but the lines are Too long there should be know reason someone got to stand in line for 5 minutes.

Review №33

Target is still being remodeled but other than that great store.

Review №34

Extremely fast friendly and fast carside delivery.

Review №35

Very offended how Madi told me the store was closed 10 mins past closing. I didnt appreciate the passive aggressiveness I had to come here to shop this evening because a could not go to Food Lion to get Acai Berry. My Husband is in recovery and I had to get a super food for his speedy recovery. Store security ( she had long dark hair ) and Deborah (very patient and helpful) got the five stars. Madi has no stars very ugly attitude.

Review №36

Clean store and well stocked.

Review №37

First time ever being in there like any target store ever ! absolutely loved the way it looked and how everything was so organized but once it was time to check out i noticed this woman start to follow me .. i walk out the door and I turned cause I just felt like she was there and there she was with her phone out taking a picture ! I confronted her and she lied obviously but I guess people are offended when it’s 2 black teenage girls shopping at target !! Won’t go again just didn’t feel welcome !

Review №38

Can somebody please tell corporate to make this a Super Target. It makes no sense how the only target in this city is this small and OVERLY POPULATED ! The lines are long af but the staff is nice but the size of this store needs to be updated. The amount of people that shop here outweigh the space inside

Review №39

Love this place!!! Great staff and easy to find everything you need all in one place!!

Review №40

Clean, organized, great selections, friendly staff, great prices, new set up, close to shopping areas and food places. And breastfeeding friendly

Review №41

The cashier was very sweet and friendly

Review №42

My wife and I come here atleast once a week! One of our most favorite stores in the area! They could be better with keeping up on keeping things stocked up, but still good! Theyre very well with managing the long lines too!

Review №43

The only reason I go here is because I can ask the workers to help me out and I can get decide on how fast they be running

Review №44

The teller Brianna was extremely polite and pleasant.

Review №45

Great selection, prices, and store cleanliness

Review №46

Meh. i love target. but this isn’t a target. go to the one in apex if you can.

Review №47

Nice store just too busy. I wanted. to buy something but needed help get it. Some one said they were coming but I waited at least 15 minutes and they never arrived. This was recently. Prior to this there customer service has always been great.

Review №48

I love Target, it’s usually one of my favorite stores. This Target has to be the worst I have ever been in and I have lived all over the country. For example, last Sunday it was very busy, as per usual on a weekend. They had 2 self check out registers working and 2 other registers open but 3 people policing the line and the line was easily 30 people long. The lady line monitors were rude about it too when my 12 yo son got confused and just walked up to a self check out. I’ve never met a rude Target employee but every time I go here if I have to talk to a person I’m almost certain to find one. I wish there was another one in our area.

Review №49

Friendly very kind great experience I went inside cause I forgot I needed more items customer service was great couldnt have asked for better experience

Review №50

This target will never received my business again. If you are trying to buy for your family and for your mother, forget about it. Tried to buy two bags toilet paper. And a black lady reached into my cart and took them out. Even after explaining one was for my family and the other for my mother, she claims they were both for my house hold. In front of everyone. What she should have done was pulled me to the side or just minded her own business! I left everything right there and walked out the store.Never been is disgusting in my life. And I will make sure everyone knows about it.

Review №51

RUDE EMPLOYEES: We went to target today looking for a popcorn maker. We searched all over the kitchen section and eventually found two different kinds on display. We came to this target because their website said that they had them in stock. They were on display but had no inventory out. When I approached an employee in the next isle over, she did not look up from the boxes she was collapsing. I asked here if there were any of the appliances somewhere else or if we were supposed to ask someone to get one for us. She simply shrugged, rolled her eyes, and kept messing with the boxes. She was incredible rude, had terrible body language, and was completely unhelpful. She told me she didn’t have her walkie talkie on her so she couldn’t ask anyone else. She made no effort to look, find someone who could help me, or even appear professional. Next time I need something I will take my business elsewhere, and I suggest you to the same.

Review №52

Even with them remodeling right now I was able to find what I needed. Icee machines were currently gone so that was disappointing.

Review №53

This is the ONLY store in my vicinity. And, I could not be happier with the quick response for pick up orders.And, the friendliness of the associates. From PA to NC. Keep up the good work.And, thank you!

Review №54

Everyone I come here and use target sales or coupons they never work. Spend time arguing at the register and showing the app discounts. Today was buy $50 in legos and get $10 gift card. Never got it after check out and was told “legos are excluded from the promotion.” Pretty frustrating and so many folks waiting to check out you don’t want to hold up anyone else. I will no longer be shopping here.

Review №55

You all have excellent customer service and the store is always clean and all items are easily accessible.

Review №56

Is there a reason you dont answer your phones?!

Review №57

Friendly and FAST service, easy check out in the app, and always ready before 2 hours.

Review №58

So tell me this Target .. how are you going to try to charge me for an item that isnt even your own merchandise? Scanned multiple times by your own devices/systems and it says its not in your system. The brand name isnt even yours and youre going to pull up the WALMART app and tell me oh its $24.99 so were going to give you half off so $12.99 Then when asked is it even your merchandise, youre going to lie and say it is and its from your Christmas holiday items when clearly you dont even sell the brand. Just sad.

Review №59

Excellent service, and your pickup service is better than other retailers by far.

Review №60

Staff is friendly and helpful. Store is very clean and organized. Definitely has changed over the years!

Review №61

Quality of the products.

Review №62

Congested parking lot, severe traffic outside and inside store. Not enough drive thru parking spaces.Have to use drive thru on app because of the congested, backed up lines in store. No space for drive thru service either so have to park at home Depot or the habit for drive thru service.DOES NOT ANSWER CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE. Phone continuously rings.Did I mention not enough drive thru service spaces so you have to park ELSEWHERE?!!

Review №63

Very clean! Needs a more orderly clearance section though.

Review №64

Their products are good

Review №65

Worst customer service ever I experienced at a Target. Staff on floor offers no help. Managers are rude. And if you complain about something they ask you to leave the store. -10 stars in my book!

Review №66

Very efficient with service

Review №67

They take the Covd-19 precautions seriously. And enforce mask mandates. They are also, professional, cordial, and polite.

Review №68

Great price, selection and customer service!

Review №69

I made an online purchase with targets for school cloths. I received an email shortly afterwards informing me that my order was ready for pickup. The wait time was short and the associate who waited on me was friendly and courteous. It was a very pleasant experience.

Review №70

Tala was a LIFESAVER tonight!! last minute near closing I ran inside to grab a fire stick and was told they had just closed. i was going to come back tomorrow early before work but she helped me get in and out in no time, talk about amazing customer service!

Review №71

The cashiers make up coupon rules that are not stated in Target policy. They make up rules as they go. They need to be trained on what the policies are.

Review №72

Being the only target in the area, it can be busy, but going before 11 am, lines arent terrible, and even when they are they move quickly. I love that target is watching out for its customers, keeping self checkout stations sanitized between customers. If youre in a rush, and will be grumpy about it, then this is not the stop for you in our current climate.

Review №73

Because I dont like waiting patiently outside the building, to find most things I want are out of stock, or mispriced. After then wait in another line to checkout, and asking to use self checkout I was rudely told I may not because I have more than 10 items (I was paying with my Target Wallet app BTW?). In the land and time of Covid if I want less people handling my items I should be allowed that choice.

Review №74

Prices are good, great merchandise and friendly associates

Review №75

Ordered online due to this virus, all I have to do was pickup in store. I am not a fan right now about things opening so quickly so I chose to pick up instead of browse around and shop and to my knowledge when they texted and emailed my order was ready it really was. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. They were helpful, quick, courteous, and respectful about the ones that ordered online for safety reasons. The only thing is I don’t buy anything in any condition unless I really need it next time pick out non crushed boxes but you all still deserves a 5 star for the sufficient online processing.

Review №76

A few things went wrong that lead up to this uneasy experience. They made a mistake with my online order. I spoke with manager Johnathan who told me to call when I arrive so they can bring my order out. I called and they said they pulled my groceries a long time ago and put them back because I never came. I guess there was some type of communication error between their staff. I’ve yet received an apology - only an attitude. Also, during the drive-up process Lillian was unprofessional and we were told to “come unload your groceries.” The whole purpose of Drive-Up is to have a seamless and contactless pickup which in this case, it was far from it. There were plenty of opportunities that they could have taken to make this unpleasant experience right. This location def dropped the ball on this one.

Review №77

The customer service I received was fantastic i had been running from store to store in search of carseats and finally found them with the help of the team at target in fayetteville. Thanks to everyone for making my day so much easier

Review №78

I like my shopping experience. Customer service is very helpful and courteous. The store is always clean. The restrooms are clean and always stocked with supplies.

Review №79

Store is clean and has good prices.

Review №80

Much easier, than shopping in the store, no lines, no crowds, NO COVID-19!!!

Review №81

The lady who runs the customer lines at the cash register is extremely rude. I simply asked why I couldn’t use the self checkout. I had less than 10 items. She was letting people go in front of me and I asked why. She got snotty and said it’s because they had one item. What difference does it make if I have one item or 8? Self checkout is for 10 items or less. Makes no sense Further, she made a crazy sign at me as I walked away. My kids and other customers saw that. It was so rude and unprofessional. Do a better job of treating customers with respect. I’m hugely disappointed in my experience. I’ve shopped this store for 14 years. Never have I been treated like that by any employee there.

Review №82

The checkout process is awful!!!! Very long line and only 2 registers open that wasnt self checkout. There were lots of employees walking around but none actually doing anything. The line to check out has wrapped all the way around to the shoes. Get more people working the registers!

Review №83

The store is laid out nicely and theres plenty of room for social distancing.

Review №84

The quick, easy and friendly drive up service is a lifesaver for this busy mom. My order is ready within 30 minutes 95% of the time, which is outstanding! I avoid shopping during the holidays and rarely have time for long lines so drive up is a big help to me.

Review №85

Every time Ive had a online pick up order, the associates have provided excellent customer service and prompt service🤗🌟 I always enjoy shopping at Target!!!

Review №86

Very user friendly app and pick up experience.

Review №87

Great experience. Just order online and monitor your phone app for pickup notifications. Voila its done. Very Covid friendly. Thank you Target.

Review №88

I was today in customer Service, for a purchase I was trying to make first online but, the customer service by phone, told me I need to due in person the payment of my order, so I did, I gave them my reference number and the rep number, help me by the phone. They couldn’t track anything, these people are not capable to help you or call the target call center to confirm the order. I had 2 small children, it was so many people, I didn’t feel safe in the first 5 minutes because they could not help me and alll the people inside store... so on ....

Review №89

Very friendly staff and easy navigation for what your needs are

Review №90

Bought a Samsung tv from target abs received two different legs. I understand that is on Samsung but the customer service rep at the return counter was not helpful and turned me to the electronic section. EJ in the electronic section was upset that customer service pointed me to him. I asked if they could check if they had any extra legs in the back from the display TVs. He said no. The other electronic guy told me they are different because one is left and one is right which was very belittling. I went back to customer service and asked for a manager. Morgan is the type of manager you want for your company. He was calm and walked me straight back to the electronic section and came out with a box full of legs. He found the leg that I was missing. Thank you Morgan for not making me carry my 65inch tv back down 3 floors just for one leg! I’m only giving 4 stars because of Morgan. The one is for the other employees who made me feel like an inconvenience.

Review №91

Inability to bring the item ordered to the counter for a faster checkout. Every other item reserve item allow you to do that.

Review №92

Very good staff. an excellent service.

Review №93

Beware of the crazy long line that snakes around the store everyday now, its like waiting in line on black friday everytime you shop here now. If you expected to do a quick grab & go like before this current crisis then think again, once you see that payment line youll feel like a zombie.No other place I shop at has such a draconian measure when it comes time to pay, it wouldnt be so bad if every other place did the same as youd get used to it but only Target is doing it this way right now.

Review №94

I choose pickup but I want drive-up and the ladies in customer service helped me with no problem. They were friendly thru the whole process.

Review №95

Very good service at pickup.

Review №96

Its a fine Target, but is there a reason why a city the size of Fayetteville has 6 Wal-marts and 1 Target? Can we have the reverse? Id never go to Wal-mart, but everyone and their brother is at this Target. Dont go here on the weekend, its so crowded. The layout is typical as are the prices.

Review №97

They had what I needed. Store was stocked. Good prices.

Review №98

Very easy to use. Quick service and I like the the fact that I didnt have to get out of my car. I really love this app!!

Review №99

Found an automatic trash can there.

Review №100

How smooth things run from placing the order too picking it up?

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  • Address:2056 Skibo Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28314, United States
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  • Phone:+1 910-860-4400
  • Baby store
  • Department store
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  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Grocery store
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  • Monday:8AM–10PM
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  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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