Castle Megastore - Tukwila, WA
235 Strander Blvd, Tukwila, WA 98188, United States
Castle Megastore - Tukwila, WA
Review β„–1

Super cheery place. I went in to find a β€œsexy” costume for myself. I found some cool stuff and the girl working was very nice. Recommended. πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ’

Review β„–2

I received AMAZING customer service. The staff had great communication, advice, and went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. The only reason Im giving 4 stars is because the Limited amount of Plus size apparel

Review β„–3

Clerk was very helpful when i said i had no knowledge of the product

Review β„–4

The lady who spoke Spanish was very helpful. Showed me all my options and she did make the purchase weird especially while addressing my concerns. I am very excited about my purchase because of her.

Review β„–5

Loved my visit! Very accommodating and helpful staff. Store layout is nice clean and easy to navigate each section. Definitely will be coming back!

Review β„–6

Very friendly customer service. I don’t like how you put customers on blast by having the windows completely exposed. Some people work with children or maybe well known in the community so keep that in mind. I almost feel like your store does it on purpose where lovers is more considerate.

Review β„–7

My favorite place to go toy shopping!! Everyone who works here is always extremely friendly and helpful. Whether I am looking for something specific or need suggestions on something fun, the employees are always so kind, sociable and knowledgeable! I stop in every month or so and I would suggest here highly!

Review β„–8

Cameron and Shanda were extremely knowledgeable about the products they offered and helped me make an informed decision based off of my husband and my needs. Personally i think the Tukwila location has the best layout and friendliest atmosphere. I will absolutely be coming back!

Review β„–9

The staff was so helpful! I found everything I was looking for and then more. Definitely going back!

Review β„–10

I have been to the bigger stores but the staff in tukwilas Megastore was the best Ive ever seen what a great bunch of girls they were they helped me out completely I was taught a few things I didnt know and help me out the door I spend a little bit more than I wanted to but when I walked out of there I still got a smile on my face because they I was treated like like a just great anyway Id like to say that that store out does the rest even though its smaller and not so many people there maybe thats why they had a little bit more time and to you know give me the information I needed to get what I want and they had everything I just like to say that my my wife was with me and she enjoyed it also had made our evening awesome totally awesome thanks a lot mega store will see you later I will be back.

Review β„–11

Helpful staff without being invasive or intrusive. Pleasant and friendly attitude with great customer service.

Review β„–12

The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. I love that the toys are on display.

Review β„–13

Such sweet customer service! Helped me find what I needed and made good recommendations

Review β„–14

The staff members here are friendly and very helpful

Review β„–15

Great customer service. Always helpfully great variety best around I always go to Castle for my. Stuff !!!

Review β„–16

So much to chose from! Very neat ! Perfect for pre-show/event last minute finds.

Review β„–17

ITS THE BUSINESS! Arrived to the store, which was well lit/easy to find. Called in to make sure my β€œneeds list” items were in stock.....πŸ€— staff extremely personable, & knowledgeable. Comfortable experience. Highly Recomend this location.

Review β„–18

Staff was very helpful, non judgmental, kind and knowledgeable.

Review β„–19

The two young ladies who helped me was very respectful and courteous I am very friendly I will be going back for more product I hope that theyre there

Review β„–20

The girl, I cant remember her name was very friendly and super helpful. my wife can get a little embarrassed but she handled it like a pro.

Review β„–21

Great selection, a little bit of everything, and very competitive prices. Also, super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff.

Review β„–22

Staff was super friendly and helpful, store is clean, organized and has a vast array of merchandise of high quality.

Review β„–23

Great staff very helpful easy experience

Review β„–24

It was my first visit to the store and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the products in the store. I would recommend this store!

Review β„–25

Thank you to the staff of Castle who was there to give details about their products. She was awesome!

Review β„–26

First time going in today, store nice and clean, friendly staff, big selection in lingerie, ok prices not crazy expensive, looking forward to coming back for other sexy things .

Review β„–27

The selection is good the workers create an uncomfortable environment, but besides that overall good selection and decent prices

Review β„–28

This Store lies is uncooperative, useless employees, etc… My Girl and I will never deal with Castle Megastore again.Beware they are liars

Review β„–29

Great customer service/assistance with finding suitable items.

Review β„–30

Anastasia was extremely helpful, she went above and beyond and knows her product! I’ll be back because of her stellar help!

Review β„–31

Was told I had to leave because I had my 5week old in a wrap carrier against my chest and apparently newborns aren’t allowed in. They lost a lifetime customer. Not sure who my newborn was hurting. Called Lovers in Tukwila and they said it was fine for me to bring a baby under 2 years old in their store, they will be getting my business from now on.

Review β„–32

It’s great very friendly atmosphere I always find what I’m looking for

Review β„–33

Pleasant staff. Comfortable environment.

Review β„–34

Didn’t have things I wanted but the girls were very helpful. I didn’t like not being able to use the dressing rooms.

Review β„–35

Great service and expertise on the products being sold.

Review β„–36

Well stocked. Super nice staff.

Review β„–37

Very nice, friendly and helpful!

Review β„–38

Up tempo up scale adult novelty shop toys games etc Price rite good value good quality store

Review β„–39

The staff found JUST what I was looking for. It had been rebranded. Made my day!

Review β„–40

Jonnet is super helpful and knowledgeable

Review β„–41

Very friendly and helpful...

Review β„–42

12:40PM. Locked, lights out….really?

Review β„–43

Perfect selection.

Review β„–44

Great staff. Super helpful and open to discussion. Did judge or feel awkward to talk to them. Prices on some things were outrageous, but I doubt Castle can really control that much if the maker sells it to them at a high price in the first place. A mini massager shouldnt be $25 when it can fit in the palm of your hand. $10 would have been acceptable and I would have bought 2 of them.

Review β„–45

This place defiantly has better prices than Lovers, but honestly you can totally tell the employees are sales based, and they will only give you good customer service if you are spending money. They also are selling EXPIRED product. It’s lube and it’s called VelSkin and it is in a blue and white bottle I asked the employee about it and they said they would put it behind the counter and they did, but then when I came back a month later the same bottles were still on the shelf with an expiration date from April. I just thought everyone should know and everyone should be reading the expiration dates while shopping here.

Review β„–46

Such a huge and diverse selection! This store is way better than Lover’s, much more professional and fun, very knowledgeable and friendly staff. This is my new favorite store.

Review β„–47

They have a nice little selection of essential oils - I got myself some tea tree and patchouli. Upon my return visit, however, I discovered that the only reason I got any attention at all on my last visit was because my friend was helping me - the rest of the staff was standoffish and all clustered at the front of the store gossiping. It seems like theyre overstaffed, if I had to guess. Lovers is a little pricier, but its worth it for the decent service.

Review β„–48

This is one of the better adult stores that weve been into.Theyve got a quality selection of products in just about every category.The staff is always helpful with making suggestions. They have lots of products you can sample and test. Really feel that we can make informed purchasing decisions here and reduce the odds of buyers remorse.They also have dressing rooms and such to try on some of their outfits.Overall, its a good shopping experience thats very comfortable.

Review β„–49

Helpful, professional..

Review β„–50

Great store and one of the few locations that isn’t swarmed by tourist. Katie and John are your go to for almost anything castle. They have military discount with valid active duty ID and dancer/barista discount with paystub or house ticket. I’ll for sure go here over and over again.

Review β„–51

This store has lots of great products, a lot of variety. Thats why I always come here. The staff seemed pretty nice, but the one guy who works there now really gave a judgemental vibe (yes I noticed.) He was extremely rude and the reason for the 1 star. When someones card doesnt work, you dont smirk, hold in laughter & ignore them. You act professional, and simply tell the customer the card didnt go through so they can use a different one. They bother you a lot when youre just trying to look around at what you wanna buy. If I have questions, I will ask, but consistently coming and checking on me is unnecessary and a bit bothersome. No, Im not gonna steal anything, yes, I like to shop in my lazy clothes. Just let a girl shop!!

Review β„–52

Wow! Just wow!

Review β„–53

We spent a good amount of money there over the weekend. Got home and one of the items was damaged and they would not return or exchange it. Waste of money.

Review β„–54

Met the manager Kari, she was phenomenal and made us feel so confident and comfortable with her product knowledge and experience. One of the best stores we have visited!

Review β„–55

Ive got to say my friends and I used to go to this place because of the friendly staff there and their web cam model discount that they got rid of and now they only have a stripper discount which is pretty lame the staff there followed my roommate and i around the store and giving us dirty looks when it came to me buying my product I have a gift card to pay for my stuff there that has money and they tried to say I had no money on it when I do then they kept trying for me to use cash and I asked her of there was a number for there gift cards and there is not But she kept insisting there was no money so she checked my card on the other check out and it said there was money on it so I asked if we could use the other check outstand to see if its worked and she rolled her eyes and said no it wont work even though it just told her I have money on it and then she kept insisting that I used it when I never did and she said I had to come back to see managment

Review β„–56

Interesting place first time visiting will be back

Review β„–57

Purchased items were damaged and they would not return or exchange it. Waste of money.

Review β„–58

Castle Megastore is sweet #love

Review β„–59

Horrible.... Ive been shopping here since it opened and the manager started following me around the store! I was being treated like a criminal even though I never did anything. I confronted the manager about it and she chased me out! I dont know why she was following me in the first place but I guess Ill have to start shopping at Lovers from now on

Review β„–60

Update your hours

Review β„–61

This place has gone downhill

Review β„–62

Customer service at this store was awesome!

Review β„–63

The staff always knows how to help me figure out what Im looking for and are so knowledgeable on the things the point out.

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