Bed Bath & Beyond
4290 Kent Rd, Stow, OH 44224, United States
Bed Bath & Beyond

Review №1

They are going out of business. Very very very limited selection. Shower curtains! Some dinner ware. A few candles and tablecloths napkins. Decorative pillows. Real picked over.

Review №2

This store location is closing and has very little merchandise left. I thought prices would be much cheaper. But not so. And they still didnt have what I wanted. Bought nothing

Review №3

While I typically have excellent customer service at this location, today was the exception. I walked in and talked to the cashier (Tina) about how I had bought a glass baking pan from BBB and it cracked while I was using it in the oven. I showed her a picture. I was looking at the receipt and mentioned I was looking to see how long it had been since I purchased it, when she interrupted me to ask if it had been more than 14 days since I bought it. I said yes. Her response was, “what do you want them to do about it?” ??? Wow! Terrible customer service!! I didn’t come in there to give you a PSA about the pan or just tell you for fun. Obviously as I came in with a receipt and UPC, I’m hoping for a refund or store credit. No “I’m sorry that happened to you” “let’s see if we can make this right” or even “the company who manufactured the pan may have a warranty to look into” (I know BBB is great with returns, so I went there first.) She called for someone to come over to help, which is fine, and made it a point to say I didn’t have the pan with me. It was in pieces!! Not to mention it had had uncooked chicken in it.. I’m not washing a broken piece of glass to bring in with me. Brett came over to help and was kind and gave store credit. The dish is no reflection of BBB, but seems like some employees could use a refresher on customer service.

Review №4

Friendly staff always ready to help if needed. Store is always clean. Always has a coupon for 20% 1 item.

Review №5

Nice store with great products and good display space. The staff are always pleasant and helpful. Looking for something special for kitchen, bed or bathroom? Trulu a great place for ideas 😀

Review №6

Its a great store to shop.They have so many nice things and what youre looking for.

Review №7

For a place that is well stocked, they do a great job with keeping it clean.

Review №8

ALERT ALERT!!STORE IS CLOSING!!I say 60% of the store is empty they have plenty of curtains, pillows, sheets, pillow tops still a little pricey. I got this for 10 bucks

Review №9

This location going out of business but they were glad to take a return on a heating pad that stopped working. Sales people were very nice about it!

Review №10

I didnt realize that BBB was permanently closing until yesterday 1/8/2021. I decided to stop in and was surprised at how little inventory was available. There are a few worthwhile purchases, but even with the closing sales, I think much of their inventory is overpriced.

Review №11

Good buys and they send out coupons that help every shoppet.

Review №12

Went in looking for a shoulder bag cooler, found several from which to choose plus another gift. Cards!!! Oh my goodness they have that amazing Platypus line of cards! Not inexpensive but so unique! I bought quite a few and am stocked up for coming celebrations.

Review №13

Good selection of items and have always found what I went in to look for. I believe this location is small than many of the others.

Review №14

We usually like to go here for kitchen, bath and decor items. They are one of the few places in the area to buy Hanukkah candles. We rarely pay full price because they often send coupons and have great clearance and sale items. The store is well organized by category.

Review №15

A smaller store for the busy location its in. Limited selection compared to other BB&B stores. Store is clean, staff is helpful and friendly. Just be aware that this location doesnt have a full inventory due to its smaller size; no cosmetics or hair products, limited selection of household appliances (vacuum cleaners, etc).

Review №16

The store is closing I was there 1-14-21 and sheves are bare left are scented candles,water purifier pitchers, bed apparel photo frames today 1-17-21 slim pickings

Review №17

I love this location! Prices are reasonable! My purchase was $30, but because I had gift cards and coupons, I ended up spending a $4 difference. ❤

Review №18

Best Towels thick big and warm people love big thick and warm

Review №19

Love their products everything smells so good!

Review №20

Returned an online item and disappointed no selections in store to choose from. Some things you need/want to see in person. But the store and their reopening protocols were good.

Review №21

Not much left. Going out of business.

Review №22

This location is going out of business. Everything is discounted.

Review №23

Friendly customer service okay product selection. Great place if you need something ASAP.

Review №24

Store Closing. 20% off everything. Shelves are getting bare in some drpartments

Review №25

I had a great experience. The store associate was very helpful and assisted me through locating an items from a bridal registry and ringing the items up for me. She even helped in directing me to the supplies for boxing up the gifts in the store provided gift boxes.

Review №26

They have almost anything you can think of. Kitchen gadgets are my weakness. The staff is almost too helpful. I was asked if I needed help 6 times inside the first 15 minutes in the store.

Review №27

They have really cleaned this place up you can now get thru the door and down the aisles. Best thing was reducing the amount of stuff.

Review №28

So many things to choose. Great place to shop. Has things you might not see elsewhere.

Review №29

Love this place. So much for the home. Coupons make it more affordable.

Review №30

Just left..BBB.... The clerk was so so kind... Was using coupons... And she took the time to really figure out the best way to get savings...I enclosed pic of top of my receipt.. Maybe store will give clerk credit.Thank ...Marsha

Review №31

Sad this store is going out of business!!!! It has hardly anything left!!!! 🥺

Review №32

Nice and clean and well organized!

Review №33

Nice place to shop And nice staff 👍 great place for the weddings to register for gifts

Review №34

Poor customer service the cashier and manager wouldnt honor a 20% off coupon today that wasnt showing up in my email told me I had to wait 24 hours till I had the coupon why would I come back

Review №35

Not as much seasonal inventory but everything else seemed as before covid-19.

Review №36

Always something interesting in this store. Very helpful staff. Answered my questions and took me right to the product I was looking for. Free parking, close to the door. Nice little shopping center with Kohls, Target and more. My cashier was quick, efficient and friendly. X- wing fighter drone was half off! I controlled myself. Good choice of OSU stuff too. Like I said, always interesting.

Review №37

Well spaced shopping, better than before!

Review №38

The associates there were friendly and helpful in general. However, there was a creepy associate that I encountered. She was the one with really short hair. She literally starred at me like I was some kind of meat when I asked her questions about some products in the store. She kept looking at me up and down, screening me intently. Such a creep!

Review №39

Like the kitchen section especially. Nice gift options and they always seem to take their store coupons, even if theyre expired.

Review №40

Great sale that day and the staff was so friendly

Review №41

Mike, the manager was very helpful with ordering something they didnt have.

Review №42

Good deals and friendly people.

Review №43

I heard from a friend Bed Bath and Beyond would take my old Calphalon cookware set and trade it out for a new one. This proved to be true and they made sure to get me the best trade possible as well as waived the one dollar it came out to at the end. I left not paying a dime and got a great new set of pots and pans! Other stores will not trade out old sets that are defective for new and the manager made sure I got the best deal. They have a customer for life!Everyone has always been friendly and helpful at this location and I highly recommend for any bridal shower registry.

Review №44

They lie and double talk you and the corp. office is even worse I hope they go bankrupt. Thats the last money BBB will EVER get out of my family, good bye BBB hello AMAZON.........

Review №45

Great store with all sorts of things for the home!

Review №46

Clean and well-maintained location for this store. Staff has always been friendly and helpful.

Review №47

Pretty high prices..

Review №48

I just love this place anything I want for my kitchen is here

Review №49

This place has excellent customer service the sales associate are always willing to go above and beyond for their customers. Thank you for real customer service.

Review №50

Great place. Great values and variety

Review №51

I went to this store in Stow to return an expensive shower curtain I had ordered online. The manager was upset because I returned the $75 shower curtain to her store and told me if I have a return I need to return it back to online and not the store. Excuse me but any other store will return it no questions asked. I thought that was supposed to be a convenience for shopping online. If I ever return that I buy online and I want to return it there I will to return it there like it or lump it lady. These people here were rude to me. Like I had created a crime.

Review №52

Greg did a wonderful job helping my fiancé and I with our wedding registry. He was extremely informative and polite. Thank you Greg!

Review №53

This has been the most helpful group of people. Patrick went above and beyond to find what I was looking for. He helped me locate a filter that was thought lost to the abyss.

Review №54

Ill say Ive been here over 50 times. Good variety of different things. Not super junk stuff like W-mart has.

Review №55

Love this store I hope they never close ours in stow Ohio

Review №56

Its Bed Bath and Beyond... What else do you want to know :p. Good location in a cozy little plaza in Stow

Review №57

Can always find something different. Get coupons on my phone and in the mail

Review №58

Stow location is going out of business.

Review №59

EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE! I dont know why but I paid $40 for ONE window panel. This thing doesnt sing, or dance. It doesnt cuddle with me at night, it doesnt come with a 3 month free trial of Netflix. It doesnt do anything. Why is it $40?? 😭

Review №60

Place has everything, help is very courteous

Review №61

Love the store but they didnt have what I was looking for.

Review №62

The store feels very crowded, narrow aisles and its almost overwhelming how many products are crammed into the store - but the staff is always friendly. Nearly every single employee offers help the minute they see you, which can get a bit old, but it is appreciated!

Review №63

Unique products. Coupons normally available

Review №64

I love this store they have everything for your needs

Review №65

Workers helped me find stuff, clean store, wrapping center for wedding gifts loved it!!!! Just like old days in the stores

Review №66

Did not have displayed item. Cashing out was horrendous as 3 registers had disgruntled customers over coupons. Store has such wonderful displays & items not found in other stores.

Review №67

SAD! Looked like this store was going out of business.

Review №68

My first BB&B and Im hooked! There are products stacked to the ceiling and you find something new every time you enter. The store is well recovered and the staff is really helpful.

Review №69

Nice place but didnt have what I was looking for.

Review №70

If you have asthma. stay away. very strong scented things storewide.

Review №71

Great kitchen stuff.

Review №72

They have everything you need. In one store+

Review №73

Salesperson was very helpful. I visited with my 90 year old Mom who has trouble walking and he helped us quickly find the items we wanted from the bridal registry.

Review №74

Sad that they are closing

Review №75

If you shop at Bed Bath and Beyond then I dont have to say anything more. If you dont, you should. My wife and I love this place.

Review №76

Absolutely the best customer service on the planet. Ive been shopping at this location for years and they are top notch.

Review №77

Love this store, so many gadgets, so little time

Review №78

Unique with a large selection of choices for your home.

Review №79

Always a nice please to shop

Review №80

We were looking for. A speciiickind of towel bar that we had seen online !! They did not carry in the store but we ask an employee and she said she could order for us !! She did so and it will be her in a few days !!! Found some adorable dinner placemats !!!so many cute and nice things!!!!!

Review №81

Great place to shop and very Friendly cashier

Review №82

Lots of cool stuff for your home

Review №83

Not only did they help me look up the registry, they made sure an associate came to help me find each product. They got a cart for me and then made sure I had everything I needed before I went to the gift wrap station. They certainly went above and BEYOND. Youre welcome for that pun.

Review №84

Nice variety

Review №85

Great place

Review №86

Items easy to fine staff very friendly helpful

Review №87

Cool gadgets

Review №88

Always go in for a thing or two. Always come out with more.

Review №89

Awsome staff and store everyone was super friendly and very helpful

Review №90

This place always amazes me. So much stuff! Prices here are a tad bit high on some stuff. However, you can find almost anything you need here, home wise.

Review №91

I liked the test massage chairs😂

Review №92

Loved the new *smells*

Review №93

Many new things since my last visit. I reccomend using a coupon to get great price on everything.

Review №94

Love the 20% off coupons

Review №95

Super nice place, very friendly staff

Review №96

Great store

Review №97

Good prices

Review №98

Bed Bath & Beyond store is fabulous. You find things here you wouldnt find in another store.

Review №99

Little pricey, but it a nice store

Review №100

Customer service much to be desired.

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