1859 Pioneer Pkwy E, Springfield, OR 97477, United States
Review №1

Asked a buddy to pick up a book for me in the morning since he was headed there and I couldn’t make it til later. Not allowed to buy multiple covers for whatever reason so buddy couldn’t buy it. I come back in the afternoon and am told “it’s back in the boxes if we have it.” I turn to go look for it and get followed up with “I added $30 to it”. Thank you sir. I’ll be on my way. Never thought buying on eBay would be a better deal that our LCS. Well, this one at least.

Review №2

Eclectic cool store! A lot of anime, comics, DnD, fun shirts and toys and stuff!

Review №3

I hated my experience here. The first girl who serviced me when I bought my two products was very nice and offered me a receipt at check out and I said no because I bought it with my card and I’ve never had any problems returning with the same card I purchased and I thought I could always show them proof of purchase on my account. I went home that night and noticed that one of my figures was broken as soon as I opened it and I didn’t want the second one anymore so I figured I would go for an exchange/return. I got there and the man at the desk was rude off the bat. I asked if I could make a return for my second item and he said no because I didn’t have my receipt, but he could exchange the other one. So I asked if I could exchange the second item for something else as well, but he said no because I didn’t have my receipt. I offered to show him proof of purchase and HE DECLINED, but continued to be rude and even said he wanted yo refuse me service when I was not rude and I was honestly just trying to understand why I couldn’t exchange the second item. He said I was being difficult and I literally got so frustrated, but continued to be nice. I then went to see if I could find the same figure to exchange with my broken one, but they didn’t have another one so I asked if I could exchange for a different one and pay the difference. He said no again and was very defensive saying he had “personally packaged everything” and it wasn’t broken then, saying it must have been my fault I bought a broken item. I literally hated it and he was so mean/difficult for absolutely no reason. I literally have no reason to try and scam a small shop, I just wanted to exchange my items and move on, it’s a small business and i wouldn’t never try to scam a place like that. Just wanted to understand the exchange/return policy. Worse service ever.

Review №4

Really wish I could give this place zero stars.I paid well over a hundred dollars for a single book at DragonVine, for a birthday gift for my daughter. When the book was unwrapped from the plastic shrink wrap packaging, we were pretty unhappy to find that the book’s spine, edges and inside pages were all badly damaged. None of this was apparent in the store when we purchased the book because the thick plastic wrapping was wrinkled at all of the corners, masking the damage to the cover.The receipt clearly states “3 day refund/30 day exchange Receipt and tags required” so we went to exchange (not return for a refund, but exchange) for the other copy that was in stock when we purchased the book.We had both the receipt and the packaging, as well as the bag from the store, but were told by a rude little girl behind the counter that “there are no returns or exchanges on books, no exceptions”.It was explained to this person behind the desk, that the book was damaged at the time of purchase, and that the damage was hidden behind the wrinkled plastic shrink wrapping. They were even shown this in the store, but still had the audacity to tell us that we should have looked the book over more closely, and that there was nothing more they could do...It was then explained to this snotty little girl that their so called “no book return” policy was nowhere to be seen on the receipt, or in store, nor was it explained to us when we handed over our hard earned cash the day before.We will be handling this through our credit card company as a chargeback which will do nothing but cost this nonsense business time and money in the long run, but we could care less at this point.Needless to say, we will not be returning to this store, and will let all of our local friends know about how we were treated. We will also be posting this review elsewhere, to help warn and hopefully deter others from giving these people their money.

Review №5

Great selection of comics and all things pop culture related. Tons of things to look at. Lots of comic back issues... They are difficult to browse but was still worth the effort.

Review №6

Dont ever go here to buy comic books. Guy at the counter wont sell you more than 1 copy of any given book and changed the price of one at the counter! I tried to buy 2 copies of a comic that was $5.50 each. He would only sell me 1. Then when I came back the next day to buy my 1 copy, he took the price tag off and said its now a $17 book and refused to even sell it to me because I was in yesterday and bought one. What a clown! Jokes on him though, I was in the week before and bought 6 copies from the girl behind the counter. She didnt care. Ha! Avoid this place. There are several other comic shops in town that have better prices and selection.Quick follow up, this store is now banned from my list of comic shops.

Review №7

Love this comic store! Has virtually everything for every type of fan!! Super clear and organized. Good energy

Review №8

Really nice shop, sadly they didnt have the issue I was looking for in, but the staff were very nice and the prices are good. I still found some good stuff, Ill definitely be back!

Review №9

This store has a good selection, but it’s just appalling that as you can buy these items cheaper online, this business lacks to make up for that with positive customer service. They’re very hostile, unprofessional, and defensive against negative reviewers (their responses to one star reviews are very telling of their level of professionalism). I used to support this establishment and enjoyed visiting; but after seeing the way they treat everyday patrons, I’ve decided to take my business elsewhere.If you’re looking to simply peruse the stores selection for five minutes, be wary of getting kicked out for “loitering”. I’ve heard too many stories of that happening. I can understand from a business perspective, customers that look but don’t buy are tiresome, and they are fully within their rights to take such measures, but their response to it is just over the top, in my opinion. Not to mention that they ban people left and right for arbitrary and emotion-driven reasons (they have a long history of this, and you can see it in their responses to poor reviews), as I’m sure I will as well after posting this.This place is poorly run and for their sake, I hope it changes. I encourage you to think twice before shopping here.Edit: the owner replied with a response that is just a blatant lie, as you can see he did the same with other reviews ( I haven’t visited the store for months). They’re really bending their backs attempting to justify bad reviews. Yikes….Edit 2: the owner changed their response to save from the embarrassment of being caught in a lie (double yikes). I included my own feelings about this establishment in my review, but didn’t name specific situations since I felt my experiences weren’t time-relevant, and would be invalidated regardless. I also didn’t wish to have my personal life invaded by being Facebook/Google stalked by the owner as others have in the reviews below (talk about creepy and unprofessional…). I’m sure this edit will be met with another immature bout, so I’ll just leave this at: do with your time and money as you will, but maybe consider supporting a more friendly business that doesn’t expect their customer base to bow down to them, and actually has a desire to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Review №10

Any anime or game or cartoon or comic thing youre into? Odds are they could very well have something for it that you might see and go oh well I simply must buy This! Thats been my experience the last 5 times Ive been there.

Review №11

Loved their selection of everything. Great place to geek out. Prices didnt feel overinflated.

Review №12

Very fun place to shop, they have have lots of different kinds of things (games, comics, collectibles, etc.). Better place to browse than look for specifics.

Review №13

Nerdiest place I know so far lol must go yoooo!

Review №14

We come in almost every weekend. The staff is always so nice and helpful. Will be coming back for years to come

Review №15

Fun toy, game and comic store. Its extremely full of fun items to touch. I feel the products are a bit repetitive but since there is nothing else like it in Eugene its the best. The only down side is the store feels crowded.

Review №16

It was good the workers are really nice

Review №17

Our weekend treat for the kids (and ourselves). We love this place! Great place for gifts and collectors alike. Highly recommended :)

Review №18

Great store! Found a board game that I have been searching for for a great price. They have lots of cool stuff from stickers to t-shirts and comics and games.

Review №19

Incredibly rude customer service - I called to see if they had a comic in stock and the man on the phone told me I have to come into the store and promptly hung up.

Review №20

Just read his responses to 1 star customer reviews, and you will know why he got this one.

Review №21

It was amazing.The employees are very nice and chill will come again.Tons of cute and cool items.Amazing place for gift givers if you want to give anime items,D&D items and comics.

Review №22

They are so amazing, they always have something new when we visit!!! Wish I can give them 10 stars

Review №23

I walked in to exchange some D and D miniatures someone had bought me as a gift, and before I could even finish what I was saying the man at the counter interrupted me to say returns are only 3 days after purchase and need the receipt. I only wanted to exchange them, not return, and they had the dragon vine sticker on them, unopened. Not a friendly place, and I wont be returning.In response to owner: how did you know I did not have a receipt? And what snide remarks are you referring to? And how am I a privileged male because I asked about an exchange? Regardless of that the man at the counter still interrupted before I could finish speaking. You cant change that fact. I have read your posts on other peoples reviews and you are a very rude person. Even so I wish you the best, though I will not be returning ever, and Id advise others to find a better place as well.

Review №24

They have a lot of comics and the largest collection of DND figurines I have seen in the Eugene/Springfield area. They also have unique board games and toys, keychains, and other various knickknacks. One thing I really like about this store is that they have never split up their toys and interests by gender like so many other stores do, its a good inclusive place and the guy that runs it is pretty cool if you get the chance to talk to him. :)

Review №25

Great shop! Lots of different things...anime/manga, Nintendo merchandise, comics, games,etc.

Review №26

I really like this store and the variety of their merchandise. I was telling my son I wish this store was here growing up, just so that I didnt have to go to Gateway or VRC for my Comics. The prices are high for some collectibles, but other than, I keep coming back every few months mostly to browse and get a feel for the pulse of an industry i was once a huge fan of. Great customer service!

Review №27

The store had a welcoming vibe. The comic selection could be bigger (especially with manga) but the store sells plenty of cool gifts to compensate. I spotted some anime merch that looked like it was using someones fanart without permission, though - as an artist that bugs me. Not sure about the whole story.

Review №28

Literally will never shop here again. Employee was extremely rude😒

Review №29

Love this store!

Review №30

The place is run by some neurotic people with a bad attitude. The atmosphere is not very good at all. I recommend looking elsewhere to shop.

Review №31

Good selection and friendly service

Review №32

First time visiting and will definitely be back again! Decent size and affordable!

Review №33

I bought a Pikachu piggy bank from here that’s from Japan. Every time I look at him it makes me happy. I asked the owner if I could open the box to see what it’s looks like to make sure it wasn’t super small. She could tell I was a serious buyer and she was more then happy to do so. Treat the store and people with respect and you’ll have no issues here and have a great time looking around. Is there a mark up on the products? Absolutely, but it’s a business and not just a corporate business but a local one. Every business has mark up.

Review №34

Great collection of collectibles and variety of genres.

Review №35

I came to this store to see what they had since I was told they would have characters that I like. As soon as I walked into the store I was being watched like a hawk. Ignoring that, I continued browsing for a couple of minutes when the cashier with a very rude tone, asked if he could help me find anything. I said no that I was just looking and left. After reading the reviews Im very glad I didnt waste my money here.

Review №36

Love this place as always. They have a small selection of games and a wide selection of anime stuff along with a great selection of comics.

Review №37

Ignore the bad reviews. These are some of the nicest people Ive met around town. Always great and willing to help find anything you want And they throw awesome midnight release partys.

Review №38

Concerning the Springfield location. I’ve been a fan of this store for several years. I’ve always loved the selection of novelty items and collectibles they have available. Perusing their store has always been a fun and positive experience. That is, until today. My children were in the store with their grandfather, browsing the usual interesting selection of gifts and trinkets. My daughter had a balance remaining on a gift card that I had given her for Christmas and was looking forward to spending the rest of it on a new anime figure. While my children were enjoying themselves and laughing about the unusual position of the teeth of a particular plush collectible, the gentleman running the cash register (and apparently the store), out of nowhere, very rudely and aggressively told my children to “Get out of the store now, or I’m calling the cops!” The children didn’t even realize he was talking to them at first because they were doing nothing wrong. Apparently, said cashier thought that he had heard one of them cough and immediately went into a frenzy. My daughter was explaining to me how she felt threatened and scared. She’s an 11-year-old girl, being threatened with police intervention for simply shopping in her favorite store and being wrongfully accused of a perfectly normal bodily function that can happen at any time for reason other than just being sick. The children, accompanied by their grandfather, vacated the store as demanded by the cashier, without causing any issues. I was soon after made aware of this occurrence, and took it upon myself to get into contact with a manager. Soon after making a phone call to the store in Lincoln City to inquire about obtaining the means to do so, I received a call from the manager of the Lincoln City locations. I had explained to her what had happened. She immediately got aggressive on the phone with me. She constantly interrupted me and would not let me finish a sentence. She was going off on me about how they take Covid seriously and how she has an employee that caught it and was speaking at me in a raised voice with a very rude and condescending tone. Mind you, my children and their grandfather were wearing masks and following all state Covid-related guidelines. I informed the Dragonvine manager of this fact, and she told me that “masks don’t make a difference”. I was pretty shocked that a manger of a store would say such a thing. I was equally shocked at the audacity of this manager to make my children out to be the aggressors in the situation, as if though they intentionally caused trouble by coughing in the store, which they did not. I asked her if it was their store’s policy to threaten children who cough or clear their throats with police-aided removal, to which she replied “if the store employee feels endangered, he has a right to ask someone to leave the store”. I reminded her that my children were never asked to leave the store, they were aggressively told to leave under threat of police intervention and that neither one of them actually coughed. I asked her if she condoned such actions by her employees. I could only get generic responses at that point and so chose to end the converstaion. I am absolutely disgusted by how Dragonvine allowed their customers to be treated today. Apparently, their management condones threatening an 11-year-old girl with use of police force if they dare to cough in one of their stores while wearing a mask. It’s very unfortunate because, up until this point, my family and I really enjoyed shopping there. But I will not tolerate any customer, especially my children, being subject to such borderline abusive treatment by Dragonvine staff. My daughter, hours later, is still shaken up by the incident. Rest assured, I will never again frequent their establishment.

Review №39

Fun story for those who love all comic book and other popular followings. Prices are fair great quality.

Review №40

Love this place. Always has Mooorreee! So much amazing stuff stuffed in here!

Review №41

Really like this store.If you like anime, Hello Kitty, plushies,D&D,Star Wars.It has candy, stationary, you name it.

Review №42

My favourite game / chotsky store

Review №43

They had an excellent selection of miniatures but the store itself felt very claustrophobic.

Review №44

Love this place always have what im looking for and more

Review №45

It was fun to look around. But i didnt buy anything... Yet. 😝

Review №46

Good section and the people always seem nice. I got each of the Deceased limited run each morning that they came out. I believe he is the owner, always has the time to look stuff up on the computer for me if I have questions. The selection is better than most and nice variety. I see responses to peoples reviews from the owners on here which I always find a bit odd from any business but to each their own.I like the store and the stuff and the staff, I say give it a visit if you have the time. Only one complaint and that is some of the isles are a bit narrow but that is cause of all the stuff, so if you are in a wheelchair just be aware navigation in some bits maybe a bit tricky.

Review №47

We enjoy coming into DragonVine as a family any chance we can get. Its fun to browse the shop as theyre always adding new items! Everyone can find something they enjoy since the selection they have is huge. Super excited for the Lincoln City store, plan to visit it once we can pick a day to go out that way. :)

Review №48

Owner was rude and dismissive. Will not be back here.

Review №49

Geek heaven! Too much good stuff, not enough income. Comics out the ears as well...

Review №50

What a fun store. There is so much in the store that you have to go more than once. Great board games and card games for the whole family and lots just for adult parties. Its a fun must visit for people of all ages

Review №51

Wont be going back.

Review №52

This store is kitschy, and amazing. Nerd habits, memorabilia, board games, models, card games, you name it. This place has a little of everything, and something for almost anyone. I recommend stopping in if youre in the neighborhood. The only complaint I truly have is a lack of organization.

Review №53

Great place. Nice people

Review №54

On 7/15/20, I commented on a Facebook post made on the official Dragonvine page. Said post was a picture of some face masks they had, marked for $19.99. Out of curiosity, I looked up the exact same masks on google (the brand was visible in the photo) and noticed that they are being sold for only $12.99 through the brands website.My comment on Dragonvine’s post stated that I was curious about the reason for their markup. I was not hostile, or accusatory, I simply asked a question. Within a couple of hours, my comment was deleted and I was blocked from their entire page.Instead of taking the professional route and either replying to my comment or sending me a private message and informing me as to how they determine their cost, they decided to just block me. This seems like an incredibly shady business practice and a quick way to lose customers.I’ve spent a fair share of money here- on things like Ghibli and Sanrio products, pins, candy, bento boxes, T-shirts’, and posters.Unfortunately, they have lost themselves a customer due to their recent actions on social media. I hope they take this opportunity to conduct themselves in a more professional manner.Edit: If I was incorrect about the price, like the owner has stated is the case in their reply below, why couldnt they have simply replied to my Facebook comment providing a better picture of the price sticker and letting me know I had been mistaken, instead of permanently banning me from their page? Could have avoided this entire situation.

Review №55

Fun place.

Review №56

Awesome selection, but way too high priced! So many great things inside, including some incredible finds, but come prepared to spend a lot of money, especially if youre a nerd or geek of any kind.

Review №57

This place is nuts, they have such a variety of neat stuff for geeks and nerds. Every time I go in theres something new. Great place for unique gifts.Due to the novelty nature of a lot of the products, the prices can be a little high.

Review №58

Called to see if they have a particular comic in stock. “You’ll have to come in and look for (sound of phone hanging up)”.No thanks!

Review №59

I really like this place. The owners are passionate and enjoy their business. And the price is almost fair and some of them are even cheaper than online. It is also fun just browsing and spending time in this place. It is like a small comic museum in this town.

Review №60

Absolutely love this store and the cashier who helped me today was so so so sweet and helpful!!! My whole family (especially my kids) love to stop in every chance we get. I really like too that a lot of their stuff you can’t find unless you order it from japan so having it so close to where I live and reasonable priced is absolutely AMAZING! Keep up the good work!!!

Review №61

This place is the best! Theres so much amazing stuff and the staff are really friendly. 10/10 will be back.

Review №62

Edit:Even if you were even remotely correct with your assertion that I know this person named Jessie you have completely proved my point. You can taken your basic knowledge of how to use facebook and put a location to a name. Congrats Darleen. Now the fact that you live in a town with a huge college and student population makes you completely incorrect about who walks into your store. Short from showing up in your store and confronting you, you have no idea who is from whereEven your basic knowledge of a algorithm and how it impacts your store is very a simple understanding of now it doesnt work how you think.----I have been to this place multiple times and every time and they just dont know how to conduct business. Their employees are typically in some dark corner whispering so customers cant hear. Sometimes hanging out with their friends. No one manages the front register. They have an odd assortment of things and typically marked up way too high. Even to the point where you cant justify the local shop pricing. Products are misplaced, unmarked prices, or mismarked prices.Read the reviews yourself the owner is childish the employees are rude and the overall business ethics is shameful. They stalk customers and claim they report customers to the cops with no grounds to stand on.

Review №63

Love this store 🥰 It’s got everything even some comics. Employees are super nice and helpful.

Review №64

I absolutely love this store they have a little bit of everything... You could spend hours before you see it all... Honestly I think the items are fairly priced and I feel great supporting a local business.. Every employee Ive dealt with was nice and laid back .

Review №65

Great and friendly service. Cashier worked well with the kids. Treated them like they were important. Would go back.

Review №66

A nice store and a good selection with courteous staff but the real gem here is the owner. He is actually known in the comics community for helping other comic shops with both getting established and even technical support with their POS system.No one ever helps the competition and yet this guy prescribes to the mentality that, a rising tide lifts all ships.He deserves a mountain of success for this imho

Review №67

Has been and always will be my comic spot!! Love selection and the presentation of their comic books. The employees have always been so nice to my son and I. They are awesome people and store owners! Great spot for holiday shopping too.

Review №68

A really nice and big store. Clean and has decent prices when compared to Amazon but sell items you cant find just anywhere else which is nice. Was concerned when I went because of the reviews but it was actually quite nice and they even have dragonvine bucks for your next purchase

Review №69

They always have something new. Its often where I go to buy nerdy gifts for my loved ones.

Review №70

What more could you want? Great shop with tons of geek stuff. Its super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Review №71

Always feel like Im being watched too closely in this store for no reason. I always make a purchase when Im in there. At least they have what I need most of the time

Review №72

I have never been treated so rudely in a comic shop before... and that is saying something considering I am a female comic fan born in the 80s. The man at the check out literally told me I am not their clientele and threatened to call the cops when I said I wanted to file a complaint with the owner. I guess he was right. I am never going there again.In response to the owners response: You are blatantly and intentionally misrepresenting what happened. I did walk in to talk about my book, but you never once said you dont carry books. Even if you had, why would I yell about that? What would be the benefit? And the biggest question of all, why would only SOME of it be on camera?

Review №73

I love shopping at this store. Tons of great stuff you cant find anywhere else...except online, but if you chose to shop local (which you should) then this is the store for you. Staff is friendly as well. Lots of anime items, which is why I go!

Review №74

Called to inquire about a product they carry. The employee who answered they phone was discourteous and rude. I am from out of town and was looking for a gift. I asked which figures they had in stock. I was told that they can’t tell me over the phone and that I would have to visit the store to find out. I told him I was I. The other side of town and that I would like to know what they had in stock before I drive across town. I was told that it is busy (it was 10:00am they had just opened for business) and that I would have to come in. Then he hung up in me. Very rude. In the day in age of the internet and fierce competition I am astonished that the owners would allow an employee to chase away it’s customers. I can choose who I do business with and it won’t be Dragon vine.

Review №75

The owner was rude. Asked a simple question and was made to feel ashamed for even asking the question. Nothing unique or special. Better to spend money elsewhere. And Im not whomever the owner is claiming I am in his response. I only asked about a single item and then left after feeling offended by his response.

Review №76

Reminds me of my childhood comic book store awesome place

Review №77

Friendly staff and gives good recommendations based on comic genres and writers/artists that you read.

Review №78

Dont pay attention to any of the fake/negative reviews here. This place is awesome. I have young kids who went nuts in the store for about an hour - the employees were friendly and accommodating the entire time. Im from the Bend area and always look for comic/toy shops on our road trips - this is one of the best. Selection was fantastic - so many genres, I was battling sensory overload. Overall, I was impressed.

Review №79

Cute fun place with all kinds of collectables for everyone, a bit pricey but thats to be expected with the kind of retail provided. Great place to pick up gifts.

Review №80

Awesome little shop filled with everything anime, superhero, and novelty you can think of. Really good prices and very friendly and helpful staff. Perfect place for gifts; lots of clothing, trinkets, plushies, and games.

Review №81

For the most part a friendly place to shop for anime gifts, dnd things, with a decent selection of comics. Great for gift shopping.

Review №82

Always a pleasure! I cant wait for your next location to open up.

Review №83

Great store. I travel all over the world doing comic and pop culture conventions, and I am thrilled that one of my favorite stores is right here in my home state.GREAT selection and fun, friendly staff!

Review №84

Went there during a vacation, so Im not trying to impress anyone from Oregon or Washington. Chances are my friends from the south (where I live) wont see this. Workers were rude. They were fine with me, it seemed, until my Hispanic husband came in. It wasnt anything they said, per say, just their demeanor. I was going to just shrug it off but I decided to write this review after seeing their retort to the woman with an autistic son, among all the others... Despicable. Sorry I wasted my time in there, glad I didnt waste my money.Im sure there are other comic store options nearby, I would recommend throwing your money there. Also shop online, its loads cheaper. Cant imagine them staying in business too much longer with the way their customer service is.

Review №85

Not sure what the negative reviews are on about, Im from out of town and a friend whos local to Eugene brought me here. The owners were wonderful and I thought they had a great selection of items! Its worth a stop!

Review №86

Ive been going to the store in Springfield for the last year or so. Ill admit I do not spend a ton of money there. I dont have a subscription or anything, but that has nothing to do with the store, just not a lot of titles I am interested in at the moment. No matter which employee is working, they are always a pleasure to deal with. I do not know where everything in the store is, but they do, and are always able to point me in the right direction. The owner is always friendly and we always chat about different things whether I spend money there or not. If you think they are overpriced, go to Barnes and Noble and you will change your mind. I enjoy going in the store and try to every couple weeks to see if something new came in that I would like. Great store, great atmosphere!!

Review №87

It seems like the comics are ways well stocked and anything else is hit or miss. The staff is friendly, and the facilities are always clean. My biggest complaint is that theres so much random fandom merch that its getting crowded.Hopefully theyre just doing well enough that theyre outgrowing their floorspace. Overall its a quality business.

Review №88

I really wish there was a way to give no stars! The humans that owns this store are dirt bags. The male discriminated against my son with autism saying he is too loud for the store. We were the only people in the store and my son was simple scripting from a movie he likes over and over. Yes repetitive but not disruptive (loud). He asked us to leave and I said he has autism and the woman says we are familiar with that, we have a foster child with autism I reply well than you should feel like a POS right now. The man proceeds to tell me Im banned and that he will call the cops on me for using profanity. Their products are good quality and nice selection however very overpriced. Me personally I would shop online before I ever supported someone who discriminates against people with disabilities. My son was so upset and confused. He had no idea why we had to leave and I had no way of explaining to him.

Review №89

I love this place this place is really cool and also reminds me of The Big Bang Theory on Big Bang Theory show so I really like it and I like buying things here and its all good and they person is very nice here

Review №90

I love this place. The owners and staff are really cool and super helpful. I love that they have such a diverse selection of otaku, geek, and nerd merchandise.

Review №91

I was looking at funko pops after a couple minutes of just arriving to the store and the cashier comes storming over accusing me of stealing and then asking if I Like stealing other peoples candy and he proceeds to grab candy from under a table I was very unaware of. Will not be coming back to this store because of very rude service and accusations.Edit:#1, If there was a problem with my hoodie being on you could have asked me to take it off and I would have done so gladly, I was cold and I had my hoodie on.#2, I dont know what cameras you were watching but I clearly did not take any candy I bent over to look at a funko pop and to see what was behind it and that is when you accused me of taking other peoples candy without asking#3, I did not laugh and tell my friends I was caught I was laughing because I had no idea there was candy under a table the funko pops were next to and how you accused me of absolutly nothing.Poorly run business.

Review №92

It’s great

Review №93

Super friendly staff and the best comic selection in the area. They also carry a ton of Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Figma, RPGs, and other cool merchandise. Hands down the best place to go for your comic needs in the Lane county area.

Review №94

DragonVine is my favorite place to find my favorite dc or marvel comics and has an amazing selection of novelty toys and collectables

Review №95

Best local store for anime merch!

Review №96

Great place to buy gifts! They have an enormous selection of plushies, Anime, comic books, Hello Kitty items, Pokemon stuff and unique candy. Too much to mention! Decent prices and super friendly staff!

Review №97

Lots of cool stuff and found more of the comic book series I was looking for here then anywhere else!

Review №98

DragonView has everything you can ever imagine the have stickers, plushie and more stuff.

Review №99

There is so much merchandise packed into this store that I could very lost in here for hours! I love this place!

Review №100

I used to frequent this store when living in Springfield, mainly out of convenience. Stock was fine but treatment of patrons is horrible. The way this business conducts business online and how they treat no regular customers in store is pathetic. There are better shops to give your money to.*Edit*I will not be bullied into providing you a better rating. The truth about how I feel about your business practices. I am, not associated with another party these are my own statements. Your out right lies trying to associate me with other customers you have had problems with is horrendous. Who ever moderates your online presence may need to consider hiring a Public Relations team.*Edit 2*So changing your comentary does what? You think falsely accusing me of libel and harassment wasnt good enough? As I have stated I am in no way associated with the parties that youre referring too. I must ask that you cease from making this false claim.

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  • Address:1859 Pioneer Pkwy E, Springfield, OR 97477, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 541-746-0203
  • Clothing store
  • Toy store
  • Collectibles store
  • Comic book store
  • Game store
  • Gift shop
  • Japanese confectionery shop
  • Novelty store
  • Poster store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8PM
  • Friday:10AM–8PM
  • Saturday:11AM–6PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
From the business
  • Identifies as veteran-led:Yes
  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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