Sweet Pea Imagery 3D/4D Ultrasound
2309 N Division St #1, Spokane, WA 99207, United States
Sweet Pea Imagery 3D/4D Ultrasound
Review №1

We had a wonderful experience here! We traveled a couple hours to find out the gender of our baby on our wedding anniversary, and it was completely worth the drive. It was accurate, and the photos/video turned out amazing. Highly recommend!

Review №2

I absolutely love this place! I got my gender test done through them at 14 weeks and also just went in for an extra ultrasound and took my family which was an awesome experience. Erin is the best and I highly recommend this place to everyone !

Review №3

I love Sweet Pea! We are expecting our first (baby girl!) and have used Sweet Pea from the very beginning. Erin has been amazing to work with and I feel like we have now gained a new friend as well. We did the Sneak Peek blood test which allowed us to find out our gender early. We have also gone there pretty much once a month because of the great experience that it has been. I always joke that we need a punch card because of all of the visits we have had. The business is super cute, clean and comfortable. I would recommend Sweet Pea to all of my expecting friends & family!

Review №4

Sweet Pea Imagery offers an excellent alternative avenue to finding out babys gender in a cost effective and comforting way. I am so appreciative that they provide a service that I dont need to go through the medical system for. I also am thankful that more than one person can witness the joy of an ultrasound without being forced to wear masks and especially in Spokane where regulations are at an all time high.Im so pleasantly surprised with this business and believe they certainly deserve five stars. Thank you for everything, Sweet Pea!

Review №5

Erin is so sweet and the picture quality is great! Sweet pea imagery is a place I will recommend to anyone pregnant. Great and fast communication!

Review №6

Thanks Erin for a wonderful experience! My daughters mother-in-law bought her a gift certificate and I was able to come along. We got to see the baby from different views, heard the babies heartbeat and got some awesome images. Very professional and Friendly! Daughter and husband are going back for a second ultrasound in April. Great merchandise in the little boutique too!!!

Review №7

Very sweet girls! We have loved both our experiences at sweet pea and will refer you guys always! Thank you for giving us amazing pictures of our little one, couldn’t appreciate you guys more!😊

Review №8

Grandma reviewing here- my daughter was thrilled to be able to schedule so quickly and easily! Folks were great to work with, too 😊👏 Really love that Sweet Pea offers such reasonably priced services- especially considering how the recent Covid restrictions have resulted in many having their incomes dissolved and businesses compromised like my daughter and sons business. I also personally appreciate any business that allows for adults to make their own decisions about their Healthcare which includes whether a person chooses to wear a mask or not. If you are old enough to have a baby, you should also be old enough to make all relevant health related decisions. Kudos for Sweet Pea for being respectful and supportive of every familys personal health choices. Our family will be recommending you! 😊😊

Review №9

As we were waiting for our appointment, about 6-7 people walked out of the ultrasound room, none wearing masks. Additionally, the space was tiny. This wouldn’t be a big deal if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic and they aren’t requiring masks in a place where multiple pregnant women frequent daily. We opted to stand outside the office to wait for our appointment because we didn’t feel safe waiting in such a small space with people who weren’t following guidelines. This included the ultrasound tech, who through our whole appointment wore her mask below her nose and oftentimes even below her mouth. My husband was too distracted by her coughing into her hand and not wearing a mask that he couldn’t pay attention to the ultrasound. Luckily we have a video that we could enjoy together safe at home. It was an uncomfortable experience and the images were mediocre.

Review №10

I loved it and i will definitely be back! I didnt catch names but the owners daughter and the lady who took my blood were both so sweet 🥺 i 110% recommend SPI! Super cute office, also very clean! Their merchandise is also super cute! 💓

Review №11

Friendly staff, good experience, I had trouble seeing the baby which is out of our control of course, and they gave me another chance to come and try again.

Review №12

Told us the gender a week early and got very good photos. They did exactly what we wanted couldnt have asked for more

Review №13

This is a great gift for anyone that is wanting to see there baby in 3d form & have an awesome personal experience versus some of the medical ultrasounds out there. We were also able to have both our babys grandmas with us (so a party of 4... or 5 including the baby bump) and able to record and use cameras. Where hospitals dont allow cameras & only allow us one guest (ie: father).My wife and I have a medical condition that needed special attention for our ultrasound in these times of covid-19. Erin was able to accommodate us and sterilize everything before & after for our ultrasound experience.It definitely was a great experience all around. Even though our baby bump was being stubborn (being breached)

Review №14

Dont think, just do! Shes amazing and caring and my family always always always enjoy going with me and watching the videos or seeing the pictures afterwards.

Review №15

Erin was beyond amazing and fabulous. The studio had nothing but good and positive vibes. A very welcoming environment.

Review №16

Absolutely perfect experience!! We called hoping to get in at a time not currently available online so my husband could be with me. They fit us in and we got a peace of mind with a 8 1/2 week ultrasound with a healthy heartbeat. We are now excited to share our news and things feel more real than they did with just the positive pregnancy test.

Review №17

We have been going here for several yrs now and it is always fun and exciting to see your unborn babies and guess what kind of features they will have or even if they are boy or girl!

Review №18

Went with my daughter, it was an Amazing experience and Awesome pictures to take home. Wod recommend it to Everyone! Hopefully Will be visiting again in the near future. 5 Stars

Review №19

My experience was so much fun. I wish I could remember the woman’s name that did my sonogram. I’m sure she’s the owner. Long brown hair. wasn’t moving a whole lot so she let me go to the coffee stand outside and get some juice and water to get baby a little more active. She was very patient. Let me stay longer than I thought she’d let me just so we could learn the gender. Very happy with our visit. Highly recommend. By the’s a boy!!

Review №20

Ive had the most amazing comfortable experience here with erin, she is such an amazing soul and really does eveything she can to ensure you get to see your little one. Will ALWAYS reccomed. Again I love it

Review №21

Great place to go! They not only told us the sex of our baby but also let us see lots of different angles and went way more in depth than at the doctor’s office. We also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and even saw some fingers and toes. They sent us home with tons of picture print outs as well as emailed versions. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Review №22

Owner is a complete sweet heart and went out of her way for me! Will forever recommend this place to everyone!

Review №23

The most amazing experience. Getting to see my baby move and that little smile made my whole day. I would recommend this to everyone expecting!!!!! I got to see her waving and smiling. My heart is overwhelmed. Worth every penny and honestly for this amazing moment in my pregnancy I couldnt imagine not having this available. By far the most amazing thing Ive ever experienced.

Review №24

Worth every penny! We had a great experience at Sweet Pea imagery. Went in to find out the gender at 14 weeks, and it was accurate. Erin, the owner, was so caring and pleasant and made us feel comfortable and welcome. Highly recommended!

Review №25

Weve been here twice, for a Sneak Peak at 10 weeks and our gender reveal at 15 weeks. Both times were fantastic experiences. The girls are lovely and very friendly, and the viewing room is spacious with room for guests and a huge screen to watch the ultrasound. They offer a variety of services in a broad price range and its totally worth it to be able to see the baby in between our scarce doctors visits.

Review №26

The staff was super nice but the ultrasound quality was terrible. I could barely make anything out on the 2d and the 3d looked like a misshapen ball of clay. I honestly just couldnt wait for it to be over. It was really awkward for the tech to be talking about what was going on and all I was seeing was a blob. I had one done at a different location with my first child and it was amazingly clear and such a good experience. I honestly wish I would have driven the 6 hours back to that place and saved my money. I attached pictures to show the lack of quality.Update:The owner was very nice and reached out to me. She offered to give me a new scan but unfortunately I couldnt make it up to the spokane office. She was amazing to work with and e-mailed back and forth for days.

Review №27

The owner was friendly and sweet. I can’t wait to do the newborn photography. I love the place.

Review №28

This place is so cute! I had the best ultrasound experience that ive ever had here. The lady I cant remember her name but she was so amazing and wonderful. She was so friendly and the place was extremely clean and professional. I would recomend anyone wanting an ultrasound go here. :)

Review №29

I had such a wonderful experience with them today! Everyone is so nice and warm to be around. They make you feel comfortable and it is an amazing experience! Recommend them all the way!

Review №30

Today was second time going. My whole family loved it! They make you feel special and its a wonderful atmosphere. You wont regret going

Review №31

Such a wonderful vibe here and totally above and beyond normal business qualities. I am so glad i went here. Wonderfully decorated and relaxing !!!!amazing staff

Review №32

The ladies were so sweet & the room is very comfortable! Definitely will be going back to get pictures taken 🤗

Review №33

Highly recommend!! The baby wasnt cooperating at my appointment and I came a very long way. They let me come back for another appointment.Also, drink a sugary drink before your appointment!

Review №34

Great experience! For being plus size she makes me feel so comfortable! She holds conversation with you the whole time, just an overall amazing person!!

Review №35

Best experience I could have asked for!! The owner is so sweet and she made the whole experience wonderful! Would highly recommend!!!

Review №36

We loved our experience here. I am thankful that we went ahead and had my daughters ultrasound here.

Review №37

Pricing and ease of booking was great. The lady chatted excessively while we just wanted to look at our baby in quiet.

Review №38

The employees were super sweet and I even met the owner when I went in for my appointment, and shes very passionate about what she does! I felt comfortable throughout my whole appointment and they never neglected to make sure that was so !

Review №39

Very nice, a low stress way to find out babys gender.

Review №40

Great service and good product. My wife loved her present.

Review №41

Very great experience!!!

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