15900 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256, United States

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Employees don’t want even want to be there.Guy overcharged me almost $17 on my purchase which was part of the promotion/deal they had. Another employee specifically told me the table which I was grabbing my items about the deal. So he overcharged bc he himself didn’t know/ see all the signs in the store. I never even left the store to correct the mistake. I go back register not even 5 min pass and they tell me including manger they don’t do same day returns bc of a pacsun global issue. Was told to go another day and they couldn’t give me my money back which they overcharged me.Also on my way out I almost slipped on dog urine from another customer and pet. Employees didn’t seem at all concerned. Would not recommend this location at all. Pay attention to your receipts

Review №2

Terrible customer service to the point where I felt uncomfortable. A skinny tall guy with blonde hair wearing a white Mac Miller tshirt was so bothered to help me with my return. This pacsun ALWAYS has bad customer service every time I come!!

Review №3

Do not shop here, let this company go under! Horrible customer service & its obvious none of these employees take pride in customer service! They seem annoyed and bothered when I asked about available sizes! I do not know who the manager is but they need to be fired as well for not ensuring their staff is properly trained!

Review №4

Yeah, really not feeling the customer service here. these employees seem bothered to acknowledge or help you. if you expect to feel welcomed, then this place aint it.

Review №5

Employees took a break for an entire hour at prime business time (2:00pm-3:00pm on a Saturday) 6/6/2020.Line of 20 people out the door waiting for place to open.Come on, better business practices are advised. If the manager is seeing this, please reprimand those employees. When its over 95 degrees outside it is not appropriate to make people wait outside in a line.

Review №6

I purchased some clothes a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately had to return the items. After finally finding the time to do it, I came to the store to return them, only to receive unkind and unhelpful service. I completed the transaction, purchased a pair of shorts, and went home. Upon attempting to wear them, I realized that they hadnt removed the security tag. Reluctantly, I returned to the store to have it removed only to find a sign on the door saying they were out for a break and would be back at 4:30. This was at 3:30. Today, I looked on the website to see what time they would be taking their break but I couldnt find any information. Assuming they would be leaving at 3:30 again, I came at 3. Today, the decided to leave at 3 and come back at 4. I still cant wear the shorts. It is unacceptable for a store as popular as this one to close down whenever they feel like it with no regard if its customers. It is unprofessional and simply infuriating. Will not be shopping at this or any other location again.

Review №7

We are here at the LaCantera location. They have a large sign that says they are open, but then they have a smaller sign on the door that says We are out for a break. We will be back by... There isnt a time posted for their return. We have been waiting 20 minutes. No one answers the phone. It is 3 p.m. in the afternoon! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Review №8

These people were absolutely VILE! When asking for help they scoffed and sighed. I cannot believe the amount of ugly stares I received all because of what?! I will not be shopping here again! Very uncomfortable environment.

Review №9

Well if you want to get ripped off go to Pass on at the La Cantera Mall. Large sign outside store 70% off. Well maybe they might have had an old t-shirt in a box we could not find anything. But there were 50% sign all along the wall. Well if you buy 1 item you get 50% of your second item. I would think items under sign is what is 50% off. This store is what I call a bait and switch. If you have to go back in line 2 and 3 times something is wrong. The manager was not helpful at all. Would never go back into PACSUN, unless I want to get ripped off.

Review №10

So disappointed with how the staff treated me here. I was given dirty looks and they seemed very uninterested in helping me. Will not be shopping here again.

Review №11

We went into PacSun today and the manager yelled at my disabled nephews to get out of the store because he didn’t have a mask on. He is unable to wear a mask due to him not having ears. She handled this situation very poorly and need some extra training when it come to complying with ADA regulation. Shame on you!

Review №12

The clothes are super cute, just my type of style! I just come for the sales 😋

Review №13

I love Pacsun’s clothes and when I walked in today I was so excited to see so many cute items that I liked. I must say the store was very neat, but one of the essential keys of a retail store is their customer service. The two employees (a girl with short hair and tall man) who were working at the time seemed annoyed, not happy to be there, and slightly rude; to the point where my friend and I felt uncomfortable. I apparently couldn’t keep clothes in a dressing room while I looked for another piece of clothing. I have never experienced something like this before at any store and I am very disappointed it was Pacsun.

Review №14

Good place to shop. A bit pricey, but a good variety of clothing.

Review №15

Great place for younger shoppers and whiny millennials.

Review №16

Fun store. My kid loves it

Review №17

Right now The Sale on Vans and Adidas are buy 1 and get one free

Review №18

Staff is usually too busy talking to help. I shop a lot here and unfortunately was not impressed by this location in particular

Review №19

Good no issues

Review №20

Two people working entire store. One at dressing rooms, and other at register.

Review №21

Not sure if the clothes here have changed or if it is just my style changing, but I can never find anything I really like here in the things that I do like her too pricey to buy.

Review №22

Lacks a variety of items. Small, with limited selection.

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Review №24

The store is fine but the people who serve you ignore you and are a bit rude

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  • Address:15900 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 210-558-9154
  • Clothing store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:11AM–7PM
  • Friday:11AM–7PM
  • Saturday:12–6PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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