Kangen Alkaline Water Castle Hills
11003 Auldine Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230, United States
Kangen Alkaline Water Castle Hills
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Anne is incredibly knowledgeable and generously helpful! Very personal and down-to-earth. She cleaned our machine for us, teaching us and pointing us to cool resources that will extend the life of our machine and make our lives much easier! I’d never “liked water”, because it always tasted strange and made me feel queasy, even the distilled or RO. But the water she had, I handled just fine! No queasiness at all, and it tasted wonderful! Definitely a kindred spirit who knows what she’s doing! Highly recommended :))

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Anne is GREAT! And the Kangen water is AMAZING! Anne is very down to earth. The science is there on the water, so definitely set money aside to invest in your health.

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Awesome people. The water tastes great. Alex was awesome explaining the filtration process that goes into Kangen water. Definitely going to consider them if we need an alkaline water system installed in our house. Thank you again Kangen!

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Best customer service ever 💜Best investment I made.I certainly can taste the difference in my cooking, from cleaning getting rid of that chemical stuff in produce/meat/seafood before I cook. When I cook seafood that fishy smell is gone. My furbabies loves the water. I feel better and have more energy. I just can’t say enough about Kangen water. Love love love! Thanks, Anne! 🌸

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Anne is a person of integrity with a heart of gold. Whether you’re looking for a home or a alkaline water system, I highly recommend her!

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My experience with Kangen Alkaline water and Alkaline water in general. Is that there is a dramatic difference in the PH of Kangen Alkaline water and the waters I was buying at the supermarkets, that sit on the shelves shipped to a business to sit on shelves til purchased, to which by then the 9.5 ph will have dropped to a lower ph level.So I choose the Alkaline water that has a greater shelf life refreshing taste and great for my system I would recommend to everyone to try it for at least 30 days.

Review №7

So happy to find someone here in San Antonio who has Kangen water! Anne and Alex are amazing human beings!!

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Great experience! Thank you for taking the time to teach me about machines. Can not wait until I get mine !!!

Review №9

Extremely harmonious!! Water is Suberb!! Im over enthusiastic about it!!! SO HEAVENLY!! YOU MUST TRY❤🥳🙏

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This is the most amazing information I have ever experienced!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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Anne shared free water with me, and this water is absolutely amazing 😍Go and see Anne!!

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If you want the healthiest Alkaline drinking water, come see Ann. Just think, you wont ever have to buy bottled water again. Ann is knowledgeable about the Enagic products and has a strong support team to answer any questions she cant.

Review №13

Anne and Alex are two very special people. Anne’s story of how Kangen Water turned her whole life around and Alex’s scientific background and research into the true science of water has taught me, all Water’s are definitely not the same. Anne can certainly fill you in on how and why Kangen Alkaline Water is the fluid we should all be putting in our bodies everyday. Get with Anne today. Change your water, it will absolutely change your life!

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This is the only water I drink. Knowledgeable people running this place. It’s amazing to find out how much we think we know about hydration and the power of alkaline water, only to find out we don’t. Come to one seminar here, they’ll change your life!

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Hey guys just left my session with Anne, she was able to break down a fitness plan for me, recommend healthy substitutes for my weight loss journey, and invited me to join her for a tutorial class on how to properly use a kettle bell!!I started drinking Kangen water a year ago, after abusing my body for YEARS as a 3 sport athlete. I have a lot of aches and pains. After speaking with Anne and hearing her struggle with back pain, she recommended I change my intake of water and I can personally tell you today I have no shoulder, knee, or back pain.If you are thinking about changing your water you need to talk to Anne! it’s worked wonders for me, haven’t seen my chiropractor in 9mo if that doesn’t surprise you I’m not sure what will.

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We are so bless to have found Anne and Alex and their water. I had very bad back aches and digestive issues. I started drinking the water Anne so graciously shared with me, and a few weeks after I was running around with my dogs and kids all over the place.I use the different pH levels of water to do everything in my home. We have replaced most chemicals and cleaners with la gen water. Our energy and concentration levels have improve tremendously.Thank you Anne for all you do for our family and our community

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This water really. Will change your life .after a year and a half of kangen you too will be a convert you will truly feel the difference.

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Anne can help you live long and never be sick. Your family, your pets, they all benefit. Let her answer your questions.

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Great water!!!!! Lots of good warm hospitality.

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Anne has been great. Kangen water saved me from being hospitalized after my gastric bypass from dehydration.

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