Byrider Peoria
1613 W Pioneer Pkwy, Peoria, IL 61615, United States
Byrider Peoria
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Mason was extremely helpful from the phone call to set up the appointment until we walked out of there with a vehicle. Answered all our questions. He tried his absolute best to get it all done in a timely manner without it feeling like we were being rushed to make a decision, but we did have our 2 small children with us and he knew time was an issue for us. All the staff was very friendly. Will definitely go back.

Review №2

I had a great experience!! After getting high deposits at other places, Jeff worked with and got me the car that I wanted. Very friendly and down to earth. I most definitely recommend this place.

Review №3

Amazing service, the manager Jeff got me in a new car within two hours. Amazing hospitality and overall a good staff.

Review №4

Had a great experience at byrider today. Jeff Walker did an amazing job, got me in the vehicle I wanted the same day and got 3k taken off. Id absolutely recommend byrider to anyone.

Review №5

It was the best experience yet i came in nervous but Jeff made me feel at home and confidence after talking to Jeff i knew i wod have a beautiful car im so happy i would referr everybodyd to jdbyrider they will make u feel at home love you guys im so happy.

Review №6

Jeff did everything in his power to make sure I left with a car. 10/10 Would definitely recommend. Great selection of cars and easy process. Fantastic customer service

Review №7

Real kind and helpful, always there when I called and had a question to ask. I would and will refer my friends and family to Jeff/ Byrider of Peoria. Thank you for all ur help and kind words. James Henderson...

Review №8

Was at car wise across the street was told I would need $3,000.00 down and that I need a co-signer . Walked out and went right over to Byrider didn’t have to put but 200$ and left with a Volvo with only 192.00$ monthly payments. I recommend Jeff, he’s very good at what he does!!

Review №9

The team in worked with was incredible, they were set to help answered all questions. understanding and compassionate about my specific situation Mason made my experience all that much better with his go gettem attitude. highly recommended

Review №10

Jeff worked very hard on time punctuation and getting me and my family into the car we loved. Great job

Review №11

My sales rep Jeff was amazing! If I could give him 10 out of 5 stars I would! I came in with my Fiancé and purchased a new van. He was super helpful and knowledgeable with everything. I was having some woman issues and he got me some chocolate to help! Sweetest man alive! He gave us a great deal and I will say if Im ever in the market for another vehicle I will be definitely be coming back!

Review №12

Salesman are very nice, patience, and will do all they can to get you the vehicle you want and need. I was impressed on how they really worked with me despite my credit and is willing to help me build me credit for the better. I would recommend them to everyone especially when it’s hard to get a vehicle these days but not with Byrider, they got your back💯💪🏽

Review №13

Great company great friendly peopleJeff was a great guy to work with he put me in something I can afford and get around safe thank you the byrider team

Review №14

Im very pleased with the service today at JD Byrider Im very happy with the car that I purchased from them thank you guys so much for your patience with me

Review №15

I wrote a review last week on how great this place was..well now Im not so sure check engine light came on and AutoZone says its been on but byrider turned it off because they try to get over on ppl...Im taking my truck back up there today and seeing what they will do ..Ill let u know what happens

Review №16

Mason and Tiffany were great thru the process of buying a new vehicle. Everything was explained in great detail and the process wasnt as lengthy as I thought it would be. I even got to use their referral program!!! Thank you Mason and Tiffany for being such great polite people!

Review №17

Great atmosphere. Mason in the peoria branch was awesome and helped me find a vehicle THE SAME DAY! Bad credit. No credit. Go check them out!

Review №18

They were straight forward no catch 22 and no bs. Before I came across this company I would never recommend a buy here pay here place. I would recommend byrider to anyone very professional and want to work with you to get you into a nice car without screwing you. Stand up company. I would give them 10 stars if it let me. Check them out for yourself and find out. Im not sure about other locations but the one is Peoria is stellar.

Review №19

They got me in quickly and in my new car in no time. Made me feel at home.

Review №20

Very friendly made sure I smiled and worked hard to get me in a car. Highly recommended

Review №21

The sales manager (Jeff) was AMAZING, very nice, funny, let’s you know every detail. Helps with any questions and we have a care the SAME day. Will recommend to others great place. 5 stars

Review №22

Very nice people and got me a car I could afford!!! They take care of everything!

Review №23

I had a very good experience here! I left with a vehicle at such a great price with such good deals that came along with my purchase!!! I would definitely recommend this place to others!

Review №24

Very nice and the best place for people who have not so great credit. They do work with u and they even give you a payment that you can make. And if you refer some people your salesman gives you $200 a person so he almost pays your car payment for you.... Mason at the Byrider in Peoria is great at first I didnt think so and I got smart and I left. He texted me the next day and offered me some alternatives and some good deals so I came in test drove my SUV came back signed the paperwork and out the door I went I loved it.. Mason is a very good salesman and if you go to ByRider in Peoria look him up. Tell him Lynda Carter says hey and I love my Chevy equinox.. I love my monthly payment and I just love Mason for working with me and I couldnt thank him enough...

Review №25

They treated me good and didn’t stop till they found the right car for me #family

Review №26

Jeff got me a car same day, amazing customer service!

Review №27

Easy fast service. Great customer service. And car salesman was very patient and nice

Review №28

Friendly crew, great service ask for Jeff he is an approval wizard.

Review №29

They have always gave us excellent service.

Review №30

I had an amazing experience with Jeff, he helped me out so much. He put me in a car I was interested in and he made my day honestly so now I have a reliable way to workThank you Jeff

Review №31

The sales agents at this location were very helpful and personable. Mason, the young man that helped me out answered all of my questions and all of my uneasiness that I had with purchasing a vehicle subsided.

Review №32

I got approved fast, even with bad credit. Awesome service!

Review №33

I came in to buy a car and very helpful with helping me out I got a jeep Patriot I love the car he was very helpful

Review №34

Well. I got my car in may and had problems within 2 weeks of having my car. I have been trying to get it fixed for 2 months now and the day they were supposed to fix it they suddenly had ordered the wrong part. They still have my car which is completely unsafe for me to drive as the brakes don’t wanna work most of the time. I live 45 mins from this place and they waited for me to get all the way home to call and tell me that I’m basically out of luck until they can find this back ordered part. I work 3rd shift and they are not only risking my and my kids safety but my job as well.

Review №35

Thankful for Jeff and the crew at Byrider Peoria Illinois. They were very helpful and thorough with the approval process. Most car salesman would just sell a car but here at Byrider they actually service with integrity.

Review №36

Thanks Jeff...Great Service! 😊

Review №37

Thought this was a great place to get a vehicle but they proved me wrong. Don’t EVER refer anyone to byrider because their referral program is a joke. They tell you 7-10 days to get you your money and here it is a month later and still nothing. Don’t waste your money here like I am.

Review №38

The experience was good. But it took a little longer than I expected.

Review №39

Was very helpful. Helped me pick my very first car! Couldnt be anymore happier. Mason was very friendly

Review №40

Jeff was very nice and did everything he could to get me in a car.

Review №41

Jeff got me into a nice car, the day I went in! The payment process is easy, and the Juke rides so nice! Thank you so much, Byrider Peoria!

Review №42

Jeff is best what he do and preferred you guys go to him he get u in and out the best

Review №43

It was a god experience I went in thinking I was gonna be turned down they got me in a truck room for the kids and low payments I’m all for that so thank you so much Peoria jdbyrider

Review №44

I GOT MY GO-KART. Mason did a great job getting me into my Sonic. Helpful and professional.

Review №45

They really help you out with you the vehicle you want especially if your credit is bad. Making payments can help your credit most definitely.

Review №46

Absolutely professional. They are working with me and all is well. Would recommend it to everyone searching for a nice used car at affordable prices. # no cap

Review №47

Great service and they took care of me

Review №48

Great place, nice people.

Review №49

Jeff was an amazing sales person! Would recommend

Review №50

I’ve been here before so I knew what to expect. But Mason helped me get in the right price range I was wanting and a nice SUV.

Review №51

They were very helpful when i wrecked my vehicle and needed a new one there a great place if your just starting out or need a vehicle with hardly any credit

Review №52

Lathan was absolutely AMAZING! Down payment and monthly payment are very reasonable! I’d definitely recommend going there for your vehicle needs

Review №53

Totally amazing thank you

Review №54

Absolutely happy with my car

Review №55

Great customer service

Review №56

Amazing place and sweet workers!!

Review №57

Great staff did a fantastic job Great job guys

Review №58

Well when I bought my car 4 months ago I would have given 5 stars but today I wouldnt send anyone there. I have to pay 500 already to fix car and the store manager said he knew nothing I needed to talk to service. You would think they would want to make customers happy not here they sell you a car and they are done!!! will stick with honest people

Review №59

Dealing with this company has been emotionally distressful ….

Review №60

I had a great experience at J.D. Byrider. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I just wish they would not tell the clients they will call them in a certain time or day and not follow through. I also feel they might need more workers. I appreciate the young Lady who I cant spell her name so I want try in the Peoria office who stated after hours to finish our deal. Over all I will recommend them to others.

Review №61

My salesman was fantastic! Very personable, relatable, knowledgeable and respectful. HOWEVER. I am unsatisfied with my product. I bought my vehicle 1.5 months ago and it is idling very rough, battery keeps dying, CD player will not work, my air conditioning makes a very loud rumbling when I start it. And to top it all off I have NEVER bought a car from a dealership that had an empty gas tank! That is common courtesy!! I almost ran out of gas when I drove off the lot to get to a gas station!

Review №62

Alex is awesome. They were really busy but Alex made sure to try and get us taken as soon as possible. Got a great deal!!! Would recommend them if you need a vehicle. The 4 year warranty I think is awesome!!!

Review №63

Sales guy was cool af. Had a real comfortable and laid back experience. Would definitely recommend.

Review №64

Dont ever get a loan through them just because you have bad credit and are in a pinch! There are other places that will help you and you wont have to pay $200 every two weeks. I played for my car for a year not missing a payment and when I came into a financial crisis they did nothing but hurt the situation threatened to take my car after 2 missing payments not to mention a maybe $4000 car becomes $12000 because they know that you are vulnerable and need a car. If I could give no stars I would

Review №65


Review №66

Its always a pleasure to walk in and see smiling faces who know me by name.If I ever need to take my car in the service manager, Josh, is very helpful in explaining my options and letting me know the issue and cost upfront. I know I will be treated with fairness and great customer service every time. He does a great job of making sure if there is an issue it will be addressed!The people in sales are always friendly and I was able to get to know them while processing my application. The general manager, Pam, is very professional and friendly. She always is kind to me when I come in the office.This is a wonderful place to go for a car that is backed up by great service and smiling faces!!

Review №67

I wasnt going to come because I didnt think I was going to get approved and I did.

Review №68

Quick service and friendly staff.

Review №69

These guys are jam up!! If it wasnt for there hard work and determination Im not so sure we would of been financed and or ever been able to drive off the lot with a beautiful vehicle!! Thank You🤘🤘😎❤💯

Review №70

Awesome experience 😁

Review №71

Such an amazing experience here with JD Byrider. They really helped me when needed. I couldnt be more grateful. Nice. Sufficient. Affordable. Great deal! Love our Grand Cherokee!

Review №72

Great customer service, a great price from other Auto shops.💥💥👍🏽 Thanks 😊 Matt

Review №73

Quite honestly I was surprised, super simple. Great staff, and they work with you to make sure your good.

Review №74

My wife and I bought a 2011 equinox from Alex and the great crew at the Peoria location last week we had brake issues took it the service department Marissa was able to get our vehicle in and fixed in a very quick timely fashion. With the help of the general manager. Come to find out the caliper needed to be replaced due to a broken hose the service tech said it could have broke on me or them(service), so needless to say I called to pay the bill and Marissa told me they were going to cover the bill. In the end very happy with the entire group of employees that work at JD Byrider couldn’t be any more happier. I will be back to get a new truck when it’s time.

Review №75

This place jacked us around for a week. We took 3 trips into the store. A 40 mile drive 1 way. Each time we were there for over 3 hours. First it was my daughter is approved just needed her husband to come in and sign and bring in a letter from our bank. Brought those in. Met with guy 2 and he says ok all good but you need $1000 down instead of $500. I asked so if she comes back Friday with $1000 she can leave with a car. “YES and paycheck Stubs” okay. I drive them back on Friday and they get a different salesman and all of sudden they r asking for more. Proof he eligible for unemployment. He was working full time so he wasn’t eligible for unemployment unless he gets laid off. So they take a calculated number for unemployment and now they are not eligible because their income is to low. Alls this place did was give us the run around all week when we could have been looking elsewhere and getting it done. Would not recommend this office to anyone

Review №76

Great experience all around. I have had my car almost a year and still receive great personalized service. I had a mishap of losing my car key so they personally dropped off a new one since my car was locked. Highly recommended!

Review №77

Not only did I think I wasn’t going to get approved, or even if I did, I was nervous about getting a car I wasn’t truly happy with. I ended up driving away with the car I’ve been wanting for years and I’m absolutely in love with it! Alex Parr was not only amazing at being able to get me into my car.. but he was so sweet and made sure I understood everything I needed to know! The staff was just great! I will be sending 3 people your way soon!

Review №78

If I could give this review a zero at this moment I probably would. Marissa from the auto department was extremely rude and was of Zero help to me getting my car diagnosed. She mentioned to me that Walk-Ins were not available and that everything had to be scheduled by appointment which is fine but her only opening would be a Month away. Completely Unacceptable. She did become very frustrated with me as she was not able to Redirect me to ORileys to get my car diagnosed instead. I honestly feel like waiting a whole month is Ludacris. How can you redirect someone to another facility to get a grey area view of my diagnoses just to get me off of the phone? When I asked to speak to her Boss she got very upset and told me I still would not be looked at until February and that noone could help me. In the background she goes Here Telephone very angrily and explained to him that she told meNo and could not help me. And that I had to wait until February. I do not understand why she became so angry and mad at me. She told all of this to another Team Member Matt who was in Fact NOT THE BOSS I asked to speak with. Matt was very kind with his tone of voice unlike Marissa and Matt did explain to me in a more Professional manner my options. Basically I was redirected to another facility to pay more money. He even admitted to the fact I could have did a walk-in if I would of just left my car for the day which I tried to explain to Marissa but she disregarded that fact. I took today off of work just for this to get handled and She disregarded my issue. Why would JD Byrider redirect their customers to another Facility? To pay more money? So back to square one. I have to wait a month to get my car diagnosed. And Marissa is extremely rude. It is almost embarrassing to associate myself with someone so disturbed as herself and the way she chooses to handle work situations. Now I have to deal with this woman in person when I go in. Hopefully by then she will have a better attitude towards her Customers and will be a little more understanding and helpful.

Review №79

Advertises vehicles on Craigslist that they dont have. Dont have enough staff to handle customers. They really want you to make an appointment but they should be better equipped to handle walk-ins.

Review №80

I wait was long but the sales representatives were great.

Review №81

I was looking to get a car after mine started to have problems and they took care of me! Excellent customer service team, took the time to make sure we understood everything that was happening as it was happening, and definitely willing to work as hard as they can to get you in a car. Id 100% recommend them!

Review №82

This is by far the best place I have been for cars. After selling a 2 door car because I have a kid on the way, I was so happy when someone recommended me this place.My credit is sub par not the best, I was young and stupid. Even with past mistakes, both alex and josh did everything they could to get me into a car. I now have a 2013 car and it was nothing I was expecting. I thank you both so much and would recommend everyone to go here.

Review №83

Shawn was very nice and helpful easy going and easy to talk to. He did a great job wasnt real impressed with the pricing of cars and the way it was done didnt realize I was gonna be paying 20,000 for an 8,000 car but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes and the warranty and discounted rates on parts will be helpful

Review №84

Josh and Alex here at JD did an amazing job! Totally took the time out of their days to help me make this happen! Amazing people, Amazing staff!

Review №85

Shaun and Roderick were both extremely helpful and friendly! Roderick values his customers and his team follow in his steps by providing nothing but absolutely great customer service!

Review №86

We shopped everywhere else and got nowhere and no respect . My husband and I are very pleased with your service there . Shawn was working with us every way he could and we are very grateful. We will definitely recommend you guys to everyone we know. Thank you again!!

Review №87

Best customer service I’ve had in a long time! Shawn is amazing to work with and will do anything he can to help you!

Review №88

Ive worked there and purchased a vehicle from there and Ive had nothing but good experiences! They want to get you approved to help YOU! Plus the warranty you get when you purchase your vehicle is outstanding! Any major mechanical issues they will fix for $20! Affordable payments and down payments! Thank you!

Review №89

Great People And They Work With You..

Review №90

Great guys!!

Review №91

Super nice stuff. They Are hard workers. They help you anyway they can. I had a great experience,

Review №92

I want to say thank you to Shawn Shockley and alex for being so great. Thanks guys u made my birthday awesomeGoing home in a traverse

Review №93

JD Byrider is the word company I have ever worked with after buying a car. They promise you that you are buying a quality vehicle and when you get it home, everything malfunctions. Ive had my car 3.5 months and I have already taken my car in 3 times and Wednesday will be the fourth time. They do subpar work on the car and send you on your way with it. They promise a great warranty except no one wants to uphold it. I am a good customer that pays on time no matter what. I would not recommend this place no matter how badly you need a car.

Review №94

Worst interview experience ever. Not only was I scheduled for an interview and sent an email by their talent coordinator and when to be there and who I was going to interview with but the person who was supposed to interview me wasnt at this location but in the one down by Missouri that day. The gentleman who did interview me didnt have anything prepared, not even a basic list of questions, which isnt entirely his fault but if think hed have a basic form to go through. He also didnt receive my resume or prescreening information that was suppose to be sent to this location by the talent coordinator. The talent coordinator asked me to give him feedback when my interview was done and I sent him the email he requested but I never heard back from him, the manager, the guy who was supposed to interview me, nor given a chance to prove my customer service, retail, administrative, and sales skills.

Review №95

Fast and pleasant experience. This is the 2nd. Vehicle i have gotten and the experience keeps getting better. Thanks to the customer support i will recommend you guys all the time.

Review №96

Do not ever go here!! Their cars are lemons. We had so many problems with the first car we got from them. So many, they let my husband pick a different car. 2 days later, they sold that same lemon to some unfortunate soul. The new car my husband picked is a lemon too!! Their mechanics are a joke. They say the problem is fixed, yet 2 days later it is broke again!!!! They never address your complaints. They only like you when you are signing a contract or giving them money. AVOID this company like the plague. I am currently working on getting my husband a lawyer to deal with this company for us.

Review №97

So far, Ive had a great experience! I was able to make a low down payment within my budget and leave with a nice, reliable car. The employes here are wonderful and a huge help.

Review №98

Super friendly and really helpful. Im glad their here to help people like me get back into a car. I was beginning to think I was going to habe to look for a different job

Review №99

It was lit

Review №100

This was the best purchasing experience Ive ever had the staff was really helpful and knowledgeable I would recommend JD by rider in Peoria to any and all of my friends shout out to the sales person named Sean he was great and we need more people like him in the world.I love my car they gave me a great price and payment so I can afford thanks.

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