410 Creswell Ln, Opelousas, LA 70570, United States
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Went to pick up my daughters prescription at the window at 6:45 p.m the pharmacy tech,Melanie needs an abundance of training in public relations. If you dont understand the answers given by the customer, you are required to suggest Maam or Sir, Excuse me,Pardon. Not at all what she said, WHAT So disrespectful

Review №2

If I could give this pharmacy a 0 I would. I dont think theyve ever gotten my prescription correct the first time. Theyre incredibly rude, especially when THEY make a mistake. Its like they dont even read the prescription. They lost one of my prescriptions and tried to tell me that they didnt have it and then finally found it 20 minutes later. Regularly have to wait in the drive through for 30 minutes or more when just trying to pick up or drop off a prescription. Avoid this place like the plague if at all possible.

Review №3

This place has bad service, went their to do a PCR COVID test I was told the machine was broke. I know their is no machine for that they collect the sample and send it out to a lab. Tried calling them to talk to a manager after words I was on hold for over an hour and no answer

Review №4

To the rude lady that’s working at 5:35pm today that didn’t want to provide assistance at the photo counterMa’am nobody made you apply to Walgreens ! You chose that job not the customers !!!! You weren’t helpful, very rude, and you are NOT professional!!!!!! You also and have poor customer service skills !! Do better

Review №5

This store is really sketchy. They service is always awful, and their inventory isn’t accurate when placing online orders.

Review №6

Got my COVID-19 SHOT here.

Review №7

They give good customer service and polite workers

Review №8

A friend and I made an appointment for flu shots. The clerk was very rude and didnt seem to believe we had appointments. She looked it up and said we would still have to wait at least half an hour more. We chose not to wait. Whats the point of having an appointment? She had a terrible attitude. I think the pharmacy clerks need to be trained in customer service. Its terrible to be spoken to in that way.

Review №9

Always stocked and well maintained. Clean store. Prices are a little higher than other stores. Some cashiers are a little slow which have us waiting in the line a little longer than usual. Workers do not seem too friendly and happy. They are not rude just not engaged. Pharmacy could use some smart changes. Their service is slow, have PA (prior authorization) problems a lot, high turnaround obviously with all the new employees everytime I visit there. Just doesnt seem organized in the Pharmacy and not too helpful in the photo center.

Review №10

Some of the workers are awesome. Just dealt with a very rude lady, who hung up and now no one will answer!!!

Review №11

Great service great price wonderful savings lots of merchandise to choose from

Review №12

***THIS REVIEW IS BASED ON THE PHARMACY DEPT.***Where to begin...They NEVER, EVER answer the phone. If you insist on calling, do NOT bother hitting 0 for the Pharmacy. Press the option to speak to the cashier up front. When they answer, tell them this, I have been trying to reach the pharmacy but no one is answering. Can you please transfer me to the pharmacy?They will transfer you AND call over the intercom for them to pick up the phone.NEXT, The women that work with the pharmacist think they ARE the actual pharmacist when in fact they are nothing but a tech. I went to get a script filled and she was actually arguing with me that I was early. I know they have rules about filling narcotics and they can not be filled early. I completely understand. However, I was NOT early. In fact, I was a day LATE getting them filled. All she had to do was look up my previous fills and do the math. I was not early. I went down the road to a different pharmacy and they GLADLY filled my script and I was not treated like a fiend.Which brings me to the next issue...They treat you like drug addicts. Doesnt matter if you have a metal plate and screws in your back, if youre filling a narcotic pain medication, you are looked at as a drug addict!They also move slower than molasses going uphill in winter.As for the folks that work up front...Ill give them 4 STARS. Some are nice and cool and a few are rude and act like you, the customer are bothering them. The type that dont want to work and just want a pay check.

Review №13

The most unproffessional pharmacy staff I have ever spoken with. If I could give 0 stars I would. Definitely not concerned with realistic patient care. Would recommend any other pharmacy.

Review №14

If only there was a way to give this location 0 stars!! The most unprofessional pharmacy I have ever seen. I dont think they know how to run a pharmacy much less give adequate customer service. Went to refill my prescriptions. One was delayed. Thats fine Im patient. Waited a couple days, they still didnt have it. They said it would be in the Monday. Went on Tuesday, giving them time to make sure they get it, nope still dont have it. They wont have it till May 10. What in Gods name are you people doing over there because it is not your job. I need my medicine everyday and yall could care less. The lady at the drive thru had to the nerve to tell me well what you want me to do. Well Ill just send my prescription somewhere less. Screw Walgreens.

Review №15

Every time I use this pharmacy its a problem. Its not in stock are not ready .I even been put on hold for long periods of time, all to lead up to beaning hung up on . I really try to be patient with Walgreens its not the name its the workers .mabey if the staff could learn better customer service skills .they could communicate and get the job done .

Review №16

I was on hold for 16 minutes pharmacy department, no one came back to ask what I needed so I hung up and called back. Employee answered put me on hold again then I was transferred 3 times to other parts of the store. Finally a worker said she would page them personally and I was able to have my meds filled...

Review №17

They hired a few new employees much better than the last. The new photo employee is so sweet, great customer service all the time!!!! Helps out so much 😊

Review №18

I so wish I could give a zero instead of a 1. If they tell you an hour expect your medicine to be ready the next day. My son needs his medication immediately and we have had to go to two different Walgreens because the first one would have to order it. We call the next one and they tell us they have it and it will be ready in 15 minutes. Drove 45 minutes to get there and with an attitude she tells me that they just got the prescription (which is bs because all of their systems are connected and its been there 3 hours ago) and it wont be ready for another 2 hours. Now my son has to wait even longer. I am furious and I will NEVER use Walgreens again. This is not the first time I have had issues with them but tried to give them another chance and this is what happens. NEVER AGAIN

Review №19

Always, Always, Always have a problem with the pharmacy. Dropped off my sons medicine for an ear infection at approximately 9:30 a.m. It was stated medicine would not be ready until 1 p.m. Here it is 1:11 and Im told they did not receive the prescription when I dropped it off myself at the drive thru. Once they finally locate it they have never filled it. Then tells my mom to stop yelling. Waited 4 hours for medicine while my son is in pain that was never even filled within 4 hours. Came to Super One Foods and they will have it ready in 30 minutes.

Review №20

Went in to refill PayPal account on my phone app. Manager said I needed a card. She had no understanding that it did not go with a card. It was Walgreens barcode for PayPal. Staff obviously does not have knowledge of services that Walgreens is supposed to offer. Went across town to CVS and elderly cashier knew exactly how to conductthe transaction. Doesnt pay to even go to Walgreens at all.

Review №21

The worst part about this pharmacy is that you call in a medicine and speak WITH THE PHARMACIST (because the voicemail is never checked) and your patient calls back and says that nothing was called in! This happens regularly!! Get it together Walgreens.

Review №22

By far the worst pharmacy I’ve ever done business with. They are never ready when they tell you they will be. I’ve had them try to charge me $160 only to tell me that they made a mistake and it was actually covered once i told them to give it back and I’d go somewhere else.

Review №23

Always open, always friendly, sometimes theres a line but they always keep it looking great!

Review №24

Terrible service in the pharmacy. They scarcely answer the phone, and when they do you will be promptly hung up on.Rx is never filled at the projected time.

Review №25

Yes I agree with all the rest they need some training maybe we should call mane off

Review №26

This pharmacy is the slowest fricking pharmacy ever. There is always a line of cars and each car spends over 5 minutes to get their prescription. This is absolutely ridiculous. They have no sense of urgency. PLEASE DO NOT GET YIUR MEDICINE FILLED HERE. HIGH PRICES AND SLOW SERVICE.

Review №27

The workers are so nice and helpful

Review №28

The worst place ever for prescriptions. Always new people who know nothing. They never answer the phone. Claim drs. Office did not refill when I was at the office when they called. Even my dr hates them. Between me and my husband we have about 20+RXs, . Theyre leaving! It will cost a little more, and Ill miss the open hours, but were moving to another pharmacy as they come due.

Review №29

The MOST disrespectful pharmacist Ive ever came in contact with via phone. This will be escalated to corporate office.

Review №30

Horrible service at pharmacy. If you call them thats at least an hour or longer waiting for them to pick up and thats if they dont hang up.If they say it will be 2 hours before its ready dont expecte it ready.If you complain at the store they look at you like you doing something wrong because you complaining. Also they give you the same answer about it taking so long we understaffed same ole reason. Well they dont have to worry about my medicine anymore I went back to walmart Wal-Mart and they were bad but not like Walgreens at least if they say it will be ready for a certain time its ready.

Review №31

The pharmacy is terrible, i was on hold for 36mins for them to say they hadnt checked the voicemails for orders that was called in over 3 hours before. They have NO compassion for their patients whom need their meds.

Review №32

I dont like that almost no one works here. Every other one I go to I get good service but this one.

Review №33

I got jipped 4.80 and they refused to get me the correct change

Review №34

Pharmacy always takes forever. You wait in line forever, both inside and out. Customer service is horrible like they dont want to help you.

Review №35

They had to order my medicine and then told me later that I never had a script there. They lost my prescription and made me out to be a liar when I had text saying my RX was delayed. Always rude and on hold forever then hung up on me immediately! :(

Review №36

The pharmacy there is a JOKE.

Review №37

Pharmacy is very slow and makes many mistakes. Do not plan on going if you have anything else to do in the next three to four hours. Prices are very high because the theft rate for the store is high. Avoid if you can.

Review №38

There pharmacy service is all that is bad over an hour to get anything

Review №39

Find and shop

Review №40

Price are the same if not lower then Lafayette and the workers are very friendly

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  • Address:410 Creswell Ln, Opelousas, LA 70570, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 337-942-4228
  • Beauty supply store
  • Drug store
  • Convenience store
  • Cosmetics store
  • Greeting card shop
  • Perfume store
  • Stationery store
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:6AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:6AM–12AM
  • Thursday:6AM–12AM
  • Friday:6AM–12AM
  • Saturday:6AM–12AM
  • Sunday:6AM–12AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Passport photos:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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