Chubs Meats
2598 NY-112, Medford, NY 11763, United States
Chubs Meats
Review №1

Got the hero package (4’ American hero, Caesar salad, Mac & potato) for my staff lunch and they are still raving about it. Great deli. Great food and staff. Ordering and pickup was EASY !!!! Will order again.

Review №2

Happily surprised like they say good things come in small packages !! This may look like a small butcher shop but dont let that fool you they have an amazing selection of food. This is much more than a butcher shop they have fresh vegetables, many varieties of ravioli, manicotti, milk & butter, cole slaw, Mac & potato salads, and store made meals (heat & eat) and of course everything you would expect from a quality butcher shop. Plus they do catering !! If you dont want to cook for your next party take a look at their catering menu it is more extensive than many restaurants.

Review №3

When you go to Chubbs for the first time and you dont know what to buy. Best high quality of meat with a lot of option for all tastes!

Review №4

Awesome selection of meat and food, and all of the people who work there are so friendly that it makes you want to keep coming back.

Review №5

Love, this Butcher shop. Staff was in full swing today getting all of us ready for tomorrows “good” weather. Engaging with customers, laughs and plenty of awesome cooking tips. Even though they had a line, they kept everyone moving happy & entertained 👍🏻Thank you John.. Rickey & I will be back ASAP!!

Review №6

Best butcher Ive ever been to. Offer the standard butcher options, which are always fresh and highest quality, as well as their own premade options. Great for catering events and also the everyday dinner meats/meals. Today I got chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with Mac n cheese, and buffalo chicken Mac n cheese. Anyone thinking of trying a new butcher or place to grab meats for home cooking, must give Chubs a try!

Review №7

First time there... Places awesome... Staff is very helpful and very congenial... Great prices too for fresh meat!

Review №8

Excellent. Great staff nd food. They made u feel at home.

Review №9

Ridiculous wait this morning. Not enough people working the counter. The Menu signs were off to help with selections. I come for quality meat. Next time I will call in advance.

Review №10

I rarely take a minute to sit and post a review because I’m always on the go. However, I felt compelled to write a review when it very deserving . Placing order online was very easy with so many options available. My husband and I are in healthcare and with crazy schedules right now communication was great and having delivery available helped us so much. Everything is so fresh and having packages available with such variety targets items the whole family enjoys including my three year old. We can’t wait to try the next item for tomorrow’s dinner and order again soon!

Review №11

Well staffed, good selection, friendly people. Ill follow up when I cook something tomorrow.

Review №12

Incredible.. Valentines dinner thank you guys

Review №13

A+++, have them cater a party for you. great spot and great people.

Review №14

I was Last in line . there was 5 people in front of me. When it was my turn. They all ignored me. I was standing there for 10 minutes And nobody acknowledged me at all There was 6 people behind the counter working and talking amongst themselves.The manager was talking to a customer and the guy in red who helped the last customer and I was next. He just walked away. I wasnt even greeted. Finally, the manager noticed me and asked if I was being helped. I replied NO . He then yelled Joe the man in red appeared and the manager yelled at him for not even greeting me. The managers excuse was that they are busy because of the holidays.Basically Six people ignored me and didnt acknowledge me and Joe just walked away knowing I was there.

Review №15

Short wait time, great packages available, and great service. On top of it all they provide fantastic quality meats and extras. Friendly staff as well

Review №16

This is an Awesome place. I was very comfortable waiting on line had a few laughs with the staff. They have a great system with all the guidelines in place. I was in and out quickly. Ryan and the staff are very professional and treat you like family. Great specials all the time. Highly recommended.

Review №17

Did catering for my sons 1st birthday food was amzing and prices were to definitely worth every penny. staff was helpful with every thing.

Review №18

Awesome steaks and chicken. Great prices and quality.

Review №19

These guys are always the best of the best. Amazing cuts of meat and even better staff. Im grateful theyre part of our community. Cant wait for our brisket Friday!

Review №20

Prices are great, employees are even better! Was my first time there and I will def be driving the 25 min to go back!!

Review №21

A little too political but good meat selection. I like local shops like this. Definitely a good place to get costum cuts that arent from a super market.

Review №22

A wonderful old fashioned butcher shop. Such a find! Wish I knew about them sooner!

Review №23

Really rude people, especially over the phone. Would never go back there

Review №24

Great place to shop all the stuff very helpful.

Review №25

Its the ownership and staff that makes the place great, and the awesome meats!!!

Review №26

Oops.... accidentally put in review wrong place.I recently moved in the area recently and have been looking for Chinese food takeout. Food was very good. I will definitely go back.

Review №27

Awesome! Love this place. Always friendly staff and fantastic service and food!

Review №28

Chubbs has been a family go to for meats and catering for years. So it was no question when deciding who to cater my backyard wedding. Thank you to Ryan and the team for making my backyard wedding so memorable with delicious food choices and excellent service!

Review №29

Lots of people there. Food is delicious. Place is clean which is a definite plus.

Review №30

Everything is great here. Their marinated skirt steak, chicken fingers, and Peter Luger meatloaf are my familys favorites. The staff is wonderful, the store is clean, and the food is great.

Review №31

Best butcher hands down the whole team is great especially Thomas. Meat is top quality and the pre made dinners have amazing flavor

Review №32

Lots of variety foods for take out

Review №33

I love to give recognition where its due first time customer definitely will be back. Excellent customer service great prices and most importantly the quality of meet top notch thanks guys keep up great work.

Review №34

I cant say enough about the delicious heroes we got (Italian and My cousin Vinnie). They were worth every penny..cant wait to go back!

Review №35

Best in the business ! The staff and the food are off the charts ! Owner is ok too I guess ! Love him and his family !

Review №36

They have an huge selection of meats and pre-made dinners. The chicken cutlets were the best I ever had. The service is amazing and in this time of stress, the employees led by Ryan run an amazing business that service the community. I recommend them highly.

Review №37

Their catering is Always a crowd pleaser! I can’t say enough about the awesome food that was prepared for our after funeral gathering today. Everyone commented on how delicious it all was. The quality and quantity of food you get is unbelievable. So fresh so delicious, great job to your catering staff. Thank you so much for your top notch service as always.

Review №38

Were customers for life, this place is the best, Ryan and the guys are awesome and the variety and quality of meats are always top notch!

Review №39

Best place for meat. Staff is super friendly. It feels like home whenever I go there. Always greeted with the a smile and they remember my name. It’s a nice touch. Prices are extremely fair for the cuts of meat they have. They’ve catered for our family and the food and service was out of this world. Couldn’t ask for more. The owner Ryan has a magnificent beard too. Almost as nice as mine.

Review №40

Always great 👍

Review №41

Got a rib eye and some country style ribs, best ribeye I think I ever had ribs were good also I dont think Ill be going anywhere else from now on for my barbecue

Review №42

Not only are they very personable, but the food is delicious. I used to go to chain stores to purchase my pork chops or chicken cutlets and after going there I can never go back.And they are such gentlemen and always offer to help me with my bags when they see I’m juggling my son!

Review №43

Not the friendliest people to say the least

Review №44

I sent my employees to pick up heroes from BBH. They absolutely loved it. I took a bite into the 38 it was amazing. Everything from Chubs is good you can’t go wrong.

Review №45

You know its good product when the line is out the back door with 10 people taking orders.

Review №46

I heard about CHUBS DELI through several co-workers who also had their grad parties catered by them this year. They are AWESOME with both food & customer service! With delis you don’t always get the above & beyond customer service like you get here...The food was wonderful- Nothing was leftover- it was a hs grad party so Mac & cheese was definitely called for...the kids raved about it all night!!! The delivery kid was courteous too!! My go to place for parties now on!!

Review №47

Always friendly and fantastic food

Review №48

Best butcher shop! Go there for all your meats, catering, or even for a sandwich. They go above and beyond for their customers and their food is outstanding!.

Review №49

If Google allowed 6 stars, Id rank Chubs that. There is a reason they were voted the best butcher on Long Island. Go in and try it, and youll understand. Not only is the display case worthy of salivation, the owner Ryan and his staff are extremely polite and helpful. Every time I go in and try something new, I have a new was the fresh mozzarella salad in pesto. I believe Ive been there 10 times in the last 2 months. Bravo Chubs Meats!

Review №50

Best Italian sub I ever had in my life Im ruined for any other.My better half loved her chicken parm sub.Service was top notch also.Butcher part of store was mouthwatering.

Review №51

I love this place so much it’s literally right next to my house and I always get fries and wings with Chub Sauce and it’s the BOMB

Review №52

Best butcher on long island. Good prices. Staff and service is top notch. Always fresh meat with great dinner options.

Review №53

Friendly staff and great service!! There food is always delicious!!

Review №54

Been going there on a regular basis for over 2 years, would not go anywhere else for meat. Ryan is always great. The meat is terrific. The pre-made meals are excellent. 👍👍

Review №55

Absolutely the best butcher on Long Island. Ryan and his team are like no other. Marinated skirt steak is my families personal fave. I also have used them for catering and pricing is affordable and food was loved by all. I would give 10 stars to them!

Review №56

Best beef around. And lots of other choices and friendly people

Review №57

Ryan and the guys were extremely helpful. My $600.00 dollar catering order was perfect. My first visit there. I now have my go to place for all meats. Thank you

Review №58

This place was a COMPLETE miss, I wanted to love it, but everything is just bland, and the “secret sauce” is yoshida’s. Just not impressed, I have tried their catering and things are just dry and either over sauced or just basically tasteless, I think the owner try’s, and he has his followers, but I think at the end of the day it’s just another overrated place with more hype then substance. sorry just my opinion

Review №59

Always great! I have never been disappointed by there service or the quality of their food. There would be more local. butcher shops around today if they were more. like Chubbs...

Review №60

These guys are the best check out there facebook specials.

Review №61

The food is absolutely delicious! The customer service is fast, and friendly. The prices are great and I always look forward to the facebook specials.

Review №62

Food quality is great and guys there are awesome

Review №63

Thank you to Chubs Meat, went there this morning to get 6 marinated rib eye steaks and they didnt have any in the case. They said not a problem well make them right now for you. Not only are their meats fantastic, but their customer service is beyond fantastic.

Review №64

Firendly staff... Great meats

Review №65

Checked out Chubs today for the first time and I was very impressed. The quality and variety is on another level. Customer service is above average also. Two thumbs up.

Review №66

Best steaks in the USA

Review №67

Such a great place. CLEAN, friendly and well stocked. They work very hard to do it all right and they are!

Review №68

Not sure what took me so long to visit my neighborhood butcher. great selection of meat for reasonable prices. beats the super market any day

Review №69

Awesome bunch of guys. They work hard to give us the best food.

Review №70

The five stars Im sure is for the butcher portion of the operation. For the catering I would give two stars some items were good but thats it, not great if you are looking to impress a crowd with great food this is not it. If your looking to feed the kids baseball team at a cheap price this is it. Volume but not quality. I would avoid all pastas except the tortellini alfredo which has enough sauce to stand up to time and transport all other pastas were very dry and even with the extra container they give you to put on top it cannot save the overcooked noodles. The vodka sauce tasted like marinara. All fried items like tenders and ravioli dark brown over fried and dry. Ironically the chicken romano sits in too much liquid so that the cheese floats to top and too salty. Steak tidbits good but they serve over lot of rice so dont think you will get a lot. Pulled pork was more like mashed pork.This was my first time using them and my last, I did mention when I returned Sternos about the pasta being dry but they did not seem interested in hearing anything negative in order to improve so that was a turnoff to me so I just dropped it. Hope this helps!

Review №71

Always excellent food. Amazing customer service. You cant go wrong!

Review №72

Always fresh great staff fast service.

Review №73

Great butcher shop with quality products. Staff is extreamly helpful and personable. I highly recommend this butcher shop

Review №74

Never disappointed with purchase and all the guys are so great and so accommodating and personable . So happy with Chubs 👍🏻

Review №75

Have been craving some skirt steak so I treated myself to some of their marinaded steak for memorial day. Looks and smells amazing, will be throwing it in the charcoal grill with their chicken sausage and cracking open a cold one in about an hour to celebrate this beautiful day and remembering all my fellow veterans and service members. Semper Fidelis!

Review №76

Great butcher shop. Great sandwich shop. Great catering shop. Awesome staff.

Review №77

Always great meat, staff always friendly

Review №78

Fantastic place to get your meats. Staff is extremely nice. Recommended highly

Review №79

Awesome Butcher shop, Ryan is great and has a terrific crew. Try the aged steaks when he has them. Great stop for your next BBQ.

Review №80

Are the nicest guys in the business. Their meat is top quality and Im never disappointed

Review №81

Love them!!Great service, great quality of meat, and wonderful selection. Highly recommend!

Review №82

Excellent stuffed pork chops

Review №83

Great food and amazing team of people. Perfect winning combination!!

Review №84

Love the place great cuts of meat. Its in back of the smoke shop the assuming building.

Review №85

Food is delicious and well priced. The owner is an awesome guy and the staff is just as friendly

Review №86

Always Excellent service here

Review №87

Great place to get all sorts of meats and prepared meals. Staff is very customer oriented and will assist with info on how to prepare etc

Review №88

Awesome team of people! Quality product and even though the line is usually busy, they handle all orders the same... with respect and care!

Review №89

Awesome food friendly staff. Good variety and great food packages

Review №90

Ive been here dozens of times and always get helped by Ryan. He is the super knowledgeable, young owner who jump started Chubs and turned it into the absolute best butcher shop around. He and his staff have made this the Go-To spot for steaks and chops that the grocery store could only dream of having! Also they have a case full of freshly cooked dinners, and prepared foods that makes Chubs a true destination spot.Besides the food it couldnt be more conventionally located, It is literally within a minutes drive from the LIE. Ive been going since they opened over a year ago and havent once had a disappointing experience. In this economy, a first time owner, starting up a brand new business, and finding success in his first year, you know they have to be doing something right.I could go on and on, but I have some AMAZING dry aged porterhouse steaks that I purchased just last night and I cant wait to throw them on the grill!!!

Review №91

One of the best Butchers Ive been to in Long Island great service great quality cuts of meat all sorts of different homemade pre-made dishes ready to go in your oven and the owner is a delightful guy love going to chubbs

Review №92

Just started going here recently and the wraps are amazing. Chris behind the counter was very nice and made my order perfectly.

Review №93

As always, excellent customer service. Food is fresh and delicious.

Review №94

Gigantic portions of super fresh food from a friendly and courteous staff, whats not to like? Catering is great too.

Review №95

Great staff, great selection, great prices... all around, a very nice store for meats, cold-cuts, specialty foods and tasty delights.

Review №96

Chubs is by far the best butcher in NY, Ryan and his team provide great cuts of meat at fair prices and they really excel on customer service and being a part of our community. Not only are they our go to butcher, but they are also our go to caterer for parties.

Review №97

Everything was great the meat is always great have never been disappointed. The staff is great

Review №98

Wouldnt think about going anywhere else, Everything is always fresh, Clean, What a fantastic bunch of Employees. Great prices

Review №99

Best Butcher around! Vote best Butcher on LI and for good reason !

Review №100

The grilled chicken was delicious. staff was fast and friendly. looks good for other meats too.

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