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8905 Mathis Ave, Manassas, VA 20110, United States
Auto Land

Review №1

5 Stars. Shane helped me get into a car in my price range with no problems. Very helpful staff. Ken was also quite helpful. Great place to go. Good people. Better prices.

Review №2

I bought 2 Toyota Camry from Auto Land with my brother, Mr. Chen did a great job by telling us about the detail about buying the car (financing, insurance, car fax, warranty etc..), I had a good deal on it, the car was a lot less than any other dealership I have visited, I have had my car for almost 8 months, extremely efficient no issues at all, they did the car tag for me and everything went fine. They provided me with 150,000 miles warranty on all parts of the transmission and engine, a deal that was good to be true. I passed the inspection, I’m glad that I chose to come to Auto Land for my purchase.

Review №3

I bought my car of April 2019, I can’t remember but the gentleman whom helped me with my paperwork was very patient as I had my two sons with me (4,1) at the time he went over everything I needed to know about the car mileage, gas, when I need to do state inspection and I highly recommend them I still have my car to this day !

Review №4

I bought a 2014 Toyota Camry a year ago at Auto Land with Shane. It was one of the best decision. I have had zero problems. I recommend their services for anyone looking for an excellent car from fair and caring professionals.

Review №5

Just AWESOME CAME HERE TO FIND A CAR IN A PINCH ! And I am leaving with my keys now! Same day ! Shane and Ken helped in so many ways financially! the blessings! Wow! I am so blown back! First time finance ! Send everyone you know here ! Seriously! I drove from Fredericksburg for the deals!!

Review №6

Came in with my sister to get a Toyota Corolla for her. Very easy process. Shane and Ken were a pleasure to work with, went out of their way to make adjustments on the car for us.

Review №7

I usually don’t leave any kind of reviews but this one I had to.Avoid at all costs.Won’t provide any info, inspection history etc.Tells you to get an emissions inspection ‘after’ you purchase the vehicle.What if the car fails and requires a significant repair?Some vehicles do not match photos or descriptions posted online.Typical shady used car lot.AVOID

Review №8

I had a great experience at Autoland. Shane was very attentive, respectful and courteous. He made sure everything was perfect with my car. There was no hard sell and the prices are very reasonable.

Review №9

Great place to go to and get a vehicle! The people there are genuine and understanding so they will help you with whatever you need! Highly recommend checking this place out.

Review №10

I absolutely loved the experience from beginning to end. Shane and the other employees are extremely helpful, and made sure that we left with a clean and reliable car. I give this place 5 stars for outstanding customer service! I highly recommend coming here to receive reliable transportation, and as pleasant experience all around!

Review №11

Excellent service. People here are very helpful. They really care about their customers and make sure that everything is fine. They answered all of my questions and helped me all the way through getting my plates and more. I highly recommend this dealership. Here you find people you can trust and cars you can rely on .

Review №12

Shane is very helpful and will make sure you leave with a good, quality, vehicle. I highly recommend auto land. Good people, great prices, overall a great place.

Review №13

Got my car from here and I love it! Good customer service, nice men! Great place to go, I recommend it!

Review №14

50/50 with their cars, with all the money I spent I’d advise to never go here. The finance manager will sell you a car and urge you to get it inspected or fixed there meaning they know it has problems. $7000 car gets inspected the day after buying it and boom $6000 worth of problems. Too risky here but

Review №15

Autoland provided outstanding customer service, and I walked away with a reliable car. The whole experience was extremely pleasant from beginning to end. Highly recommend coming here for all future interests in cars!

Review №16

A friend of mine purchased a Truck from them and 4 days after the transmission blew up. He talked to them about and it and they said OH WELL. He asked for something different and they told him NO, NOT OUR PROBLEM. DO NOT GO THERE, THEY ARE ONLY OUT FOR MONEY.

Review №17

Had very good experience at AUTO LAND. The people there are very helpful and willing to work with you and help you in the most possible way. Got a very good car with an even better deal. Looking for a good car and good deal? I recommend Auto Land all day everyday.

Review №18

I purchased my daughters first car from Auto Land a couple of weeks ago. It was a very clean and nice vehicle. The staff was very friendly, professional, and courteous -sense of humor too-. Most importantly they stood behind there vehicle. If fact, I used their mechanic for maintenance upkeep for a more than reasonable price - Great work - Great company - Great people - Cant wait to buy my other daughters car there.Signed Allayahs FatherDave

Review №19

Not worth it, go somewhere else with your money

Review №20

Some of the best customer service I have ever received. Purchased my Jetta right as all the Covid--19 pandemic was taking off and my job hours were dwindling. Shane and Kenny never gave me anything but patience and understanding. I will never buy a car from any other dealership again. Thanks guys

Review №21

This dealer is very helpful and honest.I will recomend for used car buyer to stop by here and check it out.

Review №22

If you are looking for a great car at a great price, this is where you need to go. The Sales Manager, Ken, was amazing and helped us secure the perfect car for our daughter. The Finanace Manager was just as amazing and worked with us through a few unexpected financial issues. We visited a ton of dealerships while trying to find a car and this by far is the best place to go for a used vehicle. We will definitely be back when it’s time to purchase a vehicle for our son!

Review №23

Great experience. After days of searching the DC metro area, they had the exact car I was looking for at about half of the dealer fee of any other Virginia dealer. Closed the deal in about 30 minutes. The car is pristine. Pejman was extremely courteous and moving at my speed. Straight forward and fast.

Review №24

Purchased a car a couple of weeks ago. There are some things that I didnt notice before like the tires need to be replaced. The brakes seemed fine on the test drive but I think those will have to be replaced soon. I guess that is what happens when purchasing a used car. Overall experience was okay. The price of the car was pretty good compared to others but I still have to spend more for the repairs.

Review №25

Great customer Service. I would strongly recommend theirservice to anyone whos looking to buy a car. Excellent and very professional in what they do, will definitely come back again!

Review №26

I bought my car here and it was a great experience! The car was in perfect condition. They assisted me through the whole process and guide me into buying the right vehicle. I absolutely recommend Auto Land!

Review №27

What a wonderful people they are, attending all requests and needs I had!!!They have new cars in good shape. Thanks all of you for your care and service!!!!

Review №28

I was looking for a specific car and was searching all over the place, even outside of my local city of Manassas. My wife began to look and found Auto Land and saw the exact car I was looking for. When we went in I was immediately greeted. I informed them that I was interested in the Dodge Charger they had on the lot. We went in and immediately began the process. They were extremely helpful in helping me not just to fill out the paperwork but to also fully understand it. They even gave some financial advice which I have never seen anyone else do. It was great. I was able to walk out with the keys in hand of the car I wanted. The service was great, the staff was awesome, and I will definitely be coming here again for another car (my wife will be next).This is the place to come when you are looking for great quality service.

Review №29

I bought a 2011 honda civic. The service was great, and the dealers were very helpful and friendly.

Review №30

I bought a car from here about a year ago and I regret not having the car inspected before purchase. There are a few lower rating reviews on here that say problems with their car happened a little bit after the car was purchased, which is what happened to me as well. I ended up having some engine trouble, tire problems, and had to replace the brakes. I wish I got it inspected by a professional before buying here, so please do not make the same mistake I did!

Review №31

Purchased 2 vehicles, great service! Minor issues and immediately addressed. Highly recommend!

Review №32

These guys were amazing from start to finish! Im so grateful, they worked with me all the way around! Ive already recommended them to couple different friends whom are in the market for a car!

Review №33

They are awesome here. Billy went out of his way to help me when I really needed it and thought I was out of options. Id recommend them If youre looking and think that it is impossible. 5 stars.

Review №34

Awesome customer service! Very satisfied with everyone. Sean was a great help to me. Strongly recommend for anyone with credit issues.

Review №35

Kay and Pg were great. They gave me good service answered all my question and i drove off the lot with a car that had no issues and low mileage. Good people, go check them out!

Review №36

The experience with this dealer was very good, they are responsible with the cars they sell and take into account your needs.

Review №37

Great car buying experience! Will definitely purchase from them again!!!

Review №38

This is a wonderful dealership that does everything they to can to assist you. Customer service is great and have a wonderful selection as far as vehicles all in all best dealership in Manassas hands down.

Review №39

Great fast service. I was on line shopping and I requested information on several cars. PJ was very prompt in calling and setting up test drives. I am really pleased because I bought a 2009 Sonata only took an hour. Thanks

Review №40

The guys @Auto Land are excellent. I was able to get my first car today thanks to them.

Review №41

I just want to say I have rhad the best experience EVER!!!!!! Kay and PJ are the best they made me feel that my situation was not hopeless (which I had been told by other dealers) they worked with Me!!!! Today I bought my 3rd car from them and I could not be happier!!!!!

Review №42

I have bought two cars already with Auto Land. They are a great team with great customer service.They do everything in their power to help you get the best deals and to make sure you drive out of there with the car you are looking for. I recommended it to anyone who is looking for an awesome dealer to buy a car.

Review №43

I have dealt with this dealership for some time now and i am very satisfy with. i will recommend them as i have done several times. Good people. PJ

Review №44

Great service! Would recommend Auto Land to any and everyone looking for a vehicle. Thanks for the great customer service.

Review №45

Awesome service and I got my tags done there as well. So convenient! Kept it straight with no chaser.

Review №46

Great staff, very friendly thanks to Kay for making the finance process easy and fast. 5 stars. If you need a car this is the place to go.

Review №47

Got a bmw with a great deal. The staff was very helpful as well, finance manager was great also, helped me a lot on the loan. Highly recommended

Review №48

Great service. Great cars, awesome prices. I would recommend them to anyone. The guy PJ is a great person and look forward to more business with them.

Review №49

Auto land has great service great people and they will get you want you want I would highly recommend auto land if you are looking for a car low credit it dont matter they will work with you.

Review №50


Review №51

WHATEVER YOU DO DO.NOT.BUY.FROM.HERE!! Most of their vehicles contains some kind of damage I put down $7,00 for a Chevy Malibu I was begged to get a warranty to cover damages they knew were present but intentionally hid I took the Chevy Malibu to Rick Hendrix Chevy in short pump ca and discovered $12,000 of damages just from the exhaust system and took pictures of the obvious attempt to hide the damages my exhaust system was zipped tied together and got glued to hold it in place. When I contacted “Kay” he told me he wouldn’t fix my vehicle if I didn’t delete my review on here. So I worked with him for a month and they gave me an loaner vehicle (that was illegally registered) I found out when I got stopped by va state trooper. When I finally went back to pick up my vehicle their were NO improvements and my vehicle still had the same damages ! If you want a decent car I wouldn’t even shop nowhere in the are most of the dealers in this are resales flood and other damaged vehicles and resale them at high prices without informing you always ask for a CARFAX because your vehicle probably is SALVAGE!!!

Review №52

Very Helpful, Great Customer Service And Very Dependable I Would Defiantly Recommend My Friends And Family To Come To This Dealer

Review №53

These men want to sell u a car more than u want to but one! After getting rejected from countless dealerships because off my non existing credit; I went here just because...but I came in expecting what I been getting and left with a car that day finally. They worked with me, even compromised some because they WANTED TO SELL which is what theyre supposed to do! Cool dudes in there.. my car is A1 too..clean, well maintained, reasonably priced, no problems now, and in the words of my mechanic None in the near future.. I would send my friends..

Review №54

Exceptional Experience!! PJ was very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. I highly recommend him and this establishment

Review №55

I highly recommend purchasing a car thru them ! Great customer service ! Salesman Shane was extremely helpful and got me into a nice car with affordable monthly payments !

Review №56

THEY DO VERY VERY SHADY BUSINESS Neverrrrrrrrrrr come here I bought a $4500 car with a $3000 down payment and some how now I have a $4000 loan out for the car the lender says the dealership told them the car was $6500 I called to get my receipts to make sure its not a mishap and the financial guy is refusing to let me see the receipts saying the extra $2000 dollars is interest and taxes.. Im still fighting to get things right but please do yourself a favor and dont even come and deal with these shady characters

Review №57

I am very satisfied with Auto Lands service. The were very helpful and efficient in the most timely manner.

Review №58

Every time we come here, these guys are on point. We got a great deal when the otger dealers were looking to charge us our arms and legs. Thanks again guys!- AJ

Review №59

I had a wonderful experience buying a car through Auto land.

Review №60

Great place, great deals. Professional salesman

Review №61

Mr. Kay and PJ were great. Definitely would come back and purchase another car from here. Everything was great

Review №62

I had a good experience with dealership. They were very nice,courteous and professional thanks Kevin

Review №63

These guys are frauds. They either place false ads or theyre leaving their old ads online well after theyre sold. Anytime you search for a popular make and/or model, a bunch of listings from them show up, but when you call or stop by like I did since Im local to them, none of the listed vehicles are available. Their claim is that they sell 14-15 cars a day. Im not a used care sales guru, but that sounds like he embellishing the truth to me being that this is a little mom and pop type dealership thats stuck in a small hole in Manassas.

Review №64

We purchased a vehicle for our Grandsaughter that is in college. Billy was very helpful as well as patient. There were a couple of hiccups on our end, however we got it done! I don’t like car shopping but this was not bad at all. Very friendly and helpful. We willBe back!!

Review №65

STAY AWAY! Their cars are rigged to go out on you in 30 days. These people are sociopaths. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Review №66

Great deal, Great service. Great guys all around. Recommend working with these guys.

Review №67

The absolute WORST dealership. I purchased a lemon and am currently in the process of trying to sue. The first day I had the car it leaked oil all over my garage. Aside from that the car had no wiring harness and was all over just rigged in order to sell. I was definitely taken advantage of and I really hope this place gets shut down soon. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALER!!!!

Review №68

Great customer service. Highly recommended. See Sean for your next purchase.

Review №69

Everyone I talk to an auto loan were really relaxed. They knew my situation even before I mentioned it. PJ made sure that my order was changed and he made sure that everything in the car was working properly.

Review №70

I bought an audi a6 from this place about a year ago and its given me nothing but problems. Since then Ive replaced the auxiliary water pump, all 4 tires, the antifreeze reservoir, and many other things. Kay and PJ are great guys and the customer service was great and all, BUT the vehicle they sold me was not good. My tire blew out on the way home and when I went to check for the spare... and it was even worse than the tire that just blew out! I was very disappointed and discouraged when this happened, it was the last straw. To top it all off, about 6 months after I got the vehicle it rained one night and the sunroof had a leak and flooded the whole damn car. Now I have a mold problem because of the damp carpets and seats. I called them to see if they would buy the car back and no luck. To this day Im still undergoing issues with the car, and its been a nightmare. Be careful if you buy a car here, because from the looks of it, they just sell them exactly the way they bought them at auction. Check the vehicle thoroughly before buying a car here.

Review №71

Had a great experience with these guys.I was looking for a Saab 95, they had it and i got it for a very good price.

Review №72

Very happy with my purchase

Review №73

Auto Land is a very great business to get your first car, or any car, they treat you with dignity, and make sure that you are satisfied, and got everything that you need, and will work with you with however much money that you may have.

Review №74

This is the most awesome dealership I have ever dealt with! I will send everyone I know to them great service great vehicles cant be beat!!!!!!!!

Review №75

Came here for the first time just to get information about buying a car and I ended up with a car same day nice people excellent customer service .I will recommend them

Review №76

I went to this dealership and instantly felt like I was being lied too, not only did the owner give me the wrong information about the car I was inquiring he was very rude and unprofessional. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone THEY ARE LIARS AND SCRAMMERS!! Very disappointed about the service and how I was treated I’m so glad I called my dad and he talked me out of buying a car with them!!! GO TO CHEVY THEY ARE AMAZING BUT DO NOT I REPLY DO NOT SHOP WITH THEM,YOU WILL BE SO UPSET AND SCAMMED OUT OF YOUR MONEY......

Review №77

I dealt with PJ in my experience at Auto Land. Nothing but excellent service came from this place. I bought a 2004 F-150 Lariat SuperCab at a fair price. Process was easy and efficiently executed. PJ was always willing to help me with questions and concerns with my car and was very flexible time-wise. Highly recommend.

Review №78

Great place to go very easy process 5 stars

Review №79

*** Update ***I initially gave them a five because I thought they were seriously helping me. But they quoted me a price of $8k for my Chevy Cruze, but the bank said they sent them $13k.Second, their record keeping sucks...ALWAYS GET A RECEIPT! They worked with me to pay my taxes/tags, but I got pulled over by the police who said the temp tags showed a different car, luckily I had all my paperwork with me. Then when I went to pay the remaining balance, PJ argued with me, because he said I owed $100 more. I called the police, but eventually Kay agreed to allow me to pay my true balance.If I had to do it over, I would have waited and went somewhere else. 02/2018______________Im giving them a five because they were able to help me when others werent. Prayerfully the vehicle will last long enough for me to improve my credit and maybe get something better. The staff were incredible... Thx so much! 11/2017

Review №80

I bought a 350Z from Autoland. PJ gave me a great price AND said that if there were any issues in the first 30 days (despite what the contract said) he would provide free labor to fix it. Within about two weeks the clutch went, so I bought a new clutch and flywheel and true to his word, he installed it for free. I would highly recommend Auto Land for their prices and their service!!!

Review №81

Best costumer service ever!!Would recommend this place to anyone !!They are very polite and will work with you

Review №82

Great customer service. worked with the price for me an all around great experience.

Review №83

Great persons, very helpful in let me to buy a car.thank you

Review №84

They where great so helpful, good business, nice cars, good prices!

Review №85

This was a fast, friendly service. The car was a good value and everyone was helpful and professional.

Review №86

The most worst dealership ive eva been too,i recommend anyone looking at this review too not buy a car from them. The sad part is i saw a old lady in there getting disrespected an talked to any type of way,NEVER AGAIN !!!

Review №87

We had an excellent experience dealing with Auto Land! PJ was very straightforward and a pleasure to deal with. He followed thru on everything he said he would. I will definitely work with Auto Land again in the future.

Review №88

Definitely Recommended! They work with you and definitely will help you get into the vehicle of your choosing, so if you see a car you like on their site, come in and they shall work with you, promise guaranteed

Review №89

Excellent car service and would recommend any and everyone to get a car from these guys

Review №90

Lovely people .work with them quick very fast and simple love them

Review №91

I love the finace manager, he has given me great customer service!

Review №92

Great financing service they hook me up i really appreciate sean and finance department definitely will go back to sean for more business thanks guys

Review №93

I rode down to see a particular vehicle. Now any other time when a salesman says someone has just put a deposit on say b.s. But in this case someone just did. Pj and the other guys did there best to accommodate me or find an alternative vehicle. They werent pushy...just doing their jobs which is selling cars. I found it a little strange that they didnt offer a warranty...but thats no different than buying from an individual. Do your homework and make the best judgement for you. You guys earned the 4 stars from me.

Review №94

We bought a car, and the brakes went out right away. I have a young child, and we almost hit a semi head on. When I contacted them, they laughed at me! I was told, its a used car its not going to be perfect. Unbelievable! Never go here if you want a SAFE vehicle.

Review №95

I was happy I got a car from auto land cuz I needed it. But a few days to a week later was a problem with the car now Billy is helping

Review №96

Sales staff friendly and very helpful

Review №97

Very professional, courteous, outstanding customer service. Would definitely recommend other customers to your business.

Review №98

We were treated professionally and with kindness. We especially appreciate straightforward, direct communication, thank you.

Review №99

PJ and the staff at AutoLand were professional through the entire process. He even contacted me a week after purchase to ensure the truck was doing fine and I was satisfied with my purchase.

Review №100

Absolutely Horrible place. They will lie about repairs done on vehicles, the warranty they offer and the fees. They dont care about the safety of the customer or anything else; only making money. HAVE EVERYTHING INSPECTED.OR DO NOT BUY. My car is now a $5000 piece of junk.

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