Ivanna Cone
701 P St #101, Lincoln, NE 68508, United States
Ivanna Cone
Review №1

10/10 - this place is my all-time favorite place to get ice cream. They have the best homemade waffle cones + my favorite flavor is always available- cinnamon! Not only that but their sprinkles have glitter on them - so cute! It is also in the cutest location in Hay Market, next to the alley that is completely painted and has string lights. (Pictured is my favorite order - two scoops of cinnamon in a waffle cone with sprinkles)!

Review №2

They probably don’t need another 5 star rating but they deserve it. We went after a recommendation from the lady in the gift shop. Ivanna Cone has an old school ice cream parlor vibe. They were blasting 80’s music to which we happily sang along. Service was great! None of that surly teenaged “I wish I were anywhere but here” nonsense you get so many places. (Colorado City Creamery, we mean you). Absolutely delightful experience and the ice cream was also really good! Very creamy. The flavor of the hibiscus was subtle but pleasant and the cinnamon was better than I could have expected. They had some more adventurous flavors like the Flower Pot. They were quite busy but kept the line moving. There is outdoor seating our you can walk around the Haymarket area. Love it!

Review №3

Used to go here with my family as a kid and had some really good times and good ice cream. a little while ago I went with a couple of friends and the staff were just unnecessarily rude. It was only us and 2 other people in the store, yet they rushed us like they were busy and had an order time to beat. they treated us like we were an inconvenience. sadly I dont think well come again after that...

Review №4

Really creamy and fresh ice cream! We tried the strawberry and vanilla scoops. I loved the strawberry because it tasted super natural and had real chunks of strawberry in it. They had make their waffle cones and they’re delicious, with a hint of cinnamon. Service was prompt and the staff were very nice! A nice place to eat outside on a hot day.

Review №5

We passed through Lincoln on our drive from Denver to Wisconsin and decided to try this place out! The ice cream was SO unique and delicious that we had to make the stop again on our way home! The flavors are so interesting- we tried honey basil and brown sugar ginger peach! They were both delicious. The texture of the ice cream is super creamy and almost chewy/stretchy, kind of reminiscent of Turkish ice cream if you’ve tried that before (which I LOVE)! I would highly recommend a stop in here, it will certainly be on my must-dos anytime I pass through Lincoln again in the future!

Review №6

Its pretty good. Its worth going. only complaint is no samples, so you have to buy it just to try it and take a gamble on a flavor that may or may not be what you expected.

Review №7

Good ice cream every time! Been coming for years and years!! There is something for everyone at this place from Gluten free to dairy free and always plenty of options. Pre pandemic you could try the flavor. Hopefully they go back to that so I can try other options in curious about!

Review №8

A fantastic place! Small batches of a multitude of flavors made daily. Check them out!

Review №9

What an amazing atmosphere! Great staff and great selection. Great waffle cones. Good portions.

Review №10

Surprisingly the best ice cream flavor ever? Ginger Tumeric!!Sweet cream vanilla is also very delicious. It has a lovely texture.

Review №11

Delicious homemade iceceam and cones!

Review №12

I really liked the texture of the ice cream, I would have liked a monthly subscription plan for this place!

Review №13

Got the cardamom baklava flavor, asked for dealers choice and got another scoop of the lemon ginger... this is the most fantastic combo Ive had yet, this place has been a staple all the way through my childhood and has never disappointed! Thanks guys

Review №14

Some of the best ice in Lincoln! Always a unique variety of flavors. Delicious! Get the waffle cone. You wont regret it

Review №15

Our daughters always love it when we get downtown for Ivanna cone! Always yummy and a good experience!

Review №16

If only this place was in Portland. The sweet vanilla/Dutch chocolate make a shake that is utterly sublime.

Review №17

Always great ice cream! Very kind staff! Great local shop!

Review №18

Delicious ice cream with a decent selection. It’s located in a beautiful historic structure in the Haymarket Historic District.

Review №19

Friendly staff with amazing ice favorite one is Pistachio, but it done so fast. Fresh Strawberries is never fail me. Their ice creams are not too sweet compared to other and very consistent in their ingredients. No places like this place. Come and meet Kaitlin and Jeremy...

Review №20

Best ice cream place in Lincoln! So delicious. Only takes cash, so make sure you have some before you go

Review №21

What an awesome place. The ice cream 🍦 was amazing and the staff very engaging and friendly. Definitely worth a stop by if your in town.

Review №22

Great building, cool history and ice cream was delicious. Could have been a bit more generous on the serving size though for the cost.

Review №23

Best ice cream in Lincoln! The homemade waffle cones are also awesome! I’m always sure to stop here when I visit Lincoln.

Review №24

Yummy!!! Great taste and so many options!! Great customer service

Review №25

Walking in to the place had a good vibe to it. Walking up to order the staff wasnt friendly, and not very happy to answer my questions. The line was long so they werent happy that it wasnt moving as fast as they wanted it to. Overall the ice cream was decent, no complaints. But its cash only. 21st century and no credit card reader...

Review №26

There was a fly in the middle of my ice cream and the staff refused to comp me for the disgust that I about consumed. Plus, I thought it was very bizarre how they had plastic curtains everywhere as though it was a hazmat quarantined facility.

Review №27

I love the ice creams, aesthetics, and employees! Everyone was super kind and friendly!

Review №28

Great ice cream, great customer service, cute little shop, and AMAZING humor. All of my pictures are older but help explain and unfortunately I eat the ice cream too fast for pictures.

Review №29

My Granddaughter and Me Liked The Waffle Cones And The Ice Cream was Amazing.

Review №30

The most original flavors the best cones in the greatest service ever!!!! thank you ladies for doing a great job🍦

Review №31

Just one of the great Haymarket places to stop. The ice cream was exotic good.

Review №32

I like this place because the Ice cream is soo delicious. The ice cream is made there and usually on a daily basis they change the flavors based on which ice creams were made. I like that you can sample taste them to see if you like the ice cream or not. Some flavors can be very interesting and delicious. The only thing that prevents a 5 star would be that they do not accept debit or credit cards. You must pay with cash or check.

Review №33

Terrible ice cream. And also they were Nazis about wearing a mask when every other establishment around them didn’t require them. What a joke! I feel sorry for the minimum wagers who work there.

Review №34

It was so amazing to go to the reopening today! Every one working was pleasant and it was moving at a great pace! Go job everyone for all your teamwork and determination. Glad your back in business!!!

Review №35

Yesssssssssssss! One of the best ice cream shops I have been too! Creamy flavorful ice cream! So many choices! The staff was kind and friendly!! Yummmmmmy!

Review №36

Great ice cream and their flavor of ice creams changes daily, so its tempting to go everyday

Review №37

Service was a little confusing but the ice cream is top notch, unique flavors made in small batches in front of you. Great building and surroundings too

Review №38

It was every bit as good as I remembered. Well worth the wait.

Review №39

It was good but not the flavor I remembered from last year. Maybe new recipes?

Review №40

Awesome atmosphere and gluten free cones! I had the chocolate which was good and my husband had the love of the month which he was happy with it was going toward big brothers big sisters a great organization.

Review №41

The sweet smell of freshly baked waffle cones drew a line out the door. The service was quick and friendly. Cash or check only was the downside.

Review №42

Friendly staff and absurdly delicious mango sorbet, I would have given a hundred stars if I could. This was a stop on the way to my wedding

Review №43

Delicious ice cream and the lady that served us was fun to talk to and very well informed.

Review №44

Very good ice-cream and I could smell the fresh made waffle cones as I got close to the shop.

Review №45

One of the best! Love both the fresh strawberry and dutch chocolate!

Review №46

Great ice cream and service! Definitely recommend trying the coffee praline!

Review №47

A little pricey but great ice cream and they now accept credit cards!

Review №48

This place is fantastic, to the people that are giving 3 and 4 star reviews because you have to order in the alley or because the line is long and it takes awhile doesn’t make any sense. Covid and being busy is not their fault, how can you say the ice cream is great and you like the atmosphere, and not give them 5 stars. Rate the actual business and not Covid, or long lines. 🙄

Review №49

I liked the ice cream, flavors, and gluten free cones. Our server separately washed and cleansed before handling gluten free items.

Review №50

Most amazing ice cream anywhere!

Review №51

Yummy ice cream -- nice flavors and excellent service.

Review №52

Delicious ice cream.

Review №53

Love the this place so so much, just really wish they would have a Keto option.

Review №54

Awesome flavors and super great service!

Review №55

Best strawberry anywhereHad to go back the second timeA real treat

Review №56

Great ice cream, not wheel chair accessible

Review №57

Always love their ice cream!

Review №58

I love the ice creams in this place, they are delicious and the attention is excellent.

Review №59

Such friendly folks and amazing ice cream!!

Review №60

Best ice cream in town

Review №61

Always good ice cream

Review №62

Exquisite icecream, staff, and overall quality

Review №63

Always delicious natural ice cream and the variety is wonderful

Review №64

Entered near eleven, it wasnt packed. This place has a great atmosphere. Feeling here is similar to a place in Columbus I liked.

Review №65

Great ice cream. Enough said.

Review №66

Very friendly service and very yummy!

Review №67

Great service!

Review №68

Good ice cream

Review №69

The BEST cinnamon vanilla ice cream.

Review №70

Really enjoy ice cream at Ivana Cone.

Review №71

The place has a cool atmosphere. Feels similar to a cafe in Chicago I liked.

Review №72

Yummy ice cream in the heart of Lincoln! Definitely a summer time hangout. We love the ice cream here.

Review №73

Three cinnamon ice cream was AMAZING

Review №74

Great ice cream

Review №75

Delicious flavors, some unique

Review №76

Great local ice cream shop with awesome flavors. They now accept cards (it used to be cash only), which makes it even better. The only downside to Ivanna Cone is everyone wants their ice cream, so sometimes you have to wait 15-20 minutes... but the ice cream is definitely worth the wait! They also have a walk-up window open in the alley in the summers, which is usually quicker but not as many flavors.

Review №77

Simply the best ice cream in town! Made in store, lots of flavors and sizes available.

Review №78

I went here while I was on a school trip in October and I still think about it to this day. It was probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had. The staff was extremely friendly considering they had 30-40 high schoolers in their store. If I ever get back to Lincoln, I’ll 100% make sure to go here again!

Review №79

Some of the best ice cream in town. They make their own ice cream and the flavors change regularly. There is usually a line, especially on the weekend -- the place is popular, but dont let that stop you. It is worth the wait. My favorite flavors are run raisin and cinnamon. Sadly they dont always have them, but I have never not been satisfied.

Review №80

All the classics and something interesting every time you’re there. The smell of the waffle cones is amazing.

Review №81

I cannot express enough how grateful and awesome my visit was to this place. The coworker was literally so kind and helpful with my order. He was literally so nice, I usually never tip at icecream stores as I feel they should pay a livable wage but he went and found an icecream boat for us because we split 3 scoops. Answered any questions we had. Asked about our day. Super super friendly and just all around great experience. A must stop if you’re in lincoln

Review №82

Great flavors! We were driving back from Hastings and stopped by Lincoln downtown for dinner! It’s a busy place but worth the wait! Friendly staff and full of fragrance (which I personally felt very positive).It’s a must go!

Review №83

Over priced. Not worth it for family trip. Id say more of date night.

Review №84

You have to go rear (alleyway) to order from pick-up window. Indoor seating area/store is closed to the public. Looks like the ice flavors vary from day to day.

Review №85

Extremely welcoming establishment. Delightful selection of absurdly tasty ice cream. It can be busy at rush hour but the employees all seem very efficient at what they do so the long lines zip by quickly. Havent sampled the most of the selection just yet, but from what I have Id certainly recommend the Butter Beer flavor (if I remember the name correctly). Worth a trip after work, or worth taking the family on the weekends.

Review №86

It’s ice cream so unless something goes horribly wrong I will enjoy it. Service was kind and ordering out of an alley (thanks COVID) was a new but fun experience.

Review №87

Good ice cream.

Review №88

Awesome staff, funky and fun atmosphere. Line out the door on a Wednesday night and worth the wait. So many cool flavors to choose from, I couldnt pick, so I asked them to choose for me. The flavors they chose were both unique and amazing! Highly recommend this experience!!

Review №89

Very cool place, they make their ice cream on the spot they got the old machinery still whirring away making new flavors to try. Parking can be an issue depending on the time of day you go there but definitely worth checking out when visiting the Haymarket.

Review №90

Some of the absolute best ice cream I have ever eaten. The staff are amazing. I personally suggest the flight especially if you have a sweet tooth and want to try 6 flavors of there ever changing menu. I would recommend Ivanna Cone to anyone who loves a high quality establishment with high quality ice cream.

Review №91

My favorite, the cinnamon ice cream tastes like the same recipe I’ve been having at this location since I was a kid when it was Ted & Wally’s! It’s my favorite spot, and now my kids love it as well, especially in the evening with the party lights and music! Great spot!

Review №92

THE BEST local ice cream shop in town. Staff are always fun and creative with their creations.

Review №93

Ivanna Cone makes my heart sing. On a cold, blustery evening on Thanksgiving weekend, we were in Lincoln visiting extended family for the holiday. Despite the chilly weather, I am SO happy we came inside to this adorable ice cream shop!Pro-tip, try the waffle cone. Its made with cinnamon sugar, making it truly a delight! All their ice creams are made in-house. I also love that they use real, metal tasting spoons (hooray sustainability). Service is kind and so friendly!

Review №94

If this isnt the best ice cream place in town then its in the top 2. All kinds of flavors that change, the only problem is that if you find one you love, it probably wont be there next time you go. The good news is youll probably find another one that you like too.

Review №95

You can never go wrong with Ivanna Cone, definitely the total package when it comes to ice cream experience. Awesome location, fun decorations, great service, and of course delicious ice cream. The only complaint I have is that they dont accept card but thats not too big of a deal because theres an ATM in the building if I forget.

Review №96

This is the cutest ice cream shop with its brick walls and industrial yet old style decor. The ice cream is so good with lots of interesting names and three cone options to choose from. Located inside a historic Haymarket building thats like an indoor mini-mall which houses several other eclectic stores. Fun, unique place.

Review №97

Purple Cow tastes like purple. Okay, its actually blackberry and white chocolate and deliciousness. Good vegan choices and always a line out the door. Id be willing to bet that restaurants in the Haymarket dont sell many desserts because everyone goes to Ivanna Cone after dinner.

Review №98

I got one of their current specials sweet love and it was super decadent and delicious. It is even better than their Dutch chocolate which I didnt think was possible. Their ice cream is always fantastic, the staff always friendly and the service always quick. It is cash or check only though so be prepared or have to pay the fee at the nearby ATM.

Review №99

Whenever I visit Lincoln, even in the dead of winter, I have to get ice cream at Ivanna Cone! I love their creative flavors. One of the few who still make their ice cream in the store with White Mountain freezers.

Review №100

Best place in town to get ice cream. Fun flavors that change often. Pretty small place so I recommend you get it to go. Addition of a window to order from in Art Alley really helps wait times.

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  • Address:701 P St #101, Lincoln, NE 68508, United States
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  • Phone:+1 402-477-7473
  • Ice cream shop
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  • Monday:3–8PM
  • Tuesday:12–6PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
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  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Trending:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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