HobbyTown (Lincoln)
4107 Pioneer Woods Dr #108, Lincoln, NE 68506, United States
HobbyTown (Lincoln)
Review №1

Great place to buy board games at good prices. The staff is always kind and very helpful. Game nights and other events are fun.

Review №2

Large selection of hobby items for people to enjoy with friendly staff.

Review №3

Wow what a fun store. A little to many toys verses hobby item.i was looking for a bigger selection of train items.

Review №4

This store is great on a lot of fronts. If you like Gundams, GO HERE! They have an amazing selection and pretty fair prices. If you like board games, GO HERE! They got lots of designer and mainstream board and card games thatll be sure to tickle your fancy. If youre into Magic or Pokemon, GO HERE! You can get pretty lucky with product here and they have tons of singles. They also dont upsell you, so thats a plus. They typically have Pokemon booster packs at the $3.99 price point, but expect a Shining Fates ETB to run you $70. Nothing crazy. Fair in light of everything happening in the hobby right now. Overall, a perfect store with tons of great stuff for all ages! Staff is cool too!

Review №5

One of the best RC stores you can find anywhere and best costumer service you’ll get especially from Mike, Gage, Dan, and Joel

Review №6

From rockets to RC to STEM to board games to DND to models to MtG to LEGO, this is the toy and hobby store with the best selection. We come from out of state to go here.

Review №7

Just gonna update this - the staff is kind, and very personable. Theyre knowledgeable and enjoyable to talk to, and very willing to help you with whatever you might need.The selection for what I need (paints and other hobby equipment for working on tabletop miniatures and the like) is pretty good, and their selection of tabletop games carries the big names like Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic (card game but still) while also having stuff like Star Wars Legion, DC and Marvel tabletop games, and even a few items from Battletech, Oak and Iron, and Fallout Wasteland Warfare.The location is clean, well lit, and always is pleasant to explore, with a good layout as well as easy avenues to find the different selections of products.Overall, I love this store, and as I am a new arrival to Lincoln Im very excited to visit the store more often!

Review №8

Great selection of items. Wish it had a bigger train section.

Review №9

Such a fun place. Great selection of games and toys you dont find just anywhere.

Review №10

Picked up some great childrens gifts. They were a hit!

Review №11

Wide selection of hobby and gaming supplies, and the best staff.

Review №12

Favorite FNGS (friendly neighborhood game store). Love the selection of products and the fact that they also have the South Lincoln store for things they dont have on hand at this store. I cant wait until things get back to standard operation and events can happen at either location again.

Review №13

Great place very knowledgeable on magic the gathering, Pokémon, and other card games. There have alot of other things like models (Gundam and possible others). There also have figures for dungeons and dragons and other games that require figurines and other things to play the games.

Review №14

Friendly staff, great selection

Review №15

Always fun to go to, very knowledgeable, exceptionally friendly employees and great selection for a range of hobbies they support.

Review №16

Went looking for Pokémon cards for grandson. Happened to get there just after they received a shipment Tues. Morning so I was able to purchase some which have been nearly impossible to find! Helpful knowledgeable staff!

Review №17

Everyone there is awesome! Joel is very experienced & always helps me out!

Review №18

Great workers...very knowledgeable in Pokemon thanks!

Review №19

Recently began frequently Hobby Town again, their selection is amazing. So much more to offer than what I was expecting! Helpful staff and open layout make shopping easy!

Review №20

My uncle owns both locations and i always go to this one and its my favorite toy store

Review №21

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Needed assistance with a Pinewood Derby car, and they were able to offer advice and had needed products. Great local business!

Review №22

Great store plenty of options and the guys seem to actually try and help

Review №23

The staff is always willing to help me find whenever Im looking for. And if its not in stock they kind enough to backorder it and hold it for me. The selection of hobbies and is diverse, and the tools, as well as the related products, are right there to help you get started however you want.

Review №24

Very informative staff and always have all things considered for you hobbies needs.

Review №25

My husband was so excited to find Gundams we will be visiting more often

Review №26

Loved it! So many different toy selections

Review №27

The only place to find a range of models for various skill levels.

Review №28

Its a lot of fun

Review №29

A wonderful shop with very enthusiastic employees who are very knowledgeable. A large variety of products line their shelves.

Review №30

We had fun but spent wayyyyy to much! Easy to do here!

Review №31

Awesome selection, got really great help finding MTG singles and got a great deal on some sleeves. Cashier was especially knowledge and friendly.

Review №32

Awesome store! Always have great ideas for the kids and amazing customer service. So thankful for their curbside pick up! We will definitely be back!

Review №33

Great customer service. Helpful and friendly. Knowledgeable about products. Will go the extra mile to help with special orders. I always try to support the local store whenever possible.

Review №34

Tyler is awesome! He explained every item in depth that we were looking for! Five star customer service! Great job Tyler!

Review №35

Owners are great. Employees are knowledgeable and friendly

Review №36

My daughter and I love this place. There are toys for kids. There are toys for adults. There are toys for us both to play with together. The people who work there are all super helpful and experts in their areas. We can walk around in here for an hour and just look at all the cool stuff. On a side note- for RC stuff, this is the only place in town that will have the parts and pieces to keep you running.

Review №37

There always helpful on questions and do there best on finding things i need.. Also there greet customers when they come in to the store

Review №38

Always a welcoming place to shop. Each employee is knowledgeable of every part of the store, to answer any questions or to show comparisons.

Review №39

Very good customer service. Very Helpful when I needed advice on a game.

Review №40

Amazing place, knowledgeable staff and great customer service

Review №41

Hobbytown is an excellent store with excellent employees. Hobbytown has been my second home for years, and Im not the only one who would say that too, and Dan has always ensured his stores have everything you need and a great place to go to be around friends and great people!

Review №42

Great place to find all different toys and craft hobby items.

Review №43

Fair selection of merchandise in many different hobby interests. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable about the products they sell.

Review №44

Great store for everything from knick knacks, puzzles, and desk ornaments to board games, card games like mtg, and even drones and high end rc cars plus much more. Very friendly and attentive staff and locally owned with an owner who stays involved!

Review №45

Amazing local business with great specialty products, knowledgeable staff, and pricing competitive with online shopping. Something for almost every hobby.

Review №46

The store is much bigger than I thought it would be. They have so many fun gift ideas that you cant get from a big box store.

Review №47

HUGE variety and selection of pretty much every nerdy hobby I can think of 💜 and so many stem toys (for all ages)! I could spend hours just looking at all the neat stuff but then Id spend ALL of my money 😅

Review №48

Broad selection of toys, games, and hobby supplies. Friendly staff. My kids always look forward to a trip there.

Review №49

Very helpful and very knowledgable.

Review №50

They were super nice and had everything I needed!

Review №51

HobbyTown is a great place for a lot of different hobbies. Helpful staff, clean store, and a great variety of games and toys.

Review №52

Fantastic assortment of puzzles and model cars. The staff is also very helpful. Park is also easy.

Review №53

Super helpful and knowledgeable staff. Every time I go in I feel like they have hundreds of new items. They have a great selection of table top games as well as anything “hobby” related. From remote control cards to Pokémon, Hobbytown’s got you covered.

Review №54

Always a good experience. Staff go the extra mile to make sure you feel welcome and get exactly what you came for.

Review №55

These people are always helpful, knowledgeable, and welcoming. Would give more stars but it wont let me.

Review №56

The are always helpful, have a great selection of unique high quality items.

Review №57

Great source for all my sons hobby interests. Just wish they carried more brands.

Review №58

Big place for toys shoppers. Customer services were good. Social distance was being put in placed. Everyone have their masks on.

Review №59

Lots of Pokemon cards and a whole wall full of Funko pops for cheap prices

Review №60

Great hobby store

Review №61

My kids love the selection of Gundam models. A little too much.😬

Review №62

What a great place for unusual toys. I have found Lego items there that I couldnt find locally (including the Advent calendars), and they are always competitively priced. Also, our middle son (10) collects Pokemon cards, and the gentleman behind the counter is always so patient with him as hes flipping through the binders. I love supporting local places like this!

Review №63

Great staff. Clean store. Competitive prices. Extensive inventory.if you like anything that is hobby related this is the place to go.

Review №64

A very nice cross section of hobbies for all ages. Friendly and helpful staff. I find the prices reasonable or at least comparable to other places I have looked. There is a good selection of remote controlled machines (trucks, boats, flying craft, and lots of parts) but also a respectable collection of board games. If you arent looking for a place when you find Toys R Us no longer fits the bill, Id check this place out.

Review №65

This is an awesome place for all your hobby needs. This is the best place for higher end remote control vehicles, airplanes and drones. Best place for Pokemon and magic the gathering card games. Huge selection of collectables for these too. They have Pokemon and magic card tournaments every Sunday afternoon. They also do board games on Saturday and Sunday. The staff is very helpful. Highly recommend this place.

Review №66

Fabulous customer service. Super helpful. Didnt have everything we needed in stock (specialty items) but offered to order whatever was needed and could quickly get it. Very impressed.

Review №67

I love this location. All kinds of cool stuff and some of the best customer service Ive seen anywhere. The staff is always super nice and friendly. I used to go to Hobby Lobby for my modeling and craft stuff but one trip to Hobby Town and I havent been back to Hobby Lobby even though its a lot closer to my house. Totally worth the drive.

Review №68

Awesome staff, cheaper than youd think prices. Usually has the part to fix my rcs in stock which is great!

Review №69

Every time that I go in. I get welcomed with a smile. They have very friendly employees and they are very helpful when they are needed. I would recommend shopping here for your everyday nerdy needs.

Review №70

Very friendly staff!

Review №71

I had a great experience at this location. The staff was very helpful and took the time to address my unique questions. When they didnt know something, they were honest rather than making up answers that would hinder my learning process. I found my new favorite hobby store. Thanks!!!

Review №72

Fun place to spend some time browsing. They have everything from models to dungeons and dragons stuff to science projects for the kids. They also have a huge gaming area with tables and a huge selection of board games you can play for free.

Review №73

Son got rc car and had nothing but problems. Had to go back a 3rd time. Single mom 3 trips and 4 kids I must say I am not impressed.

Review №74

My go to hobby shop in Lincoln and Omaha areas. The availability of Gundam model kits are fantastic, and they have a wide range of things to offer from Legos, games, TCGs, and more. The staff are super friendly, and they have a great area in the back of the store to play games, build models, or hang out too. The community they foster is hands down one of the best ones Ive ever been involved with, and you definitely should pay them a visit you will not be disappointed.

Review №75

Knowledgeable and friendly staff, great store

Review №76

Very nice employees. Just everytime I go in the sun is so bright i cant see anything.

Review №77

Nice staff, large store. Theres a large selection, some gaming going on. I bought some cute dice and found some other cute stuff.

Review №78

Hidden gem. Showed up for a gaming event, ended up winning 3 board games (and someone else at my table won another 3). They have A HUGE selection... RPGs, models, you name it. A great place to hang out and play their selection of board games-FREE. Totally planning on spending lots of time here.

Review №79

Great service here. I play Magic the Gathering here and buy cards from time to time. Joel, the manager, is great and has been around since I was in highschool almost 7 years ago. Board game selection is also good. Found some gems that my friends can play regularly. I cant say much about the R/C part of the store because I do not participate in that hobby.

Review №80

Great products

Review №81

I have a question, Also I love the store it is a great place. My question is what is the average of people that come to play Yu Gi Oh

Review №82

So much to choose from, if you go in you will probably find something fun and new you didnt even expect to ever find. Great place to find childrens toys/gifts and activities. Great place for the entire family.

Review №83

This HobbyTown is very big with very much selection, any hobby you can think of is in here about! From Gundam to trucks, rockets, and even birdhouses. It is a very neat place but I was dissatisfied with the customer service as well with the selection of the area I was looking at while there. I really enjoy going to the other store in Lincoln when I visit due to customer service and what they have, they really make due with what they got for the size of the store, Overall this is a good store to get what you want and browse around.. 3/5

Review №84

HobbyTown has excellent customer service. They are always friendly and helpful. They will guide you to a product youll enjoy even if youre not knowledgeable. This HobbyTown location also has the biggest game playing area I can think of in this region. Huge selection of board games, models, RC vehicles, and trading cards.

Review №85

Awesome selection of toys, games, models, r/c stuff, etc, and staff is always friendly and attentive. Only suggestion would be more space-related stuff (they do have telescopes).

Review №86

Great selection of toys and hobbies!

Review №87

Could spend days looking at everything in here and if you take your kids, maybe weeks! So many wonderful things to explore and customer service is always more than helpful! Love wandering through.

Review №88

Yes! I found an out-of-production, but very hoped for, Lego set and the price was right!!

Review №89

Great for games and selection! They have events and regular game times for board games on Wednesdays, or other nights for Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. Prime spot for Christmas and birthday shopping. Family and kid friendly of all ages. Good items for games, Legos and things that make you think.

Review №90

Very cool place for all of your hobby needs. Lots to look at. Also an area to come in and play.

Review №91

The staff here is highly knowledgeable in everything from RC cars to magic the gathering, and you can tell they love their jobs. Great place!

Review №92

I am a competitive Pokemon TCG player and I come here frequently. I also sell my cards and everything there. They have good service and cards are somewhat cheap and well priced. They also sell booster boxes and a limited amount of elite trainer boxes. They have more than just Pokemon there. They basically have all the recent toys and more. The staff there is nice and you can ask them anything about whats in the store. If you do really any TCG than this is the place to stock up on resources and battle. You should definitely check it out.

Review №93

Lots of helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Review №94

I am a big board gamer. I definitely say they put the Friendly in Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). They have a good amount of new and older games for sale. Both classics and hobby style board games. They have a good library for someone to sit down and play in the store. It is nice to play it before you buy it especially if you have little allowance to buy a new game for your hobby.The staff is knowledgeable and helpful if you want help picking out a game.

Review №95

I like this store. Very good selection of toys and hobby items for kids of all ages. Lots if Legos, model kits, puzzles, etc.

Review №96

Very helpful and friendly staff!

Review №97

Exceptional Customer Service!Seriously these guys are champions. Very helpful, even when you need a lot of specific things and they have to basically tend to you constantly. Much appreciated dudes!

Review №98

I had an exceptional customer service experience after purchasing a new RC car for my son. He is young and just learning so the first day trying it out he wrecked it and it wouldnt drive right. Joel took it apart and found that it was a bent axle and used a spare part he had on hand to repair it. He went above and beyond in helping and needless to say my son responded with a big smile when I told him it was fixed. I will certainly be a loyal customer as I look forward to experiencing this hobby with my son.

Review №99

Had an interesting time saw a lot of good stuff I liked however I wish there was a larger Yu-Gi-Oh selection

Review №100

Id been looking for a certain type of screw for a long time. Taylor knew exactly what I was looking for and was even able to eye-measure small electronic screws correctly. You all should make it known that you sell modular eurorack synthesizer compatible screws. Because about the only other way to get them is on the internet. Well done

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