Mighty Muffler Auto Repair Center
687 E Crogan St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046, United States
Mighty Muffler Auto Repair Center
Review №1

I went to this shop to get my muffler fix. He put my car on the lifter and checked my muffler for the noise it was making. From front to back let him tell it. I was charged $200 to seal up the leak in my muffler near the front of my vehicle. I recieved my vehicle back with the noise sounding extremly louder than before. He tells me to leave the car with him the next day to check it again. Now he telling me that I need a Bank 1 converter. How come when you he run tests on my car the first time, he didnt tell me this the first time. I was complaining about the rattling noise the first time, He tells me it was rocks in my muffler. Come to find out the ceramic inside my converter was broken. He charged me $200 to make some quit easy money to patch up the hole in my muffler and tells me it was rocks in there he couldnt get to. They knew the noise wasnt gonna stop unless they fixed the issue. He tells me, whoever I get to do my Bank 1 converter, make sure they know what they doing. Because its a lot of moving alot of stuff from around it. He couldnt handle that part but wanna charge me $200 for some patches. Which put all the pressure on the converter and made it louder. Wanna have all the sense. I was wondering why it was looking so dry and the repair men was sitting around over there. Is there any truthful repair men out there? All Im saying is be careful when you go there.

Review №2

After some Vandals decided to vanilla ice me and my brothers work truck and steal our Cadillac converters we called shop after shop and mighty muffler was the only one to answer. Not only did they give us accidents same day service they finished our car in a timely manner. Great service professional work I work gladly recommend them to anybody thank you love you my brother for putting clean steam mobile detailing back on the road

Review №3

Bob Reynolds Joe Frank he hides his real name shop Manager increased the oil change price from $20 to $40 and the mechanic said $30 since I have been coming here last 3 years and I provided oil and filters and also came for emission tests. Please beware they are very rude with me today. Please don’t go there again! Old man very rude and greedy! Mean attitude don’t go again please 🖕🏽🖕🏽Water leaking from the shop roof during oil change place is very dirty and will not pass inspection.💩😡💩💩😡🖕🏽👃👀

Review №4

Surprisingly fast service! They knew exactly what was wrong with my car when they lifted it and examined the pipes. Quality and affordable!!

Review №5

I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey. The week of my birthday I get in my van to get an emissions test. Someone had cut my catalytic converter off my vehicle. I called my friend who is a mechanic. He told me in would cost $1000.00. I didnt know if I could afford to keep my vehicle.I called NAPA and they told me it was $1,000 for the converter but nothing else would be covered.I needed an O2 sensor as well. Mighty Muffler fixed everything for $530 by lunch time. This place rocks. I would be comfortable and grateful to refer my friends and family.

Review №6

2nd time taking my truck to this location and the experience was great again. I recommend them for muffler needs.

Review №7

They did my catalytic converter great job reasonable price

Review №8

Awesome work and friendly staff. Definitely recommend

Review №9

Replaced the muffler and hangers on exhaust.

Review №10

Local shop that provides fast, friendly & priced right services. No nonsense advice is rare these days. Had me in and out quickly. Highly recommended!!

Review №11

Nothing but the truth!

Review №12

Guy was great! Great personality! Great work! Great time!

Review №13

Older white haired gentleman was not wearing a mask. Got into our car and moved it and still didn’t wear one. He was also not very kind. No good morning/ afternoon. The decor inside is dated, and sun faded from age and there were cobwebs on everything. I put my hand in the armrest to move the chair and I got black sticky smudge on my fingers.Other than that, the repair was good and did exactly what I needed. But I don’t think I would go back because of the decor and service.

Review №14

Quick service very reasonable prices!

Review №15

I loved there customer service, the person attending the front desk is very detailed and the technicians are highly skilled in there traid. The shop operates on a first come first serve basis, I took in my pickup truck for a new catalytic converter and it only took them about an hour from start to finish ☆☆☆☆☆ quality and pricing

Review №16

The gentleman at the counter was really helpful and nice.

Review №17

Prices are good and friendly service.

Review №18

Had exhaust work done.. They did a good job and it was done quicker than estimated time given.

Review №19

Very kind and humble man.Very patient with his customers.

Review №20

I highly recommend this shop. The prices are very reasonable and the owner was very sociable. You are also able to get emission done and if it doesnt pass you have 30 days to get it fixed and the retest is free. They let you know the exact cost up front and that is the price youll pay. You can buy your own parts and bring it to them to install. We had an O2 sensor we couldnt get out and they were able to without problems. This place so far has been reliable.

Review №21

Good employees and decent prices

Review №22

They charged me for parts that wasnt used .I wont go back.

Review №23

The older man whose probably the boss installed a substandard muffler in my car .I complained of the loud noise that my exhaust was making and he refused to change it out. I urged him to replace the old muffler he removed from my car that he declared bad, my car went silence like a exam room thereafter. He purposely condemn my muffler in order to sell me a fake and substandard muffler. Please go elsewhere for your muffler and exhaust repair. The young man in the workshop is good at his work though.

Review №24

Great quality work

Review №25

I was impressed with the quality of work on my Toyota! I definitely would refeer people

Review №26

Small place, clean and convenient. Quick service for emissions. Polite staff

Review №27

SCAM ALERT!.. Do not take your car to mighty muffler. ZERO star for mighty muffler. I took my car there for misfire in my engine. They charged me $250 to fix the problem. However, the problem was not fixed. Spoke with the person in front and he said they are a muffler shop and don’t have the equipment to fix the car. Waste of time and money. I also found out they put in a “used part”. The part had a “yellow marking” as an indication that it is not new. The guy upfront did not even try to resolve the issue. Mighty Muffler is a dishonest shop. Do not go there..

Review №28

I have been to this place twice and at each time I walked away happy with their work and satisfied with their pricing. I disagree with the low ratings of the other comments, keep in mind that you have to always ask questions if you are not sure how a repair process work. Ask price, ask possibility of more cost for the repair, ask how long the job will take, etc... at the end of the day, it is your approach that makes the difference, not the place you visit...On the customer service level, dont expect a red carpet, but do expect that you sure will get a smile, an honest answer and a team willing to do any work you need... the technician are very experienced and know what they are doing. You get the work done and sure well below any other place that is around the area would charge...

Review №29

I was excited to go here, but sadly they have a masks required policy.

Review №30

Terrible customer service! The guy running the shop here is very rude and everything time I come here, he always has an excuse on why he cant help me. Why would you advertise in big bold signage 4 wheel alignment if your machine is never working?! Fix the machine or remove the sign off your building, thats false advertisement. I wont ever be returning to this place and I dont recommend anyone taking there vehicle here. Just on the strength of the customer service alone. I cant imagine what their quality of work is like base on how they treat their paying customers.

Review №31

Joe is a very knowledgeable guy! They did a great job on my 79 Cutlass. Beautiful bends and welds!! I would definitely recommend this place!!!! My car sounds great!!

Review №32

Excellent place, honest people run the place

Review №33

Great service

Review №34

Quick and fair

Review №35

Great experience. In and out quickly. They did not try to up sell me on things that I do not need.

Review №36

Got my emissions down here. In and out, quick and easy.

Review №37

They were very helpful and informative telling me why my catalytic converter wasnt doing its job. Sure enough the honeycomb inside had broken apart thus needing replacement. Got me in and out fast.

Review №38

Good at fixing what needed fixed without costing a arm or leg.

Review №39

Great service, honest, reasonable prices.

Review №40

I just got my masterflow Exhaust install and my truck and it sounds amazing. Also Great customer service

Review №41

Went in for an emissions test and they made it quick and hassle free.

Review №42

Went in for an emissions test, and was in and out quickly. Friendly and courteous.

Review №43

I went to this place to get a muffler deletion and left with severely damaged paint...I know it happened there because I just finished hand drying my car right before I went there...Of course they have no clue how it happened and are refusing to pay... Another reason I know what happened there is because right after I walked over to my car when I saw it and wiped the fresh paint dust from the car...Car sounds great but the damage is not worth the trade-off.. the red car in the pictures is mine

Review №44

Fast and simple.

Review №45

I Had my truck repaired here. He told me the total cost before he started and after the work was done and time to pay he points at this hand written piece of paper on the wall behind him and said oh there an extra $10 fee. I ask why and he says they just charge it, he couldnt give me a reason why, I will never go back here again.

Review №46

They are very reasonable and dont rip you off like most places. They dont add more work to make more money like other businesses.

Review №47

Good staff, budget friendly. They always take care of me.

Review №48

Had O2 sensor mount replaced. Did a good job at a fair price... wasnt impressed by the tech spraying water into my O2 sensor connections... electricity and water dont do well together.

Review №49

I dropped my Cadillac off there at 8:30a.m. Friday morning for new front brakes. I arrived at 8:15a.m. and waited in the chairs provided out front with my husband. The lady inside watched us waiting outside and didnt open the door until after another customer had pulled up to their side door and she had unlocked it and let him in and let him fill out his paperwork. I didnt hear from them all day long. I finally had my husband call to check on the car at 4:40 and find out if they were going to have it done by their 5p.m. close time. When my husband called, the owner laughed and said oh she called the wrong person to tell them their car was done. They said they were going to pick it up tomorrow. Hahaha. We got up there 5 minutes later to pick the car up, and right as I pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed the ABS Brake light one other light on. I called up there and told them I was turning around and bringing it back and they told me they were closing for the night and I would have to wait until tomorrow. I brought it back up at 9:00 a.m. the next morning and they wanted me to drop it off again!! He didnt have time to look at it right then because he was busy! I informed him that I wasnt comfortable dropping my car off, seeing as how they tried to give it to someone else the day prior. He told me to come back on Monday right at 8:30 if he wanted me to look at it. I took it up the street to one of his competitors and they put it on a lift and IMMEDIATELY noticed that Mighty Muffler didnt hook the connectors to the wheels back up. It took all of 5 minutes to do, but Mighty Muffler had no time to do that!! I will NEVER come back here and I WILL tell EVERYONE I know what happened!

Review №50

Went here to get my spark plugs changed and he crosswired my plug wires and did not tell me that my car was not firing on all cylinders after doing job just told me after I paid him $100 it running right now but maybe only one or two days I dont know again I paid him for them to do that

Review №51

Terrible attitude and service .. Condescending guy acts like he doesnt want to do the work or have time for you. Wont ever go back ! Lawrenceville Ga.

Review №52

Went in for an emissions test. At 10:30am. No complaints from me. In and out in 10mins.

Review №53

Didnt have any issues did the work with knowledge and great efficiency!

Review №54

Just called the place a few minutes ago to ask about a muffler delete for my car. The man said “Do we do dat?... yeah...” I asked about price and he said “I gotta see wut I’m lookin’ at.” So I told him what car I have and he gave me the same answer. I understand he needs to take a look but surely there’s an average price for muffler removal he could have given me. He definitely could have been way more professional about it. He sounded like he didn’t want to be talking to me. This place lost a customer before they even gained one.

Review №55

I went there to ask questions about changing the mufflers the owner was very rude. He was not even ready to explain what all muffler products he has. Looks like he dont want to do any business,the folks who were waiting were also surprised by his behavior. Never experienced such kind of a behavior from any mechanic shop. I would never recommend this shop to any one.

Review №56

Used for exhaust work of all kinds for 15 years happy every time and every car

Review №57

This place has integrity. Will come back again.

Review №58

If you bring your own parts prices is very reasonable good work recommend bring your own Park lot cheaper

Review №59

The lady who use to work there was very good but the old man there does not do a good job everytime I go or send someone to him he talks and act like he doesnt want to do the job. Drive away customers he had only one car there doing emissions but he said they are extremely busy to leave my car that they closing in 1 hour 30 min while it almost 2 hours to closing.

Review №60

The service was great and I was in and out with no problem

Review №61

The attention was opportune and the person who attended me was really kind

Review №62

Great Costumer Service really friendly highly recommended

Review №63

Just called to get an estimate and the guy who answered the phone was short with his answers and it was clear to see that he didnt wanna be on the phone. Rude and drove this potential customer to a different Muffler shop.........

Review №64

I took my 95 Galant there once to get a catalytic converter installed and paid way over what I could have paid else where, Work was excellent but the service is bad far as the communication between the customer and the manager, Ever since Eddie stop running that place it has gone down hill. Never again will I use them for anything no matter how bad or close I am to them if I break down.

Review №65

Older Caucasian guy was unprofessional when I asked about an emmision that had wrong date told me the emmision computer could be fix tomorrow or the next day or next week with a bad attitude the staff is great very knowledgeable but the older Caucasian guy makes me think twice about doing business with him

Review №66

Got work done on my toyota for check engine light, catalytic converter, and paid a great amount, close to a grand. I got pieces installed a day later to comply with their 1 year warranty. Check engine light came on 20 days later. Went back so that they could check the problem but the lady who attends the costumer pretty much told me that nothing could be done and that it probably wasnt the catalytic converter that was the problem. I went to the toyota dealership and paid 90 something dollars to get it diagnosed and sure enough, catalytic converter was bad. Went back to this place and same lady was not helpful. I managed to talk to a mechanic and he told me to go to their duluth location. That place was a lot better.

Review №67

Good job on exhaust and a good price.

Review №68

Save me $1500 on an exhaust repair

Review №69

The worker did great work the guy who runs the business petty he charged me $20 dollars for a bolt even after i paid for additional services from him...

Review №70

Great people

Review №71

Great experience here. Small shop but they know what to do to help address your exhaust needs.

Review №72

Terrible! they replaced the alternator on my honda accord and my car died 2 weeks after. they messed up cables and wires. never again

Review №73

The guy at the desk is rude and they replaced my catalytic converter and stole my old converter and tried giving me an after market one instead when he took off an original

Review №74

Been doing business with them for years

Review №75

Worst shop ever. Not sure why doors still open

Review №76

The old man just drives away business they are not even busy but makes excuses on doing a job or even adding unnecessary charges to your bill I can see why no one comes here

Review №77

Great place, reasonable prices!!

Review №78

Great place

Review №79

Joe is a gem!

Review №80

Expensive but good!

Review №81

Complete degrading jackass.

Review №82


Review №83

Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome

Review №84

Excellent work, fast, efficient and at a good price .. thanks David

Review №85

Mr. Santiago is very attentive and super honest!

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