Jackpot Pawnshop of Largo
2705 E Bay Dr, Largo, FL 33771, United States
Jackpot Pawnshop of Largo
Review №1

First time pawning anything and they made the experience so easy. Super friendly and they all carried smiles. Yay! I will recommend Jackpot Pawn to friends and family. Thank guys.

Review №2

Was in a bind, had to pawn an important item but was able to buy it back within 24 hours. They knocked off the interest. Were very friendly. Clean store. Good prices. Ended up taking extra money after getting my own item back and buying something else. Fair price. Extra fair service. Recommend 100%. Much better than the fruit 🍊 company I tried.

Review №3

This is by far the best pawn shop around. The gentleman kurt is very professional and always takes care of me. Shop is very clean and organized!! They also have great deals on their firearms.

Review №4

Pretty nice place, lots of things to choose from tools, electronics, and GUNS! Wish I can have them all. Awesome customer service even though I didnt buy anything the guy was super helpful even helped my daughter try to pick out a ring that would fit her. Highly recommend.

Review №5

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. Best pawn shop I’ve ever been in friendly employees awesome customer service they really do help you out every time you go I don’t have a bad thing to say the guys there are really amazing. Will never go to another pawn shop again !

Review №6

Enjoyed my experience and the sales personnel was very helpful and personable to help someone whom just moved in the area. Oh... I will be back. Thanks guys...Peace!!!

Review №7

First thought walking in the store, was very clean and organized. I was welcomed there. The gentleman that was there helping me was so polite and beyond helpful. He helped me with a few things while there. Not once did I feel he was taking control or advantage of things I did not know. Really appreciate the fact that he took the time to show and explain things correctly to me. Thank you will come back.

Review №8

One of my most favorite pawn shops an best service u can findStaff are very helpful an will work with u love this place

Review №9

The folks here were polite and helpful.A little different than your standard Pawn ShopMuscle Joel was extremely helpful removing the drill bit cover

Review №10

Great service friendly Staff. Will definitely visit again.

Review №11

Excellent advise, service and friendly staff. Service and smiles were as good as price we got for gold items. Kirk and Josh ROCK!

Review №12

As soon as I walked in two gentleman informed me that due to my disability I was not allowed to shop there. I was in the store for 5 seconds and did no shopping, no walking around and no interaction with anyone, so I immediately left and will never return to a store that doesnt value customers.This owner is lying that someone complained because I wasnt coughing and wasnt in the store for more than 7 sec. I guess lying makes it easier to treat customers anyway you please and get away with it.

Review №13

I was working in the Clearwater/Largo area the other day when a major tool malfunctioned. It was the last day before the jobs deadline. I went to 3 local pawn shops with no help to replace the tool. I then saw Jackpot and when I walked in, Kirk introduced himself and asked how he could help. He immediately came around the counter and found the tool that would help me complete my task. Not only did he save the day but also saved my wallet alot more than I expected. Kirk even searched for accessories to assist my problem and threw them in with my purchase. This place saved my reputation that day and without any hesitation. Im forever grateful and will always stop here when Im in town. Thanks again Jackpot and your awesome attention shown for my dilemma will not be unrecognized. Thank you again.

Review №14

Josh is a class act man. Solid dude very prompt and clean transaction, bring your goods down here. Top dollar!

Review №15

Super good experience. Josh was great.

Review №16

Kirk was awesome, love these guys.

Review №17

This is a nice clean pawn shop with great customer service. Thank you Kirk!

Review №18

Aaron was great and helped me to get my financial goal.

Review №19

Jackpot was awesome the staff was cool will be continuing business here fosho

Review №20

Great service overall, easy to work with folks running this place, very friendly environment.

Review №21

Very knowledgeable of the jewelry I got a loan on and Very friendly.

Review №22

Everytime I come in the store everybodys friendly and the place is real clean always help you out how much better can you ask for

Review №23

Very rude and terrible customer service. Also wanted to give me 400 less then what his competitor gave me. DONT GO HERE!

Review №24

They were very helpful... Gave me a great deal on my watch....

Review №25

Awesome shop with tons of variety in their selection and fair pricing 🤙

Review №26

I pawned items here and was very impressed with the staff and customer service. They were fair and accurate with this transaction. I will return to business again.

Review №27

Awesome guys, clean, great prices. will always come here first

Review №28

Aaron was great. They offered more than the bluebook value and it was a smooth transaction. I will definetly come back in the future if covid continues.

Review №29

Im making a trip to your pawn shop I have tons of CDs players & DVD

Review №30

Great experience! Staff is professional and friendly! Got a fair price for my jewelry.

Review №31

I bought a professional light kit for video from them a few weeks back and I was very happy with my experience. That specific light kit had recently been heavily discounted online bringing the price as low as what they were asking at the pawn shop. Previously they were selling for $3k online but had been discounted to $1200, but they did not come with batteries. The shop was asking $1100 but they came with batteries, batteries brand new would cost close to $500 for the pair. I explained to the owner that the price for the lights had dropped significantly in the last week online and showed him the sale. He then offered to lower the price of the lights and include the batteries. He did not get rude with me, he was completely understanding of the sale and did what he could on his end to get the light kit down to a reasonable price that made it worth buying them there. He even went a step further and said that if we had any issues, like the batteries did not hold a charge or if one of the lights were flickering and didn’t work properly, that we could return them. Not many pawn shops will do that, everything is sold as is but they went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with my purchase. It’s not very often that you find a professional light kit at your local pawn shop and most would never allow you to return them after the fact. I would highly recommend this place for any purchases, small or large, and hopefully I can continue to find great deals on professional video equipment at their store.***SIDE NOTE: The storefront is one of the cleanest pawn shops I have ever seen. I don’t feel like I’m gonna get robbed walking in and it’s very inviting.

Review №32

Quick and fast service and very helpful

Review №33

Josh was excellent in my pursuit for happiness.

Review №34

This outfit has always been helpful in facilitating weapons transfers. Polite and understanding. I bought two pistols from them at decent fair prices. Will do so again.them in

Review №35

Excellent Service & Selection !!!Jack M.

Review №36

Good customer service nice environment

Review №37

Awesome pawn shop, great deals,cleanest or around.

Review №38

Clean. And nice sales associates

Review №39

I really like this place. They have good, quality jewelry. I was able to do a nice trade in there and I found a beautiful channel set ring there. The good thing about the place is that any problem that arises they are able to assist you with fixing. Not only that when you buy an item they will size it for you. I like them better than other other shop in that area. They have quality stuff, a large selection, and good prices. You will not be unhappy.

Review №40

Honest, Fair, and CLEAN! I Was blown away by this pawn shop. Funny to say that about a pawn shop, but from the initial phone call, to walking in, the experience was GREAT! Kirk and the staff are FAIR AND HONEST. Not typical from the pawn shop. Cheap prices on items for sale, and BIG selection. Very up front and honest about pawn items. Would strongly recommend to anyone looking.

Review №41

Great Pawn shop in my opinion the best in the area! Very helpful, great layaway plan, very friendly, clean, and large selection of everything your looking for! Highly recommend checking them out 👍🏼

Review №42

Clean and inviting. The staff actually had personality.

Review №43

Largo...jackpot pons is AMAZING👍🏻

Review №44

Excellent pawnshop.The best and the fairest one, the people are great, understanding. Highly recommended.Its rare to find good customer service at a pawn shop, this one definitely has it.Its appreciated.Thank you.

Review №45

Amazing experience, Enrique and Kirk were awesome. Made me feel very welcome and in need of a new xbox. Not only did they deliver but at an amazing price. Couldnt be happier and will be back again for more. Thanks again guys, very much appreciated.

Review №46

Great experience for my first time in a pawn shop. The guys there were super helpful and nice. They gave me fair price on what I brought in as well as recommend better ways to sell items they couldnt really make a good offer on. Will definitely go back with other items that dont make the cut in my downsizing.

Review №47

Great customer service

Review №48

Mike and Kirk are the greatest guys around! Clean place with absolutely AMAZING customer service from these two! Been to tons of pawn shops that just don’t compare. Never will go anywhere else!

Review №49

They were super nice and patient with me and showed me how to fix a problem I had with a PlayStation I bought. Turns out it was just user error and I didnt know. 10/10 would recommend

Review №50

The gentlemen who work here have the absolute best customer service skills of any pawn shop in Pinellas County. As someone who makes my money in yard and estate sales, they have given me amazing advice towards increasing my profits. They have also happily paid top notch prices on items I’ve sold to them. They are and will always be the very first place, and a lot of the times the only place, I take my for sale items. I’d highly recommend Jackpot Pawn Shop to anyone!! Definitely go check them out for all of your buying and selling needs!!-Sincerely, The Spunky Red Head.

Review №51

Thank you Rod you were awesome and helpful. The people not knocking on the doors😂🤣

Review №52

I got a great deal on a saxophone for a gift. It was gorgeous, but I had a hard time picking between all the instruments that they have. Lots of tools, electronics, and jewelry. Great people, I always go to brows and they never pressure to buy. Good place to get gifts for a guy!

Review №53

Kirk, Bryan & Enrique are very professional! I have been in other pawn shops & I dont trust or feel comfortable in any other pawn shop! Their service is 2nd to none! They will go the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction! I appreciate you guys....

Review №54

Switched to these guys a while back. Ive always had an I formative and nice experience coming here. I dont know why people complain about pawn shop pricing, if they give you money and you dont pay it back theyve lost more than just the loan in expenses etc. So pick up your pawns so Enrique doesnt have to beat you with them !!! JUST SAY NP TO DRUGS people its a no brainer. Again Jackpot Pawn is an awesome small op shop that will work with you however they can to help.

Review №55

Very friendly guest! nice guns for sell but the gun i wanted sold so fast 😫😫😫😫 awsome place !!!

Review №56

First time there and it was the best experience I have had at a pawn shop. It was clean, they were very polite and they did not low ball me at all, except they cant take TVs without a remote lol, but he still helped me to the best of his ability!!!! That was doing business right!!

Review №57

Kirk is a very personable guy. Was very nice to meet him.

Review №58

I stopped at Jackpot Pawn Of Largo, and i couldnt believe the service I had gotten. I met Lou and Enrique and they were right there to help me anyway they could. I only met them for a few minutes but feel like Ive known them for years, they are that friendly and welcoming. I will tell everyone to come here and receive the outstanding service that did. If you need a pawn shop for any reason, come here, you wont be sorry, they go above and beyond to help you!

Review №59

We just bought a custom ring from this shop. I had my eye on it for a little while now. They said they could size the ring for me but when something went wrong, they immediately fixed they issue with out complaint. My ring is perfect & beautiful, like nothing happened!! ALSO they were super kind to me & I will return. This is a great place to do business!! :)

Review №60

They are there to make money obviously if you are buying lots way better than selling

Review №61

Very flexible with payments. I have been late making a payment or wasnt able to make a full payment. Gary and Mike are both great guys and will work with you. I pawned a laptop and a TV, they gave me exactly what I asked for on both. So if youre short on cash or just trying to get rid of anything I would definitely recommend Jackpot Pawn.

Review №62

Awesome & Reliable Pawn Shop in Largo, FL . Love the new store! Let them handle your pawn needs. Bryan is Real Nice 😍

Review №63

Staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. They gave me a great price on my equipment and have very good prices and selection. One of the best pawn shops I have ever been to.

Review №64

The staff was very friendly and helpful. I needed a specific amount for bills and they went above what they were planning on giving me. I cannot say how much they have helped me out and cant wait to go back. I would recommend this shop to anyone.

Review №65

I have spent quite a fair amount in this store. The shop is extremely neat a organized. They have just about anything you can imagine for an incredibly reasonable price. The staff, Kirk, Brian, Lou, and Enrique are very knowledgeable and more then fair when it comes to buying, or selling items. All very friendly and compassionate. I wouldnt recommend another shop to anyone. Ive had nothing but excellent experiences. Should you ever find yourself needing some quick cash, or are just in the market for anything, from jewelry, power tools, firearms, and tons of electronics. They have good tastes when picking thier items so everything in the store is as good as new! Once you get to know them like I do. They become a extended part of family. Agian just want to thank the Jackpot family! Kirk, Lou, Brian, and last but not least Enrique. Thanks for everything fellas!

Review №66

Truly the best pawn shop in Pinellas County! The guys are fair, quick, friendly. Great place to buy tools cheap also!

Review №67

What a nice friendly place, both Kirk and Rod were very helpful with my purchase today, it was my first time purchasing anything today and I will definitely being going back there, thanks for the nice experience today guys

Review №68

Very friendly service would highly recommend

Review №69

Great place. I feel welcomed and the staff is awesome. Went to other places but they make you feel like crap.

Review №70

Came in this weekend to get a loan and was greeted with fair, fast and friendly service. They are pretty funny too! Thanks guys!

Review №71

Great staff and prices, nice store, highly recommend! Thank you, guys!

Review №72

Good people and it’s good service definitely coming back when I do go to any pawn and the guy I talked to sings along to the music they play and it put me in a better mood lol it’s the Season yo be jolly

Review №73

They guys help me a lot and were the nicest. Glad I came here😀

Review №74

Very friendly staff and even better deals. I found my new favorite pawnship. Than you Kurt!!

Review №75

The guys with the dark hair were both very nice and helpful. I was able to find a christmas gift for my husband and not feel like I was getting ripped off. Store was very clean and neat also. Will do business again

Review №76

Place is a rift off.

Review №77

I went here about a week ago to get rid of some old jewelry and was quite pleased with the service I got. The gentleman in there was very genuine about giving me the right price on what my items were worth. He was even kind enough to answer some small questions I had through the process of him using chemicals to test the jewelry before purchasing. All in all I walked out with more money than I had hoped for my items and a clear mind knowing I have a trusted pawn shop in my area! 10/10 would come here again! -Cameron

Review №78

Hands down the olny place within the area worth going to, why would you go to the rookies when you could go to the very first yet still standing pawn shop around these guys make you feel like family walking in and walking out ! Very impressed

Review №79

Offered me $150 for a brand new MacBook Air lol this place is a joke

Review №80

They fit me in 10 minutes to closing time and helped me find a ring for my beautiful wife. They are the best 5 stars!!!!! Go see Kirk hes the man!!

Review №81

Pretty cool guys. Stuff is priced decently, and they make sure it works before you buy it

Review №82

Great guys. Always a pleasant experience.Don’t try the rest, Go to the BEST!!

Review №83

Awesome place to to business with.... If you keep intouch they will work with you... They are definitely an great place and will use again and recommend!!!

Review №84

Enrique n kirk always have money i pawn n buy my gold im a faithful customer

Review №85

Lou & Enrique were awesome & so helpful. Great 1st time experience. I know where to go now if Im in a pinch.

Review №86

Excellent pawn shop .. helped me out many times... great place to shop ... Kirk is a great guy helped me get through a pinch one week definetly recommend this pawn shop to any locals or tourists looking to shop

Review №87

Enrique is awesome!! Very knowledgeable and exremly helpful! Will definitely return to this store with all my pawn needs.

Review №88

Enrique is very helpful and polite would suggest people to come in.

Review №89

Came in on sun in a jamb. Enrique helped me out with a little more than he should have and I really needed it. Great service Thanks

Review №90

The guys are always willing to help me out when i need a lil extra cash. All the guys are friendly and knowledgeable. And theyre one of the few shops open on sunday

Review №91

Great place to go. If you are in a pinch these guys will work with you rather than place you more in a bind to get you where you need to be!! Thank you guys!!

Review №92

Very nice staff and was able to meet a larger pawn sum.

Review №93

Enrique was straight up & honest & worked out to all sides happy

Review №94

I went into jackpot pawnshop and enrique helped me and was very polite and proffesional i will definetly be back.

Review №95

The new place looks great...Excellent customer service!

Review №96

Very helpful and awesome! They went the extra mile to help me and the customer service was on point. Enrique hooked me up!

Review №97

Great staff, especially Kirk. Very knowledgeable about instruments and incredibly fair pricing and great customer service

Review №98

Lou at jackpot treated me real well and was willing to work with me on the amount of money I needed to get, just all around great people and great store

Review №99

Thank you Jackpot pawn u guys are awesome and saved me and my boys today with ur help!!!! We r forever greatful. Awesome people there!!❤️❤️

Review №100

Friendly, but lowball me everytime on loans, and small overpriced inventory.Just go to Orange pawn down the roadthey give you almost double on loans. This place looks nice but is an absolute joke, dont waste the time or gas!

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  • Address:2705 E Bay Dr, Largo, FL 33771, United States
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  • Phone:+1 727-535-8867
  • Gold dealer
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  • Monday:9AM–7PM
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  • Sunday:12–5PM
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  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Buys used goods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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