Build-A-Bear Workshop
2011 N Roan St spc t-31a, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
Build-A-Bear Workshop
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Drove almost 2 hours away, and was not impessed what so ever.. Not friendly, high prices, charged for stuff you dont agree too and charged for a donation without them asking if its ok or if you even would want too, not much of clothing options at all, didnt even get a thank you. Spent way to much here, but we wont go back here to this location. Well go to the island in pigeon forge location from now on, they let the kids actually help to build the bear. Disappointed in our trip to the Johnson city mall. :(

Review №2

The staff was great, they were very sweet and helpful. The prices were better than anticipated! and it’s easy to find in the store.

Review №3

They were so sweet to my daughter, and stayed patient with her through the whole process! Thank you to the team there for making her day so special!

Review №4

This is more of a kiosk than an actual store. Most of the stuff that is normally included in the price of a bear (shower/bath, combing) is not available here. But had a good selection and very friendly associates.

Review №5

I took my children to make a bear on Saturday and I can’t say enough how awful our experience was. First of all it’s not even a store it’s just out in the open. The choices of bears, clothes and accessories were slim. The staff was very unprofessional not helpful and not friendly. If you are looking to go to build a bear pick a different location for the full experience! Very disappointing!

Review №6

I came to Build A Bear before its scheduled opening time, and an employee named John helped me.I brought in my stuffed animal and I requested that he put a photo of my dog in its stuffing. My dog passed in September, so this act of kindness meant the world to me.Before he was even scheduled to work, he still took the time to help me with something very special. That made my entire day!If you are reading this, John, thank you so very much for your kindness. I hope you, as well as all of the other employees at BAB, have a great day, and a happy new year!

Review №7

Was waiting for the VR place to open and decided to stop at Build-A-Bear. Havent built once I was 5 but had a lot of fun trying. My younger sister wanted a minion, Bob, but we wasnt sure if the Hufflepuff outfit she wanted would fit on him. They was really helpful and took their already built Bob and tried it on him. Overall the experience was really fun and the employees were really nice.

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We had a very frustrating experience and highly unprofessional. My cousin brought her young son and daughter to the Johnson City Mall kiosk build a bear, they traveled 3 hrs to bring him for his birthday. We were later getting there but they close at 7 and we were 6:53 getting there. They looked around and within a couple minutes the kids had picked out what they wanted and was ready to go, only to be advised they were closed. So we asked when did you close? The young lady said 7. Ok I look at my phone and it’s 6:58, no offer to help them, just sorry we’re closed. All the time the kids were looking and picking out the things they wanted, not a word was said. From my retail experience you help every customer that is in your store by close. I understand it was close to closing on a friday night, but when a customer is in your place of business, has everything they need in hand before you are scheduled to close and you say you are closed is terrible business. Especially when that customer said they traveled 3 hrs to come to your business and all you can say is sorry we’re closed. I wouldn’t give this location even 1 star.

Review №9

Employees went above and beyond great experience 👍

Review №10

Little too expensive for a stuffed animal.

Review №11

Went to this store yesterday and it was closed. Called ahead during the week and they told me they would be open. Once I got there they were closed. I just wanted to get my The Child stuffed and I live 2 hours away. This places sucks.

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The Pay-Your-Age Day was obviously a disaster. We all know that. Build a Bear tried to redeem themselves by offering a $15 off a creation coupon which I felt was an acceptable offer. Until I took 3 kids on a 40 minute drive from my house to Johnson City to redeem said coupon...I knew that the coupon is good for each Build a Bear Bonus Club account. I had the e-mail for me, my husband, and my nieces Dad. Turns out that I actually need the adults present to use it - which I think is ridiculous.Sorry kids - Im not picking a child to get a stuffed animal - so no one got anything. Cue emotional breakdown by a 3 year old who already picked out her stuffed toy and was so excited to make it. Nothing like building up excitement all day to have the bubble popped.You know what would have been easy? Letting me give you the e-mails to my husbands and my nieces dads Build a Bear bonus club account so I could have gotten each kid their stuffed animal because when its all said and done - corporate might tell you that an adult needs to be present for each kid but corporate wasnt there.Thank heavens I am not a single Mom with more than one kid because that coupon would have been useless.Build a Bear you topped off a fail with another fail.

Review №13

This is a cute store and good idea but is way too expensive for a stuffed animal. Adding a scent is over $3 and every accessory costs way more than it should Add to that its not even in a store to itself and is located right beside the kids play area. However, the staff is very friendly and great with the kids. They take time for each one that comes in there no matter how long it takes them.

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The workers are all very polite and helpful. I love build-a-bear. I prefer this one over the one in Knoxville. They helped me dress my stuffed animals and the workers in Knox did not when I was having trouble. The older woman is very helpful and nice, very awesome. 10/10 recommend.

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I went and got a bear today with my friend, and they were rude and didn’t give us the same treatment as they did other two customers.

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As an adult collector the employees are great and super non- judgmental. I only wish it was a full size store !

Review №17

Hannah was super helpful. Extremely calm and respectful dispite the all the chaos going on around us. Will definitely go back!

Review №18

They were very helpful with our granddaughter and her building her bear. The only negative thing I can say is their prices are really high.

Review №19

I had awesome experience at Build A Bear..There New Christmas is out..Check them will LOVE IT....

Review №20

Staff was great, but you shouldnt advertise birthday bears if you cant keep them.

Review №21

So let me tell you about this place. I took my three year old daughter to get the new Lightfury build a bear. She was so so excited. So i believe it was the store manager there but the first time we made the stuffed animal the employee waaaayyy overstuffed it didn’t ask me if this was ok just proceeded to keep going and tie it up ok. So we took it home and of course is sooooo overstuffed it busted in the back and broke the string. So my three year old was super upset thought it had a huge cut and was dead ( the mind of a three year old)So I dropped my kiddo off at school and told her I would take it to the hospital to get it fixed. So I go back to this build a bear and another employee was there and I told her I just bought it and wanted to swap it for another since it was overstuffed and the back string popped out. She said no that she could remove some stuffing and sew it up. We she goes And pulls out brown string for a white stuffed animal. She sewed it up and it had brown string tied off in the back super noticeable on a white stuffed animal. Then I was like I just want to make a new one I just bought this and let’s just start over I wasn’t even aggressive about it I was super nice and just wanted to make my little girl a new one so when I picked her up from school she would have known I fixed it. Nope not this place the employee was super rude and I pretty much said either I can make a new one or I just want my money back. She said ok let me give you the money back. So I got the money back. So guess what I did drove to my little girls school picked her up took her back to the mall and made them make her another one thank god an employee named Alissa was working because I had dealt with her yet and she made sure it was perfect and helped with how much stuffing it needed and made see it was tied up good. I had to pick up my little girl and take her to make another one and her mind can’t comprehend what happened to the one she had. This isn’t about us adults this is about the kids that’s what it’s for I should have never went through what I did alllll they had to do is take that one back and make another one but instead I had to come back three times get a refund and come back and buy it again. I hope the store manager or district manager reads this and fixes that because no customer should have to go through what I did. I wasted time and gas in my car. I will never go back to this store and I suggest you sway away from this location and go to another build a bear because I’ve been to a lot and never never had to go through that

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Ashley was very rude and unhelpful. Showed up very early for the rewards members pay your age day. They told me that there where two many people waiting and closed the line after waiting for hours. She stated that could come back after 4. Same story wait for hours just to have the kids disappointed. If it was for lack of bears I would understand but another employee told me that it will be another 2 weeks until they get another shipment so if they got rid of all there stock they would not have any more to sell. So I guess this company policy is to run specials but only to a limited amount of people. Then offer a small discount to everyone else so they can charge more the next day.

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I have 3 children crying there eyes because you all wouldn’t honor the age promotion. I wasn’t even allowed to buy them a bear at full price because corporate called EVERY location and told them to shut down. Absolutely ridiculous! I will NEVER AGAIN do business with this company ever!

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What corporate garbage to let down a bunch of kids like that. You lost my respect and any future business.

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The staff is very patient and friendly. We had a great experience.

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This company should be boycotted over this ridiculous advertising stunt.

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Love this place

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Great Manager

Review №30

Please answer the phone

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Staff was very patient and friendly

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