Jupiter Games
240 Main St, Johnson City, NY 13790, United States
Jupiter Games
Review №1

A spacious, well stocked game store with a good sized playing area.

Review №2

Great store! Excellent stock. Had the exact books we wanted.

Review №3

Great local shop. Table top games for everyone. Staff is great. Big selection of things and takes special orders.

Review №4

This place is awesome! The most decked out selection of Magic and D&D stuff Ive seen in any store. They even have Pokemon products when literally everyone else doesnt. I love coming here, highly recommend!

Review №5

Best local shop to get your game needsD and d, magic etc etc

Review №6

If you are in the area, looking for table top war games, magic the gathering or board games this is THE place to go. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and professional. If the person you are talking to doesnt have the answer, they will put you in contact with the person who does. Never have I had a poor experience.

Review №7

The staff are friendly and helpful with a large supply of gaming products. I always suggest them as a place to check out for board and card games a bit more complex than Monopoly or Uno. They also have a bunch of tabletop RPGs including DnD and much more beyond as well as a lot of accessories. They also have a good supply of MTG cards and accessories for storing collecting and protecting your cards. Even if you are not sure what you are looking for if you like games at all I highly suggest stopping by to browse.

Review №8

I work with clients that have disabilities and the staff was kind, respectful, helpful and took extra care of my guys well they where shopping. Exsplaned all the cards and every thing in a way that wasnt disrespectful and they could understand 10 out of 10.

Review №9

Awesome place to go for games like D&D and a bunch of other things. Its worth a look.

Review №10

Mindi is awesome! I would give 7 stars if I could! I’ve been looking for a particular board game for a few months, then tried here and I got it in now time at all! Super awesome service!

Review №11

Amazing Go There Now. Ask for Drew.

Review №12

Went to play a Magic: The Gathering Draft with a few buddies. Had a blast for $15. Guys there help judge so no arguing how technicalities work. Large basement with plenty of tables for all sorts of board games. And noticed they had a demo library so you can try out the board games before you buy them. Guys there were very friendly and helpful.

Review №13

Great friendly staff, nice selection of board games and tabletop miniatures.

Review №14

Ive received poor customer service from the staff here multiple times. Most recently I got a very condescending email from Mindi at their support address. All of their products sport a 30% mark-up or so. As much as Id love to support a local business, thats excessive.All in all, Jupiter just needs some stronger competition. Their location and online ordering makes them convenient, and thats it.

Review №15

Very knowledgeable staff and great prices

Review №16

Helpful and friendly. Definitely knew their stuff.

Review №17

Excellent selection of model supplies, and friendly service.

Review №18

This place is great if you are into tabletop games. Anything from board games, card games, etc. They often hold events for various games. As well as well sell resources for the games at fair and competitive prices. The people that work there are super friendly, conversational, and knowledgeable. Overall really awesome place for your nerd/ game supplies and events for games.

Review №19

Good selection and fair prices but the store (and sometimes staff) feels dreary and uninviting.

Review №20

This place is amazing. Their store looks awesome, they have a HUGE selection of different games so you can find something that would interest you almost guaranteed. And the staff are amazing people. They always strive to make sure your experience there is the best it can be.

Review №21

An absolutely great game shop. Long gone are the days where you can try something before you buy it. This game shop allows you to try dozens and dozens of games in their downstairs basement area. There are leagues for serious gamers and amateur night for those just getting into it. Staff is knowledgeable and courteous.

Review №22

Magic Cards. Miniatures. Table Top Games. Wonderful staff and friendly owners. Need a game night? Check out there selection...RPGs to Board Games Jupiter is the place to be!

Review №23

Jupiter games is an excellent store for the card, board, and tabletop game enthusiast. They stock a wide variety of product, including things you wont find at many other stores, and have a huge gaming room where you can play games right in the shop. They regularly host events in store, and groups regularly meet up on specific nights for specific types of games. They are very knowledgeable about the games, pretty responsive to customer requests(and can order most anything you dont see on shelf), and the prices are reasonable.

Review №24

Prices are great, tons of board games and the #1 place for Magic the Gathering needs. They are orderly and scheduled for all events and even have a massive playing area. Its great for people all ages! I used to play magic here on Wednesdays just to be social with others and make new friends.

Review №25

The staff in amazing, always friendly and willing to answer what ever questions you may have. Board game selection is the best you will find around as well. The only downfall is a lot of the stuff is priced incredibly high, Id like to support local as much as possible but its hard to do at a 30% mark up over online retailers with free shipping.

Review №26

They have a history of hastely banning people over false information, sometimes on accusations alone, and not taking the time to actually investigate things. The gaming area is in the basement with no windows and is no wheres near handicap accessible. As for prices, Ive seen better on Card Kingdom.

Review №27

Great staff and outstanding stock. You can play a huge number of games before you buy. They also have events and you can bring your own food.

Review №28

Really nice store. Nice events, lots of cards and board games for all ages

Review №29

Fantastic games and at pretty good pricing, they let you rest the games before you buy, which is always nice. Staff is awwkaed welcoming and friendly, albeit awkward. The make problem is the customers/players, there are times my husband and I have visited and goodness it becomes hard to breathe downstairs during major play days... If youre into fantasy games, card games, D&D, boardgames, and modeling this place will be great for you!

Review №30

Friendly helpful staff. Prices may very. They have everything you need from card games like magic the gathering to war hammer and board games in there as well 😎. No video games though

Review №31

So glad this place exists!! They have a super spacious downstairs area with tables for playing games and a fairly respectable game library. Please stop in and buy something while youre here, I hope they never close down...unlike everything else on that block!

Review №32

This is a very unique the business of its kind in the area thank you so much for being a part of Johnson City. #zorrbabe

Review №33

Great place to find board and card games. They host all kinds of community events for Magic the Gathering, wargaming, and board/card game demos.

Review №34

Greatest game store in town. Lots of open play and many tables and terrain for miniature games. Regular events as well, see their calendar. Big MtG following too (probably bulk of store business). Always friendly staff and many game systems in stock.

Review №35

Always friendly and helping. Very knowledgable about cards for magic. They could do better with selling your cards to them and that is my only gripe

Review №36

A wide selection of games coupled with a large public play space and small private room makes Jupiter Games a awesome store. I have been to many stores in several states and this one is top on my list.

Review №37

This place is so boring to me. If you like card games like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering, Then this is the place for you. They have boxed, sets, and little packets of card and you can even buy individual cards for a heavy price to try to help upgrade your deck. So this is kind of a weirdo hang out spot. However if your a parent and you looking for some unique board games to play with your kids this would be a great place to find them. They have a decent selection of different board games, some of which you will not see another stores.

Review №38

Tons of board games, dice, painted and unpainted figures, and Magic the Gathering cards! You can search their website for Magic cards to buy or sell. They also have demo games that you can try if youre looking for something new. And they are open 7 days a week. They also hold tournaments in their spacious downstairs level.

Review №39

Really great place. Nice staff. Great place to go play games without devices.

Review №40

Fun place to browse games, meet gamers, and play games. They have events and tournaments. They do a weekly demo day where you can just come in and play demo copies of great tabletop games. Check out their Facebook page for the list of events.

Review №41

Lots of options to play and buy. Fun events. Kind and caring staff. Great gaming community.

Review №42

A great tabletop gaming store, with a good variety of card games, board games, mini figurines, and a massive amount of gaming dice from cheap to nice metal ones. Downstairs they have an entire area for tabletop gaming with big tables, and scenery pieces in totes; while I wasnt there to game, it looks like they have a very nice set up

Review №43

Great local game store for board games, table top RPGs, trading card games and more. I drive over an hour to visit this store and I never feel like it wasnt worth it. Excellent place to pick up that hard to find board game or even to try something new on family game night.

Review №44

While I wish their board game selection was a bit more expansive; overall Jupiter is an excellent game store. It has a large, comfortable play area, snacks available and are food friendly, they keep the place clean, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №45

Friendly knowledgeable staff. Great environment. Fun place to be.

Review №46

Very honest place to sell Magic the Gathering cards

Review №47

Friendly, clean and neat game store with anything and everything MTG you could ask for plus tons more stuff and space to play downstairs. Really a gem in a mostly dumpy downtown area

Review №48

Well stocked store with plenty of room for games to be run.

Review №49

Love it there. Nerd heaven. Lol. Chill atmosphere and knowledgeable friendly staff. May the force be with you always lol

Review №50

Great selection of board games, RPGs, MTG, etc. A great selection of multiple game hobbies, with great access to sampling/testing and friendly knowledgeable staff.

Review №51

Its a great place of youre looking for board games or anything Magic The Gathering related. The workers there are passionate about their job and look to be helpful. Its also locally owned so thats a plus too.

Review №52

Jupiter Games is my favorite board game/card game shop. The store has plenty of fantasy gaming events, has good hours and fair pricing.. oh, and the atmosphere is fun and friendly. Strongly Recommend.

Review №53

Great selection of Magic cards and minis, decent board game selection, and friendly staff.

Review №54

Great family atmosphere, amazing selection of games, a bit more complicated than monopoly. Collectors items as well

Review №55

Huge selection of tabketop stuff! The staff are a little cold if they dont know you, but Im not in there often. Huge game area in the basement, and decent pricing. I look here when my local store cant get something in.

Review №56

The staff is always happy to help and very knowledgeable.

Review №57

Best gaming experience in town. Great staff very friendly and accommodating. Some awesome gaming groups meet here regularly.

Review №58

Amazing selection, things are a little more expensive than youd see online, but for the service you get its well worth it. Nothing youll see at any other game store.

Review №59

Great staff. If you are new to the scene they will take the time to explain their many games, miniatures, and paints.

Review №60

Super chill. Great service. Always has what you need.

Review №61

A great place to try games before you buy. Excellent for Dungeons and Dragons nerds

Review №62

Tons of games you can try downstairs! Clean and fun!

Review №63

Great friendly local gaming store with knowledgeable staff and a large selection of games.

Review №64

New location is excellent. Ridiculous amounts of space for playing games and a very large demo library go well with the welcoming staff and the regulars. Great place to hang out and play games all day.

Review №65

Great local game store that offers a wide variety of titles. Has a great play area for a variety of games including Warhammer and Magic the Gathering

Review №66

This is probably the best card shop Ive visited. They have a nice, big space to play and a great staff that were able to handle my MtG trade-ins.

Review №67

Favorite place to hang out and chill. The staff is super helpful and Mindi is a fantastic owner who truly does take input from customers to heart

Review №68

Fun store, well lit and great space to play games

Review №69

Pre-release night is always a blast. Scrubs and more scrubs drooling over new sets. My son and I usually stomp out some guts and get cards as prizes. 3-0 and chop for prize split is history for us both last 5 events. Place is cleaner and MUCH less smelly than most Magic haunts. Usually collection of rotund bellies snd exposed butt cracks and social misanthropes but these folks are Magics heart and soul. Always well run and judges make sane rulings. Snacks and drinks are nice on site option.

Review №70

The amount of good things aboit this store can not be overstated. Fantastic caring store owners and a knowledgeable staff.

Review №71

You will have no idea whats inside unless you stop in this is a fun place

Review №72

Wonderful traditional game shop, helpful and friendly staff, large playing area. Large selection. Lots of Events. My go to for MTG cards and Role-playing/board gaming.

Review №73

Great place for table top games and card games

Review №74

Great game shop and they do table top gaming and some MTG tourements!

Review №75

Fantastic experience every time with 0 cancelled orders and 100% quality customer service.

Review №76

Best place to get games and cards. Always helpful and friendly staff.

Review №77

I love go to Macy’s

Review №78

Pretty sweet place to get all your D&D and any other kind of board game needs.

Review №79

This is an awesome little niche shop

Review №80

Theyre always nice. Prices are fair

Review №81

Friendly staff and always willing to teach you how to play a game. Weekly and monthly events are super fun to attend as well

Review №82

Very nice game shop. Excellent selection!

Review №83

Always helpful and friendly with plenty of variety

Review №84

Store is great, game tables and games downstairs, staff is super friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №85

Love this place. A good store to get hard to find board games.

Review №86

Very friendly and helpful service!

Review №87

Huge selection of games to buy and try out. With a huge play area in the basement.UNCLE GERRYS TIP: Always check the website for specials and the different game nights they run.

Review №88

Good selection of cards and you can also get good prices on selling cards

Review №89

Didnt have the YuYuHakusho TCG from 2003, Friendly staff though, That Matt Way guy is very pleasantEdited review to 5 stars, Matt said hes attempting to acquire the Rooster Teeth game Million Dollars But very fun, store is always looking for new ways to have fun.

Review №90

Nice game store, a little pricy, but not too bad. Nice game playing section in the basement with plenty of games to try

Review №91

Great board-game store! Definitely come here and find some great games that arent your typical monopoly or clue. Ive bout a couple of expansion packs for Catan, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne! I notice a huge selection of MTG stuff and games of all types. They also have CAH and upgrade packs for those fun family game nights!

Review №92

Best game store there is, really friendly atmosphere, and the folks playing games are overall a nice bunch, very accepting and genial.

Review №93

Its ok. Staff is a little less sociable than Id expect.

Review №94

Great place to play games and meet new. People...

Review №95

Demo some board games, enter mtg tournaments, DnD and pathfinder. Dice, and cards. Fun, fun, fun.

Review №96

Good atmosphere and knowledgeable help.

Review №97

Awesome store. Great play space.

Review №98

Great selection and friendly staff

Review №99

Love it there great people and fun staff!

Review №100

Nice prices and a big selection of board and card games

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  • Address:240 Main St, Johnson City, NY 13790, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 607-729-5910
  • Game store
  • Event venue
  • Hobby store
  • Miniatures store
  • Toy store
  • Trading card store
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:12–8PM
  • Wednesday:12–8PM
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  • Sunday:12–8PM
From the business
  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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