Hydroshack Hydroponics
1138 W 20th St, Houston, TX 77008, United States
Hydroshack Hydroponics
Review №1

Nicest People Ever! They really know their stuff and will spend the time teaching you. They dont point you to the most expensive stuff. They tell you what works and most their stuff is priced the same if not cheaper than you can get on amazon. Words cant describe how awesome this place is. you should stop by and check it out for yourself!

Review №2

The girl behind the counter was extremely nice, personable, funny and knowledgeable. Maybe people caught her on an off day. We all have those. I was impressed with my purchases. I will return.I retuned today and had a complicated split payment purchase and ended up doing a complicated exchange. She and the guy working there didnt bat an eyelash. They did not make me feel like I was being one of those customers. Definitely will return. It is refreshing to know that good customer service has not gone entirely by the wayside.

Review №3

Very knowledgeable about your growing needs with superb customer service

Review №4

I shopped here a couple of times thought it was a great place until today. Went in to buy a kit they charged me $50 and this over priced tester. Went back to get a refund on the tester 20 mins later. Just to see the two ladies selling the same kit I just bought to some else cheaper. Now I feel like they over charged me for the tester also. I hope management fixes this.

Review №5

This place is awesome and knowledgeable... Great system set ups and best prices around... Even better than online sites on price

Review №6

Great place to get Leca and other hydro stuff if you know what you need. The two girls doesnt help much other than saying yes mam and no mam. No two way conversation or discussion.

Review №7

They are SUPER knowledgeable here. Im still a novice at indoor plants so they had a ton of great info to help me make my purchases and help me not commit plant murder. This place was recommend to me by buchanans and i will definitely be back.

Review №8

Very good help. Walked us through understanding the basics of a hydroponic setup. Will be going back.

Review №9

Loved the girl at the counter shes really informative the stores has many things and what you are looking for

Review №10

The staff here is great. Jeff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Saved me a lot of hassle and the prices are as good as internet. You cant get this kind of service on line. Five stars.

Review №11

This place has pretty much everything you need for indoor/outdoor grow. Employees are very informative

Review №12

The staff was very friendly and helpful. They had everything I could possibly need.

Review №13

AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Raven & Stephanie are great! Helped me with all my needs!Very knowledgeable about everything in the store!The guys are great also! But Raven is the truth!!Thanks guys!!

Review №14

Everything you need for indoor/outdoor garden. Whether using soil or using hydroponic. Employees are informative

Review №15

Great atmosphere, good people. No pressure to run you out while you browse.

Review №16

Great selection, employees, and prices.BUT the young lady at checkout was too busy on her cellphone to answer any questions and seemed quite annoyed with doing her job . Will return only if I cant get it anywhere else .

Review №17

The employees were very helpful. I had only basic information about hydroponic, and they explained everything from zero.

Review №18

I travel from Dickinson just to shop here! The selection is amazing, staff is super friendly and will help point you in the right direction, and the CBD bar is amazing as well. Cant wait to return!

Review №19

This place is one of the best is the business. They are so effin helpful and so willing to help its crazy. I asked so many questions I annoyed my self. Man hats off to the Lady and Gentlemen that are there. Thank you

Review №20

Im in love . This is my new home away from home.

Review №21

Very educated staff. Lots of inventory.

Review №22

Clerk didn’t really seem to know product info when I called and couldn’t suggest somewhere that might’ve had what I was needing- why are you answering the phone if you can answer questions or direct customers to someone who can?

Review №23

Very friendly staff. Tons of products, staff answered all my questions! Would recommend!

Review №24

Awesome staff, not only professional but very hospitable. Genuine, kind, and knowledgeable about growing supplies. I had an accident in the parking lot, and the staff rushed to help me. Thank you guys, Ill be a customer for life.

Review №25

They explained everything very well. They didn’t try to sell me product I didn’t need. I will get all my hydroponic supplies here from now on.

Review №26

Send your people to customer service school or something

Review №27

Highly professional and kind in gesture of educating me on all things indoor growing - I didn’t feel judged in any way for being a total novice, and left way more knowledgeable than when I came in. Looking forward to a long-term relationship and lots of yummy food, as well.It was so wonderful to experience a spark of inspiration amongst such dreary times! Thank you!

Review №28

Nice hydro supply store!

Review №29

I came here because of fairly positive reviews and it was on the way home from work. Like others have said, the women working definitely has zero customer skills and not at all pleasant to deal with. Its a shame that I will not be returning. I try to do my best to support small local businesses.

Review №30

Huge selection of all growing mediums, and friendly staff are always helpful.

Review №31

Awesomeness, indeed!! Great customer service, products & very knowledgeable. Omg, and the most amazing CBD dispensary ever... can’t forget they showed loved for my Army Vet with a discount. #Salute - one of our first trips into the city with the soft reopen. Absolutely awesome!! Ask for John!!

Review №32

Idk the name of the lady from yesterday but. Terrible Customer service. She had no knowledge of the products. She suggested something that would have killed my plants...

Review №33

I was really impressed with this little shop. The staff was knowledgeable and helped me find a healthy set of nutrients based on my personal preferences.The young man tending the shop even helped me locate a part I was looking for while I shopped around.I will always shop here first for my hydroponic needs.

Review №34

There were so many products to actually put my hands on that helped make decisions about the direction and success for my next grow. Tremendously helpful and well versed in the art of hydroponics. These guys can get you started from the ground up. Great shop!Only improvement: lighting selection need to display LED, COB options. Overall very well stocked!

Review №35

This review is to advise Jeff was really good to us.He took about one and half to explain everything we ask for in detail. He loves what he does. Great great person. Wonderful customer service. We will be back pretty soon for more items.

Review №36

1st time there! Pleasantly surprised...I will def be back. A hidden jem

Review №37

The girl that answers the phone is super rude. I was going to purchase a few items from them but because of her ugly attitude and lack of knowledge of the items I was asking about I quickly changed my mind. They Lost a potential long term customer before I even became a customer. I would most definitely not recommend this place to anybody especially other growers. Took my business elsewhere so Thanks to “JSH Hydroponics” for helping me out, very knowledgable and even threw in some discounts and free items for free!

Review №38

I came here on the recommendation of a friend and, wow, this place is awesome! It has everything one needs to get growing and yielding. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly! It was really some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Also, the grow room is really cool to walk through and admire. I will definitely be returning!

Review №39

This place is great. I wish the street it was on wasnt like driving through a war zone filled with pot holes but other than that. Ive met the owner and his son. They are always welcoming and will answer any question you have. They also sell CBD products that my wife swears by. Prices are spot on and atmosphere is inviting. Dont ever close!!!

Review №40

Great hydro shop... solid prices and the selection you would expect but what really makes this shop great is the staff. Good luck finding friendlier customer service.

Review №41

Call people that take the time to help you get what you need.

Review №42

Very nice place to get started on any type of growing

Review №43

Great. Employees are so helpful. Thanks

Review №44

Best store in Houston

Review №45

I wish I could rate them 6 stars! I have had nothing but great experiences the three times I have visited. Price wise they are very reasonable. Im sure you could get things cheaper online, but you wont get the benefit of their extensive knowledge! I have asked so many random questions and gotten great, detailed answers for every one. And everyone is so nice! Including the dogs :-)

Review №46

Very helpful and friendly staff, and helped me find all I needed to start my own system

Review №47

I had the great pleasure of visiting Hydroshack. Naturally, I was immediately impressed by the hydroponic plants that were growing in the adjacent room. I had never seen tobacco grown in that fashion.Ryan assisted me with my purchase of soil(s). He was friendly and knowledgeable. Ryan answered my barrage of questions and was very kind and patient.I am going back on Saturday for the coffee and beer...and, most likely, more soil.This is my new toy store.

Review №48

Yea the bad reviews are obviously the competition, this place has all you need and if they dont have it they can get it. The guy I see all the time is Ty and boy is he knowledgeable and with a passion loves to help and answer questions. Being open on Sundays for me is a god send as I work the other six. Stop by this place, you wont be disappointed!!

Review №49

Exceptional customer service! The gentlemen working on Monday 2/19/18 was more than helpful with all of my questions. When asked for honest opinions he definitely went above and beyond. I am glad to see that stores like this thrive and do well. From their reviews you cant go wrong here. Def come by and take a look at their supply of nutrients and supplies. Prices are marked fair but, surely you can find cheaper online. But, you cant find this type of A+ quality service when ordering stuff online!

Review №50

Nice store, super friendly staff. Chris took the time to answer my questions and explain how to get the best results from my startup system. Highly recommend this store if you are involved in hydroponic gardening, or if youre just interested in getting involved.

Review №51

This is a awesome place for hydroponics! I will defiantly be back! Jeff was the guy who showed me around and answer some questions I had very friendly! I do recommend this place if your are interesting in growing hydro or soil.

Review №52

These guys are great. One of the few places you can get everything including used equipment to save money.

Review №53

So much knowledge n really helpful staff

Review №54

Chris is one of the nicest and.most helpful people on the planet. Hes ESPECIALLY knowledgeable in the CBD products they carry, there!!

Review №55

One stop shop for all of your indoor growing needs. Great guys, always helping and willing to strike up a conversation. You can tell they are really passionate about growing!

Review №56

I love this place, amazing people helped me with everything.

Review №57

The place to go for all your planting needs the guys There are great very helpful never disappointed when I visit They have everything you need better then big Box stores a must visit if you love plants and planting

Review №58

First time here and it was amazing, the taste of the quadruple heart clogger and the cheese fries were great. No complaints here

Review №59

Great place for beginners or experts. Very helpful staff. 100% will shop there for all hydro needs

Review №60

Best place in Houston hands down. Why? Tevis is super helpful and will get you whatever you need asap, even if they dont have it in stock or if its something obscure, not to mention the knowledge and tips given if you ask questions. Its very worth the time and money going there. I recommend Hydroshack to EVERYONE.

Review №61

They sell good products.

Review №62

Have you ever heard about hydroponics, the method of growing plants without soil using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent? I had not, but when my friend told me about urban farming and how hydroponics was the way of the future, I was intrigued to find out more! What hooked me was I was told how I could grow my own vegetables inside of the comfort of my own home in an efficient and clean way with minimal effort. I went to Hydroshack Hydroponics to gain more insight.I met with the owner, Chris, and he brought me into the grow room on display. He explained everything from the different techniques used in hydroponics, the different light setups, the nutrients used, and even showed me the equipment used to make RO water (reverse osmosis for water purification). He walked me around the store and showed me the most beneficial nutrients that plants needed when vegetating and flowering. What I really liked was how he talked about the issues that most of his clients run into like root rot and nutrient deficiencies.I learned a lot from Chris, and he gave me a lot of ideas about indoor gardening. He was really friendly, knowledgeable, and gave amazing customer service. He even had a fancy coffee machine in the store and offered me some fresh coffee! It was a great experience, and when I am ready to start an indoor garden setup, I will definitely be back to Hydroshack Hydroponics.

Review №63

Super friendly and knowledgeable folks here. Very appreciative of their fair pricing and The time they took to discuss everything I asked about.

Review №64

I love, love, love this place. I can always find what I need for my aquaponic system. If I need something they dont have they will get it for me and notify me when my order arrives. By far the best shop in the Houston area. They are even open 7 days a week for those of us who need to shop on the weekends.

Review №65

If you shop at this store, you actually get what you pay for. You can even order special formulas for your plants through this company. I will all way shop here cause they have good prices.

Review №66

Good place theez guys no there product they are not amuters like other hydroponic stores

Review №67

Everything is very moderately priced and the staff is super helpful and informative. They definitely take their time to explain everything about any question that you could think to ask them about the products proper gardening

Review №68

I came here because of the great reviews.The woman working has zero customer service knowledge.Very rude.I hope she gets trained to be respectful very soon.

Review №69

Knowledgeable, friendly, and carry everything you could need for your vegetable garden. They even have fresh basil that you can take trimmings from. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Review №70

Best place on the north side of Houston to buy hydro products

Review №71

Hydroshack is like a Toys R Us for growers.Jeff is very knowledgeable about everything he’s selling and he’s also a pretty nice guy. Your not gonna find a better grow store in H-Town.

Review №72

Awesome shop great inventory and friendly employees

Review №73

They have the best products around. Ive been there several times. And it wont be the last...

Review №74

Great selection and very knowledgeable staff

Review №75

1st time coming to an place like this besides the Garden Center at Lowes which is way different. Its a cool place to ck out. We Got to learn alot of stuff. Different ways to grow & treat & protect your gardens. Friendly, well educated employees. ( Lol hey its a Pokemon Go Stop to. )

Review №76

Good place to shop. And for genetics Im growing cuts from Shoreline Genetics.

Review №77

Been here a couple times now, the staff is awesome and their dogs are cool too

Review №78

This place is very informational, would recommend if your brand new to hydroponics, or just need some different advice about your grow. Staff is very friendly and the owners dogs are awesome.

Review №79

Fantastic staff and service. Ty and Jeff are always willing and able to walk through any issue you might have with hydroponic gardening.

Review №80

They always have what you need. Nice prices also.

Review №81

Such a pleasure to shop at Hydroshack and now they have teamed up with this new start up, Local Postal, allowing me to get all my packages delivered there as my neighborhood has a package theft problem.

Review №82

The 3 negative reviews are obviously competitors. This is a great place. Very helpful and knowledgeable, thanks Ty!

Review №83

Hey! This place is awesome! Jeff was a wealth of information that he readily shared! I thought the prices were fair especially for the quantity!I am going back again!

Review №84

Love this place so far. Went in today and got one on one help and advise. Will be back soon!!

Review №85

Hydroshack is by far the best hydroponic store in houston. The customer service is great, and the coffee is the best. The dogs are very nice. I love to come and ask questions about my plants. Over all i will give hydroshack a 10 out of 10

Review №86

Great staff that is educated/ knowledgable about what they are talking about. Helpful and always friend here.

Review №87

I love the Hydroshack! The guys there are super helpful and friendly.

Review №88

Very nice store, Jeff was very informative. Will gladly be doing business here

Review №89

I drove from the Woodlands to this place it was a terrible experience I would never come here again

Review №90

They had everything I needed. Nice staff. Ill visit again. My dog Sasha likes it too.

Review №91

The guys there are always awesome, friendly, and knowledgeable. Went back there since they remodeled and everything looks great.

Review №92

Coolest people I have met today!! Good atmosphere and very friendly.

Review №93

Super knowledgeable staff great prices and wonderful selection! On the top of my list!

Review №94

Always has what I need & always has friendly customer service, been going to hydro shack for years & never had a problem with your products or friendly staff & great tips for their customers.

Review №95

Nice place for growing things 😊

Review №96

Best Store in Houston hands down. Shop is clean !!!

Review №97

Enjoy every visit. They have most everything you need for indoor and back yard growing.

Review №98

Great staff, very helpful, they didnt have exactly what I needed and even went so far as pointing me in the right direction!

Review №99

Great inventory and helpful staff.

Review №100

Great people and nice service. Really informative people, have everything you need for hydroponic.

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