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Music & Arts

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This is the new location. They relocated from the Oaks Plaza near the mall. Other than the lesson rooms being on the small size, it is a nice upgrade. Everything is clean and organized.

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I had spoken with staff previously about a particular color of ukulele that I was looking for and left my contact information. When one came in, Katey called to let me know it was available! Excellent, personalized service; just what I love from a local music store! Both Katey and Rowan have been wonderful to work with. Will definitely be back!

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This is possibly the worst music store I have ever seen. I’ve been lucky to rarely see good customer service from here. Almost everyone I have seen working here has no clue what they are doing. When I bought my newer clarinet, we took over an hour waiting in the store for the person to register it because we were renting to buy it. The first clarinet I used as a beginner wasn’t even in working condition, and I thought I was the problem when none of the lower notes would come out. Even after the store switched locations, the service was still awful. The first clarinet neck strap I bought online was over priced, and it was actually a saxophone neck strap. They even told us it was for clarinet when we ordered it in store. I recently took my clarinet in to get the deep cleaning we paid $60 for, and it came back exactly the same as I had left it. Everything they sell is a scam.

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Customer service is God awful, pray you dont get Karen on the line. Only one person was good and he helped greatly. They dont tell you they open at 1 but they wont change their online times. Worst store/place and people ever.

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Clean organized store. Employees helpful and knowledgeable.

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I contacted Music & Arts in need of a couple instruments to rent and received excellent customer service. Even though mine was one of the smaller orders they receive I was treated no differently than a customer with a large order. Music & Arts employees that provided me with such exemplary customer service were Mr. Andrew Little and Mr. Sean Eccles.

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I am overal not happy with music & arts. THey cant keep reeds in stock

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It is such a shame what this has turned into. It was an incredible store full of great people, great teachers and staff. Now it is a corporate shell of its former self. Nobody goes to this store anymore, and it is obvious why. They dont care about quality, only $$$$$. Do yourself a favor and go literally anywhere else

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They dont have a lot of inventory, and dont expect customer service like sweetwater

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So disappointed with this store! I came in a Sunday when they where supposed to open at 12pm waited 30min and the store never opened. If their not going to open they should let the public know so people don’t waste their time. When I came back the next day, it was 5min till open and still no one was there, because apparently a staff member needed to handle a personal issue. Which I was told was to go to the bank before the line got too long. How is that my problem? Be at your job on time please.Never coming back!

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This is THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL store Ihave ever dealt with. Speaking as a teacher, this company treats their lessons program like garbage. And they insult the intelligence of anyone buying an instrument and their ultra-inflated prices

Review №12

It has been six months since I first went in. I have been waiting on my repair. No response. I have seen so many different employees come and go. Nobody wants to be here. This has to be the most depressing music store

Review №13

Do NOT recommend...there are much better options

Review №14

The size of the lesson studios is ridiculous and insulting, especially when you walk right over to Guitar Center and see the size they have. It is just an example of how this company doesnt care for lessons and students AT ALL. Our family has had lessons at Great Southern Music for 4 longer

Review №15

Rip off! Sold me a $150 flute for over $800! Do not go here.

Review №16

I love the teachers. My son takes viola lessons from professional violinist, Marina Tucker. She is fabulous at teaching both violin and viola! She has a Masters in Violin from UF and teaches and plays with professional orchestras.I take cello lessons from UF Music School graduate student Mattia Imponeti. He has taught me so much about the cello. I started playing in January. I have learned a lot and really enjoy his method of teaching. I am so impressed by the music schools teachers and staff. The front receptionists are very helpful too.A corporation called Music and the Arts bought out the family owned business a few months ago. I was told they will be moving to a new location in June. I really like this location, so I am sad about the location change. Its next to the Oaks Mall. Its conveniently located. The change will double my travel time.My only complaint is that the company that bought the family owned music business keeps sending box after box of useless junk. Its sent on autoship. The new company doesnt ask the store what supplies it really needs.The practice room my son and I use has gradually become 1/4 full of boxes, and excess instruments. It used to be nice and clean. Now it is stacked floor to ceiling high and several boxes deep. I am NOT exaggerating! The back wall of boxes had steadily grown, but now its also full of unused cellos and other instruments. Its getting so crowded!Seriously, how many useless giant boxes of wall hooks does a business need! I counted at least 9. What a waste of money, floor space, etc. The practice room Ive been using since January gets more and more crowded each week with floor to ceiling boxes: toilet paper, paper towels, hooks, instrument stuff, etc. The teachers keep apologizing that it autoships and they cant stop it. There is nowhere to put it except in the practice rooms.I guess thats my only gripe. The teachers are great, but I miss the family owned business. At least the local owners knew how much toilet paper to buy and didnt fill the practice rooms with floor to ceiling boxes and stuff. The corporate Music and Arts needs to stop sending excess supplies to the store. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone in their corporate office will read this post or care if the music students practice rooms are obnoxiouly overcrowded with unnecessary stuff. Music rooms are for student lessons, not storing useless garbage.

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Ripped me off via a quote, service is bad

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Go to Hoggtowne

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