Hoggtowne Music
at Thornebrook Village Shopping Center, 2441 NW 43rd St STE 26B, Gainesville, FL 32606, United States
Hoggtowne Music
Review №1

Chris at Hoggetowne Music restrong my precious ukulele that was hand built from 100 year old sunk spruce from Schroon Lake NY by my friend at Bass Rock, Eric Bright. Tuning her now multiple times a day in she sounds AWESOME!! Thank you so much!

Review №2

This shop is full of an amazing staff who are kind, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to help a customer. When you go into the store and leaving the store you get treated like family. I bought my American StratPro, Fender Princeton, ukulele and various pieces of gear here, and if they dont have what Im looking for... they will find it and have it shipped. Joe the owner has completely brought one of my guitars back to life as well as working on two others. The price of the repair work is very reasonable and his skill with an attention to detail are top notch. They have families in there all the time for bands instruments and lessons. I would recommend them and do recommend them to everyone.

Review №3

Brought my 12 string in for new set of strings and long delayed set up. Chris did a great job and it sounds better than ever. Ive bought a lot of equipment from them over the years (including the aforementioned Seagull 12 string), a Yamaha StagePass PA, and even down to Fred Kelly speed picks. It all works perfectly and their advice is spot on.

Review №4

Went the first time and was sold the wrong book for my daughters class because of an incorrect order from hoggtowne. My daughter came back to exchange for the correct book and they would not exchange without original credit card . They knew it came from them. Came back a third time sent my daughter in with all the card to swap the book and of course no more books . Now they want my daughter to get my card pin for a return I came into the store and the guy continued to ask me for my pin I try to support local but they were so disorganized, agrevating and clueless that I ordered the book online and will cut my 10 loss to not waste anymore time. Bad service is bad service and they were in no way helpful Im my experience. The first time was a mistake the second time was just rise and the third time was enough to write this .Im not sure what forwarding it to her instructor will help. I get that someone made a mistake. It happens. But you should have swapped her book when she came in and you had them. Instead she was told you couldnt exchange it without the card it was purchased with. What kind of policy is that I cant exchange a book that someone made a mistake on without the card... I appreciate the offer to credit my 10 but I will not spend a fourth trip or more more of my time in this effort. Mistakes happen but bad service is bad service .

Review №5

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend this location to anyone who is curious, or wants to learn more about any kind of music.

Review №6

I have always trusted the fine folks at Hoggetowne Music to help me out with a lot of my musical needs. On my most recent visit, there was a slight inconvenience that occurred- nothing too major, (thats life). I was able to set up a meeting with Joe and Melonie (owners), and discuss with them the issue at hand. They were extremely attentive to my concerns, offered a solution, and were very apologetic, all the while being friendly and professional.Long story short... The first time in many many years Ive ever had a glitch, and they went out of their way to fix it. Proving once again, if you need anything musically related the awesome people at Hoggetowne Music are the fine folks you want to speak with!!

Review №7

Great local music store! Staff is very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Had a guitar restrung there and they did a great job! It is especially important these days to support local business and I will definitely shop here again!

Review №8

Masa us amazing at helping my son learn the drums.

Review №9

Great bunch of guys. Will use their services again.

Review №10

Had a very short experience with this music store. Went in told them what I needed, they had everything in stock. I was in and out in 15min. They even helped me out to load my items into my vehicle. Good experience overall

Review №11

Ive been going to Hoggtowne for years to get my Les Paul routinely restringed. Over this past weekend I picked up an Ibanez JBM100 Jake Bowen Signature series guitar and was really cautious about where to take it for a set up. Ive never owned a piece of music gear this nice and have never played on a floyd rose. I knew I was too scared to start messing with it myself so I decided to take it into Hoggtowne. They were extremely knowledgeable on what I was bringing to them and I learned a lot about what I was getting into with this guitar.I dropped the guitar off on a Monday and it was finished by Wednesday afternoon, earlier than anticipated. Let me tell you something, this guitar is an absolute joy to play. Ive been playing it all day (literally) since picking it up from the shop. The set up is perfect and I will 100% be a lifelong return customer. Best place to go to in Gainesville guaranteed.

Review №12

Absolutely love this business.

Review №13

Located in the inner courtyard of plaza. Did a really good inspection and repair at a reasonable price.

Review №14

Very nice and attentive people.

Review №15

Absolutely amazing experience! We walked in at 5:45 when the store closes at 6pm and the staff was so welcoming. They did a fitting for our daughter and provided us with so much information. They were patient, informative and just all around awesome!! Truly the way a business should be ran!! Thanks for an awesome experience!!

Review №16

I took my brand new electric in to Hoggtowne for a set-up. I watched a million videos on YouTube and did some of the work myself, but I havent had a Flyod Rose in a long time so I decided to get an expert to complete. boy was I surprised. first off it was completed the next day. second it was so above and beyond my expectation. so smooth, so fast, and great tone. so happy that I will be taking in my acoustic in if I ever put down this electric. thank you Joe and Tom.

Review №17

Went to get a tuner they needed to price correct from the site, and they did. But also got a Hohner Puck that was repackaged (to be fair, idk if by them) and a draw hole didnt work at all. That was the last one, so they had to switch with an Old Standby, and if you know harmonicas, thats just a trade down even though it was more expensive on their shelf. I know its harder to do a refund, but Id have rathered that. These things combined left a bad taste in my mouth.

Review №18

I am so glad I found Hoggtowne Music store! I accidentally knocked the sound post loose on a new violin when trying to re-string it and they were the only music store in Gainesville who said they could help when I called. I brought it to them the next morning and they fixed it up AND restrung the violin right then and there for me! Everyone who works there was extremely polite and friendly and I was seriously impressed by their inventory. I am a new permanent customer to Hoggtowne anytime I need anything music related and I recommend it to everyone.

Review №19

This was our third music store for the day. We live over an hour away. We had purchased a lyre off amazon and went in to see why it would not fit her “mellophone”. Turns out she has a marching French horn. We got a lesson on the differences and he was able to supply the correct equipment. He was extremely helpful and friendly. This is her first year in marching band and although I am completely in love with amazon.......we will be driving to Gainesville to this store from now on.

Review №20

This is a wonderful business. We have grown with them from their original site, to the site next door, to the newest and largest site. They keep growing because they are so amazing with customer service and knowledgeable, practical advice about so many types of instruments and music. I highly recommend their store and especially the piano lessons with Will Johnston. They have an amazing group of people.

Review №21

Fast, friendly, and the in store experience was exactly what the staff member said to expect on the phone.

Review №22

Over the years, my Mother gave me a couple of guitars from Hoggetown Music I think and believe, though it was prior to relocating to this location. The store front was quite nice then and perhaps a little more spiffy, as in nice and meant more for professionals, while this current location is I suspect more family friendly and ideal for novices. Im not sure if they have two business locations though I think thatd be ideal and cool. If I can get the money together, over the years though, Id like to continue doing business with this company and gather a few other instruments and things.

Review №23

Everyone in the shop I have interacted with has been nothing short of amazing. From the gentleman who performs repairs to the folks running the registers, they are all very friendly and extremely helpful.

Review №24

So happy I found this place! I was at guitar center a few days ago in the percussion area looking for a new egg shaker. The egg shakers there cost roughly $5-$6. Then I discovered Hoggtowne Music today, and not only were the egg shakers only $2 but the employees were super friendly and mentioned their weekly jam sessions downtown and invited me to join in on their upcoming event. Many patrons visited the shop while I was perusing, so it seemed like a pretty popular place and their inventory is very extensive. Will definitely be purchasing future instruments here. This is a great local business that contributes to the community and is truly a Gainesville gem.

Review №25

When you consider that Hoggtowne is a local music store, not a nationwide chain, they have an incredible selection. If you want a Fender guitar or Martin Acoustic, they have you covered. And they have a wide selection of less expensive import guitars as well.

Review №26

Has great service. Very nice intruments. Nice employes and teachers. Keeps you updated on anything.I reccomend going.

Review №27

Genuine old school locally owned music store. Great selection of Guitars, amps, ukuleles, accessories etc. Has a great new selection of Martin Guitars. Lovely folks.

Review №28

I had an extremely frustrating experience with this shop. They did have a nice selection of Martins at reasonable prices and seemed like a decent shop otherwise.

Review №29

I just went in for some guitar strings one Sunday afternoon.Very nice shop, with a bright open feel. Good blues were playing when I got there. The employees were helpful and nice. I will certainly be back at some point.

Review №30

Very helpful and knowledgeable. They have a wide variety of instruments and accessories.

Review №31

If youre thinking about going to guitar world, guitar center, or any other franchise, dont. Go here.I was looking to fix an embarrassingly simple problem on an expensive guitar that i was afraid to touch myself, but all of the franchise stores i called quoted me a price of $25-$45, on top of a multi-day long waiting period, to fix something that even i knew would have only taken an experienced repair man 5 minutes max to do. So i came here to Hoggtowne Music, and not only did the owner himself fix the problem for me with no appointment or anything, but he did it for free and did it in front of me while talking me through the entire process and giving me a lot of invaluable information about the type of guitar i had.Now im not saying that you should expect to get anything here for free, because a business cant stay in business that way, but if youre looking for friendly, understanding, and knowledgeable service, then you honestly cant beat Hoggtowne Music. So if you ever have to choose between this place or some other mega-corporate chain music store, the choice is pretty obvious.

Review №32

Friendly and knowledgeable, Hoggtowne Music is the drumbeat of Gainesvilles music. Lots of great staff who offer personal and expert advice on everything from instrument repair, buying, and selling, to lessons and school and community events.

Review №33

Staff were super nice, friendly, and ever so helpful!!! Hoggetowne is my go-to music store for pretty much everything.

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Review №35

Theyre always friendly and helpful. They seem to specialize in ukuleles. There is a huge selection.

Review №36

Continues to charge me for a flute that has been paid off

Review №37

We go every Thursday for piano and guitar

Review №38

I wouldnt use them to have your guitar repaired. They charged me more then the usual and it came back buzzing all over.

Review №39

I bought a used trumpet on ebay from this store, in one week I received the instrument in Italy, perfect piece, thanks

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