Guitar Center Gainesville
3210 SW 35th Blvd #203, Gainesville, FL 32608, United States
Guitar Center Gainesville
Review №1

Sent my childhood guitar in for maintenance after not playing for 4 years, and it sounds and feels great! fits, which is what believe the name is of the person who oversees the maintenance, got me a deal on these great strings and now i cant get my hands off the guitar it feels so good and sounds so good to play!! not only that but he was so communicative and helpful in helping me figure out what kind of strings i would need for my playing style and keeping me updates during the process. he also left an extra battery for the electric component and the case for the strings for when i need to replace them :D awesome !!!

Review №2

The store was clean and organized at the time of visit. The staff are all nice and friendly . i like that they are pro active in keeping the covid safety measures in place by providing sanitizer and face mask by the entrance door for those who needs it.

Review №3

Theres a guitar here for anyone who plays or wants to learn. Good selection of new gear for a fair price, and usually some rad used instruments as well. My last five guitars came from this spot. Stop in and buy some stuff.

Review №4

This place has really gone down. I would rather drive to Ocala then to come to this store. It used to be a time when they would greet you when u come into the store, ask you of they could help but now it is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, I understand being short staffed heck Im short staffed but I dont disregard my clients. Customer service is important but I guess not for guitar center. More than likely I wont be coming back here I would rather travel or go online.

Review №5

Was not greeted by any employee in fact it was 10 minutes before i ever saw anybody who worked there. Then i was walking around with a guitar i was trying to play where i was ignored by both employees. Fyi it was not busy. Im officially done guitar center. I have never experienced the simplest of customer service.

Review №6

Brandon, the store manager went beyond the call of duty solving a customer relations issue. He’s my man. Thanks again Brandon and staff.

Review №7

Good website. Found what I was looking for with ease. Prices are decent too. Check them out.

Review №8

Do NOT sell here. $800 guitar got offered such a low ball offer plus the employees know NOTHING about guitars. Atleast hire someone that knows a little something. Do your shopping online instead of going to this place Sweetwater is so much better. The inventory is also terrible they literally have nothing good anymore. Guitarcenter needs to go out of business already

Review №9

We went in to look at some acoustic drums. We found a nice PDP, kit. Christi, John and Jamal were GREAT with the transaction. A very great experience.that keeps me coming back .

Review №10

Found the upgrade for a good price.

Review №11

Super patient customer service. I like a small town business that loves what they do.

Review №12

Rude. We went in and one employee at the counter was talking with an older couple about musicians they knew in common. We walked every aisle of the store looking for what we needed and the employee never even said hello or Ill be with you shortly, etc. A 2nd employee came from back after looking for something for a phone customer and started talking on the phone, also never acknowledging our existence, even when walking past us. I even then brought an item up to the counter and waited to check out. But the employee on the phone thought we were too invisible to even say Ill be with you in a moment and the other employee at the counter was too busy still socializing about common people in their circles. So we put it back and left.They lost a sale today and any they could have had in the future from me.Basic customer service to merely let a customer know you intend to get to them at some point since theyre clearly needing help is lacking.

Review №13

Very helpful staff!! Went in there with a friend just to strum some strings. My 4 yo granddaughter wanted to play the ukulele. They eagerly tuned it up for her and let her play! What a great place! Ill probably be getting her a guitar from there soon!!

Review №14

Terrible customer service. Flatout ignored me when I asked for help. Ill just buy the $800 from Amazon instead. Waste of time.

Review №15

All workers there are kind and helpful. Will help you with whatever you need and tutors will work with you what ever you need help with. Best music place ever

Review №16

Based upon multiple visits to this location, I can say that Rosie is among the best employees. She was very patient as she completed an exchange and walked me through the demonstrations of different effects pedals. Jamal and the heavy-set white guy who speaks ebonics also have good customer service. Good prices for guitars, new and used.

Review №17

Place is clean mask requirement, the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №18

Service was very mediocre, could not help or advise me with my pro audio needs

Review №19

I don’t live here in Gainesville but I came in here to kill time while my wife was at a doctors appointment, and the staff was super cool and friendly waaaaayyyyy better than the GC in Orlando. A guy named Ben let me try some of the high end 7 string guitars and I had a blast, great guitar center! Keep it up!

Review №20

I am disabled and waited in line for over a half hour and no one said be with you in a few minutes.

Review №21

Not the biggest of Guitar Centers but their staff is extremely helpful! Their guitar stock might not be that of your dreams, but they’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Review №22

I am a regular customer. Guitar center has the biggest selection out there, especially the stores in major cities. If they dont have it, they will get it for you. It is cheaper to order on line but being able to try before you buy is more valuable to me. You never know what a guitar looks, feels and sounds like up close until you try it. Plus if you by on sale, you will get some great deals at Guitar Center.

Review №23

Had a question about some equipment nobody around

Review №24

Amazing employees shoutout jamal

Review №25

Always have a great experience..😎

Review №26

Friendly and knowledgable team. Where there very motivated showing I was an important customer

Review №27

I took my acoustic Fender in for re stringing and the nut worked on or set up as I call it. The person that worked on it did an outstanding job. My friends that I jam with on Saturday nights couldnt believe the difference. Also, a couple of weeks later I went in for a hard case (I fly weekly and wanted a sturdy case). After a few minutes a very knowledgeable young man came over and I was set up with an exceptional case that was a perfect fit.

Review №28

After two 60 seconds of being in there John threatened to call the police because I hadn’t put on a mask. He was belligerent.

Review №29

Great place! Employees where helpful and laid back. My son came with us well we shopped and he was able to play with the things on the floor with out feeling like it was not allowed. It also gave us the time to shop with out having to leave the store due to having to take him out side.

Review №30

BUYERS BEWARE. Dont get online lessons. Hidden fees, incompetent staff and almost impossible to cancel. WARNING.

Review №31

Everytime I walk in the door the staff greet me, even the ones leaving. They are always helpful when I go in. I recently purchased a guitar around the end of December. The staff helped me find the one I wanted, literally opened up several boxes to allow me to see the colors. They spent time explaining stuff to me. This is my first guitar learning to play. As you might imagine I had a lot of questions. The staff has been great. I have been in 3-4 times asking questions and buying case, strap and most recently new guitar strings and a cleaning kit. Im still asking them all kinds of questions and they patiently take care of me. I have not once felt pressured in any way to buy this or that. Its been a great experience every visit. I have dealt with several of the staff there sometimes all at once with my journey into the unknown and they have all been helpful.

Review №32

This is review is specifically in reference to a repair experience, so please keep that in mind (it has nothing to do with lessons, sales, or anything else). I bought a brand new guitar about 1.5 years ago and I play pretty heavy handed and notice that my frets were getting pretty deep dents and causing buzz. Doing a little research, I learned that this can be fixed with a crown and level, but if the frets are nickel, then the problem will just eventually come back. Thinking long term, I decided for a whole re-fret, but with stainless steel. I called on the phone to first verify that this repair could be done (in hindsight, I probably also should have asked if this was something that they had and previous experience actually doing) and this was confirmed; it was also confirmed that the repair would include crown, level, and full setup. I asked how long it would take, and the answer was about two weeks. It took over 7 weeks to complete the repair (and yes, I did call many times over that period to get updates), but that was by far the least of the problems. When I got the guitar back, the re-fret job done was absolutely terrible. The new frets were installed, but the dressing on them was atrocious. There were bad, deep tooling marks everywhere on the frets, suggesting very little, if any, polishing was done; several of the fret ends had not been properly filed down and smoothed out, and there were several bad dead spots indicating a lack of proper leveling. I didnt put up a fight, I just wanted my guitar back, so I paid and left and now Im taking on fixing up the frets myself (which will undoubtedly be many hours of work). A re-fret is definitely a very extensive repair (especially with stainless steel), which is why I wanted a professional to do it, but after this experience, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money by just doing it myself. To be fair, it may just be the case that something like this is just a little over their heads, but if that is the case, they shouldnt have indicated they could do this work. If you are looking to get some fretwork done, please beware, and do a little a research because you may find its better just to do it yourself. Remember, no one cares about your guitar as much as you do.

Review №33

Not at all what it used to be. The only redeeming was quality was the very kind and helpful lady that helped me check out. The selection was scarce, although I understand that may be due to Covid-19, but it has been less for a while before the pandemic. Aside from the less than adequate greeting I received, due only to the Covid-19 pandemic requirements of them having a greeter, no one asked me if I needed help, and its been this way the last 3 times Ive been there. From now on Ill just deal with the drive to Sam Ash in Orange Park.

Review №34

Staff was courteous and very helpful.

Review №35

Please order from Guitar Center. Its not worth it to track down a cheaper price somewhere, because if theres ever an issue, nobody will take care of you like this Guitar Center will. I just had an amazing experience with a manager named Kyle. My experience there started with Rosie, who was also awesome. they have helped me every step of the way. My first guitar came from the factory with a small defect, and they immediately ordered me a new one when I returned my other one. Kyle Even overnight at the shipping. I bought a very expensive classical guitar so I was quite nervous. I promise you, if youre going to make a serious purchase, these people got your back. Also, nobody has a 45-day no-questions-asked return policy..... But Guitar Center does! Thank you Rosie. And thank you Kyle.

Review №36

Called to see if they carried my brand and gauge of strings. He checked stock and had one pack of them left and offered to pull them from inventory and put them by the register till I got there which I thought was pretty cool. When I got there to purchase staff was friendly and helpful

Review №37

I hate posting a negative review, because I know that no one is perfect. Terrible customer service and zero management over the music lessons dept. Have been trying to do lessons here for 3+ months. Have had different instructor almost every time, and thats if the instructor shows up at all. Theyll charge you if you miss, but its perfectly fine for them to cancel moments before your scheduled lesson.

Review №38

Great service. Knowledgeable yet they dont push you to buy. Many options for guitar, piano and many other instruments. Had a guitar restringed and they did it fast and very well. They are also very community oriented.

Review №39

Ben was awesome helping me out with my AMP. Diagnosed what was wrong with it for a good 30 mins free of charge and told me what I needed to do to fix it and the cost. Customer service manager was also very helpful!

Review №40

Great place as long as youre understanding and patient. The folks there actually give a damn and try to go above and beyond. I worked as their tech for 2 years, and now they have a great guy named Matt behind the counter. Brandon, Mark, Travis, Kyle, Devonte, etc. All wonderful people that do the best they can for their clients. Thanks guys.

Review №41

Love this place, as a musician it is a wonderland. They always have really good deals and instruments you can just pick up and play. If youre a musician this is an awesome place to go and hang out for a little bit. Plus they have credit lines you can open to get the instruments and hardware of your dreams 🙃

Review №42

Pretty awesome 🥰!! The young lady remembered my daughter and was very helpful! 😊

Review №43

Walking into guitar center, the staff is always there to help you out of needed and encourage those to play their instruments. We had a couple of questions about certain guitar strings and two of the staff helped us out (literally on their knees finding these stings). Appreciate them always!

Review №44

So I stopped in on my last night visiting Gainesville and found a guitar I had just enough to purchase with a gig bag. When I went to check out, and I was told that it couldnt leave with me that night until it could be properly inventoried per their rules. However since I was leaving at 8AM the next morning, it wouldnt be possible for me to come pick it up tomorrow...the gentleman working behind the counter called his boss and after speaking with him for a few minutes, said they were gonna go ahead and bend the rules and go ahead with the sale! Very happy, and appreciate the gentleman going above and beyond!

Review №45

I like when I can go into a store and find people who knows their job and this place is it. They were out of stock of the stings I like. Just from a description, they turn me on to a better set of strings. Who knew. I go there quite often now.

Review №46

Was looking for some quality headphones for electric guitar amp play. What a selection. The store has all the highly rated headphones set-up so that the customers can sample each make/model before purchasing.

Review №47

My grandson needed a tuner for his bass so we came to guitar Center. Staff very helpful and took their time explaining the differences between the tuners he was looking at. We ended up with aa tuner and a throne for him to use while hes practicing. Will shop here again

Review №48

Shopping for the holidays couldnt be easier than visiting the Guitar Center. Staff is very helpful, the inventory is awesome, wow what holiday sales. Much more than a guitar store with many types of instruments. Good vibe and friendly people. Quality merchandise.

Review №49

I love it! Its heaven on earth and great musicians and fantastic instruments as people call them.

Review №50

My son plays bass guitar. Every time we come in to Guitar Center in Gainesville we have a extremely good time. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very patient with a 16 year old. As a father of the sixteen-year-old it is very nice to see that people can be professional and help out my son

Review №51

Always full of good new/used product variety, with a friendly open interior. The service here rocks, managers especially go out of their way to make sure customer satisfaction is achieved!

Review №52

When corporate stops caring, even if the local store is good, its the end of an era.... Godspeed Guitar Center... Its been a good run.

Review №53

Friendly staff, great merch always coming in. My son is taking drum lessons and is excelling and enjoying it! His teacher is Justin- he does well with young kids, is patient and makes learning fun. I highly recommend him.

Review №54

Very nice folks. I can shop and practice the keyboard. Thankyou

Review №55

The clerk was a bit butt head. But other then that their musical instrument selection is pretty good. The clerks besides the one at the counter was very knowledgeable.

Review №56

Decent place with good employees who understand customer service. I just wish it was a bigger store.

Review №57

After exiting the acoustic guitar room, I realized my, now growing, frustration was due to the fact that - only ONE, out of seven, or eight, of the instruments I tried out, had fresh strings.Then looking to buy INDIVIDUAL- wound & unwound strings, I found the same little, worn wooden box, I remembered seeing the last time I had been there, five months ago. It was crammed with the same nasty collection of unorganized, single-strings.When I asked a guy at the counter if it was possible to order more single strings, and make an effort to re-stock the existing collection, he simply smiled, stared at me for a while and said, “Nope.” - long pause - I then laughed a genuine LAUGH... - another long pause. “Oh”, I said, “’re not kidding.” Looking shameful he said, “They won’t let us...”I’m not going to finish this story. You can figure out how it ends. I buy my strings ONLINE these days.JJZ.......(°¿.°`)

Review №58

One of the better centers to buy music equipment. For the most part the sales people on the floor or very very helpful. Most of the equipment if not all of the equipment is top brand name.

Review №59

Always fun to visit. However, be prepared for a moderate amount of sales pressure. Just be up front about your intentions and expect to be left alone. I toyed with the keyboards but after a reasonable amount of time someone came over to unplug me, which wasnt cool.

Review №60

Ive been here numerous times and enjoyed my experience. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Its been fun to try out new instruments and just check out the inventory. The place is clean and spacious.

Review №61

Best Guitar Center in Florida,best Staff and Management,THE BEST inventory you are going to ever and used. Mark has been an intragal part of helping me keep my kids into music,and it is very appreciated because I couldnt do it without him and the rest of the guys.

Review №62

The staff is knowledgeable, courteous and helpful, even as busy as they are. Wish they carried some better acoustics, but I imagine its a limited market here. Always have a good experience here.

Review №63

The best customer service ever. I like how attentive and professional everyone was. The knowledge had about everything in the store was wonderful

Review №64

I like Guitar Center. I used to love it, shopped there a lot when lived in Oregon. Good place to come and try new rig, but finding cheaper prices online. I would shop here more often if needed something the same day, but dont have any Guitar Center close to me.

Review №65

Absolutely horrible experience. Ive been to guitar centers all over the state of Florida and some in other states, this is by far the worst.Their inventory system is never accurate, they tried 3 times to ring me up for an item i got from the shelf that wasnt in stock. THEN they tried to charge me $50 for a cymbal attachment marked at $20. Store clerks are not knowledgeable of items in the store, and check out for 3 simple items somehow managed to take 40 minutes with an empty store......I really dont appreciate having to check behind employees to makes sure they rang things up correctly, but sadly this is the only music store in my area with a half decent selection.Managers need to step up, training employees needs to be improved, yall need to step it up. Errors like this have happened during BOTH of my last 2 visits, i hope the next one will be better.

Review №66

Ive had great experiences at this location but people need to understand that this is a really small always busy store. Its tough to keep things moving when youre constantly busy helping others. Ive gotten 2 great quality guitars from here and they are still going strong.

Review №67

Bought a les paul, had the wrong case, they swapped out the paper work i was asking for, they were all very polite and helpful. Great atmosphere. I have an ibanez with a Floyd rose setup that they have been the only ones to successfully fix with minimal fret buzz. Guitars always look amazing when i pick them up after being restrung and action adjusted. The turn around is good as well when i have work done. I drive an hour 1 way every time i drop a guitar off there and its worth every minute. Thank you all for such a great experience and for doing a fantastic job!

Review №68

Great store for all musicians. Knowledgeable staff can head you to the right equipment. Only downfall is parking in this busy strip mall.

Review №69

The best musical instrument store I have ever been in lots to choose from and also offers lessons at a reasonable price.

Review №70

Selection of guitars is small by GS standard . Staff ignores customers for a living at this location. Great selection of strings though.

Review №71

The staff at this store is friendly and decently knowledgeable, but pretty inefficient at serving customers. I was waiting to check out for about 15 minutes with no one waiting in front of me. It was on a slow business day and four or five employees were walking around doing other things. I was never once communicated to until someone finally came out came up to check me out. Negative experiences like this make customers run to Amazon and Sweetwater.

Review №72

There are always friendly staff. Some great guitars to try or buy. There isnt a whole lot of violins, but mandolins they do have. From the cheap rogues to the better instruments. The only problem is their prices are high.

Review №73

I rented speakers and a cordless mic from this Guitar center for my wedding. The speakers rented to me were faulty, so my ceremony music did not work properly and I had no music at dinner or reception. While the store reimbursed my money, no one apologized for renting out broken equipment until I pointed out that checking that things work should be the absolute BARE MINIMUM for their service. I was incredibly disappointed with how everything went, and was told that the store was under New Management and that they had a goal going forward of not renting out broken things. Regardless of management, broken speakers that cut out and played no low frequencies were given to me and most of my guests left the wedding early as we did not have a dance floor until some friends rescued us with their personal PA system after much of the damage had been done. I cannot recommend this service less and have no faith in the quality of equipment rented out by this location.

Review №74

Love the place but not one employee offered to help me or say hello.

Review №75

Has vastly improved their customer service. Talk to Beau.... Great guy with lots of knowledge!

Review №76

Good customer service. I bought an electronic drum set on sale price. Easy parking in a convenient shopping strip.

Review №77

An interesting and ever-growing collection of new and used instruments, amps and accessories. I always go there to buy strings and get a setup for my guitar.

Review №78

Nice people...didnt have what we needed but we found stuff we wanted! Wants are always better than needs!

Review №79

The staff is okay they ignore you if you dont look like you have the cash too buy a guitar so I was unhappy that when I ask an employee if I could play a guitar and they said are you sure you can afford that and I was there thinking well why would I ask to play it if I couldnt afford it. But the guitar that I bought was exactly what I wanted so I am happy about that. The location is very bad though, parking is impossible and it takes a long time for the employees to realize you are at the desk to buy something so I give my experience at this store a 3 star

Review №80

I go in occasionally to play around with instruments, but Ive also purchased a few from this store...great quality.

Review №81

Incredibly bad service. Employees will look at you, acknowledge your presence, and go back to doing whatever theyre doing. They also sold me a used product as new. I think their inventory system is out of wack. The manager was pretty indifferent about solving the issue and replacing the product. Theres one older dude there, I think his name is Jim, thats pretty cool, but all the young guys are lazy.

Review №82

Pretty good but Saturday they are open after 10

Review №83

Cuz they have personal and Hands-On with youthey make sure you get the proper equipment that you need to set up your sound especially with me with the church I got everything I need and never had a bad experience its always been a good experience and a excellent experience with the employees at guitar center

Review №84

My son receives guitar lessons here and the staff are great and his teacher Justin has taught him more in a month than he has learned in a year at other locations.

Review №85

I left my guitar there for 3 months and I had to take my guitar back unfixed because they never finished the job or got the built in tuner piece that I needed. They also never called me to check in or give me an update after they told me they would call me after I checked in. 3 months to not fix a guitar. Need to say more?

Review №86

Service is never what you want, no new guitars or drum equipment. You cant even find a double kick pedal in the store! Only very good employee is Francis, great guy. Helped me find the item i was looking for in no time, whenever you go to this location ask for Francis.

Review №87

Awesome staff, they contributed a free music lesson certificate to a community function that our church was having to give away in a raffle, kudos to guitar center

Review №88

Stock could be better. Generally helpful staff. God bless those poor souls who have to listen to teens djent all day.

Review №89

This store is low on both inventory and customer service...

Review №90

Very helpful folks. generally not trying to upsell and helpful. decent variety for most people.

Review №91

Big of selection of guitar and other string instruments. Lots of cool percussion equipment also, could be a little better on having specialty strings avaliable.

Review №92

Friendly and professional. The repair man is great and efficient. Very happy with my repair.

Review №93

Nice little music store, very friendly atmosphere. Will definitely be there again.

Review №94

Today was Francis last day at Guitar Center Gainesville after five years. Francis was one of the good guys, always helpful, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. You will be missed. All the best.

Review №95

Staff is knowledgeable about the products and equipment they sell, and are able to answer questions and give recommendations based on your needs.

Review №96

Had a issue with some cordless microphones, travis was so much help even as he took care of other customers, helped other employees, and answered phones. He solved my problem,He definitely knows his job and if he is not manager he definitely should be.

Review №97

I have spent a lot of money there. The staff treats you with respect and will do what it takes to please you. The guitar tec. knows his job very well.I WILL CONTINUE TO BUY FROM THEM. JS

Review №98

Dude helped me got in got what i wanted. Great service.

Review №99

My son loves it there. Everyone there is really friendly

Review №100

This is my third visit to this location and the third time Ive wanted help and no one has approached me and asked if I needed any help. There were at least 5 workers present and available. I ended up leaving without purchasing anything. If a store doesnt have active and friendly help, Im not going to purchase from that location.

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