Ford & Garland Auto Radio Inc
1304 Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50309, United States
Ford & Garland Auto Radio Inc
Review №1

Ford & Garland provides amazing customer service! 110% would recommend them to anyone. They have always been so helpful with answering all my questions and concerns, and are also very time efficient with their services. I will be a returning customer.

Review №2

Joe went above and beyond to correct the first problem (Caused by an incorrect car battery installation by a mechanic) which produced the second problem. Both were solved in a timely manner, thanks to Joes knowledge, skill and attention to detail! Great service!!! Thanks, Joe!

Review №3

The people at Ford and Garland are so sweet and awesome! They explain things and provide different options for you to choose. I have been here twice and both experiences have been amazing!! Highly recommended!!!

Review №4

Its the best place in central Iowa for auto/boat/rv electronics period. You purchase a product or service from them your assured it was done right. Its not by luck they have been in business as long as they have. Simply the best.

Review №5

I had a great experience! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Review №6

Had a good experience here. They offer different options on car starter prices. Also help you with deciding which one works best for you and arent pushy about try to up sale you, which is very appreciated.

Review №7

Thanks to Ford and Garland downtown Des Moines! They are the BEST!!! They fixed and reinstalled my 1979 Ford Thunderbird Heritage AM/FM Stereo 8 Track Quadrasonic radio! I expected it to be expensive. They were extremely reasonable and neat! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them for any stereo needs!

Review №8

Great customer service! The tech did a great job and was very personal. They had me in right at my appointment time and I was out the door before I knew it. I would recommend them to anyone.

Review №9

They installed my starter in my Subie, quick and professional!! Thank you

Review №10

I stupidly had a friend put in a stereo for me. He messed up something in the process. Dashlights going on and off, windshield wipers wouldnt stop. I called Ford & Garland and they got me in within the week. They fixed the problem and put my stereo in correctly. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you Ford & Garland!

Review №11

Very nice staff they did have lots of info on all of my questions. I will be going back

Review №12

The audio in my stereo stopped working but the display appeared to be normal. I read different solutions online and felt discouraged. I finally called Ford & Garland and they made an appt for me the very next day. I was worried the cost to fix it would be high, turns out it just needed to be reset and they fixed it for me in a matter of seconds at no cost. I was blown away and so grateful. A big thanks to Dave who helped me with this. It was the type of kindness that brightened my entire day. When I am shopping for a new stereo, I will be sure to come to you. Thanks again.

Review №13

If you want the best, this is where you go.

Review №14

I had to have my radio replaced on my Mitsubishi Outlander Sport because my Bluetooth phone wasn’t working right I was told by Mitsubishi I would need a new radio went to ford garland they hooked me up with a alpine Radio loaded with all the bells and whistles plus navigation I couldn’t be happier love ❤️ the sound it is so crystal clear sounds way better then the Rockford fosgate radio I am hard of hearing and I pick up words on songs that I couldn’t with my other radio with minimal power you tell these guys exactly what you want and they will deliver thanks ford garland you guys rock!😊

Review №15

Absolutely fantastic! Excellent knowledge, great technical expertise, and super customer service.

Review №16

Great people they get it right the first time

Review №17

Great people, great service, and highly knowledgeable

Review №18

Got car done fast, answered all my questions, really good customer service.

Review №19

Such nice people. I wont hesitate to take my vehicles to them.

Review №20

Excellent service, thank you

Review №21

Generations of knowledge! Come in with an open mind and youll leave more satisfied than you ever imagined...

Review №22

Just had my wifes vehicle in for a remote start installation. Very quick install and helped getting the car over to bills white wall after this appointment. Competitive pricing and knowledgeable staff!! Highly recommend.Good clean install, fast friendly service! Ryan and Steve will definitely take of you!!

Review №23

Staff is amazing and so friendly. Customers are their priority! I’ve gone in several times and they’ve been so helpful, even told me where I can get a cheap battery replacement for my remote start!! Beyond happy with their service and highly recommended everyone take their business there!!

Review №24

Ford and garland takes great care of our audio and security needs and they get to know you on a first name basis, well if you go as often as we do lol.

Review №25

Sold and installed Kenwood stereo . Did great job and was helpful in showing how to use.Thanks to all involved!!

Review №26

Needed a car speaker replaced in my 2014 Mercedes. Went to Ford Garland as I had good experiences with them before on other vehicles. Got an estimate and made appt. for fix. Got a call from Ryan and he told me they were able to fix the speaker rather than replacing it. Good as new. Saved me about $109.00. Very honest ! I would have never known the difference. So, just as my prior experiences with Ford Garland, great service, fair prices and a company that has been built on honesty and integrity and customer service. This is my go to shop for car audio needs.

Review №27

Knowledgeable & friendly service

Review №28

Decent size, clean place, knowledgeable staff. Talked with a guy for a bit about putting subs in my 2015 mustang gt, he was nice. Measured my trunk and let me listen to a few different sets of subs in the shop. Prices for costom boxes seems way overboard and amp size has gone down since the 90s. See you guys in about 2 months

Review №29

I contacted Ryan and he got me scheduled in a couple days later. I asked them to install an IntelliHaul Camera system. They did an exceptional job, and were and absolutely professional. Strongly recommend.

Review №30

Nice company but I went there to get my radio fixed in my truck. It worked great for a part of the day then it just froze again. I already paid I think more than 50$ for it. But I just took it back today and I said I shouldnt have to pay for this right because you guys didnt fix it and I payed you? And he said oh no youll have to pay again. What gives?

Review №31

Amazing customer service! I recently lost the cap to the knob on my factory stereo and Jeep wanted to sell me a whole new radio. Not Ford and Garland, they’ve got a box of FREE knobs to search through. FOUND IT!!! Thanks for outstanding customer service! Next time I need any of your services, I’m coming straight to Ford and Garland.

Review №32

Great company with great employees that stand by the products they sell. We had some issues with our remote start and worked with Brian. He was great about trying to diagnose the issues - ended up being the starter. Brian is a great guy, honest, easy to work with and quick on responses!! This is our 2nd remote start with ford and garland and we wouldnt think of going anywhere else!

Review №33

Very easy to work with very competitive great quality of work.

Review №34

Took my car in to have factory amp replaced and rear speakers installed, waited a month to have this done, after the install I noticed it is significantly lower volume than before, it sounds clear and crisp but does not perform as expected, during the install I was told the volume could be less but never offered an alternative to resolve this like an line output converter that would allow for signal increase to compensate the amp with correct signal,(I had one in the trunk, which was told I didnt need) I spent 4 hours and a $175.00 for some nice looking wiring that does not satisfy... save your time and money and install yourself, I purchased a active crossover to fix this myself. I went back and stated all this to the fellas at the desk and there solution was to pay more money and schedule another day to fix this..thanks for trying. Honestly not worth it, follow the how to guides and find everything online for your car, eBay is cheap and google knows more.

Review №35

Terrible! Had a car remote installed. Got home and noticed my car battery was dead. Got a new battery then that one died. Took it to Firestone. They said the car remote was draining battery. Took back to ford and garland and they denied it. I told them to take it out of that car and install in another newer car. They gladly did this but charged me another install fee. To make a long story short I ended up at carsound and had them take out the car remote due to it not working. Threw it away and learned my lesson. Never ford and garland. Terrible work and all about the money! Don’t care about robbing their customers.

Review №36

From start to finish these guys were awesome to deal with. Told them what I wanted and they took over from there. Fair price and great quality and install. Highly recommended!

Review №37

GREAT company to do business with. I had a stereo upgrade done in March of 2017 and a remote start install in December 2017. This companys work is top-notch and their customer service is OUTSTANDING. Special thanks to Ryan and Tony. I look forward to doing more business in the future!

Review №38

1. Put in a new amp and 4 speakers at Ford and Garland 1 1/2 year ago on my street glide. While riding to work the stereo sound goes out but the stereo still is on but no sound. Pushed the power button off and on again, sound comes on. Next day sound goes out and now I have no sound at all but the stereo still looks like its ok. Take it to Ford and Garland and they say the front 2 speakers are blown and my radio output is shot. They wont do anything but sell me a new radio and 2 new front speakers. His last statement was I dont know what did it and there isnt anything he can tell me but buy a new radio and speakers at full charge of cost of materials and labor. How does your radio and front 2 speakers blow?4 Stars on the first installation they were quick to sell me the Amp and 4 speakers and installation was clean and quick. Just seems to me that they will sell you but wont stand behind their install and offer not one thing. Just sit there and say I dont know and look dumb

Review №39

Great service, friend staff, new stereo works perfectly after several months, installation was flawless.Installation cost was reasonable but the unit price was high. I later found out that I paid nearly double what I would have online, but I wasnt going to install it myself so thats not really a fair comparison.

Review №40

Workers were very kind and very helpful!! 10/10 would go again

Review №41

BEST customer service! They helped me over the phone on how to try refreshing my sirius radio -- I had no clue and was calling them to schedule an appointment. I tried what they suggested and it worked, saving me whatever it would have cost me for them to do the same. In addition, I was having trouble programming the remotes on my car starter...just had no power even after changing the batteries. They fixed the remotes within 10 minutes of my arriving for my appointment and did not charge me one penny. AMAZINGLY nice people and Ive used them on and off for years. Reliable, dependable and your go-to place without a doubt!

Review №42

Had my wifes radio upgraded, couldnt be more happy. They do great work, have great service and are always helpful.

Review №43

Best place in the city of Des Moines to do all your car or boat or even side by side audio.

Review №44

I guess I have to take back some of my glowing review. The CD player did not work for more than 3 minutes. My customer has decided that she can live with it, or replace it with a new one, and doesnt want to have it fixed (again). Ford and Garland says to have my customer bring the car to them which she does not want to do. Now Im out the $150 I paid to have it fixed in the first place. Ford and Garland says. Too bad.We are a relatively new auto repair business. There is potential for us to sublet this typeof work on a regular basis. Car Sound on Douglas Ave is a lot closer to us.

Review №45

Good product and very good, attentive service. However, way overpriced. I dont think you could find a more expensive place in the city if you tried

Review №46

Great place to get your audio done in cars or boats! Best customer service I have received for a while! Amazing employees that’s make you feel at home!

Review №47

Been going there for years and years. The best and most knowledgeable staff. W up ll always be back.

Review №48

Ford and Garland does A+ quality work. Best quality and products you can get in town. Great selection, service and support. Highly recommended.

Review №49

They helped me with a problem with power supply cable. But could only provide me with half of what I needed. I miss Radio Shack. They would have had what I needed. I couldnt wait to order it online and wait for 2-5 days to get it. So I cut and modified something I had to make it work

Review №50

Good guys and even better work

Review №51

I swapped my car battery and my stereo stopped working. Not knowing anything about cars, I called and set up an appointment for 7:30-8:00am and they figured out the problem and finished within minutes. I was afraid they were going to charge me a lot for a simple fix but they charged me very little.I can now listen to my tunes while driving. Highly recommend their service!

Review №52

Anyone who deals with this company knows what I mean. There’s just nowhere else you should take your vehicle in central Iowa. This place is the best. I’ve been a customer since before I could afford anything here, as a young high schooler snagging deals at their midnight madness event. I never did grow out of my love for crisp, clear, and LOUD. Music. Ford and garland keeps my “dad-mobile” jamming out, even if it is to kids bop now. Also don’t let the lackluster showroom scare you away. They’ll order anything you want and do a fantastic job.

Review №53

I worked for Ryan and Steve in high school and have been a friend and customer for 15+ years. No one better for car audio and electronics. Excellent advice to help you pick out the equipment you actually need.

Review №54

Best place to get your car ready for the summer. Go there first and theyll get you a great deal and do quality, guaranteed instalation. My car has never sounded so good!

Review №55

I went in with an issue of missing parts for a stereo I have had for several years and have moved from one vehicle to another, thinking my parts were obsolete they actually had them in stock ready to rock and roll. They set me up with a decent price so me a few things I needed, and a few I didnt but wanted all in all my trip only cost a couple hundred bucks and they were willing to help me get it in my vehicle so I can install myself Im kind of weird that way.

Review №56

This is the best places to get car audio equipment in Iowa in my opinion. Personally I dont have them do any installation work though. The work is clean and neat, but there were too many issues and returns. I have my own audio guy do the work after the purchase. The sales staff is very knowledgeable and they know how to say I dont know and return with an answer.

Review №57

Had charging problems after stereo and remote start installation. After spending days at the dealership they found out that it was the remote start causing my charging problems. Took my truck to Ford to have them troubleshoot. They broke a fuse didnt replace it or even tell me about it I had to find out myself that they had broken parts on my car will not be back.Changed to one star after I looked behind the stereo to find the biggest ball of poo wiring. I didnt do that bad of a job when I was 10 wiring my remote control cars. It left me speechless.

Review №58

Ford @ Garland Auto Stereo is a Very nice business for all your vehicles upgrades and electronics and the customer service is very nice along with really nice people who will help you.

Review №59

I walked in told them what I was looking for, told them my budget and they got the work done within a few hours. I tend to turn it up too loud so ive blown my coil 2 times now and every time they fix it with no problems and at no cost to me due to the lifetime warranty. I plan to upgrade in a week and I wouldnt have anybody else do the work. Thanks Ryan!

Review №60

Job well done and competitive prices. I spent over $2,500 in car audio stuff with these guys 8 years ago. 2 kids and one wife (just one) later and Im thinking of regaining my youth again by putting a little something something in the dad mobile.

Review №61

GREAT SERVICE! My remote was just out of Warranty but they replaced and reprogrammed a new one right on the spot! Thats exactly why I do business with them! Thank You!!

Review №62

I have had 3 remote Starters put in by Ford & Garland. Above average Customer Service, Install Ability and very Fair about everything. I recommend them to anyone looking for a good, reliable Source for Stereo, Alarm and Speaker Installs and Repair.

Review №63

I have had several installations done here. Great service and never a complaint.

Review №64

Very professional and friendly employees, i highly recommend any one seeking car stereo repair etc this is the place to go.

Review №65

I like this business. They are a solid service business. If you want your car enhanced, they are great at all the audio you could ever want.

Review №66

I have purchased items and gone for help and these people ALWAYS help me in a kind professional way. They have great work ethics and an incredible knowledge base for stereo equipment, auto-start, etc.

Review №67

Awesome support and VERY honest people. They installed a double din bezel in my C5 Corvette and it was done perfectly and reasonably!! Good people!!

Review №68

They installed an alarm for me 8 years ago, I was having issues with it and they took time out of their day to help me diagnose and fix it over the phone. Super nice people

Review №69

Employee spent time with me going over multiple options, special ordered a product, and had a clean install. Sounds good so far.

Review №70

Fair prices, friendly service, always have high quality equipment in stock. Plus, their employees exhibit both a knowledge and passion for all things aftermarket audio.

Review №71

I purchased a remote start from Ford & Garland as a Christmas / birthday gift for my husband.  I chose the top of the line because it has a two-way remote.  They installed it on December 16, 2014.  We were told they had been able to start a car parked at Grays Lake Park which is over a mile away from their shop.  We learned right away that was not the case with the one we had but we overlooked it (how often will we be a mile away from the car and need to start it).  A couple weeks later, we discover his taillights are completely out.  After not being able to fix the lights ourselves, we wondered if it was related to the remote start installation.  Sure enough, we take it back to them and they had forgot to replace a fuse they took out (we caught the problem before he got a ticket or caused an accident, so no harm no foul).  A few months later, the starter wasnt working consistently.  We thought the battery in the remote itself might need to be replaced (knowing a two-way device will use more battery).  We took it back to Ford & Garland to see if they could help with that.  We were told it wasnt working because it was damaged by water (which isn’t covered by the warranty) but they could send it out to see what can be done (the most we would need to pay is shipping, so why not).  They also said their device was installed near the computer system of our car so we should fix the leak before it causes more damage to our car.  Great idea!  We are the original owner of the car so we know it has never been involved in a major accident but due to a rock chip, the front windshield was replaced several years ago by Scotty’s Body Shop.  Their work and parts have a lifetime warranty so I contacted Scotty’s and shared what Ford & Garland told us.  We made arrangements to leave the car at Scotty’s for a day so they could have their glass guy come out and take a look.  He and an employee from Scottys both did a thorough check and was unable to find a leak.  They contacted Ford & Garland to get more information and were told the same thing we were told, there is water damage.  (FYI, Scotty’s didn’t charge us for looking into the leak Ford & Garland had reported.)  We didn’t do any further digging into the leak because we felt confident in what Scotty’s had told us and believed the manufacturer would find the device to be faulty and therefore would replace it with a new one (problem solved).  Ford & Garland contacted us to let us know the device was available to be reinstalled.  We were told the device was replaced but we need to pay labor and shipping because it had to be reinstalled.  I have no idea why the device was replaced if it was truly damaged by water which we were told isnt covered by the warranty.  So within six months of installation we took it back twice and have paid over $500 all together.  Needless to say, Im very disappointed.  I chose to go to them because Dean Garland is my grandfathers cousin and to support a locally owned business (even though I was spending more than I would elsewhere).

Review №72

Called all the car audio stores in Des Moines to get my subs moved from one box to another they were the cheapest and friendliest highly recommended

Review №73

Great as always!

Review №74

Thay can fix your old car radio

Review №75

Awesome service...

Review №76

Great staff and service! Work done was cheaper and quicker than first estimate!

Review №77

Helped fix my remote start that they installed 6 yrs ago. Great, friendly staff!

Review №78

They installed a remote start for us. They were very helpful and did a good job. It did take them longer then quoted but the price was the same.

Review №79

Best place to have car audio issues taken care of.

Review №80

One of the last few mobile audio professionals left. They still do it right.

Review №81

Great service very knowageable staff excelent products

Review №82

Our daughter was told it would cost $450 to replace her radio in her 2010 Jeep by the first place she took it to, but Ford and Garland fixed it for under $150.

Review №83

Their customer service is very poor. I got a car starter installed in December (after waiting an entire month to get in). After having my car for over 10 hours (and not being finished on time like they specified), they improperly installed it. When I went back to get the error fixed several times they always had an excuse about how the guy that was in charge of those kind of problems was only in at certain timesor youd have to leave your car with us again because were not sure how long it will take us to fix the problem. They have continuously given me the run around, despite the fact that they were paid in full from day 1. And wah la, here it is March and the issue still isnt fixed. I plan to get my car windows tinted and a new stereo put in next month, you can bet your ass I will NOT be returning to this horrible place!! Youve been warned, save your money or spend it elsewhere!!

Review №84

They had everything in stock at fair prices

Review №85

Good prices,friendly staff.

Review №86

Great service everytime

Review №87

Sent Radio in for warranty Repair. Took about a month to get back. They said it was water damage, and that Kenwood marine radios were not actually water resistant in anyway. I purchased a different radio for my boat and Installed this one into my motorhome. It still didnt work, sent it back and they have had it several months this time and kept giving me different excuses like waiting on parts and the were sending out a new replacement. Now This has been going on 6 months and they say they wont repair because it was water damaged again. My boat was stored inside my building, radio was in a marine enclosure, and the radio failed the boats first trip to the lake with that radio. I still gave them the benifit of the doubt and Moved it to my motorhome. My motorhome is also in covered storage and a high end diesel pusher. Absolutely no way water could get to it. The replacement radios I bought for my boat and motorhome while waiting are both still working great. As were the ones I replaced on both. I just replaced them as I wanted the capabilities to connect to my Droid on both. I have offered to provide pictures and any needed evidence of enclosures the radio was in, buildings both vehicles are stored in, and any other documentation needed. They just said everyone says that and they dont care. Radios are relatively inexpensive, and Ive already purchased and installed replacements so I dont care much either way. Just giving an honest review.

Review №88

Top of the line equipment

Review №89

Brought my self installed car audio system in for repair and they ran thorough tests and solved the problem and fixed it for a low price! No complaints whatsoever.

Review №90

Gone way down hill. Used to be first place I would go.

Review №91

Great help and prices as always

Review №92

Great service every time very helpful.

Review №93

Let ya know more after install

Review №94

Fast service, very knowledgeable and reasonably priced.

Review №95

Great service!

Review №96

Amazing customer service and products!

Review №97

Awesome & highly experienced technicians!

Review №98

Great customer service and information was spot on

Review №99

Nice people, reasonably priced

Review №100

Best car audio on DSM

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