Bloomingdale Rescue & Recovery
155 W Lake St, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, United States
Bloomingdale Rescue & Recovery
Review №1

If I could leave negative stars I would. First of all you can only pay in cash and they dont tell you that anywhere. They are exploiting peoples tragedy. I almost died and they are treating it as a cash grab. These people make me sick. Never go here if you can avoid it. I hope other people dont ever have to deal with them.

Review №2

Worst tow company I have ever experienced the old worker doesn’t know what he’s doing or talking about. The lady is rude and obviously not a people person I asked a question and heard all her attitude over the walkie talkie towards me. All I was asking is I could push the car out and apparently no one had a clear answer. I went to pay the fee to have it pulled out and she ignored me called out to her 3 times she rolled her eyes I knocked on the glass and that’s when she finally got up gave me attitude about not having change. It’s honestly the worst scam out here if I could give 0 or negative stars I would.

Review №3

Fast polite and nice place. kind of hard to find though if you dont know where you ate going you could easily miss it.

Review №4

The man that helped me was awesome, he came right away and he was friendly. He also did everything he can to not damage my car more.

Review №5

Freak loss of brake pad and brakes. Had to tow to repair shop. Wes was super professional. Arrived on time as promised. Very courteous

Review №6

They have a job to do and I understand that. I picked up my smashed Toyota last week and had them tow it to my home. I was treated well and they even did me a favor regarding the bill...

Review №7

My fuel pump went out and i called local Bloomingdale towing company and they showed up with in 15 minutes supper fastThank you guys 😊

Review №8

They were very pleasant

Review №9

I was quoted $75 for a 10 mile tow and was told I would get a discount for a referral from Nicks Garage. I received a bill for $105, huge difference. I called to get another quote for a 10 mile tow the lady told me $95 total. Still a different amount than what I was charged. I asked for the manager, he was completely unprofessional and kept yelling what will make you happy?! You want a free tow? I said I want your establishment to honor their word and run an ethical business. He told me to never call them again if I need a tow.Completely unprofessional and very unethical. Go somewhere else.

Review №10

6 months after a towing experience with this company, they sent me a check for $40 due to a clerical error. I was not expecting it in the least bit and they definitely did NOT have to do that, but that gesture really means a lot. Must be some good people here. Id trust them, hell i mean i definitely DO trust them after that genuine honesty. Towing companies all seem to be ridiculous revenue generators, but regardless of the service and initial business, that left a great taste in my mouth.

Review №11

Great place with even better employees, very friendly and professional. Kristina was very helpful and as a customer I felt very good dealing with this business. I will definetly recommend this place to family and friends.

Review №12

After an accident involving mine and a friends motorcycles they were towed by Bloomingdale towing. Upon picking up the bikes from the yard both bikes had things stolen from the saddle bags, license plate, hoodies two pairs of sunglasses and a tuner for my bike. When confronted about the missing items Bloomingdale towing responded “not their problem items should have been removed before the bikes were towed” and my bike was left on its side in the yard for a day before I picked it up. It’s a shame all the local police departments call these guys first. Would highly recommend using another company if possible

Review №13

If given the option of where to have your car towed DO NOT use this place. Went to look at my car and take photos day after an accident and get personal belongings out of car. They were uncaring, crass and unprofessional. Wouldn’t allow me to even SEE my car until they spoke with my insurance company. Got my insurance on the phone and that was still not good enough. My agent explained I have a current policy with full coverage, a brand new claim was started. The towing company wanted to hear when the car would be picked up and the fees would be paid. Soooo disappointed after being in a traumatic event, going through the unpleasant steps and have to encounter cold and sorry excuse for a human- if you can call them that. My insurance apologized on their behalf and said they have NEVER encountered a company with such demands.

Review №14

They were quick and it seemed to me that, they knew what you were already going thru. And they were patient & didnt get an attitude when your question might have seemed silly to you but not to them!

Review №15

Fair price rate per mile and on-time pickup and delivery

Review №16

Tboned someone who pulled out in front of me. They didn’t have insurance and these guys over charged. Me. Months later they sent me a refund without me even asking. Very honest and kind people. Thank you so much!!!

Review №17

Tim was an absolute pleasure to have to help me with my locking my keys in my car. 10/10, would call again and ask for Tim. He deserves more money, let’s be honest.

Review №18

They were very professional and great customer service

Review №19

My son was in an accident and I went to collect his belongings and release the vehicle. While waiting for the people to find our keys and unlock the vehicle, I walked the yard with my 12 year old daughter, while talking to the insurance company. A horrible, angry little man named FRANK, charged at me and began verbally assaulting me! He told me he was watching me walk around on camera and then accused me of taking something off another vehicle!!! I told him if he had been watching me, hed have seen me simply walk by the vehicle. He continued to lecture my husband about how much he hated his job and that I shouldnt be walking while waiting for him! Who knew walking was a crime in Illinois?!?! Not me!!! Ive rarely witnessed such aggression, anger and hostility! Perhaps management should re-evaluate his unstable behavior and lack of people skills. My husband is actually afraid of leaving the car there until its towed! The tow truck drivers are the shining light in this company. We spoke to STEVE who witnessed the assault and apologized for FRANKS disgraceful behavior. He was beyond helpful, friendly and nice! If other employees modeled their behavior after him, the company would soon be thriving!!! Thanks STEVE!!!

Review №20

I got the best help a customer could ask for!! I will surely use them again!!My driver was awesome

Review №21

When I arrived I was treated poorly. When I asked where my car was the pointed to the “locked” lot next to there establishment. The door to the lot was wide open and all the car doors where unlocked. Some items were missing. I would not recommended!

Review №22

Great service flat replace spare fast great Tom feely

Review №23

The person on the phone was short w me, and did not explain the process at all. Insurance covers everything and they wanted cash on the spot.

Review №24

These are some of the most down to earth people I have ever met. They not only explained to me how to get my car and insurance company to help they also gave me another option if it didnt work out. Thank you so much Bloomingdale Towing

Review №25

Towing company is a joke, they write receipts and have you sign and then will write on another receipt changing what was on original receipt and just really unprofessional and not prompt at all would not recommend using this company at all! The drivers have no clue what they’re doing

Review №26

The fact that everyone leaving negative comments here don’t even understand how the towing world works. this is a company, they aren’t going to cater to your needs. they have regulations and that is the stuff that tends to upset people. whatever they do is set by rules, they do not go out of their way to ruin your day. stop bashing this company until you learn the facts.

Review №27

Deceptive practices to say the least. My son had a fender bender on Lake Street hitting some black ice. Him not knowing any better took the word of the tow truck driver that his vehicle was not driveable. By doing so the tow truck diver secured the tow to the pound. When I came the next day to pay the $290.00 dollars in tow and storage, I was able to drive the vehicle home with no issues.

Review №28

Wes is great! Very knowledgeable

Review №29

Lady at the desk sure has a bad attitude. We showed up to requisition one of our wrecked trucks. For a couple hours, they wouldnt surrender the vehicle because they didnt receive payment from our insurance company. Our insurance company didnt do so because they hadnt recieved an invoice. So she emails our insurance company a plain email with a breakdown of the bill. Our insurance company once again asked for an official invoice. She huffed and puffed, pulled the paper invoice out of her desk but couldnt fax it to our insurance. We finally gave up and paid the bill ourselves and gave the invoice to our insurance company. The wrecker operator we subsequently dealt with then was fine. But as a lot of other reviews state, they have no people skills in the office.

Review №30

I think its absurd that you cant even access your belongings until the car is paid for. I was without my medication and work badge because of a car accident and they wouldnt allow me to recover my things until the insurance company agreed to pay them.

Review №31

Extortion racket scam between Hanover Park police and this place ridiculous.

Review №32

If I could give this place negative star I would! We had to get a tow due to an accident and when we called to have it released so that our insurance could pick it up, Kate at the Bloomingdale Rescue and Recovery was EXTREMELY rude saying with an attitude that she didnt care who told us that we could just call and have it released. When our insurance tried to call she was very rude towards them as well. I get rules are rules and this is what we need to do to get the car released but there is a way to go about doing it and talking to people. I do NOT recommend this place and unless you are wanting to be talked to like you are an idiot and be given attitude, I suggest you find some place else to go. This company needs to hire friendlier people!

Review №33

You really need to get someone who knows how to dispatch. I called for a battery jump, agreed to $75.00. I was 1.7 miles away. She said she had a truck available. 1 hour and 15 minutes later I called back and she sounded like she didnt have a clue who I was. Driver R was wonderful when he finally got there. Sad way to run a business.

Review №34

One star is generous for the awful experience I went through with them. DON’T ever use them. Their worker Nicole not only threatened me but was rude and just flat out trashy on the phone. Like I said I wish I could give them 0 stars because 1 star is pushing it.

Review №35

Do yourself a favor and follow all the reviews. Dont let the police use this company to tow your vehicle EVER. Words cant express how bad of a towing company this is. My car was totaled and they jerked me around, while it was stuck in there yard. Just look at the other reviews. DONT EVER LET YOUR CAR GO TO THERE YARD.

Review №36

Great experience with the office employees and quite quick and easy.

Review №37

No problems but was just storing for insurance to pick up

Review №38

My truck died on the coldest day we had, called bloomingdale towing, had a tow truck out there in 20 minutes, was very happy with there service and will use them again.

Review №39

Do not - I repeat - DO NOT have your vehicle towed by these pirates! Liars, unprofessional, and EXTREMELY RUDE. If youre in an accident and the local police dispatch calls for a tow and these guys show up, decline their service. Please do yourself a favor and refuse to have them hook up your car. They will hold your vehicle hostage and not release it to another tow company contracted by your insurance company! They will try to extort storage fees from you THAT WERE ALREADY PAID by your insurance company. They try to steer you toward the attached body shop - Brodies Auto Body - instead of moving your vehicle to your preferred shop. (be sure to read the horror story reviews for Brodies as well). Worst of all - RUDE RUDE RUDE. Guy wouldnt give out his name over phone. He kept cutting me off and would barely let me get a word in. Became hostile and responded to my inquiries with whats your problem buddy? This is the worst treatment I have ever received from any company - period. These guys are such A-Holes, that I had one of the tow companies contacted by my insurance company turn down the job and tell me that they refuse to go to Bloomingdale R&R. Thats right. This place is so bad - OTHER TOW COMPANIES IN THE AREA refuse to deal with them on a professional level as peers in the same line of work. Bloomingdale Rescue & Recovery will refuse to release your car to another towing company and deny them access to their yard if the driver from the other towing company cannot produce proof of workmans comp insurance!

Review №40

This company doesnt even deserve a 1 star. They stole items out of my car! They also gave me nothing but attitude when I first walked in. Hands by far the worst company ever!!

Review №41

Most rude and unprofessional service I had ever dealt with!!! Stay away!!! My car broke and this man named Jeff who came with the tow truck parked my car in front of my building so bad that my car is almost on my neighbors spot. Also when he was putting my car down he almost broke my front bumper. When I asked him how he can leave my car in the middle like that he shut the door and left. Of course I called to their office to talk about what happened and this girl who answered the phone named Jessica was super rude to me and unprofessional too.... no idea how this business is still running but the manager wasn’t even bothered to talk to me when I requested.

Review №42

This place has caused the worst experience and having gone through an accident. I dont know how they are in business. If you car needs to be towed, by all means, do not let it be to this place. Absolutely absurb customer service

Review №43

Worst place to ever do business. Owner is a lair and very rude. Won’t let other tow company’s come in and get customers car out of yard even after a full payment is received. Owner has some problem with other people using Bloomingdale in there company name thinks Bloomingdale stole the city name from him. Beware of calling them or going to them. I had to bring a police escort just to get my car out of there because the owner wouldn’t let my car out even with a full payment. Pretty much wanted only his guy to get the car towed out of there.

Review №44

Alll of them was rude I guess they really need the money to charge me two days of storage

Review №45

Hi Val !, tow guy, you put it to the first gear, then let it down declining to damage the clutch of my car, you said you been working there for years, i know what im doing, how come? yeah great ! If i can put 1/5 star i would, maybe you love to feed your family with corrupt dirty money, right Val? Or you did it for purpose, right Val ?

Review №46

Let me do MONICAs job for her since she cant. when a customer calls and asks what do I need to get my car out, the answer is the persons car it is with their ID and exact cash payment. my husband had to be taken by ambulance from the middle of lake street. had his car towed there, Monica couldnt be bothered to give full information, had to drive back and forth to bank after 12 hours in the hospital and still charged us 2 days even though it was less than 24 hours. even the two truck driver thought it was ridiculous. Monica then yells at me and says I wouldnt let her finish her sentence when we got there. and I said yes because this information should have been provided when I called, its a little too late once Im there!

Review №47

I would give it 0 stars but you cant, tow truck driver stole a pocket knife out of my truck when it was towed, manager(which was rude) calls me a lier and says there drivers make to much money to be stealing... If they really do why is my pocket knife missing? You guys are trashy and dont worry im making a report.

Review №48

Kate was very helpful this morning. Giving me suggestion thank you

Review №49

My go to tow company with my fleet of truck semis when somthing goes wrong and i need a tow i give bloomingdale a call and each and everytime they are there priced way below the rest. and get my trucks and drivers to a repair shop or where ever they are going no problem. hands down best tow company around the area. thanks tim

Review №50

I was hit and then sent to never saw my car. These guys are liars, stating cant take picture of my car because it was under police investigation. They also wouldnt allow me to get a few things out of my car. Police said no, they are incorrect and just trying to get paid. The shack their office is in is not handicap friendly, in fact I was afraid I was going to fall on their stairs.

Review №51

Very nice workers.

Review №52

Called this place for them to tow my daughters car at first they said they will call me back to tell me how long it was going to take for them to get there. Never did call I called them. They said fourth five minutes ok so we wait one and a half hour nothing so I called again they now tell me the had an emergency. And they were not gonna be able to tow my car for another hour maybe longer. So my question is. Is this the only tow truck they have . Unacceptable.

Review №53

Tried to have a conversation with the tow guy following an accident and he was rude, arrogant, ignorant and uninterested. In fact simply said I do not have the time to talk with!!! What kind of service is this?????? Would ideally prefer to give no stars, but have to give one star just to post this.

Review №54

The Worst. NEVER NEVER NEVER use this company. I have never dealt with people at a company with such terrible attitude and service. They damaged our car in the process of towing and would not accept responsibility. When we called and tried to find out their policy and get information they became extremely HOSTILE and told us to sue them. Still in Awe that people who run a business can act this way. Stay far from them.

Review №55

Did a good job.

Review №56

Worst People to work with especially on a Monday morning. very rude and always talking over me.

Review №57

Rip Offs....My 16yr old daughter was hit by another car. This place was called to tow rhe car, the car was totaled so there was nothing I could do with it. I went & paid over $200 for fees. I had AAA send a tow truck to tow the car out of there and these people acted a complete fool on the AAA tow guy. They wanted me to pay an extra $65 just for them to push the car from behind their gates so it could be towed. They dont let anybody tow a car off tbeir property unless tbey have Workers Comp Insurance. Just a rip off tow company. And complete Aholes...1 star is because you cant comment if you dont give a star...But they dont deserve an 1 star

Review №58

Saw us slid off the road and didnt bother to help. Useless, do not hire.

Review №59

Great customer service

Review №60

PATHETIC!! I HAVE TO GIVE 1 STAR JUST TO LEAVE REVIEWHorrible people. Horrible service.They talk down on you, and act as if you asked to be in the predicament. My car was totalled so we were taken to the hospital right away. Its not right they charge you for days they dont even give you the option of retrieving your property.

Review №61

This place is awesome!

Review №62

Fast, reliable, and reasonable.

Review №63

Great place

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