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Transmissions To Go
Review №1

Love working with these guys! When we get a request for a transmission rebuild we always send them to Transmissions To Go for the bench work. Just recently sent my daughters transmission to them with a quote and 3-4 day wait. They called 22 hours after drop off saying its ready for pickup and $100 less and my daughter has her car back. Thanks again!

Review №2

Jeff and Corey fixed my Ford Ranger transmission quickly. They also informed me of other problems the truck was having and we’re very helpful and honest. My impression was that they truly cared!!!

Review №3

Went in with a problem. Asked for an honest answer and got one (instead of a sales pitch to sell a repair). Very refreshing! Will go back in the future if I have any other transmission problems.

Review №4

I heard great things and I know its a busy time of year but it is the exact same time of year for everybody. They said they were nearly a month out of even being able to help me. Although I understand that doesnt change the fact that they were the most unreliable source for fixing my vehicle that I had found

Review №5

They are the best around in my apoinion Greg the owners goes way out of his way to help you. Even if he is busy. That business should be a training center for other companys great work and customer service

Review №6

Great place to take a transmission for repair and rebuild great people and very reasonable as far as pricing

Review №7

They are the best mine was a racing transmission and they fixed it with professional experience and it works like new they got my business from here on these guys are good thanks Greg

Review №8

I have visited Transmissions To Go on 3 separate occasions and have been impressed with their genuinely good service, each time. It is the absolute difference in why I will not take my car anywhere else. I felt compelled to give credit where credit is due based on my experience. Jeff, specifically, has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure my car is serviced properly. When I say beyond, I mean that when I *thought* I had a Transmission related issue, I had my car towed to TTG and turns out it was not. He took it upon himself to call a competing business down the road and offered to transport it there because they offered the specific service my car required. There is nothing I am more grateful for than someones time and I am truly blown away by this level of service. He also made sure to call and let me know I left my reusable cup (that to some may be easily disposable, but meant everything to me) in the waiting room.. its the little things, you never know. This is the exact kind of company I am proud to support. KEEP. IT. UP.

Review №9

Never using any other shop again. Extremely nice and eligible employees. I was quoted $1,450 for a rebuild and ended up paying $1,150 and was done in 3 days. Im a customer for life.

Review №10

Had my transmission done in a ranger 4x4 a year and a half ago have about 8000 miles on it. Shifts better than when new. Also very fast and honest service. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Review №11

Jeff and his crew are the best they got me back rolling

Review №12

Excellent quality of work for an unbeatable price, would recommend to anyone.

Review №13

Dont know yet they never call me back like they said they would

Review №14

Good work, honest. Honored their quote.

Review №15

Great shop for your high HP transmission builds. Built transmissions on a couple different cars, both held the power and abuse without issue. Customer for life!

Review №16

Unprofessional, found a cheaper person to do my stuff that has better quality of work than this trashy place! I highly suggest going to Fox transmissions in waterloo IL. Over there they are very professional, actually nice, helpful, and know what they are doing.Dont go to transmission to go in Arnold MO.

Review №17

Dont waste your time going anywhere else. Best place for your transmission needs.

Review №18

Fixed our vehicle quickly!

Review №19

A Friend and family told me about them and they on top of it. Absolutely found the only place that will do our transmission work in the future having 8 service truck drop off on Friday pickup on Monday very pleased with them.

Review №20

Fair pricing, and very fast turn around

Review №21

Great price, fastest turnaround ever (Ive done this a few times) and even advised me to contact my insurance based on damage seen and recent work performed. Highly knowledgeable! Im sure Ill be back again for another vehicle! 🤣

Review №22

In and out in two days. Cost matched my wallet

Review №23

Great job

Review №24

This is THE transmission shop no need to shop around. The best price, highest quality work, bar none.These guys have been at it forever and they are good people. !

Review №25


Review №26

These guys are great! Super quick work even around the holidays. I mean like a day and a half! The warranty was great too.

Review №27

The real deal !I would not be surprised to find out your transmission shop takes ur transmission here to be rebuilt !!!

Review №28

Do not do business with them! Ours is the 2nd vehicle stolen off their lot in the last 2 weeks. This is a nightmare. Shop owner told me in two different conversations that he called his insurance and placed a claim🤥 but after not hearing from them for a week, we called them and there was no claim, he 100% lied. Luckily they do have insurance, just dont count on them to place the claim. This is 100% the truth, so be willing to deal with the headaches.

Review №29

Took my truck there to be evaluated. Dropped it off on a Friday and was called Monday morning to be told it was stolen off their lot. Initially I didnt blame the owner. However, after being lied to by the Owner several times I found out that he had refused to turn in the incident to his insurance. This greatly delayed me being reimbursed for my vehicle as he was trying to dosge the claim on his policy. He refused to give policy information and lied stating that he had made a claim. When in reality I had to contact his insurance and deal with them directly. He is dishonest and I belive he knows who stole my truck. Steer clear of this place.

Review №30

One of the best shops around the area for anything gear related. Mom and pop shop that will be honest with you. I have referred tons of people to this shop and will continue doing so

Review №31

Good guys, may get gear-headed on ya, they do have a tendency to not diagnose ur transmission (if its a small one) an suggest you just do a full rebuild, but they do give a really good rebuild price.

Review №32

Helpful info

Review №33

They totaly back there warranty and are fast, friendly and accommodating.

Review №34

Avoid this place. They have the worst warranty in the business. Transmissions to go alright. Transmissions to go out. They wont stand behind their product and Jeff will just give you ignorant comments on his speculations. Horrible.

Review №35

Great shop had my suburban back on the road in 3 days and stayed within the estimate my transmission shifts and pulls great. My truck broke down on the way to transmissions to go and they gave me a number to a tow company who came right out and towed my truck to the shop.the price was just added to the bill. Great customer service thanks jeff

Review №36

They know there biz! Wont go anywhere else!

Review №37

They are good guys !!! They had our suburban fixed in just a few days !!! Great job !!!

Review №38

This is the only place to go. They did my TH400 for my 70 Chevelle and when that 4L60 goes out on my 98 Silverado they will get my business there too! They don’t realize it but they earned my business long before then. You see I had my grandfathers 85 LeSabre that would shift funky going up hill. $75 solenoid and it was fixed. They ROCK!

Review №39

One of the guys in there tried to rip me off while ringing me up and was pretty rude when I dropped my transmission off... Other than that, my transmission is perfect and I eventually was able to pay a fair price

Review №40

How transmission rebuild

Review №41

They have done several over the years . They have the best customer service . They do top notch work

Review №42

Excellent!! Courteous & knowledgeable.

Review №43

An auto shop with integrity. A rare combination!

Review №44

Installed a used transmission in my Ford.1. Reasonable price (in the middle $$ wise out of 5 quotes)2. Great Warranty (Parts and LABOR)3. Very Fast Service. (2 Days)I also checked the BBB. Member since 2000. Perfect Score (that in itself is impressive for an auto repair shop)The car has never run better. Thanks!

Review №45

Trustworthy, reasonably priced, and work completed in a timely manner!

Review №46

I took my SUV to Transmissions To Go. They were fast and friendly. The price they quoted was the price I paid. I was very happy with my experience there and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Review №47

My truck is at Transmissions To Go right now, I got my transmission rebuilt a year ago at Austin which cost me $3000, exactly a year later it went out again, Austin wouldnt repair it so now Im getting it done where I should have taken it to begin with, for $1000 cheaper, Ive heard so many good things about Transmissions To Go, I wish I hadnt wasted all that money at Austin.These guys are the experts, I would never use anyone else for my transmission needs!Follow-up- The transmission in My Ford Explorer is running great since Transmissions To Go rebuilt it, I would recommend them to everyone! These guys dont play around, they dont BS you, theyre very professional and they had my truck ready with a couple days! I was really impressed!

Review №48

From the first phone call they over delivered on every promise. I needed my sons Jeep done ASAP as he needed it for school. We dropped it off in the morning and they got back to us with the estimate that afternoon. The estimate more than fair and they started on it that same day. They even completed it a day sooner than we expected and it runs better than ever. Picking a transmission shop can be a scary ordeal but I would highly recommend Transmissions To Go. If I ever need transmission work again its nice to know I have a great place to go.

Review №49

Transmissions To Go has restored my faith in humanity. I know nothing about cars. I was told at another facility that my transmission was bad and needed rebuilding immediately. I was ready to spend $3,000. that I cannot afford especially at Christmas. Upon the advice of a coworker, I went to Transmissions To Go. I could see they were very busy, but a delightful young man named Corey took extra time and explained that if I dropped my car off, they would check it for free. I made an appointment for the next day. Upon returning, they informed me that my transmission was fine and did not need to be repaired. I asked if I should have them change the fluid. They said no! Corey explained that the fluid looked fine. He also said that since my car was old and had over 147,000 miles, changing the fluid could be a bad thing to do. He jotted down a few numbers of repair shops that he trusted. It turned out to be the carborator. (Whatever that is). Instead of paying thousands, I ended up spending hundreds. Thank you for your honesty, integrity and professionalism. Transmissions To Go. I could have easily been taken advantage of and Im so very grateful. You dont find companies like this one often.

Review №50

Unprofessional, paid 3,700$ and transmission was very poor. Within 7 days car was undrivable. They didnt want to honor the 1-year warranty. Wish I would I never went there. I earn you, stay far away

Review №51

Very impressed with their service. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №52

I had to have my transmission rebuild. These guys were very easy to work with. They had a better price than other places and they did it quick to I could get my car back for work. Very straight forward and easy process. I dont really know what else to say. most places are shady but this place doesnt BS. its wasnt that close to where I live but everyone I asked for transmission advice had glowing reviews so I made the trip and im glad for it.

Review №53

Extremely fast and great prices

Review №54

Will recommend there service to anyone needing transmission.

Review №55

Fast service on replacing my transmission. Also great price.

Review №56

A friend told me about Transmissions to Go when I started having trouble with my 2013 GMC Acadia. Love the vehicle but GM put some garbage transmissions in them. Talked to Jeff and his son and he told me they have rebuilt numerous transmissions with an upgrade kit for the Acadias. Dropped it off and it was done the next day. 2 days later it started making a rattling noise. I called Jeff and he said bring it back. They located a bolt that had worked loose and repaired it at no charge. I gave them 5 stars even though I had to bring it back for a follow up repair because they stand behind their work no questions asked. Will bring all my business there from now on.

Review №57

Great shop. Everyone I called referred me to them. Called on a Friday afternoon, dropped it off on a Monday morning and it was ready to pick up Wednesday morning. Full transmission rebuild with a warranty. Cant beat that. Fast and friendly.

Review №58

The shop is under new management and it shows! Joe is very knowledgeable and fair when repairing your vehicle.I highly recommend this location if you want to know your vehicle is repaired correctly and for a fair price.

Review №59

Transmissions To Go is the best transmission shop in the St Louis Area. I have had two transmissions rebuilt at this shop and have absolutely no issues with either one since. Jeff and his entire team are friendly,very knowledgeable and professional. They have established a great reputation through the South County area.

Review №60

Honest employees, great work, fast service. This company saved me over $2000.

Review №61

My transmission is out again for the third time since they have worked on it and now they are refusing to take it out. Such a bad experience. Took the vehicle on a family trip and I am lucky to make it home. Fluid is burnt, shift is really messed up red lining and they refuse to fix there less than quality job. FrustratingEdit- you guys installed the converter. And only performance upgrade is a cold air intake

Review №62

Definitely worth the trip from wentzville. Not only did they fix my dodge ahead of schedule and at the lowest cost i could find but, they talked me OUT of spending money on useless upgrades. Certainly a shop with integrity. Its like a whole new truck now thanks guys!

Review №63

Their price got me in the door and the efficiency of their service blew me away! The truck was ready within 36 hours. Thanks guys!

Review №64

I took my car to Amoco they told me I needed transmission I had a lot of people tell me to transfer it over to Transmissions To Go. Luckily I did that because I did not need a transmission my linkage was out even though they did not do my linkage they gave me good information could have put a transmission in without it needing it very trustworthy would recommend them highly

Review №65

Great service, reasonable prices, and FANTASTIC QUALITY.

Review №66

Best transmission shop in town, honest and fair and no games with your hard earned money😁

Review №67

Great place for all your transmission needs. Been dealing with them for 20 years.

Review №68

Amazing company. Jeff was very professional and didnt hesitate expressing his passion for what they do. Highly recommend these guys.

Review №69

Always super friendly and super fast turn around.

Review №70

Greg and the guys here know their stuff. Fantastic people to work with for your stock or highly modified vehicle.

Review №71

Quick repair and loved the experience and quality of the service

Review №72

Greg and the guys at the shop are very professional .they have worked on the transmission out of my drag car as well as the ones out of many of my racing friends with prompt and professional service . Recently my wifes GMC acadia had an issue. a local shop said it was transmission related so I took it to transmissions to go and after checking it out they found it not to be transmission related. Greg reckamended a shop near his place and even dropped my wifes acadia off their for us . This was all at NO CHARGE to me .what other shop would do this for someone. Gregs transmissions to go will always be my transmission go to place and I would like to thank them for their great service.

Review №73

Referred to us by Propst Auto when we needed to have our transmission rebuilt in February. No complaints. Nice people.

Review №74

Best transmission shop Ive ever been to great people

Review №75

Drove 2.5 hours one way to this shop because of online reviews, unbeatable price (using heavy duty parts), and friends that recommended it. Before making our appointment we spoke with employees several times and they always answered our questions and concerns. Dropped our Ford Excursion off Sunday (left keys in the drop box) and it was ready Tuesday before lunch. Parking it was a little crazy, especially with our big boat of a vehicle and how busy they must be with all the vehicles everywhere. Picked it up that afternoon and so far so good. Extremely happy with the quick turn around and customer service. If anything changes with my satisfaction, such as an issue that occurs with the transmission, I will update this review.

Review №76

Great people fair price excellent service

Review №77

Best Quality Transmission Shop in St Louis area by far..!!

Review №78

Amazing service and they know what they are doing!

Review №79

Did a very good job

Review №80

I took my 1993 dually there for tranny work and Jeff had good customer services and was in and out on a good timely time and so far so good thanks

Review №81

Great place to have your car repairs good machines and great family running it

Review №82

Very rude and changed the price twice. I went to have my vehicle towed there and received a nasty call that he really did not have the space or time to deal with it but to leave it anyway The price went from $1450 to $2000 to $2500. I finally had enough and took my boy elsewhere. If you want to use him, be clear that he has time, space, and what kind of vehicle you have. This is actually a half star review.

Review №83

Great service very nice staff

Review №84

Great shop and good prices

Review №85

Very friendly know their job well come highly recomended. Didnt charge anything to check out my transmission.

Review №86

Jeff always takes great care of our fleet

Review №87

Best transmission shop in town

Review №88

Havent had any problems yet an very fast on the rebuild an turn around

Review №89

Great fast service at a great price!-I know auto shops get busy and most of them try their best to get your vehicle done at a convenient time and this shop is one of them and the shop got my 1994 silverado finished faster than i expected, wasnt even in there for a week. this shop is more than trustworthy on working on your vehicle and isnt a BS shady scam shop like most other shops out there that try to rip you off. the new transmission so far has no problems and is better than the last one. no complaints, would strongly recommend this shop for transmission work.

Review №90

I brought my van to transmissions on the go and had a rebuilt transmission installed. On the drive home my wife was hearing a grinding sound. Called and I was told to bring it back in. I Was told it would be looked at Monday morning and I would receive a call. I called them back one hour before closing and was told no sound we will check again. I was called back and told that it was the starter and that it had been fixed . On the drive home I noticed something hanging below the front of the van that wasn’t there before. And my wife said the sound was still there. I listened a sure enough the van was making the same sound . I crawled under the van to find a large plastic engine cover hanging down lose and vibrating against the tye rod making the noise . Since I own my own tools it will be fixed properly. But I do not appreciate B.S.

Review №91

Did a great job and super quick

Review №92

I took my 2008 Mazda to this shop because it was recommended to me! Biggest mistake of my life! Jeff told me I needed a tranmission rebuild and it would cost me $2600!!!!!! Im not car stupid, i know the tranminssion control module is the problem. I took it elsewhere and thats exactly what wrong with my car! The transmission Control Module is around 600 bucks plus labor!Another thing that has my blood boiling with this scam shop is the idiot told me he couldnt pin point my problem and told me to just drive the car until it stopped going!!!! Seriously! What kind of place is this????? AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!Really??? A 2 minute phone call??? I brought you a print out with the codes the car was throwing up! When you called, you said you couldnt pin point the problem!!! Any transmission shop that cant pin point a tranmission issue has major problems! Especially when the codes are provided!!

Review №93

Good service good people

Review №94

Love foo

Review №95

Good price, good service.

Review №96

This was about 10 years ago but I figured Id dink them anyway on it. Had a transmission rebuilt here, paid $1400 and went home, 3000 miles later I changed the oil and noticed the oil pan was dented in severely. Looks like they took a 4x8 to hold the engine up by the oil pan while they dropped the trans mount and the weight of the V8 crushed it. Confronted them on it and they told me it wasnt them. What could I do? 28k miles later the transmission locked so I junked the car and bought Japanese and will never go back so I dont have to deal with doosh mechanics like this.

Review №97

Quick service!

Review №98

Wants $225 for a VB install.Takes me 45 mins (non mechanic on my back).Thats $250 p/h ???I asked him why so high - and he says - I get $140 for a fluid and filter change - so this is going to be more.Rude. And way expensive.I know where my transmission is not going.

Review №99

Once again John and his crew saved yet another one of my old clunkers from the junkyard. Thanx guy!!!

Review №100

I take all my transmission problems to Transmission to go, they also so my race transmission never try to up sale me and fast turn around. Every shop should be like this place, always leave knowing car is fixed

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